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The Worst Week Yet:
December 12-18, 2021


Alleged serial killer Anthony Robinson, who distinguished himself by having no previous criminal record.

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Asian Women Make More Money than White Men; Black Males Respond by Attacking Asian Women

Though we live in a white-supremacist patriarchy that ensures white males get all the breaks and receive all the unearned dividends, recent stats from the US Department of Labor [2] suggest that Asian women and their tiny clitorises have figured out a way to worm themselves around the odds that are so starkly stacked against them.

During the third quarter of 2021 (July to September), Asian women earned, on average, 10% more than white men did. This continues a trend that started in 2020.

Since 2019, women originating from across the Asian continent, whether ragheads or slant-eyes, have been out-earning white women. And a 2017 University of Michigan [3] study found that African-born women in America out-earned the white American women in whose favor this system is heavily tilted.

Clearly, we live in the crappiest white-supremacist system ever devised.

Possibly because, just like everyone else, Asian women remind black men that they are outclassed in nearly every category besides basketball, tap-dancing, and crime, black males have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and are wantonly attacking Asian women on the streets.

In San Jose, California, police recently arrested [4] a half-dozen suspects in connection with an estimated 70 “robberies, burglaries and thefts since last year, including many that targeted people of Asian descent.” The six suspects are all black, male, and surly [5]. They range in age from 21 to 27. Hate-crime enhancements have been added to the charges because, according to San Jose Police Captain Brian Shan, “there is no doubt that these suspects believed that they could prey on these victims because of their ethnicity, because of their gender.”

In a nation focused on racial equity, our next task is to train Asian women to attack and rob black men.

“Laughing Emojis”: As Bad as Swastikas . . . or Worse?

I stand before Thor and man today to proudly declare that I have never used an emoji in my lifetime, and I certainly will not start using emojis once I am summoned to Valhalla. Nor have I ever used an “LOL,” “OMG,” or a “WTF” except in the course of explaining that I have never used an “LOL,” “OMG,” or a “WTF.” As brain-cell-destroying as such textural heuristics are, the rancid pictograms known as emojis serve as a causeway between a once-literate world and one where people will be reduced to grunts and clicks.

Then, suddenly, I realize that progressive scribes have already likened certain emojis — particularly the ones where the punchable happy face is simply laughing or is laughing so hard that tears pour from its eyes — constitute a new form of hate speech.

George Driver looks like this [6], so it’s not surprising that he would consider a dumb little passive-aggressive happy face to be problematically unacceptable as well as unacceptably problematic. He says that it’s time not for the world to rid itself of Facebook, but for Facebook to rid itself of the “haha [7]” emoji, which he rechristens “the emoji of hate”:

The haha emoji is poisoning Facebook. Created 11 years ago to express laughter, the emoji — officially dubbed Grinning Squinting Face [8] — has become the emoji of ridicule. Every time I see that little yellow ball of derision sitting at the bottom of news stories and posts, cackling at the pandemic, climate change, inequality — actually anything where someone is trying to make the world a better place — my faith in humanity slips a little further. . . . In a way it has become the emoji of the moment. The emoji of Brexit, Donald Trump and the anti-vaxxers. A weapon of the trolls in the time of the culture wars. . . . In a global pandemic, when social media feels more toxic and divisive than ever, this has made Facebook feel even more like the home of sneering bullies.

With his exceptionally round head, Donald Clarke [9] would serve as a perfect model for a “bespectacled sad emoji.” As someone who seems like he laments things from dawn ’til dusk, he laments [10] that

. . . the “crying laughing” emoji is more beastly than any other. You’ve seen this atrocity. The little yellow scumbag is so overcome with mirth that whole ducts of salt water are squirting from the sides of his eyes. . . . But it has also become depressingly popular with right-wing bullies, proponents of anti-scientific guff and, least importantly, but most annoyingly, rude people playing online video games.

