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The Worst Week Yet:
September 19-25, 2021


Anti-white warrior Sherronda J. Brown, living proof that black women eat too much.

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Biden Gives Speech at Anti-White Conference

I’d bet my house that President Joe Biden’s diapers aren’t white — they’re red, black, and green.

Last Tuesday, the Doddering Incontinent Drooling Idiot Leader of the Free World gave the opening address for “Root Institute 2021,” an online conference hosted by The Root [2], a bliggety-black blog whose tagline is “The Blacker the Content the Sweeter the Truth.”

In case you’ve never been forced to read anything from The Root as part of an ill-chosen career path, they publish cool articles such as “America Doesn’t Have a Gun Control Problem. We Have a White-People Problem [3].”

The writer of that article, Michael Harriot, interviewed a preposterously fat sista named Brittney Cooper [4] as part of a pseudo-discussion called “Unpacking the Attacks on Critical Race Theory [5].” In between queefs and burps, Cooper said:

I think that white people are committed to being villains in the aggregate. . . . I wouldn’t be mad at the black people who want to get [white people] back. . . . [White people] are so corrupt. Their thinking is so morally and spiritually bankrupt about power that they fear viscerally, existentially about letting go of power. . . . White people’s birth rates are going down. . . . The thing I want to say to you is we gotta take these motherfuckers out. . . . Despite what white people think of themselves, they do not defy the laws of eternity.

In between slurps of his adrenochrome-and-stool-softener smoothie, President Biden told conference attendees, “Thank you for standing up and speaking out for black excellence and black dignity.”

Telling White People They Aren’t Welcome

Funny creatures, those black people — they don’t seem happy living in majority-black countries, yet they seem absolutely miserable in majority-white countries. After all this progress, why are they so resolutely unhappy? It makes one yearn for the days when they’d shine your shoes with a wink, a toothy smile, and a quick complimentary tap dance.

Sherronda J. Brown [6] is living proof that black women eat too much. Lara Witt [7] is a mixed-race woman who, to her credit, doesn’t bankrupt all-you-can-eat buffets as Miz Sherronda seems to do. Together they fight whiteness, whiteitude, whitosity, and whitardation at some blog with the synesthetic name of “Wear Your Voice [8].” They want to make it clear as a bell that if white people seek to become their allies in destroying white people, they should be prepared to swallow gallons of daily abuse:

When white people enter our spaces, especially en masse, it inevitably means more labor for us, either to engage with white folks who are “just trying to learn” but refuse to relinquish their liberalism or to set necessary boundaries with them to prevent ourselves from becoming even more fatigued. . . . We are inundated by white people who hope to feel comforted by our content and continually react with hostility when they find that their comfort is not our concern. . . . We will reiterate as many times as is necessary that this is not a liberal space and cannot be made into one, no matter how uncomfortable that makes people. We invite people to either sit in that discomfort and learn something, or leave.

Whenever Sherronda J. Brown enters any space, it is always “en masse.”

At Arizona State University in Phoenix last Thursday, two white males were studying — or looking at porn on their laptops, it’s impossible to confirm — when two more black female bison [9] stampeded in and began verbally abusing them for tainting the school’s “multicultural learning space.”

One of the two girls — it’s hard to tell, they all sound the same to me — took issue with a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on one of the white students’ laptops and saw fit to give him a thorough finger-wagging, swivel-headed dressing-down:

You’re offensive. Police Lives Matter? This is our space. You’re making this space uncomfortable. . . . You’re white. Do you understand what a multicultural space means? It means you’re not being centered.

After instructing the two evil ghost men to leave, a white male wearing a “Didn’t Vote for Biden” T-shirt implied he had every right to occupy the multicultural learning space by asking, “White’s not a culture?”

“White is not a culture!” screamed one of the she-primates at him.

You think whiteness is a culture? This is the violence that ASU [Arizona State University] does, and this is the type of people that they protect! . . . This white man thinks he can take up our space . . . they think they can get away with this shit! . . . This is the only place on campus that does not center you, and you are still trying to center yourself, which is peak white cis male bullshit.

“I’m not racist,” replied one of the Racist White Supremacist Peak Cis White Male Bullshitters. “I’m just studying. I pay the same fucking tuition as you. I’m working 60 hours a week while going to school because my parents don’t just give me money!”

Regardless, the two white males left with their little white tails between their legs.

