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The Worst Week Yet:
November 21-27, 2021


Ahmaud Arbery during one of his numerous encounters with law enforcement. His long, dirty toenails are not visible in this video.

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Black Writer: Kyle Rittenhouse was Birthed Raw & Bloody from His Mother’s Hateful Klangina

Stacey Patton [2] is a balding black woman who writes for a pro-black-woman website named MadameNoire [3] that purports to fight racism and sexism despite, well, openly flaunting its racial and sexual biases by being openly and idiotically pro-black and pro-woman.

In the wake of Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal for killing two non-blacks and maiming another non-black in self-defense, Patton apparently thought it made sense to write an essay titled “Kyle Rittenhouse Is Proof That White Women Birth White Supremacy While Black Mothers Birth Its Victims [4].” The clearly objective folks at Yahoo News appear to have found so much value in the piece that they republished it to a much larger audience.

In a year that has been so anti-white that I’m surprised there is any sunlight left in the sky or even a single remaining functional lightbulb, Miz Patton’s screed exists in a universe of its own where all of the facts have been crowded out by unblinking hysteria:

Donald Trump’s election in 2016 was a murder-suicide note to America. Since then, we’ve witnessed angry and disoriented white males [5] across the nation boldly trying to fulfill that pact while using Karen tears to blame others for their circumstances and crimes. . . . In other words, if white men don’t cheat, steal, rape, control or kill the loose bodies of nonwhite people, the future of whiteness is in peril. I can hear their clarion call: “Yee hawl, grab yer gunz, boys. Batten down the hatches. Destroy this whole goddamn earth if yer haffta! Leave nothin’ behind for them coloreds and n*gger lovers.” . . . Welcome to a white supremacist theocracy that is regressing back to its barbaric prehistoric impulses. . . . These nitwits can cry a fetid river and baptize, waterboard, or drown themselves in it for all I care. . . . These degenerates cry because they can’t believe that they don’t have a free pass for their criminal behavior like the good ole days of yore. . . .

“The loose bodies of nonwhite people”? Is she accusing Negroes of being sluts?

Sure, none of what I quoted had a thing to do with Kyle Rittenhouse, but it was so rabid, and I’m such an unabashed fan of unvarnished hate speech, I felt compelled to cite it.

Regarding Rittenhouse, Patton aimed the hate that throbs from her prematurely bald head [6] like greasy lasers straight toward young Kyle, his baby mama, and, what the hell, every white person who ever lived:

Last week’s acquittal of teenage vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse is the most recent example of a deceitful, petulant narcissist who got caught committing a crime and then appropriated the language of oppression to paint himself as the victim. . . . Don’t get me started on the white mothers who raised their sons to kill people. . . . Rittenhouse is a young man who was destroyed as a boy by a toxic white supremacist culture that proclaims victimization by the Left, the liberal media, #MeToo [7], feminism, political correctness, immigrants, and uppity Black [sic] people . . . the so-called normal white family that is raising white boys like Rittenhouse to internalize racism, coercion, and violence. . . . Behind all this stands the white family with all its unspoken violence [8].

Where the hell does this broad come up with this shit? Is it merely deflected bitterness due to the fact that she was cursed by nature with what Spike Lee once referred to as not a forehead, but an eight-head [9]?

Even when the Klan was powerful and white people reigned supreme in America, it was not unusual for black men who killed white men to evade murder charges by pleading self-defense. Dr. Ossian Sweet [10] was a black physician acquitted by an all-white jury in 1925 for shooting a white man dead after it was argued that he acted in self-defense. Nearly 50 years ago, a black teenager named Hayward Brown [11] successfully pled self-defense after shooting and killing a police officer. In the current climate where white people can do nothing right and blacks can do no wrong, it is beyond insane to suggest that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted because he’s white — especially when no one he killed was black.

Stacey Patton, perhaps blinded by the reflection from her giant bald forehead, didn’t even bother to explain the “Black Mothers Birth Its Victims” part of her headline, and apparently no one at Yahoo News bothered to ask her.