Although Abi Wilkinson [11] is the least uncomely of those whose lives are so trauma-free that happy faces can push them to the brink of tears, she also burps up [12] the most emotionally wounded of all these anti-emoji jeremiads:

The “tears of joy” emoji is the worst of all — it’s used to gloat about human suffering. . . . The cackling grin and tears of mirth are the mockers’ attempt to tell us that, in a world full of human suffering, their brand of callous disregard is winning . . . We need to discuss the political significance of emoji. Not just any emoji, but the worst emoji of all. That obnoxious, chortling little yellow dickhead [13] — bulbous, cartoonish tears streaming down its face — which seems to have taken over social media in recent months. . . . Most often, the sender is gloating about something or other. In many cases, the topic that appears to have amused them is the sort of thing you’d hope any empathetic, reasonable person would find unconscionably horrific. Deaths of refugees [14] who were desperately attempting to cross the Mediterranean in a rickety, overfilled boat entirely unfit for such a journey. Reports of a rise in hate crime [15] in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote.

It may be time for me to entirely reassess my stance on the Emoji Question.

Turning Cherokee, I Think I’m Turning Cherokee, I Really Think So

I’ll never known why anyone would “aspire” to emulate a demographic that never figured out the wheel, was living in the Stone Age until about a week ago, and is known to be populated with incorrigible alcoholics who live in squalor almost as if they enjoy it, abuse their women at rates that would make blacks jealous, and inhale spray paint for kicks.

However, it’s no secret why anyone would resist being labeled white these days. Despite all the lies you hear about privilege and supremacy, there aren’t any perks in this society to being white.

According to the US Census [16], the number of self-identified American Injuns ballooned to 86.5% from 2010 to 2020. Since 1960, the total has swollen a titanic 1,757%, from 552,000 to 9.7 million — despite the total number remaining relatively stable in decades prior to the 1960s.

What happened in the 1960s? Oh, right — it ceased being cool to be white, and Americans gained a newfound respect for the “merciless Indian savages” that were described in the Declaration of Independence.

Demographers say that the giant increase of “Pretendians” cannot have been achieved naturally without immigration, and the only Indians that have been immigrating here since the 1960s are the smart ones, not the ones in loincloths and war paint. So what’s going on is that Injuns who formerly “passed” as white when whiteness was coveted are now reclaiming their legitimate ancestry, or a lot of white people such as Elizabeth Warren are now escaping into the relative safety of Indianitude. It’s probably a mix of both.

Books such as Becoming Indian [17] and Playing Indian [18] address this phenomenon of “racial shifting.” Being herd animals who rarely have any moral core, humans naturally gravitate toward whatever is safer at any given moment. Since it’s not cool to be a white male, this is why trannies are overwhelmingly male-to-female, why Jews who strained to assimilate a few generations ago are now distancing themselves from whites, why ex-Injuns are now re-Injunning, and why several whites are doing the Rachel Dolezal version of Sitting Bull and Pocahontas.

“These people are fleeing not from political and social persecution, but from whiteness [19],” claims Circe Sturm [20], author of Becoming Indian, either completely unaware of, or entirely apathetic to, the obvious fact that derisive terms such as “whiteness” are designed to gather a perfect storm of political and social persecution.

The “Shopping Cart Killer” is Unique among Black Suspects: He Has No Criminal Record!


You can buy Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto here. [22]

In recent years, Black Americans have been doing their level best to dispel the racist myth that only white men are serial killers [23]. However, in the course of their serial killing, they have only served to reinforce unfair stereotypes about black males being prone to criminality as well as preying upon white people. Now comes news of a suspected black serial killer who’s being investigated in relation to four slayings of women in Virginia, and possibly several other murders along the Eastern seaboard, who not only has (until now) a spanking-clean criminal record, he is also ecumenical in his choice of slaying victims, which strongly implies he’s not a racist, either!

35-year-old Anthony Robinson [24], although slightly scruffy in appearance and described as a “transient,” simply lacks the malevolent Demon Primate look of so many black males who pose for mugshots. One could feel perfectly comfortable suggesting that he collects comic books or is obsessed with Star Wars collectibles. This is all good stuff and may help to rebrand the black serial killer in the American psyche.

Two of Robinson’s alleged victims, Allene Elizabeth Redmon [25], 54, and Tonita Lorice Smith [26], 39 were killed in October and November, leading to Robinson’s arrest on November 23. Another pair — Cheyenne Brown [27], 29, and a woman whose body was so badly decomposed that she has yet to be identified — were found in a plastic container close to a shopping cart adjacent to an undoubtedly classy motel known as the Moon Inn.

