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The Worst Week Yet:
August 22-28, 2021


Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd, the Capitol police officer who killed Ashli Babbitt.

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Capitol Storm Killer Finally Revealed to Be Bantu-American Cop

These days in African America, the moment any black person dies within a hundred feet of a white cop, both the dead black person and the white cop become celebrities in the twinkling of an eye. The white cop is identified by name, his or her picture is blasted on Jumbotrons from coast to coast, and it’s likely that the cop’s home address will be leaked online before the black corpse has had time to stiffen.

In 2015, after reviewing police shootings in Philadelphia, the US Justice Department recommended that unless critical information about high-profile incidents was released within 72 hours of the event, public trust in law enforcement would be eroded.

Last Thursday evening — roughly 5,472 hours after he shot and killed Ashli Babbitt with one bullet — the undeniably black Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd of the Capitol police appeared on NBC News with the unbearably odd-looking mochaccino-colored anchor Lester Holt to out himself as the man who killed the female Trump supporter as she tried wriggling her 110-pound body through a smashed window inside the Capitol. Byrd is perhaps desperate for the limelight and the adulation one gets these days for killing white people, because even seven months after the killing — and after refusing to indict him for even the tiniest of crimes, despite footage showing that Babbitt posed no immediate deadly threat to him — authorities had still stubbornly refused to reveal his identity.

“Once we barricaded the doors, we were essentially trapped where we were,” Byrd told Holt, who, due to his non-humanoid looks [2], I always suspected was a white man in one of those rubber Negro masks that Tariq Nasheed insists white criminals use to unfairly frame black men for crime. “There was no way to retreat. No other way to get out. If they get through that door, they’re into the House chamber and upon the members of Congress.”

Byrd claimed that he’d received death threats and, of course, racist taunts. He did not specify which racist taunts were slung his way, but I’ve calculated the odds, and in a nation of 328 million people, it’s a safe wager that at least one person called him a “junglebunny.”

Hours after Byrd’s interview, Babbitt’s widower Aaron gave an interview [3] to Tucker Carlson:

I don’t even want to hear him talk about how he’s getting death threats, and he’s scared. I’ve been getting death threats since January 7 — two, three, five, ten a day — and all I did on January 6th is becoming [sic] a widower. So you’re going to have to suck it up, bud, and take it.

Cases such as that of lumbering big black bear Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri demonstrate that in this new nation called African America, even when a black man robs a convenience store and then assaults a white cop, he is not a “criminal” — he is a black man. Ashli Babbitt’s case reveals that when a white woman is shot dead by a black cop, she is not a white woman — she is a “terrorist.”

When Blacks Attack Whites and Then Joyously Dance

Perhaps the most disgusting and enduring image of Los Angeles’ 1992 Rodney King riots was that of white trucker Reginald Denny [4] being dragged from his rig and mercilessly pummeled by the savages of South-Central LA, especially of black thug Damian “Football” Williams punching Denny to the ground and then celebrating with a joyous tribal dance [5].


You can buy Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto here. [7]

Perhaps Williams started a trend — or maybe black people have always enjoyed attacking white people and then dancing — but it happened twice again last week.

In Miami Beach, sweet young Tamarius Davis did a little bit of the ol’ hippy-hippy-shake [8] after blasting 21-year-old Dustin Wakefield to death as Wakefield tried protecting his one-year-old son from being murdered. A local FOX affiliate referred to Davis’ post-murder dance as “chilling.” Wakefield’s uncle Mike, relaying what surviving family members told him, said:

This guy came in with a gun waving it, saying, “It’s time to die.” He pointed the gun at his son and Dustin said, “He’s only a boy.” Dustin stood up between the gunman and the baby, and he shot him. He shot him multiple times on the ground.

Moments before approaching Wakefield and his wife and son — whom he told police he’d selected “randomly” — Davis was filmed shooting at another man who escaped being hit. Observers say that Davis was “smiling and laughing the whole time that he was shooting,” after which, as already noted, he segued into one of those famously rhythmic African dances.

When approached by police, Davis admitted to killing Wakefield. According to a police report, he told them he was “high on mushrooms, which made him feel empowered.”

In another filmed attack [9] that was described both as “chilling” and “random,” a black woman in the Bronx is shown shoving a two-year-old white girl to the ground and then skipping away as blithely as if she were Julie Andrews in the Austrian hills during springtime. The toddler suffered head injuries and was taken to the hospital. According to a local TV report [10]:

The woman police are looking for was described as between the ages of 35 and 45, about 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighing around 130 lbs., and last seen wearing a white T-shirt, black shorts, and red sneakers.

