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Why the Left Hates Guns

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What is it about guns that make people on the Left hate them so much? Why do they harbor so much contempt not for the criminals who use them on each other and on innocents, but the “law-abiding” (coded word: translate as “un-woke whites”) people who insist on owning them?

Begin with the basics: A gun is an amazing instrument of power. An infirmed, elderly man wielding a derringer can defend himself against a young, strong assailant. A 90-pound woman physically confronted by a 200-pound rapist with a BMI of 25 has little power to resist his assault or aggression, yet a gun in her hand completely changes the power relation. Sans gun by virtue of his superior size and relative strength, the man can seriously injure or even kill the woman. His advantage-conveying bigger bones and muscles and extra 110 pounds are nullified by the discharge of a .3- ounce bullet from her 25-ounce Ruger.

Moreover, guns enforce power-relations, which is why police and soldiers carry them. Guns also can change power-relations, which is why so many people want them for reasons both legitimate and some not so much. The Left wants to take away guns from the bitter clingers (coded word: translate as “un-woke whites”) so as to render them powerless. These bitter clingers — with guns — are in a much better position to do what the gun-grabbers never, ever want them to do be able to do: resist!

The Left would love to confiscate all the guns in this country, right down to the last BB gun, on the claim that it would end gun violence. This claim is idiotic on the face of it, and the intelligent among them know it. Criminalize the possession of something in high demand and relatively easy to produce, and you completely criminalize the supply chain. Aggressive young men (usually) take over the marketplace and form powerful, sophisticated crime syndicates that are, first, very competitive and hence extremely violent; and second, cater successfully to vast markets for their illegal product. Prohibition anyone? The massive infusion of drugs into the US with the accompanying violence it entailed dramatically illustrates how the unintended consequences of firearm confiscation, if attempted, would unfold.

Government attempts at confiscation would drastically increase levels of criminalized gun possession and vastly increase gun violence, not to mention the exhaustion of law enforcement resources and the complete political alienation of large numbers of American citizens. One can only speculate how high the already astronomical murder rates in Detroit, Baltimore, and St. Louis would rise — which illustrates how little black lives really matter to the professional virtue-signalers who have long had white gun owners in their crosshairs.

The Left’s loathing for guns comes from their jealousy of power. Guns are highly-charged symbols as well as practical instruments of power, and power, they believe, should belong exclusively to them. The Left’s continuous four-year hysterical reaction to the improbable disruption of Hillary Clinton’s assumed coronation by the rude interloper, Donald Trump, followed by its theft of the 2020 election, are dramatic illustrations of this jealousy and its unscrupulous manifestations.


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Gun ownership confers power, and thus merely the suggestion that people might legitimately arm themselves constitutes an encroachment on the Left’s perceived prerogative and arouses their jealousy and outrage. People, they groan, do not need guns! They know what people need and don’t need — no guns and now, and no police protection — which illustrates the heights of their contempt for everyone who lives outside gated communities (that are guarded by professionals with guns).

They sneeringly dismiss self-defense as a legitimate reason for the ruled-over to own a gun. That is what the State is for. Try to contain your derisive laughter. The State has fully dedicated itself to protecting the feelings of its most prodigious criminal class, black males. To enhance their self-esteem, it now seems, we must not make them feel bad about themselves for committing crimes. How else to explain the elevation of a violent professional criminal to national sainthood and the government-sanctioned lynching of a white policeman?

We all know that there are large sections of some American cities –governed by anti-gun Democrat politicians — where, post-George Floyd’s apotheosis, the police are smart not to go. The State has become quite selective in the protection it provides for its citizens. The “State” for the “ruled-over” has become a useless abstraction, and the pervasive cynicism and skepticism now aimed at those who operate it is completely justified.

Our political class betters make onerous rules for their inferiors to live under, but not for themselves. At election time, these vultures descend from their comfortable, lofty perches to perform the tedious rituals of pretending to care, when what they really want is just more power and the advantages and privileges that come with it.

The Left’s animosity for white gun owners is also about the snobbery they indulge in related to the work they (Leftists) do and the way they live. They tend to work in the realm of ideas, seeking to influence the thinking and direct the actions of others. They teach in schools and universities, run media outlets and newspapers, manage and administer Non-Governmental Organizations, market and sell products, and push paper in government offices. They compose the parasitic “grievance specialist” workforce at universities and corporations, professional busybodies and scolds who operate under the rubric of “diversity” — a code word that permits them to hector and bully whomever they please. These types don’t change the oil in their own cars, fix things they own when they break down, or make or grow anything they use or consume. They pay “other people” to do things like this, and they mostly look down on them.

These “other people” tend to like guns. They live and think conservatively and work at professions such as being policemen, firemen, mechanics, truck drivers, construction workers, or running small businesses. They hunt, fish, bowl, fix their own cars, go to church, take care of their grandparents, join the military, and do many other things that offend the Left’s sensibilities. For the Prius-driving, inequality-obsessed sociology professor with the “Black Lives Matter” and “Hate doesn’t live here” signs in his yard, the gun-toting policeman he loathes and execrates in his 101 classes could not respond quickly enough to his summons when he thinks a burglar might be nearby.

The Left will never relinquish their hostility for gun owners and never abandon their efforts at gun control. “Gun control” is a euphemism, an essential piece of the larger picture that defines the essence of the Left and what they aspire to: complete control of others. Because they believe themselves to be entitled to order and manage the lives of everyone, they observe no restraints of honesty, decency, or fair play. They relentlessly intrude themselves into every corner of our lives along the campaign march of displacement and eventual elimination. Guns are an obstacle to this goal.

Viva the cold, dead fingers!

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