According to Fairfax Police Chief Kevin Davis [28], a white man whose head seems to expand the higher it goes:

Our shopping cart killer does unspeakable things with his victims. . . . The commonality is how did they meet? Dating sites. How were they killed? Trauma to the body. How were they transported to their final resting place? The shopping cart. Hence, shopping cart killer. I don’t want to give this guy a cape, but that’s who he is. He’s a killer, he’s a serial killer. . . . The good thing is he’s in custody.

As I’ve already noted, that’s not the only good thing about this young man. Whether or not they’re serial killers, this nation needs more black males with heretofore spotless criminal records and no perceptible racial animus against whites.

Fat Black Columnist Says White People Need to Stop Talking Black; Everyone in The World Agrees

Although as I’ve joyously noted several times before, four in five black American women are overweight or obese [29], white men are more likely to be overweight than black men, and white women, believe it or not, are the slimmest of all. Then again, we’re not counting Asians.

I’m not certain whether it’s fair to say that Zack Linly [30] struggles with his weight, because for all I know, he may be perfectly comfortable being a fatty fat-pants or may not even consider himself to be overweight at all. What I’m certain of, though, is that if he were deported to the continent of his origins, there are countless small villages inclined toward cannibalism that could feed themselves on his adipose frame for at least a month.

I realize that in another era, what I just said may be considered unkind, but since Herr Linly seems to feel no shame about defaming white people en masse, I see nothing wrong with going for his jugular, no matter how deeply buried in fatty tissue it might be.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a likely contender for the 2024 Republican nomination for President. He recently introduced an anti-Critical Race Theory bill known as the “Stop Wrongs against Our Kids and Employees Act,” aka the “Stop WOKE Act,” which compelled Zack Linly to put down the cheeseburgers and pork cracklin’s long enough to proclaim that the governor’s bill “Is Exactly Why White People Should Leave Black Vernacular Alone [31]”:

The racist hypocrisy of white people using Black [sic] vernacular to erase Blackness [sic] from the classroom shows why the term “woke” needs to be permanently scrubbed from the Caucasian lexicon. . . . We all know that when white people Columbus culturally Black [sic] things their innate senses of entitlement disallows them to not run wild with said Black [sic] cultural things to the point where the origins of what we created are permanently diluted into a sea of Caucasian appropriation. There may not be a better example of this than what white conservatives (and white people in general for that matter) have done with the word “woke,” and there might not be a better example of the whitewashed bastardization of the term than Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis [32] using it in his proposal for new anti-CRT legislation. . . . And because conservative caucasity knows no bounds, DeSantis titled his legislation the “Stop Woke Act.”

I agree that white people should stop appropriating everything that black people do and say. No argument here, you big fat vat of chocolate suet.

Mr. Linly also savages the white-conservative tendency to lionize Martin Luther King, noting that “MLK actually said plenty of disparaging things about white people [33] during his life.”

I have no bone to pick with you about that, either, you African-American heart attack waiting to happen. The only thing I’d add is that, according to black civil-rights icon Ralph David Abernathy, MLK also beat up a white hooker [34] in his motel room the morning of his murder.

What Should White Parents Tell Their Kids about Race?

Over at the Good Men Project [35] — where men decide that in order to be good, they must once and forever cease to be men — writer Eric Morse wonders aloud, “Why Aren’t White Parents Having ‘The Talk’ With Their Children About Racism? [36]”:

I read and hear a lot about “the talk” that Black [sic] parents in America have to give their kids, but why aren’t white parents doing the same? Why are we teaching black children not to trigger abusers instead of teaching white children not to abuse (and to be allies when they see abuse happening)?

I, too, have some questions: Where are these schools where white kids are the abusers and black kids are being abused? How many centuries ago are we talking about here?

Amid all the nauseatingly predictable gobbledygook about how white people don’t “get it” and need to learn to become uncomfortable enough to be comfortable enough to make their kids feel sufficiently uncomfortable about being white, he says that part of the problem is the notion of “colorblindness” and that if we as a nation ever want to transcend the ills that currently afflict the body politic, we must stop being colorblind and see that race is real and that it affects us all in very tangible ways.

I agree.

But as far as what white parents should tell their kids goes, John Derbyshire already wrote the manual [37] on that.

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