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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 364
Richard Houck’s Anarcho-Tyranny 2020 & Beyond — Now in Audio!

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Richard Houck’s three-part series, “Anarcho-Tyranny 2020 & Beyond: The Age of COVID-19, BLM, & Apex Parasites” is now available in audio format, read by Gaddius Maximus. Topics include how the absurdities of the COVID-19 lockdowns, which disproportionately target law-abiding whites, reflect the accelerating growth of anarcho-tyranny in Western societies; the hefty toll that the double standards of an elite that simultaneously encourages mass rioting and violence in opposition to whites while holding whites responsible for all evil, including COVID-19, have taken on the US; and how big business and crime have taken advantage of the convergence of catastrophes between COVID-19, globalism, and BLM to further their war on white America.

To listen in a player, simply click the linked chapter. To download, right-click the link and click “save as.”

Part I: COVID-19 (audio here [2], text here [3]) 19:25

Part II: BLM (audio here [4], text here [5]) 28:23

Part III: Apex Parasites (audio here [6], text here [7]) 24:04

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