But her article quite clearly suggests that Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother trained him to kill non-whites, and I hope Mrs. Rittenhouse sues the remaining hairs off of Stacey Patton’s scraggly, nappy, shiny head.

Ahmaud Arbery’s Long, Dirty Toenails


You can buy Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto here. [13]

Last Wednesday, a jury that the press never hesitated to remind us was “overwhelmingly white” convicted three white men of murder in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, who, if the press hadn’t already drilled it into your skull enough times, was black. I say he “was” black hesitantly, because I am unsure if black people remain black after dying, what with race being a social construct and all.

An article in AP News [14] — whose writers at least used to be diligent enough not to leave typos strewn through their articles like stray turds in a litter box — prints two provable falsehoods in its first three sentences:

1. It says the three men “trapped” Arbery on a street. In the real world, Arbery could have run off the road in any direction through open, unfenced yards to evade them. Instead, as video evidence [15] proves, he circled around the front of Travis McMichael’s truck, ran toward McMichael, and attempted to grab the shotgun from his hands while throwing a punch at him. These are not the actions of a man who was “trapped.”

2. It claims that “video of the shooting leaked online,” suggesting that the video had been suppressed. Again, in the real world, Travis’s father Gregory McMichael gave the video to a local radio station in what he said was an attempt to counter rumors circulating in southern Georgia that this was a brazen and unprovoked lynching. According to the elder McMichael — who is 65, facing a minimum of 30 years in prison, and will likely die in prison despite the fact that he didn’t kill anyone — he believed that if people saw the video of Arbery charging toward his son Travis, punching him, and fighting for the gun, people would realize the shooting was an act of self-defense. Obviously, his strategy didn’t work.

I watched some of the trial, and the defendants were not likable. Their lawyers seemed inept, as was demonstrated by the fact that they did not enter into evidence a report [16] from Gregory Barnhill, one of the case’s original prosecutors, explaining why he decided not to press charges. From the report:

Given the fact Arbery initiated the fight, at the point Arbery grabbed the shotgun, under Georgia law, McMichael was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself. . . . We do not see grounds for an arrest of any of the three parties.

In a masterful breakdown [17] of everything that was wrong with the case, Jared Taylor — whom I’ve always thought would make the world’s best District Attorney — noted that no one whose main goal is a racist execution would have called 911 as the McMichaels did or made a video of the incident and handed it over to the police as did William “Roddie” Bryan, the third defendant who will also spend at least the next 30 years in prison despite the fact that he was unarmed and didn’t kill anyone, either.

And despite all the post-verdict yipping about how the incident proves we still live in an overwhelmingly white-supremacist society that guns down innocent black men’s loose bodies merely for jogging rather than, you know, being spotted on surveillance cameras trespassing inside the same house under construction on five different occasions [18] before trespassing a sixth time and then running — not “jogging” — after he spotted someone across the street eyeing him while talking on the phone, “race worked dramatically against the defendants” rather than against Ahmaud Arbery.

Race will also work against the three defendants in February when they face federal hate-crime charges [19] regarding the incident.

These days, I try to savor the laughs where I can find them. One silly footnote to the murder trial involves Gregory McMichael’s defense lawyer Laura Hogue’s closing argument:

Turning Ahmaud Arbery into a victim after the choices that he made does not reflect the reality of what brought Ahmaud Arbery to Satilla Shores in his khaki shorts with no socks to cover his long, dirty toenails.

This was a sly, manipulative ploy on Hogue’s part, seeing as how young black loose male bodies have been stereotyped for centuries as terrorizing mostly quiet communities with their long, dirty toenails.

None Dare Call It Looting

It’s amusing how, in their oft-bungled quest to eliminate racial stereotyping where none has actually occurred, people often accidentally tip their hands. A long time ago I noticed that whenever people criticized bankers or the banking industry, they were accused of being anti-Semitic even if the critics had never mentioned Jews.

I witnessed looting with my own eyes only once: during the 1992 Los Angeles riots while looking out from my second-story apartment window. White and Mexican kids were streaming north from Hollywood Boulevard with their loot in hand: giant boxes of hot dogs and camping equipment. I didn’t spot a single black person with any stolen loot, mainly because very few blacks lived in my neighborhood.

