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Our Man in Arkansas


Neil Kumar

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After a long absence, I return to Counter-Currents today to introduce to you Neil Robinson Kumar, a candidate for the United States House of Representatives in the Arkansas Ozarks.

Kumar, you say?” I hear you. I was skeptical, too. But after a long, intensive vetting process, your servant can report to you with clear eyes that I believe Mr. Kumar to be our man in Arkansas. I believe that, politically speaking, he is one of us — or, at the very least, that he is extremely sympathetic to our cause.

Let me assure you that I did not reach this conclusion lightly. In arriving here, I carefully combed through all available sources on Mr. Kumar; unlike most political candidates, he is a prolific writer, with an established body of work across several publications, including the Abbeville Institute [2], American Renaissance [3], Identity Dixie, Reckonin’ [4], and VDARE [5], among others.

In addition to diving into Mr. Kumar’s writing, I reviewed the entirety of his social media presence, every interview he has done thus far, and the progression of his campaign.

Coincidentally, I ran into Mr. Kumar at this year’s American Renaissance conference — I’m not aware of any other political candidate that has ever attended an AmRen conference, let alone publicly. We spoke for about 20 minutes, and I left even more convinced of his sincerity.

Without further ado, the elephant in the room: Mr. Kumar is mixed-race; half-white, half-Indian, to be precise. His mother is Scots-Irish, with ancestry in North America that dates back to 1600s South Carolina; from his maternal lineage, he is a member of both the Sons of the American Revolution and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. His father is an Indian immigrant; I asked Mr. Kumar when his father came to America, and he said that it was in the early 1980s.

Now, many White Nationalists will argue that Mr. Kumar’s mother is a race traitor, that his claim to four centuries of American heritage is thereby nullified, and that the sheer fact that we have political candidates with the surname “Kumar” is a portent of doom.

There is some truth to those sentiments, but at the risk of alienating some readers, I disagree. Yes, miscegenation is an evil which we should never have countenanced and which we should work to eradicate, but it is not Mr. Kumar’s fault that his mother chose to marry an Indian man. Her heritage did not evaporate simply because she married a foreigner.

I, for one, applaud Mr. Kumar for choosing to embrace the white side of his identity. More importantly, as I will go on to explore in further detail, Neil Robinson Kumar explicitly identifies himself as a white advocate. He openly fights on behalf of whites and for white interests, in the most unapologetic fashion that I have seen since Paul Nehlen — and Mr. Kumar is a far more professional candidate and thus far less likely to implode than Mr. Nehlen was.

So, to those who would immediately write Mr. Kumar off for his half-breed status, I ask: Would you rather elect an unapologetic champion of White America who happens to be half-white, or a fully white man who doesn’t give a damn about his own race and goes along with the Jewish agenda?

Before I get into an analysis of just how “based and redpilled” Mr. Kumar is, it’s important to note that he has already faced immense opposition in his campaign — more, in fact, than any other current candidate in America.

In July, less than three weeks after launching his campaign, Facebook deleted [6] Mr. Kumar’s admin account and thus prevented him from accessing his campaign page. The Kumar campaign found some type of workaround in late September, but his page is being heavily suppressed.

Two weeks after Mr. Kumar launched his campaign, the University of Arkansas School of Law, where he is a law student, sent a mass email to all faculty, staff, and students — except Mr. Kumar — essentially stating that, while it would take action against him if it could, its status as a public university meant that its hands were tied.

Mr. Kumar was also banned from his barbershop of several years just five days after announcing his candidacy. I asked him if this had been the first time he was persecuted for his views, and he informed me that, shortly after he started his writing career, he was excommunicated from the alumni association of his college fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon at the University of Chicago. His offense? Praising the great Samuel Francis as “brilliant,” and noting that Francis was correct in pointing out that slavery was not a Biblical sin.

When Mr. Kumar passed one thousand followers on Twitter, his account was locked, ostensibly for the tweet, “Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong.” Though he was functionally banned, Twitter left his page up, just as Facebook did when it first banned him, in order to make it appear as if he has just stopped posting.

