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The Road to Kabul


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The State that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” — Thucydides

Nationalists have been celebrating the recent Afghanistan debacle, and despite whatever liberal journalists or RINOs say, they are right to do so, as it highlights all of the failings of Globohomo. It was never really our fight to begin with, and certainly not after Osama Bin Laden was eliminated. And there is a reason why our embassies fly the BLM and rainbow flags.

However, I would argue that the institutional decay that led to Kabul has been going on for decades, and is more or less inherent in any modern mass democracy (MMD). Long before Biden’s coup, the Airman’s Handbook proclaimed that diversity is a military necessity. Any MMD is doomed to eventually be militarily outcompeted by more natural forms of government. Globohomo is MMD accelerated by Judeo-Bolshevism towards the logical conclusion of its underlying principles.

Nevertheless, the pantsuit NGO crowd really seems to like “toxic white supremacist masculinity” when the shit hits the fan. These same bureaucrats would undoubtedly have no problem putting white military men on terrorist watchlists when they end up with stateside posts, so there’s heavy irony in the fact that they need these same guys who they would slander as terrorists to come save them from another group — that they also label as terrorists.

In an MMD, and especially under Globohomo, the general populace is, frankly, not very intelligent. The average urbanite tends towards becoming a soft, indoctrinated soy boy; the average suburbanite tends towards becoming petit bourgeois, and the average rural citizen tends to be simple-minded. The upper class is miseducated; the middle class merely seeks pleasure and the path of least resistance; and the yeomanry grow suspicious of higher education because they come to associate it with libtardism.

Nevertheless, an MMD must fight to ensure its place among other world powers. The only way that it can remain competitive is if it cordons off its military from the rest of its societal dysfunction. This can work for a while. Until recently, the military was supposed to at least appear to be apolitical. It was also a refuge for traditional masculinity in a society that became increasingly gynocratic.

However, even before Globohomo decided to emasculate the military as well, the MMD’s tendencies were already seeping in. The gross social disparity between those who fought in Vietnam and those who directed it was probably the first step on the road to Kabul. Rich college kids — including Trump — wheedled their way out, allowing the country folk the “white privilege” of bleeding for the global empire.

[3]With the end of the Cold War came a temporary reprieve from the threat of foreign competition – as well as even greater material decadence. This would have resulted in an acceleration of decay in both wider society and the military even without Jewish influence. It quickly became firmly entrenched, and Trump’s lukewarm civic nationalism may have triggered the pantsuit crowd into accelerating it, since they are so inherently insecure. But the signs of this decay are quite visible.

In 2014, someone snitched about a cheating ring that was designed to ensure sailors would pass a classified eval test at the Naval Nuclear Power School. Over 70 were implicated, and about half were discharged. Whether these sailors were incompetent and thus had to cheat, or whether the test was insanely difficult and they were simultaneously overburdened with frivolous military patty cake, I don’t know. Either way, it looks bad, and is an indication of some combination of lower troop quality, lack of integrity, or mixed-up priorities. It is also an indication of underlying problems in the nuclear forces, which is the centerpiece of Globohomo’s military might.

As for the Air Force, in 2014, the branch of “integrity first!” had over 90 officers implicated in another cheating scandal at Malmstrom Air Base in a test designed to check missileers’ competence in operating ICBMs. These missiles also play a major role in nuclear deterrence. However, these officers were not driven to cheat by incompetence but because of a cutthroat environment that demanded perfection. They only needed a 90% to pass, but knew that anything less than 100% would wreck their careers. This is what one would expect at the high levels of a soulless corporation and not in an effective warfighting force with a sense of comradery and a focus on the mission. It’s the MMD’s culture of careerism.


Then there’s the Army. In late 2020, at the formerly prestigious West Point, 76 cadets were implicated in another cheating scandal in spite of their honor code, which states they “will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” Most — over 50 — were required to repeat their first year. Only a few were expelled. One reason behind this leniency was that due to diversity, there would have been a disproportionate number of Africans expelled. The Army would rather have dirtbag officers with no sense of honor than offend liberal sensibilities, after all.

Beginning in 2011, 43 current or former female trainees said that they had been harassed or raped by their instructors during Air Force basic training. 17 instructors were accused. While most of the instructors were African, they were still brought to justice (for the most part). This was not an incident of #metoo, but was a systematic abuse by savage Africans of those in a vulnerable position. Unfortunately, the Air Force never addressed the real problem, which was African savagery, or why female trainees had male instructors in the first place. Instead, it decided to water down basic training until it was scarcely more difficult than the Boy Scouts. Why? Because of reasons, that’s why!

