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Anarcho-Tyranny 2020 & Beyond, Part III:
The Age of COVID-19, BLM, & Apex Parasites


Black Lives Matter Plaza, Washington, DC

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Part 3 of 3 (Part I here [2], Part II here [3])

Part III: Apex Parasites

While Americans were out of work in incredible numbers, terribly behind on rent and mortgage payments, committing suicide, and losing their businesses, Congress held a group therapy session where they could regale us all with tall tales of how they “almost died” during the Capitol protests on January 6, 2021.[1] [4] Time and time again, the current “elites” (I hate the term, as they are anything but elite in the proper sense, but they hold power in today’s social structure) of this country have shown nothing but outright disdain for normal white people.

We cannot forget that a little over two years ago, during the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh, liberal protestors also “stormed” the Capitol building and protested outside of Senate offices and in the main rotunda.[2] [5] Around 120 people were arrested for being in the building. They were not called domestic terrorists or insurgents by the media and elected officials; far from it. They were often cheered on as heroes of democracy. There was not a nationwide manhunt for those who attended the Kavanaugh protests, either. Some were arrested, the crowds were dispersed, and that was the end of the ordeal.

Similarly, during the BLM riots in Washington, DC, Trump and his family were taken to a bunker underneath the White House as rioters protested outside.[3] [6] Nobody called for them to be rounded up and thrown in Gitmo. Endless statements like “riots are the language of the oppressed” and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks that the point of protests is to make others uncomfortable only applied in one direction.

Elected officials are indeed concerned with a great number of things that have nothing to do with helping normal Americans. Both sides of the aisle are mostly concerned with giving American tax dollars away to foreigners. Nancy Pelosi proposed $300 million for foreign refugees, while Marco Rubio proposed a GOP bill that would give checks to illegal alien families in the United States. Dual citizens who do not live in the United States were also able to receive checks from the US government, which to me was stunning given the current financial situation.[4] [7] The aid package that ended up being passed included hundreds of millions of dollars going overseas to various governments and foreign nationals. Bailout money for bankers can be authorized in hours, but people whose jobs were destroyed by a combination of open borders and lockdowns were stuck in limbo for months, waiting in the hope of getting a few crumbs. And as states of emergency were being declared, the House found time to pass yet another Holocaust education bill that included millions in dollars of funding.[5] [8]

While tens of thousands of racial aliens pour into the US weekly, the Biden administration is set to probe immigration agents for “white supremacist” views[6] [9] — again, showing the world how an occupation government operates. It feels as if the aliens are the ones in charge of this country — because they are.

Meghan McCain, the daughter of a career open-borders advocate and warmonger for Judea, said the January 6 protesters should be sent to Guantanamo Bay. The McCain child called the protestors who were rightfully upset about a very absurd election domestic terrorists, and stated that they should be treated the same way the US treats Al-Qaeda.[7] [10] Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC suggested on live television that people who believe the 2020 election was fraudulent and that the COVID-19 lockdowns have gone too far might be terrorists and need to be killed.[8] [11] Former CIA director John Brennan echoed these sentiments, comparing white people who do not believe exactly what they are told to believe to Al-Qaeda.[9] [12] Jewish United States Attorney General Merrick Garland told Congress that white supremacy and white supremacists are a growing threat, and “the most dangerous threat to our democracy.”[10] [13]

White Americans have been called insurgents quite a lot as of late, and it’s made me wonder, beyond the obvious attempt to dehumanize us as a whole, if the main issue with these alleged terrorists is that they are simply normal people who don’t want to be ruled by elite freaks who show nothing but total contempt for them. I guess I would have to agree with Merrick Garland: If not for white men fed up with this circus, who else would pose any real threat to their democracy? They have made their democracy explicitly anti-white. Naturally, whites would oppose it with the most fervor and religious devotion.

Less than a month after the DC protests took place, an unexpected admission in Time was published: “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.”[11] [14] It confirmed a story that many had suspected: A cabal of Jews, led by Mike Podhorzer, had been working in the shadows, spending tremendous sums of money to ensure that Trump would lose the election. They openly admitted to censorship on social media platforms, changing laws in the days leading to the election, recruiting an “army” of poll workers, and massively expanding mail-in voting. Put another way, they loosened laws surrounding election integrity, silenced those who spoke out about the issue, ensured that a huge number of ballots were in circulation, and then had their chosen people working the polls and processing the ballots. Not that the article made any difference, however. It was more of a victory lap than anything.

