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Slouching toward Zimbabwe


Obama & Mugabe

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It’s been almost five years since Barack Hussein Obama vacated the Oval Office, where he completed eight years of doing the opposite of what white Americans, originally enthralled with the “light worker,” were expecting: “healing” the racial divide. Here we are after two punishing terms of Obama, one of the Trump Twitter-Presidency, and one year of misrule by Obama’s Vice President, now even more confused and likely battling fecal incontinence [2]. We now know what the opposite of “healing” looks and feels like, and we are confronted with two questions: how bad is it really going to get? What can we do about it?

To see how we got here, let’s time-travel back to the halcyon days of the 2008 presidential campaign. You’ll recall a thinly-credentialed candidate calling himself “The One” who campaigned on a stage adorned with Doric columns made of plywood and drywall. With an act of a swami peddling fake mysticism, college girls were fainting and the supposedly clear-eyed, professional journalist class was reduced to something resembling a throng of groupies in heat, lining up in droves to roger some swaggering rock star.

Here is an edifying sample of the orgasmic effusion for him raining down from all corners of the mainstream media:

[I]t’s not merely his [Obama’s] youthful vigor, or handsomeness, or even inspiring rhetoric. It is not fresh ideas or cool charisma or the fact that a black president will be historic and revolutionary in about a thousand different ways. It is something more. Even Bill Clinton, with all his effortless, winking charm, didn’t have what Obama has, which is a sort of powerful luminosity, a unique high-vibration integrity.

This phantasmagoric apparition came not from some Democrat-owned agit-prop mill, but from the “conservative” Jonah Goldberg writing for the National Review [3]. “[P]owerful luminosity, a unique high-vibration integrity”? Did Goldberg cobble together this ludicrous jumble of obsequities by himself or did they come out of a random word generator? No matter. This is archival proof that for the highly-paid denizens of the commentariat there is no accountability, no matter how stupid or detached from reality the effort.

When Obama was first running for President, you’ll recall, he wasn’t talking about “white privilege.” There was this gem earlier on from the speech that launched his national career at the Democratic Convention in 2004: “There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America.”

What happened? The community-organizing slickster was plotting with Jewish David Axelrod and mixed-race Valarie Jarrett to become President. He needed a warm, wholesome image that would appeal to white voters. Many, if not most, white voters would not be thrilled with a President preoccupied with racial grievances, a President who wanted to keep them on the hook for what some — or even none — of their ancestors had done 150 years ago, a President who talked as if all every white policeman wanted to do was to get up in the morning and go out looking for a black teenager to shoot. Angry, race-grievance fast-talkers are a dime a dozen, but they don’t make good presidential candidates. There was ample evidence of deep racial hostility in Obama’s autobiography, Dreams from My Father, but American voters aren’t big readers. The appearance during the campaign of Obama’s spiritual mentor, the toxic Reverend Jeramiah Wright, lasted a day in the news cycle, and Obama’s feckless rival, John McCain, declined to pounce on it.

Once in office and then safely reelected, the fake make-nice routine dropped away, and the “we’re all in it together” shtick turned into the “racism that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on,” with very bad news for all of us white folks in the long term: “We’re not cured of it.” The ongoing “cure” to be completed in the far-distant future promises, as the old saw goes, to be much worse than the disease.

The guy who snookered the white voters into thinking he was going to be the great racial healer instead turned out to be doing an impressive impersonation of Robert Mugabe, the wrecker of Rhodesia — now the gigantic slum called Zimbabwe. The candidate who was going to help us transcendthe racial divide became the President who was close to and consulted regularly with Al Sharpton, one of the most scurrilous, race-hustling, bottom-feeding shakedown artists to be found anywhere under a rock. This President sent three White House representatives to the funeral of a black criminal — Michael Brown — and sicced his black-led Justice Department on Darren Wilson, the white cop who shot Brown, the “gentle giant,” who was assaulting him just after robbing a convenience store. Wilson survived, unindicted, two federal investigations [4] into the shooting. Six years later, with Black Lives Matter mobs owning American city streets, another white policeman was not so lucky. Derek Chauvin (5’9”, 160lb), grappling with arrest-resisting, drugged-up black career felon,George Floyd (6’2”, 230lb) would end up prison-bound for life.

You can’t say that white Americans weren’t forewarned. Just five days before the 2008 election, Obama dropped a hint [5] that America was in for a major makeover, or should I say, takeover: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”


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And so he did. By the time Obama departed from office, America’s ruling class, including all of its propaganda organs, the educational establishment, the entertainment industry, both political parties, and the corporate elites were on board with “racism in our DNA” and on the warpath against “white privilege.” The heir apparent, Hillary Clinton, tapped by him to personally continue the “transformation,” was emboldened enough in her campaign to choose the slogan “irredeemable, thankfully not part of America” to attach to tens of millions of Trump supporters, leaving no doubt about the what the Democrats and establishment Republicans had in mind for the future of middle- and working-class white America. Trump’s unforeseen four years temporarily slowed down the anti-white juggernaut, but with the current tidal wave of black and brown pouring unimpeded across the southern border and black criminality unopposed by law enforcement in the cities, somehow a Zimbabwe kind of future for the United States doesn’t seem quite so implausible anymore.

Since ending “white privilege” now seems to be the ruling class’ highest priority, it’s essential that all white Americans get a glimpse of what the end of white privilege looks like where it actually happened on a very large scale. As required reading, side-by-side with Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist, should be Ilana Mercer’s Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America in Post-Apartheid South Africa.

