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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 363
Should We “Trust the Science”?


Ignaz Semmelweiss

149 words / 2:02:20

On this episode of Counter-Currents Radio, the regular roundtable of Greg Johnson, Millennial Woes, and Fróði Midjord discuss current events and answer listener questions. Topics discussed include:

00:01:30 The Great Debate
00:05:30 Thanking donors
00:10:00 Should we “trust the science”?
00:59:00 Does American politics swing from Left to Right?
01:06:00 Scientists and objectivity
01:13:00 The decline of the White American population
01:23:00 When and where were you the happiest?
01:30:00 Deborah Lipstadt
01:34:00 The women in Aghanistan
01:42:00 Donating sperm?
01:50:00 What could have been if we didn’t spend money on foreign wars

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Note: There are some audio problems from about 01:22:00 caused by Internet connection issues.

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