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Fund the Police, Defund Blacks


Liberals’ ideal police force.

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For the last 20 years, America’s elites have talked feverishly about police racism in order to avoid talking about black crime. — Heather McDonald, The War on Cops

With elections exploding across America like November fireworks, and with Glenn Youngkin’s victory over Terry McAuliffe in Virginia absorbing most of the media attention, it is easy to forget another important ballot, one in which the people of Minneapolis voted not to abolish their police force. Yes, in a city boasting wildlife such as George Floyd, the replacement of the police department with social workers called “peace officers” and a patronizing consultative role for actual police officers really was the ballot initiative proposed. The people of Minneapolis decided against it, but the fact that such a vote took place at all shows at once the malevolent corrosion within Democrat urban politics, the power they wield, and their hatred of the police.

It is a little saddening to read and watch commentators calling this “a victory for common sense.” It was no such thing. It was a victory against a potent enemy, and the people who forced this exemplary piece of legislative anarcho-tyranny to a ballot did exactly what they set out to do. Efficient policing is not good for the societal instability the globalists require, particularly in the world’s big cities. With this in mind, it is worth briefly examining the difference between policing in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Both sets of police forces have been deliberately hobbled by the anarcho-tyrannists, but using different methods. And while we are about it, it is worth noting one similarity between the traditional frenemies, the US and the UK. Those of us who would like to see capable and aware policing have been betrayed by so many whites in positions of power they make Judas Iscariot look like the school tattle-tale.

There is a key difference between attitudes towards policing and the police in the US and the UK, and the contrast runs along political tracks. Broadly speaking, in the US the political Right — the genuine Right, not the GOP — respect the police and sympathize with the recent pressure they have been under since violent career criminal George Floyd died while resisting arrest after ingesting too much fentanyl. The Left, of course, have made the cops fall guys and the hard Left want them abolished. In the UK, however, the police have pulled off the extraordinary feat of being hated by both Left and Right.

The British police have been deliberately hamstrung by importing victim politics into straightforward policing methods. A book called Wasting Police Time by pseudonymous British police officer “David Copperfield” was initially dismissed by the British Justice Minister at the time, who had to retract that dismissal when Copperfield turned out to be telling the truth about the state of UK policing. Copperfield relates the end of his old job and the beginning of a new one as a police officer:

I finished on the Friday afternoon and turned up at police headquarters on the following Monday wearing my old work boots and with the oil and dirt from the factory still ingrained in my hands. Three days later, we were still talking about prejudice and discrimination; burglars had to wait while we set about changing the racist, homophobic and male-dominated world in which we lived.

British readers will roll their eyes and sigh that this is typical of today’s policing priorities. But the book was published in 2006.


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The British police were “woke” before it was what the young people call a thing. We had our own black martyr: Stephen Lawrence, in 2006. He was not killed by the police but by a gang of genuinely racist nut-jobs — the nasty side of white London I often saw, as London is my home city. But the infamous McPherson Report which followed branded the British police “institutionally racist,” and the die was cast. The police have spent their time ever since trying to genuflect as pathetically as possible to blacks, including kneeling to the new pantheon during BLM riots last year. (London is 4,000 miles from Minneapolis, but Floyd’s death was the equivalent of the shot heard round the world that killed Kennedy.) Cue affirmative action hires, increasing lawlessness among young blacks, and a constant tribal drumbeat of racism from the Left, who know new puppets when they see them.

Nowadays, the British police are more likely to be seen prancing around in rainbow make-up at a Pride event than attending your burgled apartment. They have gone full woke, although you just know some of them — who joined for the right reasons — are seething inside. But they have to think, not of principles, but of job security, pension, and family. Admissions criteria were quietly changed to require new officers to have a degree, meaning that they will now be steeped in critical race theory and the rest of the bigoted rubbish in which British universities now trade, as they are unlikely to have read STEM subjects.

Peter Hitchens is a veteran English political journalist and a great chronicler of the collapse of British policing, particularly in his book The Abolition of Liberty. Hitchens — the surviving brother of Christopher Hitchens, who had quite a high profile in the US — is something of a curmudgeon; a self-confessed ex-Marxist, and quite possibly the most conservative man in Britain.

Hitchens pinpoints the key change in British policing, which is from preventative to reactive. Where police officers used to be members of the community, and would be a visible presence to deter would-be criminals, they are now paramilitary responders, wearing an armory of paraphernalia and arriving after a crime has been committed to issue a crime number for insurance purposes before returning to the station to begin an absurd and deliberately convoluted raft of paperwork.

As for the new ideology, the police in the UK have been more carefully socially engineered than perhaps any other segment of the public sector. Hitchens shows emphatically that the police force — renamed the “police service” when the martinets in charge decided that “force” was too male and militaristic — has been deliberately weakened by a combination of operational policy, the undermining of authority, and the same type of cultural Marxist indoctrination students in Britain are currently undergoing. I am not aware of anyone who has researched the British police and its history as deeply as Mr. Hitchens, and his conclusion is that what he says used to be “the most civilized and subtle police force in the world” should be broken up and begun again.