But looting is back in the news, and mainstream media outlets are unwittingly tipping their hands merely by using a term that I have now learned is inherently racist. “Looting gang targets LA Nordstrom stealing pricy handbags and assaulting security guard,” reads a Daily Mail [20] headline. The ordinarily hyper-woke MSN [21] informs us that “Dozens of looters ransacked a California Nordstrom store in the latest case of flash mob robberies that have targeted designer stores, according to reports.”

As was the case during the Rodney King riots, looting is often an opportunistic response to racial-justice violence. It allegedly happened throughout the summer of 2020 as hordes of young rich white Communists and young dumb black supremacists provided cover by burning buildings and tossing rocks at cops. Sometimes, looting is purely opportunistic and has nothing to do with dim notions of “justice” — there was widespread looting in New York City during the summer of 1977 [22], when the oversized metropolis lost electricity.

Recently, however, there is no obvious racial motivation for a spate of high-profile smash-and-grab incidents at posh urban stores throughout California [23], the Midwest [24], and New York [25]. In contrast with opportunistic riot-looting, these smash-and-grabs are often highly organized heists involving getaway cars and stolen merch that is quickly sold in other states via the internet. Often as many as 20 to 80 hooded thieves will suddenly pounce upon a store armed with hammers and crowbars, macing security guards, smashing through glass cases, and making off with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry, electronics, and other valuable loot.

Arrested suspects [26] in such cases [27] are very often [28] what are known among anthropologists as “youths [29],” “teens [30],” and the “underprivileged [31].” In the spirit of racial fairness, I must note that this is not always [32] the case [33]. I’m merely saying that youths [34], teens [35], and the underprivileged [36] tend to be as overrepresented [37] in smash-and-grab [38] crimes as they are in every other area of crime.

But even though I always assumed looting was an interracial enterprise and that smash-and-grabs were the sole domain of teens and youths, along comes a teen named Lorenzo Boyd [39] and a youth named Martin Reynolds [40] to inform the world [41] that the world “looting” has racist connotations because it is often used to describe when “people of color or urban dwellers are doing something.” Boyd and Reynolds suggest that the term “organized smash-and-grabs” is preferable, and I will agree that it is more accurate. And unless anyone decides to use Google Images to search for “smash-and-grab suspects,” no one will ever realize that “smash-and-grab” is also a racist term.

Women’s Marchers Accidentally Conjure the Demon Spirit of 1492

The Women’s March is some daffy ritual predicated on the false notion that women don’t actually live longer [42], hold more personal wealth [43], and have more public sympathy than men, especially when it comes to any legal dispute between the sexes.

It reminds me of a possibly apocryphal quote from Winston Churchill [44]: “When they told me that by the year 2100 women would rule the world, my reply was, ‘Still?’”

The profile info [45] on the Women’s March Twitter account promises that “Together we will take the power back,” as if they didn’t already have far more power than women can soberly handle.

They recently did something so utterly airheaded that only a ditzy dame could have been responsible. After sending out a mass email with the header “$14.92 [46]” and informing other marching women that this was the average donation they had received over the past week and that they would be tickled pink if recipients would match it, they followed it up with this groveling tweet [47]:

We apologize deeply for the email that was sent today. $14.92 was our average donation amount this week. It was an oversight on our part to not make the connection to a year of colonization, conquest, and genocide for Indigenous [sic] people, especially before Thanksgiving.

They were quickly pilloried, as they should be, for failing to note that 1492 was also the year that the Reconquista was completed and Spain expelled the Jews and razed the nation’s last Muslim stronghold, especially since their tweet was sent right before Hanukkah. They were criticized for using English, the official language of colonizers. They were reprimanded for using numbers at all, seeing as how math [48] is a tool of white supremacy.

Some may have gone overboard with the criticism, though, because I’ve known enough women to realize that some of them enjoy being shamed to the point where they are driven to furiously unbridled self-pleasuring.

Black Man Accused of Setting Homeless White Man on Fire, Killing Him


You can buy Jim Goad’s Whiteness: The Original Sin here [13].

