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A White Nationalist Take on 9/11


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Invade the world while inviting the world, and it may all come crashing down on you.

The 9/11 attacks were the most deadly terrorist attacks of the twenty-first century (so far). Its planners combined a wily, perverse use of airplanes, mentally ill Sunni religious fanatics, and iconic skyscrapers to kill nearly 3,000 people, most of them white. The attack would not have happened if the white countries had never intervened in the Middle East or invited Middle Easterners into their nations. Invading and inviting the world is what led to 9/11.

The evidence is clear that the 9/11 hijackers were motivated by America’s involvement in the Middle East. All the top names involved in planning and carrying out the attack cited American support for Israel as a motivation. These include Osama bin Laden, Mohamed Atta, the hijacker and pilot of the first plane that hit the Towers, and mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM). KSM explicitly named American support for Israel as his primary motivation, and his nephew, Ramzi Yousef, had planned the 1993 World Trade Center bombing which killed six people. His manifesto reads as follows:

  1. Stop all military, economical, and political aid to Israel.
  2. All diplomatic relations with Israel must stop.
  3. Not to interfere with any of the Middle East countries [sic] interior affairs.

Yousef’s mother was a Palestinian refugee.[1] [2] His father was a Baloch. About 6.6 of the 10 million Balochis live in Balochistan, a sparsely-populated desert region of Pakistan. Balochis are a small fraction of Pakistan’s population of 207 million.

A genetic distance heat map reveals that Balochis are genetically intermediate [3] between the Sindhi of southeast Pakistan and Pashtuns, who are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan at 42%. This makes sense, as Balochistan lies between the two regions. Their admixture proportions can be modeled [4] as similar to Pashtuns (Pathan) and Sindhi as well. Thus, they are nothing special in terms of their racial ancestry, but their culture is violent and war-like. Balochistan is therefore a perfect cauldron to produce two of the worst mass murderers in history.

Like his uncle KSM and several of the 9/11 hijackers, Yousef had been an engineering major at a university in a white country — specifically, the West Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education in Swansea, Wales. Enrolling in 1987, he “mixed freely with locals and students because although he despised the West (white people), he did not despise the pleasures of the West.”

In 1988, he attended Al Qaeda-funded training camps in Peshwar, Pakistan, where he learned how to make bombs.[2] [5] This must have been his idea of an “off the books” summer internship, as he was still attending West Glamorgan, graduating in 1989 [6].

Yousef was born and raised in Kuwait and had returned there to live in 1990 when Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invaded the nation. Yousef has been described as a collaborator with Saddam’s forces.[3] [7]

Yousef is a murderer, but he didn’t randomly choose his targets. Criminals usually have an motive. His was to retaliate for what Israel had done to his Palestinian mother and for the US preventing Saddam from taking over Kuwait — at least according to his manifesto.

I remember a skit Jeff Dunham did with “Achmed the Dead Terrorist [8],” a skeleton dummy he used as a ventriloquist. Achmed, of course, had a Middle Eastern accent and desired 72 virgins as a reward for blowing up infidels. Something seemed a bit cheap about the skit at the time. Of course, everyone hates Middle Easterners who murder white people, but they usually don’t randomly select their targets. Maybe if the US didn’t back Israel and serve as a center of Jewish power, Yousef would not have attacked Americans. Also, few places in the world accept so many people from the Middle East as the US and Western Europe do. Global maps of Islamic terrorism on Google [9] correlate pretty well with this map of where Muslims live [10]. Thus, the best predictor of Islamic mass murder is the mere fact of Muslims living in a place.

Leftist Jews have been at the forefront of pushing for open borders in white countries. Emmanuel Celler worked tirelessly for decades to get the 1965 Immigration Act passed, which opened up America to non-white immigrants. The American Jewish Committee sponsored his work. Neo-conservative Jews such as Ben Shapiro and Dennis Praeger push the notion that America is a “proposition nation” founded on an ideal, leaving no room for ethnic or religious barriers. This has been the excuse for greedy Jewish and white businessmen to use Hispanic and African immigrants to undercut white workers in blue-collar jobs, while Big Tech has recruited Asians to undercut white programmers. Yousef and the 9/11 hijackers were part of this flood. In fact, Yousef pretended to be a Kurdish asylum-seeker from Iraq when he arrived in New York in 1992 to plan the World Trade Center bombing.[4] [11]