Well, she can always change her T-shirts, shorts, and sneakers. What the official description left out is that she is as black as the ace of spades [11].

Belgian Woman Laments Loss of Platonic Love Affair With Zoo Chimp

Due to the corrupt and foul nature of white men, everyone is painfully aware that white women are often forced to find solace in the arms of chimps.

Adie Timmermans is a Belgian woman with her hair dyed Lucille Ball-red who made international headlines last week after venting her spleen about being separated from the primate love of her life. According to a TV station in Antwerp [12]:

Adie Timmermans, an animal lover and subscriber of the Antwerp Zoo from Deurne, has received a remarkable letter from the zoo. She is asked not to make contact with chimpanzee Chita when she comes to visit. Adie goes to the Zoo every week and Chita always cheerfully walks over, after which the two play together at the window for a while, but according to the Zoo, that is not good for the monkey’s well-being. The rest of the chimpanzees exclude him every time he has had contact with humans. Adie is at the heart of it.

Human/animal segregation still exists in Belgium, which means that though the 38-year-old chimp and Timmermans were never able to consummate their affair, they were often spotted making smoochy-face to one another through a glass wall. The shattered woman offered a plaintive lament to reporters:

I love that animal and he loves me. I haven’t got anything else. Why do they want to take that away? . . . We’re having an affair, I’ll just say. Other dozens of visitors are allowed to make contact. Then why not me?

Because nobody likes a chimp-fucker, lady. Western Civilization was built upon its steadfast refusal to consort with lower primates.

Anti-White Feminism Bares its Fangs

The modern Left’s insatiable anti-whiteness offers the racially-aware Right more hope than one billion brilliantly crafted pro-white propaganda pieces could ever manage to achieve. More and more, even the most supine factions of the white population are being pushed into white consciousness whether they like it or not.

Rafia Zakaria [13] is a plump and hideous brown woman who, through the enabling of publishing house W. W. Norton, has just released a book called Against White Feminism [14]. She says that when white Western women express concern about Afghan women having their clits snipped off and their skulls crushed with rocks, they are not at all concerned with the fate of Afghan women but with making themselves look good, and on that I can agree:

There are too many white women who see women who are disadvantaged by race and gender and class as a challenge to white women’s occupation of the whole category of gender. . . . There’s no self-consciousness [15]at all on the part of white feminists. . . . My book is sort of a “shut up!” in that sense, really challenging their role in speaking for everyone and making themselves the universalized unit that is then considered the feminist agenda. Woman is white woman, and therefore what the white woman wants, what her agenda is, what she thinks should happen in a situation, is believed to be what all women want. . . . The whole project of the book is essentially to put the fangs back in feminism. . . . I’m saying pointedly to white women, girlboss types, that they are hurting the movement, and doing what they’re doing because of their racial privilege. . . . What we have now is a completely wrecked Afghanistan, Iraq, endless fighting in Syria. These are the consequences of white women putting themselves first constantly. . . . It’s dangerous to talk about white culture or white anything.

It’s clearly dangerous to talk about white culture, which is why a book company named after a white man [16] allowed you to publish an anti-white book.

Trannies on the March: Demanding Toilets, Removing Breasts, and Bombing Mosques

Everyone knows that gender is a social construct and that people are arbitrarily assigned it at birth, but it remains a mystical matter of wonderment that in every case, they are assigned a gender that matches perfectly with their genitalia.

Gavin Grimm [17] is a pug-ugly bulldyke who’s been insisting she’s a man since she was in her mid-teens and attended high school in Virginia, where she tossed a fit every time school officials bluntly told her, “Hey, lady, there’s a reason they call it the ‘ladies’ room,’ and we’d suggest you go there rather than the little boys’ room if you want to use the potty.”

With the ACLU’s help, Grimm filed a lawsuit in 2015 alleging that having to use the ladies’ room somehow gave her urinary tract infections and made her repeatedly contemplate suicide, which strongly suggests that this person is not only deeply unstable but is also as frail as a white lily. The Gloucester, Virginia County School Board recently agreed to pay the ACLU $1.3 million in legal costs for their valiant efforts to defend Grimm’s constitutional right to go piddle in the boys’ room.

Jason Yoakam [18] is another litigious white woman in Virginia who insists she’s a man. Oh, she’s also a convicted murderer, but let’s not focus too harshly on that. She recently sued [19] the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women because they refused to foot the bill for surgery that would essentially saw off her tits and bolster her delusion that she’s not really a woman. The suit claims that Yoakam lived as a man before that pesky murder conviction, has suffered the delusion that her body “was a mistake” since she was young, and finds her breasts to be a matter of “shame and disgust.”

