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Trump as Wounded Grail King

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Trump’s antics never cease to amaze. This week, he brazenly declared that “Israel literally owned Congress ten years ago.” Was this Trump going ballistic and naming the Jew after having been their good goy for years, only to be betrayed?

Alas, he was only lamenting that the halcyon days of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) running America’s foreign policy have supposedly passed (and I wish they had). The systematic torture of white Americans by blacks on the orders of Judeo-Bolsheviks, as detailed in a recent letter [2] by Nathan DeGrave, is apparently of no importance to him — and despite how this abuse would be a violation of the Geneva Conventions if committed in a POW camp.


Nathan DeGrave

I rarely speak in absolute terms, but there can be no more tolerance for Trump. He’s not just a grifter, he’s also so bad at grifting that it is insulting how transparent his grift is. I also refuse to respect a man who is still begging for scraps like a good dog from the same people who betrayed him and have nothing but disdain for his followers. For purely exoteric reasons, there is no way that Trump should ever be allowed to wheedle his way into power again.

There are also esoteric reasons why Trump is unfit to hold any position of responsibility, however. Throughout the various Holy Grail myths, there is a common motif of the wounded Grail King. Trump almost perfectly matches the figure of the wounded King. As Julius Evola explains in The Mystery of the Grail, this King loses his virile power due to a personality defect or betrayal, and his Kingdom is devastated as a result. He is no longer able to perform the regal functions of a true king. While he can be cured, he does not take power again. Instead, he mysteriously disappears and a young, virile conquering knight assumes his regal office.

It may at first glance seem odd to extrapolate from myth to politics. However, my analysis is not the Right-wing equivalent of argument by analogy to Harry Potter. Rather, one of the mysteries of myths is that they contain perennial truths and are constantly acted out over and over in a never-ending cycle. As Sallust explains in On the Gods and the World, “Now these things never happened, but always are.” Myth is always lurking in the background of history, and frequently myth and history intersect — or as Evola would say, symbol and reality become one. The tragedy of Trump’s dramatic rise and fall is one such intersection, and it is still ongoing.

[4]First, Trump clearly fits the requirement of having lost his virility due to a character flaw. In Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival, the King, Amfortas, receives a wound in battle that does not heal. Evola connects this wounding to Amfortas’ yearning for Orgeluse, whose name means “the proud one.” Evola sees this wounding as a “Luciferian deviation” resulting from the flaws of “craving and pride.” Was Trump’s presidency not also undone by a Titanic-Luciferian craving for power, driven by pride? A man worthy of assuming the regal, not merely presidential, role which Trump craved would by definition possess an entirely different personality and motivation. Here, petty power must be separated from true glory, incendiary tweets from inspiration, and a solar uprightness from frantic craving.

Second, the resulting devastation of the Kingdom which occurs when the Grail King is wounded is fairly self-explanatory in the current Disunited States. Race riots, lockdowns, the torture of political prisoners, supply chain disruption, inflation, and medical tyranny are but the most salient examples of the devastation which occurred as a result of Trump’s failings, both during and after leaving office. Trump’s supporters relied on him to be the virile man they knew in 2016, only to be catastrophically let down by a withered boomer.

Third, in many versions, such as Queste du Graal, there is a “dolorous stroke” which wounds the Grail King and is delivered by the hands of a traitor. The key to completing the quest is revenge for the dolorous stroke, which will also serve as a restoration. In the meantime, the Grail King remains wounded, but cannot die until the revenging/restoring knight arrives.

As in the myths, Trump was wounded by treachery. Jared Kushner whispered poison in his ear, the entire establishment fought against him, and “General” Mark Milley was insubordinate. Most strikingly, Pence betrayed him on January 6 by certifying the fraudulent election and then received a suspicious — possibly Masonic — silver coin for it. Admittedly, Trump was extremely complicit in how his administration was undermined. But his own treachery is only rivaled by pride in the story of Trump’s downfall, and thus the dolorous stroke of myth is well accounted for in history.

Furthermore, Trump still lingers unnaturally, grifting and releasing sassy but impotent statements while not even being able to successfully start an alt tech social media site — or even better, have the humility and independence to join Gab. The prolonging of Trump’s political life oftentimes seems downright supernatural. It probably is.

Thankfully, the Grail myths provide some insight into how we can recover from Trump’s wounding and successfully complete the Nationalist Quest. If myth continues to intersect with history, this means that whoever restores America must and will be an avenger, and not a moderate looking to compromise.


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Who will be our avenging/restoring Grail Knight? It could be Barron Trump. He is preternaturally tall and is born of Melania, a mysterious Queen from a far-off land. In Wolfram’s version, the sword which delivered the treacherous dolorous stroke was held in a scabbard called Memory of Blood — which makes it fitting for Trump’s youngest son to avenge his father and surpass his cucked elder half-brothers. This scenario has all the makings of an epic story.

Pragmatically, Barron is also in an advantageous position to learn from his sire’s failings, and has sufficient personal motivation to be a radical instead of a dealmaker. However, it could easily be someone else, with Barron merely playing the role of a supporting Grail Knight who helps whoever goes on to complete the Nationalist Quest.

Regardless of who our chosen knight is, he must and will have an active and not a passive mindset. One of the most understated, but most important, themes of the Grail myths is “asking the question.” This question is usually along the lines of asking about the Grail’s purpose, or about why the Holy Lance drips blood. The question could also very well be something ineffable, or at least secret, and so the various questions in the myths might not be the true question that must be asked. Regardless, asking the question is the final act which completes the Grail Quest, and thus cannot be understated.

That Sir Gawain succeeds in asking the question in Diu Crone because he did not fall asleep like the other knights means that asking the question is probably connected to the “path of awakening” as described in the first volume of Evola’s Introduction to Magic. Thus, whoever completes Trump’s failed quest must be completely unlike Trump, who was immersed in the delusions of the material world. He will be unlike several prominent dissident movement leaders, too, who grew passive and squandered resources and opportunities instead of asking about what they could accomplish.

[7]Sometimes the failed knight is given a second chance — but we cannot afford to give Trump a second chance. For example, in Wolfram’s version, Percival initially fails to ask the question and is berated by the Grail’s messenger as being unworthy of praise. However, Percival is given a second chance and is dispatched on new adventures, although they are harder than before. These adventures awaken something in Percival, and so he is able to ask the question in the end.

We do not have the time for Trump to find his inner strength on a new set of adventures, however. On January 6, he wasted his chance at glory by not asking the question of what he could do with his power, even when his best supporters were begging him to cross the Rubicon. He spiritually fell asleep by instead passively watching television coverage of history unfolding. Trump probably doesn’t even have anything within him to be awakened, as he is too much of a merchant rather than an aristocrat. Trump’s role is clearly that of the wounded Grail King, and he should not be confused with the victorious knight to come.

Today, there is room for something better to grow and to take the place of spent boomerism. Whoever successfully assumes Trump’s mantle must and will reject the silly Enlightenment worldview. Our chosen knight will be as radical as he is traditional, aristocratic instead of populist, and absolute instead of conditional.

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