New Articles About What the Klan Did 100 Years Ago

The idea that the United States is a white supremacist country seems to ring true for everyone except for all of the white supremacists who currently reside in the United States. Part of maintaining the illusion that America’s a white supremacist country is reminding everyone of the Ku Klux Klan, despite the fact that it’s been a generation or two since the KKK did anything remotely Ku Klux Klanny.

For example, the estimated total membership of all the Klan groups in the United States at the moment is around three to eight thousand [10]. But back in the mid-1920s, it was three to eight million [11].

Naturally, modern newspapers prefer to focus on the 1920s. But is it really “news” if it’s a hundred years old?

The Klan ran Indiana [12],” bellows the Indianapolis Recorder in a headline that wisely fails to specify a timeframe. In the article, Breanna Cooper [13] — don’t look, I’m warning you — tracks down 89-year-old Joe Roberts, whose father aided in the trial and conviction of an Indiana Grand Dragon on rape charges in 1925.

Does anyone remember 1925?

The Denver Post’s OG Klan story is called “‘They were just everywhere’: Map of Denver Ku Klux Klan addresses in 1920s shows members in every corner of city [14].” Using century-old data, some Colorado historical society has recently finished mapping thousands of Klan households in Denver from the 1920s, which seems like a fruitless endeavor if they were attempting to help anyone in 2021 who’s seeking to find a Klan-operated Airbnb.

Toss Another Black Hate-Crime Hoaxer on the Woodpile

Judging from his name, Roy Lee Gordon, Jr. [15] is the son of a black man who thought the world needed another Roy Lee Gordon.

After seven previous prison stints [16], the younger Roy Lee Gordon found a job working — not to stereotype, but I’m guessing as a janitor — at the Emory Autism Center in Atlanta. In early August, the center had been burglarized and defaced with swastikas and the “N-word,” which I will assume is not “nebbish.” Officials at Emory were apparently aware of the suspect’s identity since shortly after the break-in but steadfastly refused [17] to reveal his racial identity, although they didn’t keep quiet about the swastikas and all the spray-painted “nebbishes.” On Thursday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution [18] published a mug shot showing that Gordon is roughly the color, and equally as shiny, as a roasted coffee bean.

After All We’ve Been Through As a Nation, Blacks Still Have to Deal With Monkey Noises


You can buy Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto here. [20]

One would think that after the last year of unhinged black rioting, coupled with the absurdly lopsided interracial violent-crime stats for which blacks have no peer, we as a nation would have gotten over the juvenile compulsion to make monkey noises whenever black people are around.

One would think wrong.

If the name “Jannique” wasn’t enough of a signal, Jannique Martinez is a black woman who lives in Virginia Beach, a town made famous when blacks rioted [21] there over Labor Day in 1989. Jannique says that one of the neighbors in her cul de sac plays racial slurs and monkey noises [22] over loudspeakers whenever she and her children venture out of their abode:

Whenever we would step out of our house, the monkey noises would start. And it’s so racist and it’s disgusting. My son is terrified of him. Terrified, terrified. . . . The N-word situation . . . they came to me and said, “Mom, what’s that?” I didn’t subject my kids to that. I didn’t think they would ever have to learn what this means.

Valley View High School in Moreno Valley, California is 13.5% black and a piddling 9.5% white, whereas Temecula Valley High is about half white and only 3% black. During a football game in Temecula Valley last month, cheerleaders from the visiting squad were allegedly subjected to “racial slurs,” “monkey noises [23],” and were “touched unwelcomely” by the racist children at the half-white school. According to Valley View cheerleading coach Kenya Williams:

A group of students started making monkey noises. . . . And there were adults in the crowd who either participated, or didn’t make a point to try and stop it. . . . When (my students) came back to tell us what happened, I couldn’t think of anything but getting them out of there. Tears ran down my face because I was so angry and hurt.

Again, no one asks how the monkeys feel about being compared to black people.

Oregon School Employee Shows Up in Blackface to Protest Vaccine “Segregation”

I don’t see anything wrong with wearing blackface. I’ve worn it [24]. Justin Trudeau [25] has worn it. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam [26] has worn it. I think everyone who isn’t black should wear it at least once in their lives, just to see how it feels.

In this same spirit of racial equity and cheap comedy, Lauren Pefferle [27], a special-education assistant at a school in Newberg, Oregon came into work on Friday, September 17 with a skin darkener on her face and handed in what she says was a way to protest the “segregation” between the vaccinated and the unvaxxed. She told a local radio host [28]:

I thought, I feel segregated, I feel segregated because I am unvaccinated. Something is wrong here. . . . I did put on some darker color on my skin part that showed and I was going about my morning duties, and as there was opportunity to talk with the staff, I would say something or sometimes other staff would say to me, oh you look beautiful, and I would say oh I’m representing Rosa Parks today regarding segregation. . . . I never once thought of the word blackface because I honestly don’t even know that term. I don’t know what people mean by that, I don’t use that language.

