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The Worst Week Yet:
July 11-17, 2021


Late incel of color, Elliot Rodger

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What Are the Odds? Two Kenyan Pedophile Serial Killers Named “Wanjala” Arrested in the Same Week

A mere one in every 361 [2] Kenyans has the surname “Wanjala,” so it is a matter of shock and awe that last week, two different young male pedophile serial killers in Kenya with that last name were arrested and confessed to their crimes.

Twenty-year-old Masten Milimo Wanjala [3] has the higher kill count — he left ten prepubescent bodies, both male and female, strewn in bushes near maize plantations and in open sewage pipes near Nairobi during a five-year spree. He would kidnap the children and attempt to get ransom money from their parents to the tune of about $275-$445 before killing them.

A rudimentary review of accounts from Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations [4] (DCI) reveals to my delight that whoever writes their press releases is perhaps the finest and most thrilling true-crime writer currently workin’ the beat on this big blue marble. The (DCI) describes Masten Wanjala’s case thusly:

Masten Milimo Wanjala, the bloodthirsty vampire arrested earlier today is responsible for at least ten cold-blooded murders of innocent children, as our detectives have finally established. Wanjala single-handedly massacred his victims in the most callous manner, sometimes through sucking blood from their veins before executing them. The 20-year-old beast has for the past five years left families distraught and in anguish, clinging on the hope of finally reuniting with their children. . . . In a nerve-wracking blow-by-blow account, the murderer recounted harrowing details of how he lured victims to his killer jaws before squeezing dear life out of the innocent children. . . . The vampire has been on a killing spree targeting children between the ages of 12 and 13 years. . . . The vicious cold-blooded killer lured two boys from Kitengela & Mlolongo to their deathtrap, before being strangled and their bodies dumped in a sewer line. The murderer who is unapologetic over his actions told detectives that he derived a lot of pleasure from killing his victims.

The DCI’s account explained that “all the murder victims were stupefied using a white substance in powder and liquid form, which the victims were either forced to drink or sprayed with before being executed.”

The other pedophilic serial-killing Wanjala — Evans Juma Wanjala [5] — is much darker-skinned and, judging from the photo the news accounts are using, appears to be more remorseful than Masten Milimo Wanjala. Then again, I could be reading more into the picture than necessary. Perhaps he’s simply a more contemplative soul.

Evans Wanjala, described merely as “youthful [6]” without an exact age being provided, has confessed to slaying five girls between the ages of 12 and 15 from December 31, 2019 to June 15 of this year. Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations’ Twitter [7] account wrote this about the case:

A serial killer who has brutally murdered five young girls after assaulting and defiling them, is currently in our custody. The suspect, Evans Juma Wanjala who procured the heinous murders between December 31, 2019 and June 15, 2021, first defiled his victims before strangling them to death. The minors all aged between the age of 10 and 15 were lured by the suspect from different locations within Moi’s Bridge in Uasin-Gishu county, before being taken to secluded areas where he defiled and strangled them. . . . In a chilling confession by the killer who took detectives on a re-enactment of how he executed his ghastly missions, he gave a blow-by-blow account of how he took away the lives of Linda Cherono, 13, Mary Elusa, 14, Grace Njeri, 12, Stacy Nabiso, 10 and Lucy Wanjiru, 15, after defiling them. . . . The pedophile led detectives to the scene of every murder that he had committed, where charred remains of the murdered minors had earlier been recovered. . . . The modus operandi of the pedophile was replicated in all the other four murders where the victims were first defiled before being strangled to death and left in the bushes to be devoured by wild beasts. In two such instances, the lifeless bodies of the victims were stashed in gunny-bags covered with vegetables and left to rot away in the bushes.

Top-notch stuff right there. Extra points for using the word “defiled.” Just as I’ll assume that anyone who’s not disgruntled is “gruntled,” I’m going to go out on a limb and declare that any young Kenyan girls who have yet to be raped and murdered by pedophile killers named Wanjala can fairly be described as “filed.”

Incels May Be Hateful, But at Least They’re Multiracial!