You might ask, “So what?” Big Tech censorship and social ostracism are both par for the course — even MAGA grandmas are getting banned from Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s what: On October 26, the Republican Party of Arkansas took the unprecedented step of officially denouncing [7] and disavowing Mr. Kumar, calling him a “racist bigot” and designating him a “non-recommended candidate.”


You can buy Greg Johnson’s White Identity Politics here. [9]

For perspective on how big of a deal this is, note that, to my knowledge, a State Republican Party has only disavowed candidates in the midst of primary campaigns three times in American history — the Louisiana GOP disavowed David Duke in 1991, the Wisconsin GOP disavowed Paul Nehlen in 2018, and the Arkansas GOP disavowed Neil Kumar in 2021.

Only one day after the GOP denounced Mr. Kumar, his payment processor, Anedot, informed his campaign that it was closing his account, meaning he could no longer accept online donations. Mr. Kumar believes, based upon the timing, that the Republican Party called Anedot and pressured it to drop him. He has since found a new processor.

Though the State GOP Committee is supposed to remain neutral during primary campaigns, Mr. Kumar has for months detailed the Party’s attacks on him — the public disavowal was but the latest in a series of corrupt actions to suppress his campaign. For just one example, Mr. Kumar was thrown [10] offstage by the Carroll County GOP Committee at a Lincoln Day Dinner for speaking the truth about his terrible incumbent opponent.

Why does the Republican Party despise Mr. Kumar so?

Here is Neil Kumar’s official platform:

Stop the Great Replacement.

Americans are waking up to the fact that they’re being replaced by cheap labor from Latin America, Asia, and India. This must stop. America for Americans.

Defend the Second Amendment.

The Federal government is going to take our guns. It’s only a matter of time. State Sovereignty includes criminalizing, charging, and prosecuting any federal agent who would seek to deprive any Arkansan of their God-given right to bear arms.

Fight to Protect Life.

The Anti-American forces destroying our nation debase the value of precious, unborn life. Countless millions of babies have been sacrificed on the altar of convenience. The high costs of this sin are unfathomable. We must end the extermination of innocent life at once, and at all costs.

End the War on the Working Class.

As the Rust Belt has seen, there’s a war against good-paying jobs for traditional Americans. The war on America is moving to the South.

Make the Family Great Again.

Democrats have used public schools to destroy our families by removing children from the home, driving down wages, and separating families by forcing the two-working parent model. This must be reversed.

End the Opioid Plague.

From 1999 to 2020, over 850,000 Americans were murdered by Big Pharma and globalist oligarchs who destroyed the American middle class. Putting America First means putting American WORKERS and LIVES first.

Fight LGBTQ Perversion.

Family is the most critical building block to civil society. To defile marriage is to destroy the family. America must flat-out reject the perversion of family life by the hateful, anti-Christian homosexual lobby.

Secure Our Elections.

The November 2020 “election” of Joe Biden will go down in history as totally illegitimate, and will either be the turning point for the saving of our republic or the beginning of its demise. Elections must be secure and trustworthy for the Rule of Law to have even a prayer.

America First.

Right now, American treasure works to enrich globalist oligarchs, who put the interests of cheap low-skilled labor — and every other profit-motive under the sun — ahead of the interests of American citizens. American wealth should work for American citizens.

Preserve Our Heritage.

Our history is under attack. Violent Communists have begun their open revolution against America. If we let them erase our history, they will control our future. Our heritage must be defended at all costs.

As Mr. Kumar himself wrote [11]:

I want to end the Great Replacement. I’m calling for a 20-year moratorium on all immigration, deportation of all illegals, and completion of the Wall. In the meantime, we must end birthright citizenship, deny public services to illegals, and tax remittances. I want to restore the principle of freedom of association by repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, end anti-white discrimination, and bring manufacturing jobs back home.

Though I of course believe that Mr. Kumar’s platform goes nowhere near far enough, I can state as a matter of fact that this is the boldest congressional platform I have ever seen. He is without a doubt the farthest-Right political candidate in America, and he has real potential to shift the Overton window to new horizons. Needless to say, his campaign helps our cause.

Now, if that platform doesn’t convince you, let’s dive in and see just how “based and redpilled” Neil Kumar is.