Focusing on Yousef may not seem sensible given that he attacked the World Trade Center in 1993 and not on 9/11, but not only did he pioneer the idea of attacking the World Trade Center, but he had lived with his uncle and future 9/11 mastermind KSM in Manilla, Philippines in 1994 while on the run from the FBI.[5] [12] During this time, the two along planned what they called Operation Bojinka, which entailed planting bombs on 11 commercial airliners. These would not have been suicide missions, as the bombs would have been set to detonate after the operative had disembarked and the plane had resumed flight with a new group of passengers. Yousef carried out a test run in December 1994 which killed one person, a Japanese man named Haruki Ikegami. Yousef had hoped it would cause the plane to crash and kill everyone on board, but despite the bomb having blown a hole in the fuselage, the pilot managed to land the plane at Okinawa airport.


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Another attack that was discussed as part of Operation Bojinka was the assassination of Pope John Paul II during his visit to the Philippines. The rationale was that the Philippines are 80% Catholic, thanks to the fact that it was a Spanish colony between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. Prior to this time, Islam had been spreading to the islands from Malaysia to the southwest, and as a result, Muslims in the Philippines today mostly live in the archipelago to the southwest [15]. Known as Moros, they are only 5% of the nation’s population, but are frequently in conflict with Christian Filipinos. Yousef and KSM wanted to make their own contribution to this conflict.

It’s important to mention the plot to kill the Pope because Al Qaeda wasn’t only a reaction to Zionist Jews displacing Palestinians, or American efforts to influence the politics of the Middle Eastern nations. It also capitalized on existing conflicts between Sunni Muslims and Christians throughout the world, including in the Philippines, the Balkans, and Russia. Diversity is not a strength, whether it is the result of historically competitive monotheistic religions or genetically-ingrained racial differences.

Pakistani officials captured Yousef in 1995 in Pakistan and extradited him to the US, where he will spend the rest of his life in the Supermax prison in Colorado, in a section known as Bomber’s Row. One of his neighbors is the Unabomber. For a time he was also imprisoned alongside Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, until his execution.

Although Yousef’s attempt to destroy the World Trade Center had failed, his idea clearly served as the inspiration for the plot that culminated in 9/11.

Many emphasize the fact that Osama bin Laden and many of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, but given the central role played by KSM and Yousef, this is too simple an analysis. To be honest, I don’t think a Saudi could have planned 9/11. KSM is Baloch. Richard Lynn claims that the average IQ of central Asians like the Balochi is about five points higher than those from the Saudi peninsula. Thus, without an evil genius from another part of the world, the attacks likely wouldn’t have happened.

Three of the four pilots who flew the hijacked planes were not Saudis. Mohamed Atta, the group’s leader, was born to a wealthy Egyptian family. He flew the first plane the hit the Towers. Marwan al-Shehhi, who piloted the 747 which hit the South Tower, was born to a high-status Sunni Muslim family in the United Arab Emirates. His father was a cleric. Ziad Jarrah piloted the plane that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania following a gallant effort by the passengers to retake the plane. Jarrah was born to a rich family in Beirut, Lebanon. They lived a secular lifestyle, though were nominally Sunni.

Jarrah had attended college in Hamburg, Germany in the 1990s, together with Atta and al-Shehhi. These three, along with several others, are known as the “Hamburg cell.” Jarrah and Atta were studying engineering. Al-Shehhi was studying shipbuilding. For his part, KSM received a degree in engineering from the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 1986.

There have been many theories as to why so many of the hijackers had studied engineering. My own is that engineering is a very male occupation: 85% of engineers in the US are men. It would seem that the discipline attracts men, and in the Sunni Muslim world, these men may be more likely to want to use their skills to kill political enemies.

It’s hard to imagine how someone could fly a plane into a building to kill not only himself, but thousands of others. Psychologists believe [16] Atta’s personality profile included traits of being “[c]onscientious/compulsive and retiring/aloof, with secondary reticent/inhibited and Aggrieved/self-denying patterns.” They identified the combination of narcissism and masochism as what enabled him to kill so many people and himself.

There has been much speculation as to why the terrorists chose the Twin Towers as their target. The simplest explanation seems to be that KSM wanted to finish what Yousef started, and planes were on his mind.

Some wonder whether Yousef targeted the World Trade Center because the Towers were poorly-built. Professional engineers have denied that they were significantly weaker than other skyscrapers. However, they were large, and a lot of people worked in them. The sheer potential death toll may have been a primary consideration for Yousef.