There are two types of people in the world: those who say that every cloud has a silver lining, and the killjoys who point out that this implies every silver lining has a cloud.

Anyone remotely familiar with me knows that I try to see the good in everything and am tickled pink when I find kindred souls. A recent essay in the Conversation [8] found the silver lining in the cloud that is the dark and stormy world of inceldom — they’re not all white guys!

“Incels are surprisingly diverse but united by hate,” reads the oddly hopeful headline. Amid a brief overview of the strange little online community of dorks who blame Tinder and feminism for the fact that they have no game with women and who seem deluded enough to think they can build a viable political movement on not being able to score comes the revelation that nonwhites may actually be over-represented among incels. It cites a 2019 Reddit survey [9] that says only 55% of incels who identified their race claimed to be white and concludes:

Many white incels actively promote white [10] nationalism [11]. These incels are angry about interracial relationships, diversity programs and immigration. Surprisingly, some white nationalist incels believe they should remain celibate [12] as they see themselves as too inferior to contribute to the white race. . . . While it is easy to think of incels as uneducated, bitter white supremacists, they are drawn from surprisingly diverse backgrounds. . . . On incel forums, avowed white nationalists converse with men of colour, uniting against feminism and bonding over their hatred of women. Despite their differences, incels see women as selfish [13]uncaring [14] and animalistic [15]. . . . Incels are diverse, but are united by their misogyny.

This brief glimpse of interracial misogynistic unity didn’t sit well with author Michael Halpin, who felt compelled to note some of the schisms with the Rainbow He-Man Woman-Haters’ Club. He pointed out the “racist” terms that white incels use for nonwhites who are able to lure women into their boudoirs: Whereas white studs are referred to as “Chads,” Blacks are disparaged as “Tyrones,” Chinks as “Changs,” and Arabs as “Chaddums.” In retaliation, nonwhite incels refer to the West’s white-supremacist infrastructure as proof that every white man is able to get laid except for the ugly and awkward guys who couldn’t figure out how to get laid if their lives depended on it.

As someone who “doesn’t see color” and disavows all forms of racial discrimination, I think “ugly and awkward guys who couldn’t figure out how to get laid if their lives depended on it” fairly sums up incels of all ethnicities.


You can buy Jim Goad’s Whiteness: The Original Sin here [17].

Gaslighting Critics of CRT While Screaming, “Let them DIE!”

I would like — hell, I’d even admire — the modern Left if they were simply honest and said, “White people, we want you killed, and we’re reasonably comfortable with our grip on power at the point to where we don’t even have to lie about it anymore.”

But just like those who say “white genocide” is a myth while they openly applaud declining white demographic stats, people who say the dangers of Critical Race Theory is not a full-bore assault on white people get applauded when wishing that CRT’s critics would just up ’n’ die.

I can’t imagine any white man being named “Leonard Pitts, Jr.” I can imagine a white man, by some stroke of misfortune, being named “Leonard Pitts,” but I can’t picture such a man thinking, “There needs to be another ‘Leonard Pitts,’ because one clearly isn’t enough.”

Leonard Pitts, Jr. [18] is a black man in his sixties who claims to have been writing about race for the past 40 years from inside the belly of a white-supremacist beast that somehow syndicates his columns where he calls white people stupid. In a recent piece on the white backlash against Critical Race Theory, he fraudulently claims that “It is taught, if at all, in law school — not high school” and then acts as if white people are simply paranoid at the thought of losing power, all while he exults at the thought of them losing power:

They fear nothing quite so much as the loss of whiteness and its privileges. . . . It is this year’s War on Christmas. It’s sharia law, gay wedding cake, and New Black Panthers. Which is to say, it is this year’s spur by which the white right, more easily stampeded than a herd of cattle by a lightning strike, is prodded to feel resentful, frightened and besieged . . . the gullibility and stupidity of those who let them get away with it, who fall for the same tired okey-doke, season after season, year after year, generation after generation.