I’ll start with his writing. First, drop what you’re doing and read Mr. Kumar’s Confederate Memorial Day address [12], given this year at the Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery. It is the greatest primer on the true horrors of the Reconstruction South that I have ever had the privilege of reading. This speech alone was enough to convince me of the sincerity of his beliefs.

Mr. Kumar is clearly unafraid to take bold, controversial positions which offend the sensibilities of the ZOG. For example, he wrote at length on the unconstitutionality [13] of both the Fourteenth Amendment and the monumental decisions fraudulently premised upon it, like Brown v. Board of Education [14]. How’s that for a sacred cow?

In one prescient piece [15], Mr. Kumar saw that the coming “Domestic War on Terror” would be nothing less than a War on Whites, and later noted [6] that “the Armed Forces are being purged of patriots, historically the precondition for an occupying army which possesses no sympathy for the population it is to subjugate — and worse.”

Here is his conclusion to an article [16] about how Walmart conspired with the City of Bentonville, Arkansas to remove a Confederate monument:

The apostate morality of egalitarianism allows the Enemy to claim the moral high ground, yet nothing could be further from the truth. It is the most fundamental rule of decent governance that a tiny minority cannot make decisions for the majority. Give them one inch, and they will seize the mile. While we breathe, there can never be peace. Our Confederate monument might have been relocated rather than destroyed, but the Enemy will never be satisfied until it is obliterated, and then until there is no record that it ever existed. These monuments are not stone, but rather material representations of our forefathers, and, by extension, ourselves. They are a solemn reproach, a constant height to which the Enemy can never ascend, a reminder of the glorious nation that the Enemy knows he could never have built. Thus, to profane our altars and debase our monuments is more than a means to psychologically humiliate us; erasing the memories of our accomplishments makes them feel better about having none of their own. They come for monuments now because they can, and now that they know that nothing stands in their path, it cannot be long now until they come for us. Witness the toppling of Christopher Columbus statues across the country, an unmistakable declaration of war with only one message — that we do not belong here, that America should not exist. What is our response? Silence.


You can buy Greg Johnson’s Truth, Justice, & a Nice White Country here [18]

Mr. Kumar knows our history well. When Arkansas’ next Governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, released a statement celebrating Arkansas as the place “where Daisy Bates and the Little Rock Nine struck a blow against racism and blazed a trail for civil rights,” he wrote [19], “Actually, President Eisenhower and the 101st Airborne, aided by the federalized Arkansas National Guard, invaded the sovereign State of Arkansas and ‘blazed a trail for civil rights’ at gunpoint.”

For American Renaissance, Mr. Kumar wrote [20] a splendid history of American slave insurrections, concluding with this bombshell: “The American experiment in multiracial egalitarianism was doomed from the start. Even Thomas Jefferson, whose Declaration of Independence arguably inspired slaves, was right when he wrote that the ‘two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.’” That sounds to me like a clear, if thinly-veiled, endorsement of White Nationalism. Separation is, indeed, the only solution.

For James Edwards’ blog at the Political Cesspool, Mr. Kumar had this [21] to say about the fact that it is whites alone who value the natural world:

It is whites, and whites alone, who initiated the conservation movement. It is whites, and whites alone, who are responsible for laws protecting the natural world and its inhabitants, God’s only innocent Creation, from clean air and water laws, to designated wildlife preservation areas, to endangered species and animal welfare [22] laws. As with everything else created by the white West, there is no reason to believe that these will be enforced by a new people, nor is there any reason to believe that our love of the land can be transmitted to non-whites whose own irradiated homelands are festering open sores brimming with stinking refuse. If we do allow ourselves to be replaced, the National Park Service, along with the irreplaceable and fragile ecosystems that it protects, is yet another institution that we can kiss goodbye. Make no mistake: Without a white majority, the natural world will cease to exist. Exit the Arkansas Ozarks and the Great Smokies. Enter Nairobi.

Mr. Kumar also understands that the Opioid Plague is a white issue, writing [23], “Few States have suffered more than Arkansas; not only is our State consistently ranked as one of the poorest in the nation, but she has also suffered the third largest increase in the white mortality rate in the country.”