Apart from their skewed priorities, the other big stain on the soul of the British police is what is known colloquially as “the Rotherham grooming scandal.” British police forces not only deliberately ignored the rape of many hundreds of white and Sikh girls by Pakistani-heritage Muslim men, they were instructed to do so by their bosses and political paymasters. One force was even directly told to “look for men of other ethnicities.” If the British police don’t hang their heads in shame over this, then they have none.

Thus, the British police are despised by the Left simply because they are the police, and deemed pathetic by the Right because they abandoned traditional policing for faddish ideological trends which can only increase crime. No one who is even vaguely libertarian can look comfortably at a police force which spends more time policing the internet than it does the streets.

The attitude towards the police in America, as noted, seems to be different.

There, the emphasis is on the strategic weaponization of anti-police sentiment by the Deep State and enabled by the government, and boosted by genuine America-haters such as the Muslim fifth-columnist Ilhan Omar. (Why, incidentally, do the Left applaud a woman who married her own brother?) In turn, this revolves around who the Deep State want policed and how. It is very much led by ideological demand. So if you burn down and loot cities in response to a drug addict’s death, you are very unlikely to be arrested and, even if you are, you will be quietly released back into the wild a little later. But if you are a Loudoun County parent who wishes their child to get a grounded education and you are vocal about it at a school board meeting, you get the G.

As with the British police, you had better get with the agenda if you want to stay in work (and they have now upped the pressure with “vaccine” mandates), but there is an added element of policing by consent provided that consent comes from the elites and their Leftist advisers. The creation of a police state today only takes a few emails and lunchtime meetings.

And here is something that is not happening in the UK. America’s leading police union, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), issued a report last week showing that ambush-style attacks on its officers are up 139% this year. FOP President Patrick Yoes was forthright in blaming this offensive on “lingering animosity towards law enforcement officers, overheated political rhetoric, and a decline in respect for law and order.” Given that the “animosity” has as its center of gravity Floyd and Black Lives Matter (BLM), the political rhetoric has largely been intended to placate BLM, and that it is blacks by far who have the least respect for law and order, this increase in cold-blooded assassination attempts is a symptom of black-run culture.

Joe Gamaldi, the FOP’s Vice President, also stressed a point on FOX News. The response of many police officers to the violence and job insecurity ginned up by government and their provisional wing in the media is exactly what you would expect: They are quitting. Gamaldi pointed to Austin, one of many race-blighted cities, where the murder rate is up 88% in a year and 350 officers have already left, with another 250 in the pipeline on the way out. When police officers leave their jobs en masse, you know what is coming. Just ask Sweden, whose police officers are leaving the force in record numbers. Democrats don’t really need to defund the police; their policies are doing that for them, ably assisted by near-untouchable black street criminals. Ron DeSantis in California is offering $5,000 as a sign-on bonus for police officers who want to come and work in his state. The going rate in Seattle is $25,000, and Gamaldi says you could offer a quarter of a million and still have no takers.

Now, there are glaring disparities between America and the UK/Europe in the matter of race. Europe doesn’t have a Hispanic problem, but in Islam it has its own Arabic/Maghrebian version of La Raza. Although the US has a Muslim problem which will only get worse, Mohammedans have nothing like the power they have in Europe. They don’t own the common spaces as they do in many European countries. But the US and the UK, and their respective police forces, do share one common enemy, however: blacks.

It gives me no great pleasure to say this, but anyone who has ever lived in a predominantly black area knows that they are more or less impossible to police, and for a simple reason: They wish to police themselves. That is the meaning of postcode gangs and training shoes slung over telegraph wires to mark territorial zones. It is a grave mistake to think blacks are lawless. The point is that, like Muslims but not for religious reasons, blacks do not recognize white law. They equate it with white rule. And once the idea of white rule is abroad, along with its attendant benefits, blacks and their white handlers have political traction. That’s when the police stop being desperate sheep dogs trying to corral unruly sheep and become, in the eyes of the liberal intelligentsia who run the West, South Afrikaaner policemen with snapping German Shepherds during apartheid.

Policing black men and, increasingly, women is going to be a nightmare for white police officers until politicians stand up for them, and that is not going to happen anytime soon in the current climate. The police have been painted into a corner. Vast resources are required to police blacks, and yet the police are not allowed to do their job. They are there simply as political punchbags. As Paul Kersey writes in Bell Curve City:

As only black politicians and commentators are allowed to notice, a large black population requires a police force that is essentially an occupation. Whites are at fault whether they provide too little law enforcement or too much.

