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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 365
Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson, & Jim Goad on the Great Debate


Jared Taylor

158 words / 1:59:07

On this episode of Counter-Currents Radio, Jared Taylor and Jim Goad join Greg Johnson to discuss Jared’s epic debate about race realism with E. Michael Jones. Topics discussed include:

00:01:30 Who won the Great Debate?
00:04:00 E. Michael Jones’s arguments
00:17:00 The William F. Buckley of race realism
00:21:00 Christian universalism
00:29:30 Has Jared Taylor reconsidered any position after the debate?
00:33:00 What did Jared Taylor learn from EMJ?
00:37:30 Race and ethnicity
00:44:15 Why do white people oppose white nationalism?
01:00:30 Jim Goad comments on the debate
01:08:00 Explaining the race gap
01:10:00 The upcoming Amren conference
01:14:00 Jones’s debate style
01:21:30 Jim Goad’s theory about E. Michael Jones
01:30:00 It’s race, not religion
01:35:00 Secession
01:40:00 Do we have to discard Christianity?
01:46:00 Your greatest extravagance
01:49:00 Qualities that you respect in men and women
01:53:00 Coming up next

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