Of course, the most important issue of our time, the one from which all other issues proceed, is the Jewish menace. I will examine Mr. Kumar’s potential awareness of the Jewish Question more fully when we get to his social media. He appears to have only directly confronted it in his writing once, in his review [24] of Scott Howard’s magisterial book, The Transgender-Industrial Complex, where Mr. Kumar noticed “the unmistakably heavy predominance of Jewish Leftists (including ‘neoconservatives’) in the funding and dissemination of the homosexual-transgender agenda.”

Now, to Mr. Kumar’s interviews. By my count, he has done four, each of which suffice on their own to prove that he is sympathetic to our cause.

In his first interview [25], with an Orthodox Christian paleoconservative podcaster called Dissident Mama, Neil Kumar described in some detail his political journey to the Right; one of the key moments, he said, came when he left northwest Arkansas to attend the University of Chicago.

Though the University of Chicago is a prestigious (whatever “prestige” these Jewish degeneracy incubators still have) university with an enormous endowment ($12 billion, at last report), it is located in Hyde Park, on the infamous South Side of Chicago. This year alone, three University of Chicago students have been murdered by black criminals.

Mr. Kumar explains that “what really pulled the foundation out from under me was seeing racial reality. Having grown up in 90% white Bentonville, I entertained comfortable delusions about blacks . . . on the South Side of Chicago, I saw the reality of black crime. Now I’m thinking, if racial egalitarianism is a lie, what else of what I’ve been taught . . . is a lie?”

Mr. Kumar has done two interviews (here [26] and here [27]) with James Edwards and Keith Alexander on the Political Cesspool. As a Southerner, I have a special appreciation for both Mr. Edwards and Mr. Alexander and, listening to these interviews, it is clear that Neil Kumar has both of their full-throated endorsements.

In both of the TPC interviews, Mr. Kumar explicitly defends whites as whites. He observes that whites are a stateless people without anyone in power to advocate for or look after our interests, in our own nation. To his great credit, he also points out that the rhetoric used against whites is nothing short of “genocidal.”

In a rip-roaring interview [28] with Stew Peters, Mr. Kumar openly discusses White Genocide, noting that the regime is committing ethnic cleansing. He also attacks the Republican Party as “anti-White, America Last grifters.”

This is a candidate who I can support.

At the AmRen Conference, Mr. Kumar greeted Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow as old friends; of course, he writes for both of their publications, but the camaraderie appeared as genuine and as natural as can be. He shared photographs of them together (here [29] and here [30]), and told me that he has corresponded with them since well before he began writing for them.

Now, to Mr. Kumar’s social media. Because of the aforementioned issues with Facebook and Twitter, Gab [31] is his primary social media. Mr. Kumar regularly shares Dissident Right content, including from this website — he even follows our own Greg Johnson.

From his posts, it is clear that he is deeply immersed in Dissident Right thought. In an example of bravery that we rarely see from political candidates, Mr. Kumar noted [32] that James Fields was innocent of the crime for which he was convicted.

He is also apparently [33] friends with Richard Barnett, the January 6 defendant who made headlines for putting his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk.

I asked him which websites he reads on a daily basis; he named American Renaissance, VDARE, Counter-Currents, The Occidental Observer, The Unz Review, and the Daily Stormer. He also named Revolver and Gateway Pundit, which are both on the edgier end of the mainstream conservative sites.

Mr. Kumar appears to be friendly with Andrew Torba, the heroic creator and CEO of Gab, a great Christian patriot and a favorite target of the Global Judeocracy. They regularly repost each other.

In ascertaining whether or not and to what extent Mr. Kumar is aware of the Jewish Question, there is ample evidence on Gab that he is: here [34], here [35], here [36], here [37], here [38], here [39], here [40], here [41], here [42], here [43], here [44], here [45].

Interestingly, Mr. Kumar follows Alan Sabrosky, a retired Marine officer and Army War College professor who has been one of the most public voices connecting 9/11 to the Israeli Mossad.

Looking at these examples, Mr. Kumar appears to know where “the line” is, and knows not to cross it — I understand that crossing that line spells career suicide for now, but here’s hoping that this will change sooner rather than later.