Data on those who were arrested as a result of the January 6 protest reveals they were mostly normal working-class people. A Washington Post analysis found a good portion of those arrested had some history of financial struggles, unpaid taxes, foreclosures, bad debts, and so on. What this says to me is that normal Americans, most of whom were white, who go to work every day and still are struggling to make it were not the violent insurrectionists they are claimed to be. Rather, they are everyday Americans with legitimate grievances that they may have struggled to articulate or even fully understand.[12] [15]

BLM and Antifa types were permitted to riot for over six months, cause billions in damage, and be referred to as “mostly peaceful” while being granted total support. A few people walking around the Capitol building for a couple of hours while taking some tourists photos, a few of whom may have gotten a bit rowdy and broke a window or two, were called terrorists and received total government and media condemnation. The protesters are still in the process of being jailed and having their lives ruined for what amounted to a brief, unscheduled, after-hours tour of the Capitol building.

The media machine, in conjunction with the highest levels of government, are conspiring to create an incredibly dangerous space for whites, and articles like “Whiteness is a Pandemic” are being published and promoted, and the CDC is blaming whites for blacks’ health problems,[13] [16]  while the FBI and the President are declaring white supremacy to be a national terror threat akin to ISIS. It’s not much of a logical leap to see where this all goes: White people merely existing is white supremacy, white supremacy is terrorism, and you already know how the United States government deals extrajudicially with those it arbitrarily deems to be terrorists. There are now books and articles which argue white people wanting to date other whites is racist. Soon we will be declared terrorists and enemies of the state for not wanting to have sex with non-whites.[14] [17]

While these absurdities waltz through the media and halls of power, back in the real world, white people are being burned alive in the United States by black teenagers, and this is getting almost no media coverage at all. Certainly no outrage.[15] [18]

During the past year, billionaires such as Bill Gates, who advocated for continued lockdowns for small businesses, saw their wealth increase by tremendous amounts, while the middle class has been hollowed out even more than it already was.[16] [19] I say small businesses because these are in essence the only people these lockdowns have applied to and affected. Big-box stores, due to their high square footage, are simply posting signs that say “maximum occupancy 900.” This of course does not affect their usual day’s business. Contrast this with a smaller store or restaurant that is forced to operate at 50% capacity maximum; they, at best, will see 50% of their gross sales, perhaps destroying any of their net profits, while big-box stores can operate at ordinary capacity. In 2020, over 110,000 restaurants closed permanently. An entire sector is being wiped out due to government policies that are questionable, at best.[17] [20]

As the middle class continued to shrink, a few wealthy parasites at the top saw incredible gains in their fortunes. Although this trend has been going on for decades, COVID-19 lockdowns and civil unrest through 2020 accelerated this trend and brought it further to light.[18] [21] A tremendous number of small businesses went under, incomes stagnated compared to company profits and economic growth, and large companies saw massive gains in income and profits, all as the cost of living continued to rise. The same factors that are contributing to the increased cost of living are also contributing to working-class wage stagnation, and are the same things that politicians and large businesses push for: things such as predatory mass migration and bailouts for themselves at taxpayer expense. While it has become clear that wages are being suppressed and nowhere near keeping up with economic growth or the rising cost of living, media elites took to their platforms to once again kick the people while they were down. The Hill published a piece titled “Coronavirus reveals financial irresponsibility of Americans.”[19] [22] Nobody asked the government to engage in such reckless disregard for its duty that it would cause an unprecedented chain reaction that would devastate people. These are not the policies favored by the average American, but of the hostile elites who loathe us. For a brief moment, I wondered why The Hill and other rags did not publish pieces such as “Covid-19 and Game Stop have revealed the financial irresponsibility of hedge fund managers,” or “Why do foreign nations deserve American tax dollars during Covid-19?” Then of course I caught myself, knowing exactly why they don’t use their positions to attack their friends and family.

The Game Stop stock incident of 2021 was quite revealing on many fronts. For one, it showed how different people attack the system. The Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the 99%, and Occupy Wall Street method of burning down corner stores and smashing windows contrasted with the proper method: attacking those who truly deserve it and where they feel it most. A man named Keith Gill, who went by the handle DeepFuckingValue online, noticed that the Game Stop stock was being heavily shorted by hedge funds, one in particular called Melvin Capital, and Mr. Gill bet against the hedgies. Gill bet on Game Stop due to what he believed to be strong indicators in the company’s financial reports. After a social media and Reddit run, a number of ordinary people essentially formed a quasi-crowd-sourced hedge fund, bet against Wall Street, and won.