Regarding the latter allegation, I cannot comment at the moment. I’d have to see her breasts in order to judge them.

Yoakam also says that she feels physically ill when she showers. Trying to appease her, the prison gave her “chest binders,” which she says give her panic attacks and an uncomely case of torso acne.

“He has considered self-treatment by removing some of his female identifiers, such as his breasts,” the suit says, adding that Yoakam has yet to pluck her boobs from her body — by hook or with the aid of surrounding crooks — “only from the hope that one day this nightmare he [sic] has endured of being in the wrong body will be corrected.”

Michael Hari [20], the long-bearded leader of a Minnesota militia group convicted of bombing a mosque in 2017, is trying a unique defense to ameliorate his life sentence: He is now calling himself Emily Claire Hari and claims he was a misunderstood transgender pacifist rather than a Muslim-hating white supremacist, and that his internal sexual agony forced him into such a tizzy that he had no choice but to toss a twenty-pound pipe bomb into the Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center. According to Hari’s lawyer, “She [sic] is not a ‘White Nationalist,’ a ‘Neo Nazi,’ a ‘Skinhead,’ a ‘Boogaloo Boi,’ nor part of the ‘Arian [sic] Brotherhood.”

It’s interesting, though, that his lawyer did not deny that Hari was possibly a Groyper. There’s no way this omission was accidental.

Negro-Egger Skips Sentencing Hearing

After trillions of dollars spent on welfare, hundreds of thousands of white men who died in the Civil War, and tens of thousands of whites murdered in the past generation by Negro Americans, we still live in a racist country where young marijuana farmers throw eggs at Black Lives Matter protesters. Clearly, there is still much work to be done.

Last week a judge in Port Angeles, Washington issued a warrant for the arrest of Jeffrey Michael Dunn [21], who was filmed in 2020 tossing eggs at BLM protestors from his pickup truck. This brazen racist is so incorrigible that he actually posted photos of the Negro-egging on Facebook and proudly claimed that he was “the egger guy [22].”

It’s the second warrant that’s been issued for Dunn, who is facing felony charges because Washington State deems it a hate crime to toss eggs at Negro Americans.

Couple Forgets Condom, Man Seals His Urinary Meatus Shut With Glue and Dies

Many people seem to think that Indians are smart, not pausing to consider that maybe the smart ones were smart enough to get out of India.

Twenty-five-year-old Salman Mirza [23] of Ahmedabad recently died of multiple organ failure after he and his fiancée checked into a hotel room with the intent of reenacting several scenes from the Kama Sutra before they realized they’d neglected to bring along a condom. A police officer says that Mirza and his betrothed were drug addicts and had gotten high by mixing epoxy glue with chemical whitener and huffing it before they made the brilliant decision to seal his urethral hole shut with glue to prevent him from impregnating his beloved.

According to the officer:

Since they did not have any protection, they decided to apply the adhesive on his private parts to ensure that she does not get pregnant. . . . They were carrying the adhesive as they occasionally used it with whitener to inhale the mixture for a kick. . . .Unfortunately, the adhesive damaged Salman’s organs, and he died due to multiple organ failure.

Despite his death, their mission was successful. She will not get pregnant — at least not by him.

No One Cares When People Commit Hate Crimes Against Women and Jews

If you ever wondered why Jews complain so much, it’s because people keep kicking them out of their countries. The chicken-or-egg question, though, is whether they get kicked out because they complain so much.

An article in the Free Beacon [24] claims that violent attacks on Jews, especially Orthodox ones, are “The Last Acceptable Hate Crime.” It posits that violent anti-Semitism is “taken for granted,” that “gangs of roving teenagers still feel comfortable [25] beating Jewish men in broad daylight,” that Asians are hogging all the attention in racial-violence stories while Jews are getting unfairly ignored, and that “anti-Semitic violence is the same-old, same-old.”

Has anyone ever referred to the Holocaust as “the same-old, same-old”? I hope not, because that wouldn’t be funny.

Arguing that it’s women, rather than Jews — unless, of course, you’re talking about Jewish women — are the real victims of hate-crime indifference, an article in Shout Out UK [26] claims that “A ‘Hate Crime’ is a Hate Crime — Except when it Comes to Women.”

Why did they put the first instance of “Hate Crime” in quotes but not the second one? Are they trying to say that some “women” aren’t really women, or that some “hate crimes” aren’t really hate crimes? Don’t you think that smells fishy?

Anyway, I was under the impression that no one cares when white men are beaten to death by joyous mobs of dancing blacks, but that shows how little I know.

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