Though I do not wish to get him into trouble, I feel it important to note that, in talking with him, Mr. Kumar told me that he has read both Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique and my own Sword of Christ (before it was banned by Amazon). It’s hard to get more “aware” than that.

Mr. Kumar is no believer in “big tent conservatism,” either, writing [46]:

The “divide and conquer” talking point is tiresome. The Left is not manufacturing the reality of race to divide us; we were already divided. Race preexists politics. The Left is merely tapping into the reservoir of anti-White hatred that already existed, using unending hordes of envious non-Whites to perpetuate power. There’s not going to be a multiracial class solidarity movement. The vast majority of non-Whites either actively despise or passively do not care about what happens to Whites. Reaching out to these people is a waste of precious time.


You can buy Greg Johnson’s It’s Okay to Be White here. [48]

As news broke this weekend of the Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre, Mr. Kumar didn’t hesitate to call it what it is, an “anti-white terror attack” committed by a black supremacist. He wrote several responses (here [49], here [50], and here [51]), three of which are worth copying:

Whites are attacked and murdered on an almost daily basis for the color of their skin. It’s open season on Whites in their own country. You may not “see color,” you may think it’s impolite to notice, you may not want this war, but make no mistake, a war has been declared on you. Your color is your uniform. Only one side is fighting. Their hatred knows no bounds. Americans deserve to be safe in their own nation.

This was an attack on White Christians, the most hated, despised, and endangered minority on planet earth. This wasn’t “random,” it wasn’t “senseless,” it was the result of a Regime and a media that is devoted 24/7 to advocating for the extermination of the White race.

Since the “Civil Rights movement,” White men, women, and children have lived in fear in the nation they and their ancestors singlehandedly built. The list of atrocities is endless –Wichita, Knoxville, Waukesha, whole tomes could be filled with the blood of the unwilling victims sacrificed on the altar of “diversity.” Whites are a stateless people. Republicans ignore the plight of their constituents and gaslight them with gobbledygook about “colorblindness,” while multibillion-dollar industries and media organizations openly call for White Genocide. Law enforcement agencies continue to provide cover for black supremacists who rape and murder Whites with wild abandon. The center cannot hold . . .

Here [52] is Mr. Kumar explaining White Genocide:

White Genocide is real, and it’s already here. There has been a coordinated, organized War on Whites underway for the last century, accelerating especially after the Second World War. Whites are being ethnically cleansed from the nations they singlehandedly built via the Great Replacement, with millions of invaders pouring across wide-open borders, in tandem with a constellation of NGOs, “churches,” and individuals importing millions of rapefugees to the most rural, White areas of America. Whites are systematically dehumanized and demonized in academia, media, and every other center of institutional power with rhetoric that is nothing short of genocidal. White children are subjected to ritual humiliation in public schools. Anti-White discrimination and racial violence runs rampant and passes without comment; where there is comment, it is gleeful and celebratory. As White America drowns in a sea of opioids, its tormentors hold it under and cry “privilege.” Genocidal anti-White rhetoric has melded with Regime language against the unvaccinated, and are clearly one and the same in the Enemy’s mind. We are headed somewhere very, very dark, very, very fast. The GOP is the de facto White Party, yet it tirelessly devotes itself to working against Whites and helping the Left facilitate the Great Replacement. It is ashamed of its constituents. If conservative politicians think that America has a future when Whites truly become hated minorities in their own homelands, they’ve got another thing coming.

I will conclude my review of Mr. Kumar’s social media by copying a recent post [53], which I find to be an excellent example of how to sell White Nationalism to a mainstream audience:

. . . Mitch McConnell is going to be right there beside us in the Gulag. These mainstream Republicans don’t understand that they are hated simply for the color of their skin. No amount of appeasement, no amount of ethnomasochism, no amount of betrayal of their own race, will ever sate the anti-White mob. In fact, the more that “conservatives” attempt to “reach across the aisle” and pander to non-Whites, the more that they legitimize the anti-White worldview. The more that they give, the more they will be hated. There is only one viable future for the American Right, and that is explicit White advocacy. Being White is not a crime, and Whites have legitimate group interests that deserve to be defended, not the least of which is the preservation of the majority population of the nation which they singlehandedly built. Indeed, without a White majority, America will cease to exist in any meaningful sense. Whites are a stateless people, in their own homelands. Unless “conservative” activists and politicians stop being ashamed of their White base and start fighting on their behalf, they will lose, and our country will be lost.


