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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 358
Greg Johnson, Millennial Woes, & Fróði Midjord

[1]160 words / 2:08:29

On this episode of Counter-Currents Radio, the regular roundtable of Greg Johnson, Millennial Woes, and Fróði Midjord discuss current events and answer listener questions. Topics discussed include:

00:00:00 Quitting the WN movement
00:28:00 Writers who died too young
00:32:00 Why is the Left pushing LGBT?
00:45:30 Advice for young men and women
00:58:30 South Africa
01:02:00 Derek Black
01:04:30 Bill Regnery
01:12:30 BlackPilled and Atheism is Unstoppable
01:19:30 Favorite film scores/composers
01:25:00 “Best” songwriter you don’t enjoy
01:30:00 Place you want to visit in South America
01:33:00 Qualities in colleagues
01:40:00 Inflation
01:45:00 To what extend should we protect free speech?

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