Then there is jail, and you won’t be entered into a prize draw for noticing that blacks are both heavily overrepresented in prison statistics and effectively in charge of the prisons themselves. The American prison system is probably the most efficiently black-run business in the country.

And in terms of the legal apparatus as a whole, it is not just the police whose time — and time is taxpayer money — is being disproportionately wasted by blacks. Lawyer Donald Williamson writes that “[m]ost people do not realize this, but outside the world of corporate or securities law, in any big city the legal profession is to a large degree fueled by the pathologies of blacks and other Third-World people.”

And black grievance just got an accelerant. BLM is toxic in many ways, and it has armed blacks in the culture wars. The climate around race today has foxed the West into doing two things with regards to blacks that you should never, ever do.

Firstly, you never add to their sense of grievance. The vast majority of black people are brought up to believe, as an article of faith, that if they achieve anything in life it is because they are black, and if they fail that it is also because they are black. You will recognize that the difference is one of nuance. Colin Flaherty, in Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, notes a self-fulfilling prophecy among blacks which allows them to stoke their own sense of grievance at no cost to their ignorance of their own nature and culture:

[Blacks] have no problem publicly complaining about life conditions they have created for themselves. Maladapted adolescents do this often.

Secondly, you must never give blacks the chance to show off, showboat, or grandstand. Whether or not minstrel blood flows strong in the veins, I can’t say, but blacks often strive to be center of attention in any given social — and social media –situation, and the whole critical race theory circus has just shone the limelight on them. And boy, don’t we just know it. Every time I hear some self-righteous and dusky TV talking head say that “we need a conversation about race,” I chuckle. It’s the only fucking conversation in town. And it’s not a conversation, it’s a monologue.


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In 2011 there were nationwide riots in England — one of the only times the BBC mentioned the country they despise by name outside of sport — sparked by the fatal shooting of some wannabe gang-banger called Mark Duggan. After days of rioting, the rioters largely untroubled by the police as with the BLM riots a decade later and with the usual staggering bill for damages, the procession of ham psychologists on television and radio began. Even a psychological layman can tell that what these people say is bollocks on stilts, but one in particular did make me laugh — such a rare thing in these times. The problem, he said, is one of self-esteem, which is very low in black boys. As we say in England, come again?

No ethnicity has a higher sense of self-worth and self-esteem than blacks. I wanted to walk this propeller-head psychologist around south London and show him the parade of strutting turkey-cocks sucking their teeth at us and showing us ritual parts of their bodies along with more or less simian facial expressions. Compared with these stratospheric egos, Mohammad Ali, Sean Combs, and Al Sharpton have or had at best middling self-esteem.

But all this is unsayable. Whites know the snag with regard to the celebration of diversity: It’s unilateral. Only whites need apply. In fact, whites had better apply, or there will be consequences. Celebrating diversity has been machine-tooled into the applause of North Korean crowds when Dear Leader waddles into view. Celebrate or else. Clap like your life depends on it, because it does. And don’t be seen to be the first to stop.

BLM made so much money from self-flagellating white-owned corporations that one of its founder members — a self-confessed Marxist who, like Albert Camus, has undoubtedly never read page one of Das Kapital — put together a four-house, multi-million dollar property portfolio. If American business has one priority lesson to learn, it is not to fund black people. No good can come of it.

The question of reparations is interesting. If you had to give a vast sum of money to any ethnic group, in the interests of the economy you would give it to blacks. They would be the least likely to save it and the most likely to spend it. Thus, much of the vast sum would soon be back greasing the economy and doing the most good, and not sloshing around in the government’s pork barrel. On the other hand, perhaps it is time to address reparations and say to blacks: Reparations? You already had ‘em.

You already had your pocket money and you spent it — and pocket money, as every young boy knows, only comes your way if you behave yourself. And you haven’t done that. And there are bills that have to be paid — and George Floyd’s fake twenties won’t do.

The bill for policing your aggregate lack of self-discipline. The bill for jail, plus added extras for the trouble you have caused there. All the court appearances you didn’t turn up at have to be paid for. Then there’s all the damage. And don’t forget the hidden social cost of the whites and Asians who weren’t accepted for the job, or given the college place, or promoted, or allowed to stay in a voluntary position they loved because you were able to do those things due to the melanin content of your skin and the fact that you have been armed with a wholly spurious history of slavery. (While we are on the subject, anyone who has ever done manual labor alongside blacks knows that, were slavery to be instituted tomorrow, any sensible business owner would not use blacks, but probably Eastern Europeans, who know how to work.)

You – yes, you, black people — had to be given those things at the expense of someone more deserving to stop your whining. Not that you will, because you have the taste for it now. I forgot the medical bills stemming from your violent behavior, the legal costs of your endless race-based lawsuits, and of course last but by no means least the funeral bills, a disproportionate amount of which has been picked up by white families.

If the slave-owners of Dixie had known what they were bequeathing to future generations of Americans, they would have picked the cotton themselves.

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