In a similarly gaslighting manner, the useful idiots at CNN [19] describe a “critical race theory panic” that “has White people afraid that they might be complicit in racism.” It quotes a hijab-clad black woman named Keziah Ridgeway [20] who “says she’s the only teacher she knows in Philadelphia who teaches critical race theory in public high school — and she teaches it in her anthropology class” and who justifies the widespread teaching of CRT which she just denied is taught in a widespread manner:

“Can you imagine in Germany, them banning teaching about the Holocaust?”

I’m not sure “imagine” is the proper word here. Perhaps “dream” is a better choice?

Then, just when it seems as if enough damage control had been done to quell whites’ concerns about this anti-white rhetoric that is rapidly infecting our major institutions, an obese black woman with an ass the size of a wrecking ball [21] gives a “fiery speech [22]” in Virginia where a mostly white crowd applauds her wish that any white people who stand in the way of CRT should die:

Let’s deny this off-key band of people that are anti-education, anti-teacher, anti-equity, anti-history, anti-racial reckoning, anti-opportunities, anti-help people, anti-diversity, anti-science, anti-change agent, anti-social justice, anti-health care, anti-worker, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-children, anti-health care, anti-worker, anti-environment, anti-admissions policy change, anti-inclusion, anti-live and let live — let them die!”

When confronted about her genocidal wish, NAACP leader Michelle Leete backtracked a tiny bit, which is a tricky feat when you’re that fat: “I will certainly admit, it was ineloquently stated and with a pause for the applause, the timing was off.”

“The timing was off.” I like that excuse. Maybe Derek Chauvin should have used it.

White People Attacked for Providing Warmth to Nonwhites

Has it ever occurred to the people who never shut up about white people that it may finally backfire on them and that white people will suddenly start talking about being white?

There was a cornucopia of anti-whitardation to report on this week: a very short poem, with footnotes mind you, in the Boston Review [23] called “sometimes i want to give God all the glory, but then i remember that he’s a white man too”; an opinion piece on healthline.com that for some reason was “medically reviewed” called “A Savior No One Needs: Unpacking and Overcoming the White Savior Complex [24]” by a mentally ill white woman who somehow seems to think she’s less disgusting than white saviors by attacking white saviors for being “racist”; and a lawsuit that accuses an actor in a goofy costume at Universal Orlando for racially traumatizing two young girls by making the “white-power ‘OK’ gesture [25]” — but I fear that if I were to do a journalistic deep-dive into each of those stories, my head may finally pop off my neck due to frustration, which would be a medical emergency that as a freelance writer I cannot afford to risk at this juncture.

Instead, I’ll focus my steely blue eyes on an article in Nature [26] — which, one might presume, would focus on the natural world around us rather than on the psychologically abnormal idea that white people actually confine nonwhites into warmer neighborhoods because they wish to burn them to death.

“Racism is magnifying the deadly impact of rising city heat” barks Alexandra Witze [27], while apparently expecting us not to howl with laughter:

Asphalt, concrete and other surfaces that absorb and emit heat make many urban environments much hotter than suburban or rural areas. . . extreme heat takes a disproportionate toll on people of colour and those in lower-income communities. Racist urban policies, particularly in the United States, have left communities of colour at higher risk of heat-related illness or death than their white neighbours. . . . In 97% of the cities, communities of colour were exposed to temperatures a full degree celsius [sic] higher, on average, than communities composed mostly of non-Hispanic white people.

She even claims that heat is deadlier than “cold spells.” Is that true?

Not according to a 2015 study [28] published in the British journal the Lancet, which analyzed temperature-related deaths in “13 countries between 1985 and 2012” and found that “5.4 million deaths were related to cold, while 311,000 were related to heat.”

An article published by UPI [29] last year cited a study in Illinois that reviewed data on temperature-related deaths from 2011 to 2018: “there were 1,935 cold-related deaths and 70 heat-related ones.”

When a self-hating white person needs to turn reality upside-down in order to blame white people for inventing air-conditioning [30] and central heating [31] in order to make nonwhites more comfortable than they’d ordinarily be if left to their own devices and stranded in their own baking-hot equatorial and tropical environments, white people of sound mind and healthy self-esteem need to start blaming self-hating white people for everything.

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