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America is Ready for White Identity Politics

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American patriots are hungry for white identity politics. [5] It was inevitable [6]. White nations are being wrecked by non-whites acting as tribal blocs. Whites are being attacked as a tribal bloc. Eventually, whites will start fighting back as a tribal bloc.

Whites have been slow to respond in kind because of traitorous leaders and the silly idea that identity politics is bad, but only for white people. Still, it was only a matter of time before white Americans woke up and started fighting back as whites. Polling data now shows that the awakening is here:

The people who are most surprised by this are long-time white advocates, some of whom have been predicting for decades that such an awakening is inevitable. It is true that white identity was almost nonexistent as recently as the 1990s [8]. But due to Obama, Trump, Black Lives Matter, the Great Replacement, and open anti-white hatred, whites have caught on to their group interests. This will only intensify [7] as white Americans continue to be assaulted, and there is no reason to think that our enemies have the foresight and self-control to moderate their attack.

Of course, this awakening [11] is a cause for celebration for white advocates. But we can’t rest on our laurels. Now is the moment to push harder than ever. Although white Americans are hungry for our message, in the upcoming elections, the Republican Party and conservative movement are poised to harvest white discontent–and then channel it into more business as usual: tax cuts for billionaires, giveaways to Our Greatest Ally, Platinum Pandering to non-whites, and color-blind civic nationalism for whites. But responding to anti-white identity politics with Republican pabulum is like taking a knife to a gunfight. It is time to face the truth: these people promote a losing strategy because they want us to lose. Stop listening to them.

What should white advocates do?

First, we need to keep promoting our message: whites are being attacked as whites, and we need to defend ourselves as whites. When the Republicans are swept back into power in November, millions of whites will want to go back to sleep. We won’t let them.

Second, although we have made enormous gains in the battle of ideas, we need to convert public opinion into political gains. Thus the next step is to create a policy institute with two primary goals.

Building this institute is why I joined Counter-Currents.

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