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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 367
The New Writers’ Bloc with Nick Jeelvy & Greg Johnson

[1]153 words / 2:05:07

The Writers’ Bloc is back, with a new name, new lineup, and a new home at Counter-Currents. The Writers Block (with a “k”) was started by Fullmoon Ancestry and Nicholas Jeelvy on Saturday nights on DLive. Fullmoon went on to other projects, so the show ended. Nick decided to revive it, and Greg Johnson invited him to do so at Counter-Currents. The new Writers’ Bloc will be a showcase for Counter-Currents‘ outstanding roster of writers. For the inaugural episode, Nick invited Greg Johnson to join him. Topics discussed include: 

00:00:00 Introducing the new Writers’ Bloc
00:06:00 Stephen Paul Foster’s “New Normal 2.0 [2]
00:10:00 Afghanistan
00:34:00 Thomas Steuben’s “The Military’s Culture of Careerism [3]
01:02:00 Historical forces
01:10:00 Laibach [4]
01:20:00 Leaders
01:30:00 Robert Hampton’s “Fed-Supported Transgression [5]
01:36:14 The FBI
01:43:00 Jim Goad’s “The Thousand-Year Whimper [6]

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