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Archetypes of the Left
The Traitor

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CNN recently touted a teenage girl on their rag show who was rewarded by the network for her stunning bravery in being pictured giving anti-mask protestors the finger. Her school bus was in the photo’s background. The girl was a pretty, white, future art student type with matching glasses, and I saw her entire life ahead of and behind her. This poor girl, brainwashed by her mother (who also appeared in the interview) and who likely has no father figure at present (what white person rides the bus in 2021?), was simply no match for forces more powerful than she and her family could possibly imagine. Sadly, her stage as a hot artsy girl will end quickly as she morphs from a 20-year-old art hoe into a 21-year-old art hoe, hitting the wall ten years ahead of time due to her surroundings, which her parents will be all too happy to spend $50,000 a year on.

How can I predict this? I’ve seen it before. We all have. I’ve seen them morph even before they get to college; I know the type. And I am not happy that this phenomenon exists and has such high a correlation with a certain type. However, it is useful as a means of pointing towards a hypothesis that there are certain phenotypes, whether literal or socio-environmental, that breed “the traitor” in our midst.

Morgoth, a content creator and Counter-Currents contributor [1], has identified a few of these archetypes which we have all come across. There is the “Skintellectual”: the minority — usually black — supposed intellectual whose entire purview consists of half-baked and misunderstood philosophy mixed with pseudo-social science. Ibram X Kendi exemplifies the Skintellectual, a genuine moron who defines “racism” as “things that cause systemic racism,” in the “field” of critical race theory.

Then there is the “Hatchling,” a Leftist — usually young — who feigns ignorance of the entire world as if they grew up in Plato’s cave or just hatched out of their shell in an attempt to offshore effort to his opponent (in my opinion, these people are simply lazy, and thus the easiest to defeat in debate).

Lastly is the “Abomination,” whose name should give the game away. He is beyond debate, as his zeal is the most potent. To the Abomination, politics is his religion and he displays as much on his person. You can smell one before you see him.

I wish to continue Morgoth’s work, which he seems to have deemed complete. Here I will delve into another archetype of the Left which often intersects with elements of the Hatchling and the Abomination: the Traitor.

The Traitor, even in a mainly non-white or multiracial country, is an exclusively white — but not (((white))) — character where we’re concerned. Traitors are usually self-centered urban women with no comprehension of true group dynamics outside of the “noble savage,” which she watches from a safe distance in her white suburb or ritzy apartment. These affluent white female liberals (AWFLs) make up the bulk of the astroturfed non-riotous Left-wing protesters such as those in the Women’s March (TM) and the non-violent white BLM presence seen in white American towns far away from the locust hordes in the city.

The AWFL is an NPC (non-player character). She is not in control. The AWFL is the most susceptible to propaganda in our society. Even blacks normally do not succumb to the “buck-breaking” of Jews in the media, but rather use it as an excuse to carry out their Purge fantasy in looting Nike and Walgreen’s, and maybe assaulting a few racial enemies along the way. The powers-that-be are perfectly fine with this, of course.

As NPCs, liberal women are easy to program. This has always been the case with women, who are more conformist and who gravitate nearer to the mean than men. Women know how to fit in and have higher social sensitivity than men, meaning that they can read the room and take cues more easily. Essentially, they are highly malleable in their beliefs and will generally feign agreement with the talking heads on TV if it means they can conform to a mold — even if that mold is non-conformity. This can be seen most easily in the modern context by the new phenomena of rapid onset gender dysphoria, predominantly in girls and young women.

Evolutionarily, women do not necessarily need to be attached to the group unless they have produced children within that group and, even then, it is less of a necessity than compared to men. In ancient warfare, men were killed but women were raped, taken as slaves, or remarried into the conquering group. In genetics, what doesn’t kill you doesn’t disappear from the gene pool. This explains traditional societies generally seeing women as incapable of understanding honor and loyalty in the same way men do. It is simply not necessary for female survival.

Women’s ability to easily adapt to the evil predominant culture of our times is a lesson as to why it is important to properly raise children. If you don’t indoctrinate your children, someone else will. In the same way that, as Robert Conquest wrote, any institution which is not explicitly Right-wing will become Left-wing, an upbringing that is not expressly traditional and Rightist will usually allow the child to swerve off the reservation.

There are also affluent white male liberals, of course, although they are a rarer breed. Normally, the males who look white in these groups are actually high-IQ Jewish officers commanding their colonial corps of violent minorities through the streets. The white male libtard is difficult to pin down, as he makes the least sense. What could he possibly get out of betraying his own? The male counterpart is a more complicated tale.

Many are simply biological rejects. They are homosexual, ugly, fat, effeminate, or otherwise disgusting. Such abominations have no race. Thus, these “spiteful mutants,” in the words of Edward Dutton, who has spoken at length on the subject, take revenge on humanity, identifying with other cretins, races, or religions who they apparently see as their fellow sub-humans. This would explain the otherwise inexplicable alliance between Muslims and homosexuals in the West. They are both outsiders, utilized by the inner party to crush the middle.