One of the anti-racist, “white privilege”-dismantling stars in Mercer’s book is the above-mentioned Robert Mugabe, the man who turned white-ruled, prosperous Rhodesia, once the bread basket of Africa, into Zimbabwe, now a black-ruled, Third World hellhole. To make it happen, he expelled and murdered those white farmers who produced the food and, ultimately, the wealth. So, for starters, the end of “white privilege” in Rhodesia meant expulsion and mass-murder for whites; starvation for blacks. Who would have imagined?

From the BBC’s obituary for Robert Mugabe in 2019: [8]

After 28 years of Mr Mugabe’s rule, the resourceful, largely self-sufficient country lay in ruins. The inflation rate had reached an unfathomable 231 million per cent and young Zimbabweans were voting with their feet, fleeing the country he had fought to liberate. And yet, from this low point, he once more managed to outmanoeuvre his rivals and remain in power for another nine years.

Like Barack Obama early in his rise to power, Mugabe was a “rock star” with international stature. He was cheered on by “morally enlightened” white people who somehow believed that there was no greater evil in the world than blacks being governed by whites. His MO for putting an end to white rule in Rhodesia was a prototype for Obama’s America’s “transformation,” now in warp speed. Essential to the MO of both operators was to exploit the eagerness of guilt-ridden whites of the “equality” persuasion to hand over power to a honey-tonged black Messiah whose ruling passion turned out to be racial resentment with a practical application that would be fatal to its target. Because of delusion-based white enablement, Mugabe was put in a position to destroy Rhodesia, and Obama was able to launch what has become a tsunami of anti-white hostility in America.

“The revolutionary freedom fighter [Mugabe] was spokesperson and cherished idol of the anti-apartheid growth industry abroad,” Ilana Mercer writes.[1] [9] Like Obama, he was a particular favorite at Western universities such as Edinburgh University, the University of Massachusetts, and Michigan State University (MSU). Over Mugabe’s long career he was bestowed with their glowing tributes and collected 50 honorary degrees. At the 1990 Michigan State ceremony [10] at which the honorary degree was conferred, then-President John Angelo DiBiaggio said Mugabe was “a man who stands here on this stage before us, but he is also a man, I can tell you, who stands with us.” DiBiaggio, a dentist before becoming MSU’s President, would be better remembered if his career summit had ended with molar extractions and root canals.

“It took decades and piles of dead bodies before Robert Mugabe lost luster in the eyes of the American mainstream media.”[2] [11] Those in the smart set were astonishingly slow learners. For a study in how pinning your “make the world better” hopes on a black conman turns out: In 2008, Michigan State University trustees, contemplating Mugabe’s success in dismantling “white privilege,” finally figured out that President DiBiaggio must have been hallucinating back in 1990:

Michigan State University [12] trustees Friday stripped Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe of an honorary law degree it gave him in 1990, citing a pattern of human rights abuses and political repression. Mugabe led the successful struggle to overcome White minority rule over what then was called Rhodesia. But he now faces wide domestic and international opposition because of Zimbabwe’s economic collapse and his crackdown on opponents.

Note the slippery wording of this Associated Press announcement that evades direct attribution to “Sir Robert” — Mugabe was knighted by the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office as “Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath” in 1994 — of his rampant criminality.

Think of the symbolism of MSU’s withdrawing of Mugabe’s honorary degree as virtue-signaling in an embarrassed, ass-covering mode, and as with all virtue-signaling, its sole purpose was to advertise the signaler’s current state of moral rectitude. I emphasize “current,” because the “moral rectitude” in this despicable kind of charade is nothing more than a “fashion statement.” Fashions, as we know, change. Mugabe, then, was the man “who stands with us.” But now, well, baby, “The Thrill is Gone.” He’s not quite so swell as we had thought: It’s time for a no-fault (on our part) divorce. There is no accountability, no soul-searching to explain and lament the endorsement given to an arch-criminal who took advantage of the trust and support he received and went on to destroy a country and millions of lives. The Pontius Pilate hand-washing gesture in this ceremony of fake piety captures the shameful, morally destitute condition of Western universities. Oh, yes, like Michigan State University, the UK foreign office [13] did a similar volte face with Mugabe and revoked his award of knighthood years after the horse had left the barn.

Mugabe, who made it to 95, is dead, and his work — a product of intense racial hatred — is complete. Obama is a lad of 60 and his “fundamental transformation of America” is still underway and accelerating. The racial animosity and resentment that was somewhat muted and managed when he took office is now open, vehement, and increasingly lethal for white people [14]. His cognitively-crippled placeman and the octogenarian kleptocrats — Pelosi, Fauci, and the rest — who manage his medication are busying themselves with putting rouge on the corpse of a once-functional government. They have declared war on white America.

If you care to experience them, already in the United States there is an impressive number of mini-Zimbabwes: Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Oakland, and portions of Chicago and Newark. Many more are under development, to be staffed by imports from places like Haiti, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Once safe, white Minneapolis, now with its tens of thousands of resident Somalis and where the government-sanctioned lynching of Derek Chauvin took place, is a good place to observe “Zimbabwe-ization” in progress. Homicide increased for the year 2020 71% over 2019.

The ruling class’ agenda is now so open and blatant that if a majority of white Americans don’t soon recognize what is being planned for them, it will be too late, and their children and grandchildren will be in a land that horrifyingly resembles Zimbabwe. What more will it take?

To put a capstone of irony on this Mugabe-Obama lookalike contest, consider this snippet taken from a speech [15] that then-Senator Barack Obama gave at the University of Nairobi in his ancestral land of Kenya in 2006: “If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists — to protect them [16] and to promote their common welfare [17] — all else is lost.”

Thanks, Barry, for helping us to concentrate our minds on our current state of “who-whom [18].” It’s past time to look for a different government.

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