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The Gender Factory


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Radical gender theory and its origins are long subjects, perhaps suitable for another tirade. Still, the basic concept is pretty simple. First, it completely decouples biological sex from gender. The term gender is used in a technical sense to denote the non-biological aspects associated with masculinity and femininity. However — so goes the theory — it’s really only a social construct. That, of course, is an Ivory Tower code phrase that could mean one of three things:

Consequentially, masculinity and femininity have nothing to do with being biologically male or female. If anyone thinks otherwise, it’s all because we were programmed by Society to believe so.

Moreover, gender exists along a continuum, much like the Kinsey scale [2] defines how committed of a 175er someone might be. One guy might smoke unfiltered cigs, chug bourbon straight from the bottle, and hunt musk oxen with a flint-tipped spear. Another guy might express his masculinity by wearing suspenders and a bra. It was already recognized that some women are butch and some men are effeminate, so the idea that gender is a continuum might not seem like such a radical idea.

According to the theory, however, gender is everything and biology is inconsequential. Therefore, men and women are defined not by chromosomes, hormones, or physiology, but rather by their personal subjective feelings. This part of the theory is indeed a radical idea, since it rejects objective reality. No standard of proof is needed, of course; no need to be a spoilsport! Besides, contradicting them makes them moan annoyingly, and they get their kicks by pretending they’re being persecuted.

Note that a sneaky trick has occurred. Before all this, “man” and “woman” were defined biologically, no matter how much they did or didn’t behave in a typically masculine or feminine manner. After radical gender theory, a man (in an unimportant biological sense) can be a woman (in the all-important sense of gender identity) simply by believing it is so. It also opened the door for making up new genders, which we’re supposed to pretend are just as valid as the biological categories of male and female.

On a side note, there are some societies that do classify one or more constituents of the GLBTQQIAOMGWTF fruit salad as a “third sex.” That much is scientifically inaccurate, arguably aside from rare cases of non-standard physiology. Such “third sex” classifications do tend to bolster the social construction argument. So that’s how it rolls in certain parts of the world. However, that doesn’t change the fact that our society can have standards of its own. (This tends to be forgotten by cultural relativists. These are the types who propose things like remodeling our society on some obscure South Pacific tribe [3] whose customs they don’t really understand, and so forth.) Even if one finds arguments for the existence of a third sex convincing, it doesn’t necessarily follow that three dozen genders exist, or more.

That was only the beginning


You Can buy F. Roger Devlin’s Sexual Utopia in Power here. [5]

Since the ancient days, natural philosophers and scientists have recognized males and females. Lately, radical gender theory has created dozens more genders and sexual identities ex nihilo. They’ve greatly outdone Heavenly Father’s act of creating two sexes in the Garden of Eden. Take that, God! Still, it was after the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling that the transsexual/transgender fad kicked into high gear. This cleared the way for the activists and their enablers in the mainstream media to find some other social standard to deconstruct. We’ve got to keep moving the goalposts, or we can’t have a perpetual cultural revolution, now can we?

What else can we be now, beyond boring old women and men? Since two individual’s style of gender expression might differ infinitesimally, that means there’s no theoretical limit to how many genders there can be. Exciting, isn’t it? That’s good news, because being a woman trapped in a man’s body (in other words, an annoying twit) is almost old hat by now. Lately, new genders are being discovered as frequently as lawyers and judges have been discovering “penumbras” and “emanations” of the Constitution since the Warren Court. Then there are the genderfluid, who change their gender identity according to mood, as well as some even more obscure formulations such as “vibrosexual.” Basically, there are now an infinite number of ways to be an annoying twit!

It was only a matter of time before kids in public schools [6] learned that they don’t have to be boring girls or boys any more. They could try on these made-up genders and sexual identities as if they were clothing fashions. This is what happens when education is controlled by government institutions in a top-down manner. The Leftist bureaucrats let their activist buddies write their curricula, and the propaganda gets pipelined down to public school classrooms across the country. The results are easy enough to see. Adolescents of the 1990s sometimes got body piercings and experimented with bisexuality, but lately the trendy rebelliousness might involve hormonal treatments and surgery with life-changing consequences. It’s only a matter of time before they grow up and realize what’s been done to them, and they’ll send an army of attorneys on the warpath after those who misled them.

The gender factory


Still, one might wonder: Is this stuff registered at the National Bureau of Standards? Does the patent office get applications for all these creative new genders? Is there any official information repository where this stuff is codified? Not really, but I’ve discovered a fountainhead for this type of inventiveness. Just as observatories discover stars never seen before, there is a place where new genders are announced to the world. Behold, the Nonbinary Wiki [8].