Conspiracy theorists believe that since many Jews have profited from 9/11, they were behind it. While Jews may have played leading roles in getting the US to simultaneously invade and invite the world, which resulted in part in 9/11, this doesn’t mean they played a direct role in it. Jews often pursue their own tribal goals to the detriment of the white majority. They also disproportionately occupy the upper echelons of many white societies. This results in an uncomfortable relationship between them and their white host population, so they seek to make alliances with other minority groups, such as Africans, but also with those who don’t even yet live in the nation by opening the borders. This is what Jews on the American Jewish Committee did when they supported Emanuel Celler’s lifelong mission of opening America’s borders to non-whites, which culminated in the 1965 Immigration Act.

For their part, Zionist Jews use the US as Israel’s muscle in the Middle East. This angers Muslims, whom their Leftist brethren have been inviting into the US. This in turn leads to mass murder and chaos. By pursuing their own sectarian agendas, Jews bring about this chaos. Worst of all, they capitalize on the fear terrorist attacks elicit by using the FBI and Homeland Security to target peaceful Trump supporters and white advocates. Jews always seem to thrive in an environment of low-level chaos where they can manipulate the unsuspecting white public in a direction favorable to Jews. This doesn’t mean, however, that they play a direct role in events such as 9/11.

Ultimately, Osama bin Laden, KSM, Ramzi Yousef, and their followers failed to accomplish the three points of Yousef’s manifesto. America’s diplomatic ties with Israel remain strong. Following 9/11, evangelicals became even more pro-Zionist, viewing Ashkenazi Jews as racially and religiously closer to them than their Palestinian neighbors. This seems to have waned in the past decade, though, as the Internet is red-pilling a lot of Christians about the dubious theology and history of Christian Zionism.

The US continues to give about $380 per capita aid to Israel. The next highest at $150 per capita is to Afghanistan. Israel is a developed nation with a per capita GDP on par with the average for European nations. Afghanistan is a Third World country — yet Israel still gets over twice what Afghanistan does. Thus, the unwillingness of white US leaders stand up to Zionist chutzpa and greed hasn’t changed since 9/11.

What has changed in the last 20 years is that two Muslim representatives have been elected to the US Congress who are critical of Israel: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. The latter seems to have capitalized on her black skin in getting the African-American vote.

For pro-white critics of Zionism, Omar and Tlaib’s elections are a pyrrhic victory, because although they are wise to Jewish intrusion into white interests, they themselves oppose white interests. (Indeed, a better way to reduce American support for Israel than murdering civilians is to promote more Islamic immigration to the US.)


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In terms of reducing American involvement in the rest of the Middle East, the 9/11 attacks achieved the exact opposite result. Although Yousef supported Saddam’s Iraq absorbing Kuwait, his government was destroyed by the US as a result of 9/11. Nevertheless, the Iraq War was demoralizing for the US. As of 2018, a slight majority oppose having gone in [19] at all. A more significant majority — 53 to 39 — believes the US failed to accomplish its objectives there.

The Iraq War was a war for Israel. It didn’t benefit whites at all.

The US spent almost 20 years in Afghanistan. It’s more of a hinterland than a nation. Afghanistan isn’t the main homeland for any of its three largest ethnic groups [20]: Pashtuns (42%), Tajiks (27%), and Uzbeks (9%). There are almost three times as many Pashtuns in Pakistan, just about as many Tajiks in Tajikstan, and six times more Uzbeks in Uzbekistan. Afghanistan serves as the primary homeland for the Hazaras, but they are only 8% of the population and are frequently in conflict with the Pashtuns and others. Being somewhat mongoloid, they are actually about as genetically distant from Pashtuns as Pashtuns are from whites [3], and Pashtuns seem to know they’re different. Contrary to what many believe, whites ought to know that Pashtuns are different from them, too. They’re not the closest Muslims genetically to whites, which would probably be the Turks.

Switzerland is a sort of white hinterland, having German, French, and Italian speakers, and yet it is not the primary homeland for any of those groups. Nevertheless, as Richard Lynn estimates, their average IQ is a standard deviation above that of Afghanistan’s inhabitants, meaning they can cooperate better and on a larger scale.

Ethnic identity doesn’t always determine alliances in Afghanistan. They prefer to do things at a more local level. Groups engage in tendentious efforts to find a common ancestor if they like each other, but if they hate each other, they don’t. Many of them are not exactly in the reality community.

Pashtuns practice cousin marriage [21]. Marrying one’s cousin doubles the rate of genetic diseases because of greater expression of recessive genes, but as Ed Dutton argues [22], when this is legion across multiple generations, the effects are even worse. The result is known as inbreeding depression, or depressed average intelligence due to inbreeding.