The effeminate man, even if only inwardly effeminate, is similar to women in his outlook on the world. Take Hasan Piker, who outwardly seems like the embodiment of the virile male spirit, but inwardly seems to be a 16-year-old art hoe wearing a male model’s body. If the female spirit is embraced, female tendencies, such as following the herd, become inevitable. The modern bugman is precisely this. The city slicker wishes to fit in and be a pushover, whether that be for women or for the federal authorities.

A similar occurrence can be seen in the spiteful elite. They are also psychologically demented, though in a subtler way. Andrzej Łobaczewski wrote on the phenomena of “pathocracy,” the political rule of those with serious pathologies, especially dark triad traits. Those in power are more often than not possessors of some sort of serious pathology such as sociopathy, psychopathy, narcissism, and other anti-social tendencies. Often lacking in the same feelings that you and I have, they take their anger out on the ordinary populace through their policies. Colluding with their fellow pathocrats, they are able to harness the power of the state and capital into an organized gauntlet to torment the unwitting populace. Through networking via subtle cues, these psychologically disturbed characters are able to rise to the top of every hierarchy they find themselves in. Łobaczewski’s work Political Ponerology, which documented this phenomenon, was suppressed by the Soviet authorities, possibly by the Vatican as well, and even in the United States by the influential Zbigniew Brzezinski. His work struck fear into the minds of those in power, wherever that power might be.

The pathocrat community is where many of the white liberal power’s upper echelons originate. As psychopaths, they secretly wish destruction upon their host. As narcissists and sociopaths, they are fine with the destruction of their people if it means they receive more power as individuals. Patrick Bateman in American Psycho is the embodiment of one of these people. This can also be easily seen in Gavin Newson, who is the real-life Bateman. They speak of “human rights” and “world hunger” and ask if others can “cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks,” though these same people would be manning upper management in the bureaucracy of any totalitarian regime, whether that be Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. Their ideology is power and their weapon is cruelty. Do not be fooled by any of their platitudes.


You can buy The Alternative Right, ed. Greg Johnson, here [3]

This conformist personality also applies to those outside the elites who make use of the same forms, though who are not as talented or intelligent. They occupy the ranks in society from the lowly lumpen-bourgeoisie to the non-elite professionals, and even to a large extent the elite high priests of the Cathedral. In the case of a lumpen-bourgeoise college student, deceiving himself into believing the unbelievable is simply a subliminal risk/reward analysis. To throw your own people under the bus is to get ahead. Furthermore, it likely tickles a paradoxical narcissistic-masochistic fantasy: the white liberal is simultaneously implicitly accepted as a superior being, an evil tormentor, and also a white savior who will liberate the poor, sub-human wretches. This may be the reason that much of critical race theory reads like a wignat hot take.

What all white liberals have in common, male as well as female, is that they lose nothing by betraying Team White while having everything to gain. The female gets to keep her white peer group and constant supply of white chads, the men get to keep their jobs and not be targeted by the powers that be (usually), and the elites get to cynically grift off the lobotomized plebs who believe that Goldman Sachs, Harvard, and Comcast are their friends.

At some point, the liberal deludes himself into truly believing. It may start as a forced Pavlovian response to a threat, but eventually they train themselves to know no other way. I’m sure that, deep down, the Skintellectual knows he’s in way over his head, the Abomination understands he’s in a disgusting condition, the female liberal knows she prefers her own kind, and the male liberal sees the effeminate society around him as gay and cringeworthy. They are too cowardly to look in the mirror, however, and see the truth of what they have become. They have no skin in the game, being no more than selfish narcissists and pathetic specimens of humanity.

Take Noam Chomsky, for example. For decades, this half-baked philosopher claimed to be a “libertarian socialist” and was most importantly against authoritarianism, whether it be from the state or the private sector. “Libertarian socialist” is an oxymoron — emphasis on moron — which its adherents seem incapable of recognizing. However, everyone from a normie libertarian to a National Socialist could see the writing on the wall decades before the inevitable. Like basically every other un-self-aware or simply grifting anarcho-syndicalist such as Vaush and friends, Chomsky now supports sending unvaccinated people to concentration camps. Apparently, freedom from getting the sniffles is a human right, but not the ability to leave your home unmolested. This senile old man threw away a major part of his life’s work to gain clout with mentally ill lesbians. You either die as the rebel or live long enough to see yourself become the tankie, apparently.

While Chomsky, as a Jew, is not a Traitor but simply acting in his group’s interest, his psychology is similar to that of the white Traitor, who is self-interested instead of group-interested, and who performatively “virtue-signals” for recognition as someone worthy of society. In this way, the white Traitor, especially among women, is over-socialized into a sick society.

The white Traitor archetype can be seen as a phenomenon caused by weakness of will, the fear of struggle, materialism, and hedonism, spurned by maladaptive mental traits or feminine oversocialization and an obsession with the opinion of others. The elite possesses these same characteristics. On a material plane, they have every reason to disregard their own as they shun any genuine transcendent principle, including any notion of loyalty or honor. When they do attempt to find higher meaning, it is usually in reaction to the norm rather than an affirmation of truth.

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