As this was unfolding, billionaire hedge funders went on TV, some actually in tears, saying how deeply unfair all this was. These faux elites speculate with currency and manipulate markets and they truly produce nothing of value for anybody, but they were deeply troubled that somebody was able to win a small battle in the war they have been waging against working-class Americans for a century or more.[20] [23] Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve, and now the US Secretary of the Treasury, is convening heads of the finance industry to sort out what happened and ostensibly to ensure it does not happen again. Various brokerage firms and trading apps prevented people from trading in Game Stop and AMC stock to give their friends a break as they were being eaten alive on their short positions. What happened was clear to see: It’s okay for hedgies to manipulate the market with their buddies, and it’s okay for a pharmaceutical company to have $3 in a product or stock and then sell it for extreme profits, but the average person cannot make money using the same rules, because the rules were always meant to be different for them.

We have a hostile parasitic overclass that produces nothing. They shuffle currency, speculate, and sell ads on social media platforms. Nevertheless, they continue to destroy and beg for more money as white, middle-class Americans are stuck in the middle. As my friend Karl noted, we are forced to pay for the basic living expenses of the lower classes while the upper class gets to reap the benefits of the cheap labor and their consumption.

There’s a story I’ve been thinking about a lot as of late. A friend of a friend saved up money for years working as a bartender. He always wanted to own a bar. Finally, after years, he had enough to open a bar of his own that included a kitchen. It was a nice little place with good music, a chill crowd, and great food – it was a bit like going back in time. Anyway, the COVID lockdowns hit and they were forced to close. When the bar was allowed to reopen months later, it was at 50% capacity, maximum. Then, both the state and city issued a 10 PM curfew, that finally finished off the business. Federal and state relief was way too little, too late. There are over so many stories like this from the past eighteen months.

The crux of anarcho-tyranny is that criminals are allowed to commit crimes and operate freely, for the most part, while the innocent are forced to live among them, as the law does little to protect them. Even worse, laws are put in place to prevent good people from doing bad things to those who rightfully deserve their comeuppance. In essence, society has been reorganized in to be as worthy of state protection as those who might rightfully wish to protect themselves from them.

The stories of those caught in this web of anarcho-tyranny are nearly endless.

In Michigan, a woman who runs an animal shelter was arrested and several of her animals killed, including a blind pet raccoon, an injured baby deer, and a one-legged pigeon. Her “crime” was operating without a permit. This kind woman lost animals she cared for at the behest of state officials for the crime of not having filed paperwork properly and paid the requisite fee, which would have made her endeavor legal.[21] [24]

In Galveston, Texas, after mask mandates were lifted by the Governor, a 65-year-old woman went into a bank without a mask. After the bank employees told her to put one on, she refused and demanded the money held in her deposit account. As a result, they called the police on her. Instead of simply giving the woman her money, they decided to make an example of her. She remained in the lobby until the police arrived, who then arrested her. This was after the mask mandates had been revoked by the state. The police told the woman that since it was a “private business,” the bank could order customers to wear masks –  which, from a legal standpoint, is egregious in ways that are hard to fully articulate. For one, the idea of a “private business” being able to do whatever it wants is absurd on its face, post-Civil Rights legislation. Banks are subject to a litany of laws and regulations, yet when it comes to harassing a customer who has entrusted her property to the bank, they are now given tremendous latitude to make policy on a whim. The police, instead of siding with the woman as they should, sided with the mask-tyrants as they get off on their petty abuses.[22] [25]

In the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, BLM protesters began blocking traffic at intersections, naturally causing traffic jams. At one of them, an older white gentleman confronted the protesters, clearly suffering from negro-fatigue as many are many of us, yelling at them to get out of the road. As usual, the video went viral and the white man was demonized. What was notable to me was seeing the police on the scene, who were clearly more upset with the white man simply trying to get wherever he was going than they were over the fact of traffic being illegally stopped. The police were on the scene, all right, but they were there to protect the protesters from anybody who might want to open the streets back up, not the other way around.[23] [26]