The bureaucrats knew that they had to take action to save their careers, but couldn’t address the real problem, and so had to pursue a surrogate solution instead. Additionally, the Air Force decided to roll out SAPR (sexual assault prevention and response) training that could have been copied from a liberal arts university. Every other branch followed suit to head off potential criticism for inaction in case there was a similar scandal in their ranks. In so many long, fancy words, this new training said that unless the other party explicitly consented to sex, it was rape. Sounds great, right? No! The definition was twisted into robotic formalism. It is now possible for almost any woman to claim that she has been raped, to include even saying that she “felt uncomfortable.” For example, if both parties were tipsy after dinner and drinks, they could claim they simultaneously raped each other.

To illustrate this, on one training day, my unit was divided into two rooms based on gender. In the male room, the instructor said that in her eyes, almost every one of us was guilty of rape. This was in a military unit, not a struggle session at UC Berkeley. One of my best buddies almost had his life ruined by his vengeful ex-wife, who exploited this system, which is also insulting to legitimate survivors of sexual assault. Its effects on morale and efficiency go without saying.

In 2020, a US Navy ship caught fire off the coast of San Diego and burned for four days. It had to be scrapped, and will probably cost $4 billion to replace. The Navy has accused a white male sailor of sabotage, although these accusations seem based on flimsy evidence having to do with him vaguely matching a witness’s description of a person they saw near the scene of the alleged crime. If it was indeed sabotage, it is a disturbing indication of how low morale is. If it wasn’t, then it is another example of the military making decisions as a result of bureaucratic pressure, falsely accusing a sailor to avoid drawing attention to the condition of our decaying fleet.

To make matters even more absurd, 160 sailors were on board at the time, but only 6 actually fought the fire. This is in spite of the fact that firefighting is a critical skill taught during the Navy’s basic training, because traditionally, fire has been a sailor’s worst enemy. Why only 6? Because those 6 were the only ones who had been brought up-to-date regarding their bureaucratic firefighting training requirements. Regardless of whether the fire was the result of sabotage or not, it was exacerbated into a full-fledged disaster because of bureaucratic sabotage by the brass and pantsuit crowd.

To further put this into perspective and to highlight the growing class disparity, during Vietnam hot-headed pilot John McCain destroyed an aircraft carrier through gross recklessness, which caused an accident. The resulting fire killed 134 men. However, his rich daddy bailed him out at the time, and the lying press has been more than happy to explain it away ever since.

But wait, there’s more! The effects of MMD have made the F-35 fighter jet program a disaster. The F-35, which is intended to become America’s primary fighter, has multiple design flaws, but is still being developed because it is too expensive to fail. The military-industrial complex only knows how to double down. As one prominent military blogger noted [5]:

By continuing to lavish limitless cash upon a noticeably failing program, Congress is making failure politically and economically profitable. The predictable result is more failure. This debacle is, in many ways, a distressing sign of what happens when Congress is no longer the domain of statesmanly adult behavior that puts country first. Congress itself has perverse incentives to set perverse incentives for others.

Thus, the F-35 program is arguably the most notable example of how MMD’s inherent flaws eventually degrade its warfighting capabilities.

Most troubling — and for me the most insulting — is how since September 11, over 30,000 active duty service members or veterans have committed suicide. For comparison, slightly over 7,000 have died in military operations during the Twenty Years’ War — aka the “War on Terror.” Congress and the brass may talk about this a lot (in part because they have to), but nothing is ever really done about it. Empty gestures and more programs will never do as much good as simply improving the lives of servicemen, or sorting out the shaniquas at the Veterans’ Administration. However, that would require introspection and action — which an MMD is not capable of.

There are also general problems in the military that are becoming well-known. Soldiers failing multiple PT (physical training) tests in a row has become a routine occurrence, and it’s clear why. The woke brass blatantly committed insubordination against Trump’s ban on transgenders, for example. Moreover, female troops will purposefully get pregnant right before a deployment so that they don’t have to deploy. I’m as pro-natalist as any nationalist, but women shouldn’t be in jobs that require frequent deployment in the first place, especially if it means someone else will have to pick up the slack on short notice if they can’t do their jobs.