In a horrific murder you likely didn’t hear about because the alleged perp and victim were too inconvenient, a black man in the Bronx has been arrested for setting a white homeless man on fire in an attack that was captured on video [50] inside the Samuel Gompers project buildings. The footage shows the perpetrator setting the victim’s pant leg ablaze before scooting down the stairs and out of view. It also shows the victim, who had been asleep and was possibly insensate due to drugs, moving slightly before being entirely consumed by flames. The suspect, 27-year-old Nathaniel Terry [51], has been charged with attempted murder, assault, and arson. The victim is an unidentified white man [52] who died from the burns.

A neighbor of Terry’s said that he believes the suspect lives in the project building with his mother. He also said he can’t imagine Terry doing such a thing because he “plays with my dogs at the dog park.”

George Floyd Pieta Painting Stolen from Catholic University

Kelly Latimore [53] is a white male painter whose bailiwick seems to be rendering woke versions of Christian iconography. For example, he’s painted a Homeless Christ [54], an all-female and all-non-white Trinity [55], a saintly Frederick Douglass [56], the Holy Family [57] as colored refugees, and, most recently and controversially, a painting called Mama! [58] that appears to depict a black Mary comforting a dead black Jesus in the style of Michelangelo’s Pietà [59]. Many have commented that the Christ figure in Mama! resembles George Floyd. When asked whether the painting depicted George Floyd or Jesus, Latimore’s answer was reportedly “Yes.”

When Catholic University recently hung the painting on campus, officials say it received an almost “universally negative [60]” reaction from students. School officials now claim the painting was stolen. According to an email from school President John Garvey:

Many see the male figure as George Floyd, but our Law School has always seen the figure as Jesus. Some critics called the image blasphemous because they saw it as deifying or canonizing George Floyd. Some comments that we received were thoughtful and reasonable. Some were offensive and racist. Much of the criticism came from people unconnected to the University.

One doubts that Latimore would ever be offensive and blasphemous enough to paint Jesus Christ passing a counterfeit bill, imbibing fentanyl, or pointing a gun at a woman during a home-invasion robbery along with several of his apostles.

Secretary of the Interior: Let’s Kill All the Squaws

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “squaw [61]” is derived from the Algonquian word squa (“woman”) along with the Narraganset word squaws, which also meant “woman.” It came to simply mean “American Indian woman,” and at last count nearly 650 “lakes, peaks, and other geographic features” in the United States use the word “squaw” in their names.

Now, as someone who’s weird enough to pore over maps for fun, I’ve never come across a “Shithead Bay” or “Asshole Gulch” or “Retard Ridge.” In other words, place names by nature don’t seem to be insults; they seem to be given as honorifics. So when a place is called “Squaw Valley,” it seems like a respectful acknowledgment that squaws used to live there and possibly still do.

In the same spirit, it’s important to note that current world champion baseball team the Atlanta Braves is not called the Atlanta Cowards.

However, some people get paid to take offense at everything.

Our current Secretary of the Interior is a wrinkled squaw named Deb Haaland [62], who is Pueblo Indian on her mother’s side and Norwegian on her father’s side, although to my knowledge she’s never campaigned against the name of football’s Minnesota Vikings.

She agrees with many other red men and squaws that the term “squaw” is racist and misogynist rather than a neutral descriptor for a woman of a certain race which derives not from pillaging Norsemen but from indigenous red men and squaws. She has announced [63] that she intends to rid America of this “derogatory” term because it’s so depressing to Injuns that it turns them all into alcoholics [64] and violent criminals [65]:

Racist terms have no place in our vernacular or on our federal lands. Our nation’s lands and waters should be places to celebrate the outdoors and our shared cultural heritage — not to perpetuate the legacies of oppression. Today’s actions will accelerate an important process to reconcile derogatory place names and mark a significant step in honoring the ancestors who have stewarded our lands since time immemorial.

Me paleface, and me like Injuns heap more when they were stoic and noble rather than sneering and whiny. The fact that we’ve gone from Jay Silverheels [66] to Nathan Phillips [67] shows how far we’ve fallen as a nation.

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