Another exceedingly egregious example of how the law is now being used to protect criminals comes from a suburban neighborhood in Columbia, South Carolina. Again, a viral video shows a black man and a white man in conflict. The white man is US Army Drill Instructor Jonathan Pentland, who was in his front yard confronting a black man, Deandre Williams, after a white girl asked Pentland for help due to some problem she was having with Williams. Pentland finally told Williams to leave the neighborhood and pushed him. Video of the push went viral. A mob soon formed outside of Pentland’s house and protested for hours. The prevailing narrative was that Pentland had been harassing Williams for walking through a neighborhood where he lived. But as it turns out, Williams did not live in the neighborhood, and had been recently charged with animal cruelty and trespassing. Further, in the preceding week, two criminal incidents had occurred in the same neighborhood: an attempted sexual assault and an attempted child abduction, both of which were perpetrated by black men. This didn’t stop the local Sherriff from going on television to condemn Pentland without providing any context or details other than a false BLM-constructed narrative which claimed that a white man was assaulting an innocent black man simply walking through his neighborhood. Pentland has been charged with assault and suspended from the military while an investigation is being conducted.[24] [27]

Republicans ordering lockdowns and issuing mask mandates, despite those who elected them being against both, is telling not only about the GOP, but about how power operates in general. Despite the majority of Republican voters being opposed to these policies, lockdowns and mask requirements were foisted upon them all the same by the very people they had elected. Mike DeWine, the Republican Governor of Ohio, announced a “vaccine lottery” of sorts, where each week a vaccinated citizen will be selected to win a million dollars — the prize money coming from COVID relief funding that should be used to help those businesses that DeWine and Amy Acton had ruined through their absurd lockdown policies.[25] [28]


Telling this story – the real story – from our perspective is important. If we don’t, the history of this time will be written by mentally ill people who fully believed every lie told by the press.[26] [29] There are many among us who were perfectly content – perhaps even happier – when our society was turned into a massive TSA checkpoint. We cannot let them win.

If there is any silver lining to all of this, it may be that so many people have been so egregiously affected by these policies that many will be looking for answers about how they came about. Others will simply want to opt out of society to the best of their abilities. Most will simply try to accommodate their deteriorating conditions as every aspect of daily life becomes more hostile to them. A rare few will instead work to replace the current parasitic elite class and restore order once again. There is no guarantee of success, and the cost of failure looms far larger than simply keeping your head down and going quietly along with hostile enemy’s plans. Nevertheless, I see no other option than to pursue this path.

If nothing changes, the next generation will be born into a society filled with BLM murals and constant attacks on white society, and they will believe that this has always been the norm. Things will continue to get worse, but it will be slowly enough that only the most perceptive will realize it as they look back over the preceding generations.

We have to expect things to get worse. The direction the current elites are taking us in is slowly being revealed in their language and actions. The World Economic Forum is painting dystopian pictures of a society where nobody owns anything, has no privacy, and has zero control or power over the smallest aspects of their personal lives. A blog post of theirs titled “Welcome to 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy, and Life Has Never Been Better” should be read by all.[27] [30]

Massive government-backed investment firms are buying single-family houses at an incredible rate, compounding a housing shortage caused by an exodus from the cities and certain states, such as California.[28] [31] Several articles have already been written to condition the masses into accepting a new reality in American life, such as The Atlantic’s “BlackRock is Not Ruining the U.S. Housing Market” and “Renting Is Terrible. Owning Is Worse.”[29] [32] One begins to wonder how large the check sent from BlackRock to The Atlantic happened to be? Bloomberg suggests that “America Should Become a Nation of Renters,” echoing the same theme.[30] [33]

Homeownership is becoming more difficult and expensive relative to real wages, while riots and crime are causing an exodus from urban areas into suburban and rural ones. Not only have the elites caused these problems, but they are also participating in the market squeeze to leave many of us with fewer and fewer safe and affordable housing options. There are perhaps some upsides to not owning a house: Your capital is more liquid, if that matters to you, and if your neighborhood starts to trend downward (more diverse), you can move easily – in theory, anyway. Generally speaking, renting causes more transiency, lowers social capital, and fosters more crime. Those who own thousands of houses across the nation will effectively be able to racially and socially engineer any enclave they wish, in any zip code, making it more difficult for ordinary people to escape diversity.

We are under constant threat and attack from all sides: there are parasites below and parasites above us. We have a media ensuring that we are hated, and a government  that uses its full power to ensure we have nowhere to escape. The current “elites” aren’t going to let up. Nobody has ever given up power willingly.

As things currently stand, opposing any of this feels like a suicide mission. Most people are simply trying to stay out of the beast’s clutches, moving to the next “good school district” and scurrying about in the rat race in the hope that a few dollars more might provide better insulation from what we all see coming.

I firmly believe the only way to ever stand against this juggernaut of a golem that has been summoned against us will be to become the new elite ourselves, asserting our place in history and taking back everything we have lost – plus interest.

*  *  *

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