As one might expect, there is a list of nonbinary identities [9]. These are, to-wit: agender, androgyne, bigender, bissu, boi, butch, demiboy, demigender, demigirl, fa’afafine, femme, genderfluid, genderflux, genderfuck, genderless, gender neutral, genderqueer, gendervague, graygender, hijra, māhū, maverique, neutrois, nonbinary, non-gendered, polygender, queer, third gender, transfeminine (my spell checker thinks this is a real word, but not the next for some reason), transmasculine, Two-Spirit, and X-gender. Many of these definitions are redundant, or differ from others only in a nit-picking manner, but I’ll have to give them credit for trying to be creative about saying the same thing. My fave is maverique:

Coined by Vesper H. (queerascat) in 2014. A specific nonbinary gender identity “characterized by autonomy and inner conviction regarding a sense of self that is entirely independent of male/masculinity, female/femininity or anything which derives from the two while still being neither without gender nor of a neutral gender.” In the 2016 Nonbinary/Genderqueer Survey, 12 of the respondents (0.39%) called themselves maverique. In the 2019 Worldwide Gender Census, 72 of the respondents (0.64%) said they were maverique or mavrique.

Ooh, how bold! What a daring way to deconstruct the gender binary and stick it to — well, whoever it is they’re trying to rebel against. So there were a dozen maveriques two years after this gender was invented, and three years later there were six dozen of them. That’s a remarkable increase in population. I wonder, where are they hiding all the pods?

Was this all? Hardly! Their list of uncommon nonbinary genders [10] describes over 80 more. Here’s a cool one:

Ooh, brrrr, all chill and wintery! Another evocative one is “systemfluid”:

The keywords are a tipoff that this is about people who have voices in their head, a pastime that’s growing in popularity for certain types of Leftists [11]. The next definition is “systemgender,” a rather similar arrangement except that one’s gender identity is a sort of permanent consensus of the genders among one’s invisible friends. For the systemfluids and the systemgenders, this is one of the rare instances in which I’ll recommend Scientology; they perhaps could benefit from playing with e-meters to clear themselves of some body thetans.

Some of these made-up genders and sexual identities only report one or two members, much in contrast to the billions of men and women in the world. However, rarity is no problem; in fact, perhaps it makes them feel more like a special snowflake. None of this has anything to do with objective reality; we’re in the land of make-believe now.

A separate category is xenogender [12], which at the time of writing has 17 subcategories. (Some such as the frosty niveigender are included in the prior list, but not all.) One of the underlying themes of the xenogenders is that they’re too profound to understand. My alternative take is that they’re evidence that the trade in LSD hasn’t been suppressed completely. One particular subcategory is astralgender:

This definition has much in common with astrumgender and caelgender, and more loosely connects with contigender and cosmicgender. Back on Planet Earth, gender and the cosmos go together like fry sauce and algebra, but there I go being a spoilsport.

Among all the xenogenders, my all-time fave is catgender. I love those cute little furballs, and in fact my calico has been trying to help me write this article by repeatedly walking on the keyboard.

Cool deal; sign me up, and make that total 81! From now on, my pronoun is Chairman Meow.

This do-it-yourself gender stuff is pretty easy. Come up with some way of saying, “I don’t feel completely male or female.” If it’s synonymous or nearly identical with some preexisting formulation, that’s no problem. Then create a name for it, and it doesn’t matter how dorky or pretentious it is. If you like, you can create a symbol, imitating the Mars/Venus signs for male and female by using a big circle and maybe crosses and arrows for some design elements. As a bonus round, make up some pride flag [13] to symbolize your unique way of being an annoying twit. Congratulations; now you’re a flaggot! Finally, announce the new gender to the interwebs, preferably from a Tumblr account.

Who are these squidlings?


You can buy James O’Meara’s The Homo and the Negro here [15].

The Nonbinary Wiki has a fairly long list of nonbinary notables [16]. (I know one of them; interesting character. I wrote about another one of them [17] earlier.) What’s remarkable is that among what looks like a couple hundred entries, only eight of them predate modern times. Then sometime after Genesis P‑orridge [18] came the deluge. Why is this so? The best explanation is that transgenderism has become a massive fad; that much is pretty obvious. I will, however, offer a couple of alternative explanations. Perhaps it’s part of a larger trend: a tremendous growth of First World problems. Either that, or there’s something in the water [19], and a lot of it.

Another hint is that most of the list consists of musicians, actors, drag queen performers, artists, cartoonists, and the like. (One is a professional skateboarder, though I’m not sure where the money is in that particular career.) Although it could be explicable because 175ers tend to be overrepresented in such pursuits, there’s something more going on. These are the world’s most famous soi-disant nonbinaries, yet only a couple of mid-grade pop divas have much name recognition. Therefore, most of them aren’t very notable after all; D-list actors, starving artists, obscure musicians, and other types who might be clamoring for recognition. Putting all of it together, it screams “publicity stunt.”

