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This year, Counter-Currents is trying to raise $200,000 to sustain and improve our work. Since our last update, we have had 28 donations totaling $1,516. This means we have received a total of 1039 donations and a grand total of $141,601.24 since we started our fundraiser on March 10th. Thus we are more than 70% of the way to our goal, with under two months of the year left.

We’re getting a little worried, so to help the fundraiser along, a generous donor has offered to match the next $5,000 we receive. Full details about how to give are below, after this timely message from Morris V. de Camp. 

Thank you, everyone, for your support. 

Greg Johnson

* * *

The older I get, the more I’ve come to appreciate the Bible. Not the fluff about Noah loading a breeding pair of giraffes onto the Ark, or Ezekiel seeing “wheels within wheels.” Instead, I’ve found inspiration in the stories of the Prophets in the Old Testament. Bear with me, readers: This isn’t going to be sermonizing, but I do wish to make an important point about truth.

The Prophets weren’t gimmicky fortune-tellers. They proclaimed to the public an ugly truth about what was going on in the mainstream society of their day. They did this at great personal risk. Those in authority don’t really like to hear the truth.

This is why those old-time Prophets appeared to see the future. They recognized a problem, pointed out how that problem would end badly, and sure enough, disaster would come to pass. Unfortunately, the King (and/or his men) had usually chopped the Prophet into itty-bitty pieces before his prediction was realized.

The Prophet Elijah nearly got chopped up after explaining a great truth that made King Ahab look bad. There was an ethnonationalist angle to Elijah’s criticism of his King; Ahab liked foreign gods and foreign ways. Ahab was selling out his country.


Elijah’s prediction that things would go badly was not . . . well-received.

In our own time, we have an ethnonationalist prophet in Counter-Currents’ Greg Johnson. His best books aren’t carried by major booksellers, he has spent time in a Norwegian jail, has been detained by the FBI, and has been attacked by antifa. He wasn’t jailed or attacked because he told lies, however. Every day he tells the truth. An ethnonationalist truth.

Elijah had disciples. You are free to open a Bible for yourself and find out who they were and what they did. Likewise, Greg Johnson has “disciples” — or at least he publishes a great many writers who support his basic ideas.

I am one of those writers. By no means am I a “top” writer at Counter-Currents. I rarely make the Top 20 in unique reads, and I have no idea of the size of my readership. I wonder how many of the site’s regular readers see one of my articles and scroll past?

Aside from book reviews, I do deal with a few basic themes:

  1. I am attempting to rally Americans — especially those from my own regional culture — to embrace their heritage.
  2. I am encouraging Americans to be economically productive. Likewise, I am encouraging them to be engaged in encouraging their government to enact policies that will allow them to be productive. In other words, industry over marijuana legalization; tariffs over outsourcing to Asia.
  3. I point out that the American Empire is overextended. America has security guarantees with nations that are corrupt, ill-governed, and reckless. Meanwhile, America’s “woke” military no longer wins wars.
  4. America is governed by Jews. They are hostile to the American people, and their highest loyalty is to Israel. This situation is causing one disaster in the Middle East after another, and problems domestically.
  5. I offer a great many articles on personal improvement, or on getting by in one’s career.
  6. I find the story of the Spanish people fascinating. Their historical problems are closely related to those of America’s. Ultimately, I’d like to see economic policies that enrich Central America as much as policies which help out America’s hollowed-out interior.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. I, along with many other Counter-Currents writers, attempt to bring to light the careers of those Rightists who came before us. I suggest reading everything on this site about Wilmot Robertson — and then go read what Wilmot Robertson wrote.

Elijah fled from King Ahab. He hid out in an arroyo in the Jordan Valley. There, he was fed bread that was delivered to him by ravens. No doubt there are Biblical literalists who think that real birds showed up to Elijah’s hiding place with little pieces of bread in their beaks, but most likely this isn’t what happened. The “ravens” were Elijah’s followers. They were ordinary citizens who gave Elijah what they could. We need ravens today.

* * *

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Remember: those who fight for a better world live in it today.

Thank you again for your loyal readership and generous support.

Greg Johnson