For years, the military has had a recruitment and retention problem, especially in critical fields that require balls or brains. Most of those jobs are predominately filled by white men, most of whom are Trump supporters, at least outside of the IC (intelligence community). Even in the IC, there is still a decent number of Trumpers. However, because the IC is more liberal, it is also prone to being an echo chamber. The sudden takeover of Afghanistan was not deliberately allowed to happen, as some boomers suggest, but was rather because the IC is genuinely that incompetent. This same IC was caught off-guard by the ISIS onslaught against Iraq in 2014. They were incapable of learning the lessons taught by that disaster, however, as that would require introspection and challenging liberal assumptions about human nature and culture.

These Trump supporters in the military are the ones who would actually matter in a conflict against Russia and China. If they’re not around during an international crisis, the diversity burger-flippers, brass, and pantsuit community would be in for a rough day at the office.

Some argue that Globohomo wants to push white men out of the military because they want a loyal army of orcs to turn against its own citizenry. However, I doubt this. The establishment is in a reactive, not active mode. It will overreact to whatever it perceives to be the most immediate threat, which can change from month to month in the current year. I suspect that the numerous cringey recruitment videos that came out after January 6 were a result of desperation, since they know that almost nobody from Red America wants to sign up for Blue America’s increasingly dysfunctional military.

In short, the military is facing a lot of problems, and an MMD by its nature is poorly-suited to confront them. Globohomo is entirely incapable of doing so. Many of the problems have taken on a life of their own, as evinced by how they continued unabated even under Trump, in some cases even intensifying. Mark Milley is an avatar of this phenomenon. The brass are mostly either miseducated or uneducated. All the good white men are either gone, on the way out, or won’t enlist at all. This has devastated the Non-Commissioned Officer ranks, which are arguably the most important. Careerism and inefficiency reign supreme.

Less than 1% of all Americans have ever served in the military, and most of those who do are from military families. This naturally leads to the military acquiring a mystique, and thus until recently almost nobody in the civilian world apart from extreme Leftists felt comfortable criticizing it. (Ironically, the rank-and-file troops have always loved to complain about how stupid things are.)

If an MMD is to maintain a culture that does not implode into a decadence that will eventually castrate its warfighting ability, it cannot indulge in the modern farce of granting citizenship to every dysgenic lump of walking flesh. A democracy based on the idea propagated in Starship Troopers or ancient Athens, in which citizenship is tied to military service (or perhaps other forms of service, such as working in agriculture, parks, or manufacturing), is most likely the only type of democracy that can be trusted not to implode upon itself.

Since the Cold War ended, a hot war or a Cuban Missile Crisis-style conflict with Russia or China seemed unthinkable. We knew they would never take us on directly because our military’s flaws were invisible — or at least overshadowed by its strengths. Now that we have arrived at the inevitable outcome of decades of missteps, as reflected in Kabul, these flaws have been painfully revealed for the whole world to see. Does Globohomo have the will to use nuclear weapons in the event of a real conflict? Even if they do, will the weapons actually work? What happens if, within a decade, America’s competitors develop the ability to defeat its most vital weapons systems? What if Globohomo realizes it can’t afford to lose even a single aircraft carrier to hypersonic missiles? It was no coincidence that China wasted no time in sabre-rattling over Taiwan after Kabul fell.

We could be seeing not just the end of Globohomo’s ability to trick good men into bleeding for it on the battlefield, but also its ability to maintain effective nuclear deterrence. If so, we could soon be back in the era of grand battles and total wars, whether Globohomo wants them or not. In such a paradigm, an MMD — especially one in which the decay is as advanced as it is in NATO — can be humiliated by anyone who retains real fighting expertise. And if the Taliban are an embarrassment to America, they are mere goblins compared to the Russian bear and Chinese dragon.

This road may have led us to Kabul, but the journey is far from over — and that’s a good thing. The more that the occupation regime is ritualistically humiliated abroad, the less likely it will tyrannize us at home.

In closing, I had a friend and comrade in the nationalist struggle who served for twenty years in the US Marines as a sniper. He passed suddenly afterwards from a health problem. He spent a good chunk of those twenty years in what I call the Twenty Years’ War. He loved being a Marine, but hated being in the Marine Corps — and for good reason. I dedicate this article to him, because he is undoubtedly having a good laugh with Chesty Puller in the Elysium Fields.

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