Unfortunately for them, they’re a little late to the party. Claiming a made-up gender is hardly a unique shtick these days, and no longer comes with a bonus fifteen minutes of fame. It’s the same problem with several of the musicians of the 1980s and 1990s who flaunted bisexuality; eventually, that stuff stopped being rebellious. Even getting one’s face pierced up like a pincushion is old hat. It’s anyone’s guess what will be next in the shock-value arms race for the poseurs of tomorrow who will be starving for attention.

For nonbinaries who aren’t on that list and aren’t even wannabe celebrities, the motivation is the same. They’re attention harlots, too. Declaring some weird new gender is one way for ordinary schlubs to try to stand out in Clown World. Of course, the more constructive path to social status is to make something of themselves, become respectable, and maybe even do great deeds — but all that’s hard work!

But how do you say “genderfluid” in Klingon?

Another feature of the Nonbinary Wiki is a section of language glossaries [20], 23 of them at present. Some of these languages already had a term or two for people occupying some part or another of the GLBTQQIAOMGWTF fruit salad. However, most words are from recent times, after this radical gender theory mania started overtaking the world like mold spreading through a loaf of bread.

These new coinages are usually literal translations of some existing term, or phonetic borrowings. Japanese has many of the latter, for example chesuto baindaa (chest binder, a tight wrapping to hide sweater puppies) and pakkingu poochi (packing pouch, to cure penis envy), which are fashion accessories for Female-To-Male transsexuals. Then there are several other terms like kuesuchoningu (questioning, the second “Q” in GLBTQQIAOMGWTF), toransugendaa (transgender), jendaa aidentiti (gender identity), etc. In the long history of the Japanese language, they apparently never contemplated this silliness enough to create preexisting terms. In other languages as well, usually the translations and borrowings are from English. Therefore, the extensive vocabulary of this new form of mass delusion is a rather embarrassing cultural export of ours.

There are some exceptions. One non-English loan word is hidźra in Polish, which comes from hijra in Hindi which is basically a desi ladyboy. (I’m not sure what they’d be doing in Poland; that’s not where they belong.) Gnéaschlaonadh means “sexual orientation” in Gaelic; helpful for those seeking gay licks. In Welsh, cydryweddol means “cisgender.” Anyway, these languages don’t need more genders; they need more vowels.

What a nothingburger!

Was any of that stuff enlightening? I didn’t think so, either. The book Liberalism: Find a Cure really had a point with the following:

Or maybe what would have been a fleeting curiosity by a few isolated mentally unstable individuals has been given a breeding ground since different people with the same bizarre fetishes and delusions can now connect with each other through the Internet, and instead of having friends who would discourage these kinds of abnormalities, they find strangers half way across the country who share in their madness and foment it.

As one of the above-mentioned breeding grounds, the Nonbinary Wiki is indeed a fountainhead for utter silliness. Again, this “my gender is a cosmic baloney sandwich” business is orders of magnitude beyond the “woman trapped in a man’s body” stuff from back when Magnus Hirschfeld and Arthur Kronfeld [21] were getting this stuff started.

Indeed, this gender-bending mania is no longer about the relatively tiny fraction of people who have some biological condition that would lead to gender confusion. (It’s proper to have compassion for them, though this does not extend to rearranging society.) After a certain point, it isn’t even about enabling a fashionable mental illness of the much larger category of people with nothing biologically wrong with them. Lately, it’s a trendy way to be a rebel without a clue; as Jonah Goldberg put it [22], “the teeming ranks of idiots, morons, malcontents, and avant-garde sophisticates who have nothing better to do than wear dresses.” Taking on a made-up gender provides the frisson of doing something edgy and transgressive while opposing only sensibility and good taste. Cheap rebellion such as this is like a roller coaster ride; it has the thrill of danger without any of the real risks that come from displeasing the Powers-That-Be, and it doesn’t get anyone anywhere other than going around in circles.

What are we to make of all that feverish mental masturbation, announcing new genders and sexual identities at a breathtaking pace? What a thing for them to obsess about while society is entering a “shit hits the fan” scenario. They’re certainly not the only Leftists who failed to notice that a gaggle of greedy globalists is feverishly trying to consolidate power while intending to make everyone else their peasants. If this gang gets what they want, then the radical gender theorists will have plenty of time to contemplate their pronouns while they’re eating bugs and living in a pod.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the wheels were coming off the bus, and a suitable response to the great crisis was utterly lacking. This is reminiscent of a complaint heard during the final days of China’s Song Dynasty: scholars were debating the fine points of calligraphy while the Mongols were invading. The difference between then and now is that Chinese calligraphy is much more culturally important to the world than neurotic nonbinary nonsense.

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