The most important question about Neil Kumar’s campaign, though, is this: Can he win?

Though it is an uphill battle (to say the least), I believe that he can.

Mr. Kumar is running in Arkansas’s Third District, an extremely conservative and mostly rural district, with the caveat of course that it is home to one of the world’s largest corporations: Walmart.

82% of Arkansas’s voters are white, and at least 88% of those, or 72% of the total, voted [54] for Donald Trump in 2020.

Mr. Kumar’s incumbent opponent, Representative Steve Womack, is a vile, unpopular politician with no discernible base of voter support. He is kept afloat with a corrupt local media, six terms of running virtually unopposed, the name recognition that comes from holding office, and a war chest that nears two million dollars, financed by every despicable corporate special interest in America — check out his FEC page [55].

Rep. Womack, among other things, voted to certify the 2020 Coup, voted with the regime to establish the Star Chamber January 6 Commission (turning a blind eye to the torture of white Trump supporters by black DC prison guards), and took Pfizer money almost immediately before becoming a vaccine shill.

Mr. Kumar has no hope of matching Rep. Womack’s finances, but that is simply the nature of grassroots campaigns, some of which in recent memory have succeeded despite even greater numerical odds.

As of the last quarterly report, Mr. Kumar had raised under $30,000. According to Mr. Kumar, he is on track to at least double that amount by Christmas, and he believes that he can reach the the neighborhood of $250,000-$300,000 by the time the primary comes around on May 24, 2022.

Mr. Kumar has a winning platform. He is a powerful speaker, too — watch [56] him command a roaring crowd of 500 people at a medical freedom rally at the Arkansas State Capitol.

Clearly, Big Tech and the Republican Party of Arkansas see him and his message as a real threat. Why else would they go to such extreme lengths to silence him and suppress his campaign by placing Mr. Kumar in the company of David Duke and Paul Nehlen?

I deeply admire David Duke, so Mr. Kumar is in excellent company there; as for Paul Nehlen, we all bore witness to his psychological meltdown and the ensuing implosion of his campaign.

Mr. Nehlen appears to have become addicted to his own hype; no small part of this was probably the result of a phenomenon many of us are familiar with, where, upon learning the truth about the Jews, we feel a sort of compulsion to evangelize our newfound gospel. Had Mr. Nehlen played his cards a bit closer to the vest and not gone completely off of the rails, he might very well be a US Representative right now. There is a lesson in this.

Of course, there remains another, larger, question: Is there a political solution to our troubles? I don’t know. Probably not. I think 2016 might have been our last shot at a real political solution. 2020 might be proof that the era of taking action through the political process is over. Glenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia was essentially meaningless on this front, aside from vindicating white identity politics.

Yet I still believe that it is important that we participate in the political process; we have nothing to lose from running sympathetic candidates for office, and in fact, we have much to gain by simply keeping our issues in the national conversation, whether we win or lose elections. Having sympathetic politicians on our side also lends credibility to our cause with mainstream Republican voters.

In other words, I believe that we still have to vote, while also acknowledging that voting is no substitute for organizing effective political action. We should vote. But we can’t just vote.

I trust that you will join me in supporting our man in Arkansas in his campaign for US Congress. I contributed to his campaign and, if I lived in his district, I would happily volunteer for him as well.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have candidates (or citizens) named Kumar. In a perfect world, everyone would be white, and there wouldn’t be any Christ-killing Jews bent on exterminating us. But it isn’t a perfect world, and we need all of the champions that we can get.

Aside from Neil Robinson Kumar, there is not a single other candidate in the United States carrying our torch. We should applaud his courage and reward him with our support.

His website is here [57].

His mailing address is:

Neil for Arkansas
PO Box 652
Bentonville, AR 72712

*  *  *

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