Ms. Pefferle, if you’re interested in learning how to use such language, I’m easy to find online. I will be your special-education assistant.

HIV-Positive Gay Priest Funds Orgies With Church Money, Blames “Cocaine Vortex”

Forty-year-old Father Francesco Spagnesi [29] is described as “a highly regarded priest from Prato, Italy [30].”

Apparently, Italians have unorthodox standards for placing priests in high regard, because Spagnesi has been arrested for allegedly pilfering “over $117,000 in church funds to buy drugs for his gay sex parties.” When the missing funds caused church officials to launch an investigation and ban Spagnesi from grabbing any more treats from the Holy Cookie Jar, he beseeched dough directly from churchgoers and told them it would be funneled back to poor families. He apparently left out the part about crack cocaine and the “date rape” drug GHB and the 200 or so revelers who attended his parties. Spagnesi told an Italian newspaper:

I don’t recognize myself anymore. The cocaine vortex has swallowed me. The drug made me betray my parishioners, it made me tell lies, it made me take actions that I am ashamed of. Now I’m HIV positive. . . . I ask everyone for forgiveness.

For the small price of $117,000, I pledge to forgive him.

Confronting the Transgender Acne Problem

Has anyone else ever noticed that trannies seem to have a million problems but never acknowledge the main one — namely, being a tranny?

How This Trans Author Came to Terms With His Acne [31]” is the unwittingly hilarious title of an article in The Advocate by Peyton Thomas [32], who has just released a novel called Both Sides Now [33]. SPOILER ALERT: The novel is about a tranny.

Throughout he/she/it/shit’s absurdly earnest article, Thomas talks about the moral dilemma Thomas encountered when the saw that the book’s cover model had acne — which Thomas also had after taking testosterone supplementation therapy:

The baseline treatment for transgender men is injectable testosterone. Its most common and visible effect is acne. Lots of it. Especially on the neck. . . . I’m not too proud to admit that I myself spent a little over a year taking a very low dose of testosterone, in part because I feared the onslaught of acne. . . . I looked at the mock-up of my book’s cover. A constellation of acne dotted McKenna’s jawline, his neck. I did not want it Photoshopped away. But then, if I chose to keep it there, what would people think? Moral purity, in the eyes of most, goes hand in hand with physical appearance. . . . The cover of Both Sides Now portrays a real, human person with a sandwich-munchingly ordinary smattering of spots. . . . Those little red spots, along with the new hair growing on your face and the muscles thickening in your vocal cords and the monthly pain in your abdomen dissolving away — these things are your becoming. Throw your arms around them.

Not only is it dangerous advice to counsel anyone to change the gender that nature assigned them at birth, but “throw your arms around your pimples” might be the most foolhardy advice I’ve ever seen. As anyone knows, you’re supposed to squeeze your zits until they splat onto the bathroom mirror.

When Lactating Dads Chestfeed Their Kids

If you’re a man — whether natural-born, transitioned, genderqueer, or otherkin — you have a natural desire to chestfeed your children. All men do. It’s why God gave men nipples. The British Medical Association [34] recently advised medical staff to refer to expectant patients as “pregnant people” rather than “pregnant women.” As part of a push to include a “pregnant man” emoji on all iPhone and Android cellular devices, a recent proposal to the Unicode Technical Committee read, “Pregnancy has been indiscriminate of gender throughout history but it is only now being formally recognized.”

You learn something new every day.

For men with the perverse desire to pretend they’re breastfeeding their children, a Japanese company has recently released a contraption they call the “Father’s Nursing Assistant [35],” which is described thusly:

The Father’s Nursing Assistant has two fake breasts that the dad wears around his chest. Only one of the breasts contains the nipple system, so the baby can only nurse on one side. The milk or formula is contained in the second breast. Dentsu says their device does more than feed the child. It also tracks the baby’s nursing sessions and sends the data straight to Daddy’s smartphone.

If you want to go the whole nine yards — or, rather, the whole two boobs — and actually force your body to lactate, you can buy a “chestfeeding kit [36]” that alters your metabolism with a steroid hormone and an anti-nausea drug that “is not FDA approved in the United States due to its link to fatal heart conditions.”

Perhaps I’m biased, but I think any man who wishes to chestfeed his children should risk the fatal heart conditions.

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