There are some good things about Pashtuns. They understand Islam as a form of ethno-religion. They are Muslim because they are Pashtun, tracing their lineage to a friend of the Prophet Muhammad [21]. They often feel no obligation to pray or perform other Islamic rituals. Nevertheless, claiming that they are not Muslim because of this draws the utmost ire from them. If whites could have a kind of racial civil religion [23] like this, they would benefit from it. Perhaps rather than a trinity, they could have separate but complementary virtues taken from the Aryans, early European Farmers, and Western hunter-gatherers — the three ancestral ingredients in virtually all white populations.

Sufism dominates in Afghanistan more than any other Islamic [21] sect. The Traditionalist René Guénon converted to Sufi Islam because he believed it is a Muslim variation of a deeper universal esotericism that is at the core of all religions. Thus, Sufi Pasthuns may have a kind of ethnic esotericism which provides them with meaning in life.

As for whether the US was justified in going into Afghanistan, finding Osama there would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack. Still, it seems the government did with Afghanistan what it does with paperwork, licenses, and most other things, which is to drag out and complicate the process as much as possible to provide jobs for otherwise useless bureaucrats. While the fighting efforts of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan were valiant in themselves, it seems much of it had nothing to do with locating Osama and his cohorts.

Afghanistan was the only pathetic Third World hinterland the US could justify picking on. Osama was always more likely to have been in Pakistan, but they weren’t so pitiful, and they were trustworthy enough to deliver KSM and Ramzi Yousef, so it wasn’t necessary to invade them.

What the formerly besieged Iraq, Afghanistan, and indefinitely besieged Palestine all have in common is some of the highest total fertility rates in the Middle East. It’s hard to take Afghanistan’s population estimates seriously because they lied about their population to the tune of 8 million in 1980 to get more foreign aid, but so far as the US Census Bureau is concerned, their population grew from 23 million in 2002 to about 40 million today. Iraq has also gone from 23 million to 40 million. Palestinians have gone from 2.9 to 4.7 million.

The end result of the military-industrial complex and the Israel lobby’s efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the oppression of the Palestinians seems to be a lot more brown people. Subsistence-level agriculture and the stress of war appear to be a recipe for population growth. Ultimately, 9/11 was a win for Muslims with an average IQ of 85 outbreeding whites with an IQ of 100 on a global scale.

Most other Muslim nations are staying at replacement levels only. The brunt of world population growth today is in Sub-Saharan Africa. As a reaction to recent events, some white advocates began promoting White Sharia, or the idea that whites should imitate the same patriarchal structures common in the Muslim world. Much of the argument about it seemed to be not whether we should be more patriarchal, but it was right to brand it as Islamic. While one certainly may envy the better birthrates of Muslims, or even Africans for that matter, one shouldn’t envy their lower IQs, inbreeding, and lack of ability to create functional, modern societies. It’s better to look to our high-IQ white ancestors of the Baroque, Enlightenment, and Romantic eras, who had both a high genetic IQ and high birthrates.

I don’t favor invading places that are overpopulated — at least not with America’s increasingly mercenary multiracial military. Instead, I’d like to spread developed-world levels of wealth, social media, and income for women to these places. Since these things seem to depress birthrates as well as men and women’s ability to have relationships [24], that would serve to reduce their birthrates. I only want for them to have all the joys we have in the West!

In an odd way, Afghanistan was the perfect setting for the clash of civilizations. In 2002, the US was still 70% white. The whites who prospered in lush Europe did so in even lusher America. The Middle Easterners who eked out a living in the increasingly arid Middle East lived even more precariously in the hinterland of Afghanistan. Changing climates after the Ice Age shifted power from the Middle East to whites from the Neolithic Age up to the present. Whites dominating their darker neighbors in Afghanistan was an expression of this. Now, white societies are imploding demographically, and non-whites — including those from Afghanistan — are flooding in.

Those wily, swarthy men from the desert include KSM and Ramzi Yousef: foreign engineering students in no-name Western universities. Nevertheless, they became two of history’s most notorious politically-motivated murderers. They may not have been successful in their stated objectives, but they spurred on besieged Sunni Muslims into multiplying at even higher rates in three countries and murdered 3,000 people, many of whom were whites who would have gone on to have white children. Then again, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq made white guys more appealing and boosted birth rates temporarily. Who can say what really influences the demographic war? A war that is fought in the very the long run is the only one that matters [25].

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