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Anarcho-Tyranny 2020 & Beyond, Part I:
The Age of COVID-19, BLM, & Apex Parasites

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Part 1 of 3 (Part II here [2])

Part I: COVID-19

Not long after 2020 began, most of our lives were deeply disrupted. I had been following rumblings from China about a fast-spreading and potentially lethal virus for over a month before the first case was announced in the United States in late January. Several weeks after that, my last semester of law school was cut short by an early Spring Break in early March, and then a move to virtual classes for the remainder of the term.

Writing over a year after the initial (and official) outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, much surrounding the virus remains unclear. Little doubt remains that avoiding an actual pandemic was not so much a function of lockdowns and masks, but mostly because the virus itself is simply not the devastating pathogen it was purported to be. Some may cite death tolls and infections as evidence of mass death and a proper pandemic, but I’m not convinced. The incredible politicization of the entire ordeal opened up much space for distorting the cause of death and the number of infected. This, combined with contradictory information about the testing methods, has pushed me far into the realm of skepticism. All the same, much of the world, and this country in particular, was thrust to the edge of a certain type of chaos.

As James Burnham’s concept of a managerial society influenced Sam Francis’ worldview, I believe anarcho-tyranny, a concept first posited by Francis, influences the worldview of many present-day traditionalists and those too far right to be labeled “conservative.” The concept has had a tremendous effect on my own worldview and writings and is one of the most clear-cut explanations of our present quagmire. We are stuck between two hostile groups, where both are allowed to attack and exploit. Mounting any defense against their attacks has been declared to be akin to terrorism.

What happened in 2020 was not a total breakdown of society or any institutional collapse, but something perhaps worse in some ways: a sort of anarcho-tyranny and quasi-legitimacy that had already been brewing was further fermented. There are still rules and mores and laws, but they only apply some of the time and to some of the people. These rules and mores are ever-changing. While it appears to be acceptable for hedge-fund executives to manipulate the value of a brand or industry, it appears just as unacceptable for normal people to decide whether the value of something should be more or less. And while is acceptable for blacks to classify their own failures as oppression and demand compensation from whites, those who disagree will be attacked and their lives and businesses will be ruined.

Examples of blatant contradictions, double standards, and two-tiered legal systems, along with those of an enemy media and political class that upholds them, were legion throughout 2020 and continue today. They will likely continue for some time–until they are stopped. COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter narratives and riots, and the openly hostile posture that our “elites” have taken are three areas that can be examined to reveal the true workings of how our current systems of power operate. Although hypocrisy and incompetence can be widely found, I do not consider either to be the heart of the issue; this is all by design.

Early in the days of COVID-19, various policies were enacted by governors and mayors that created a patchwork of varying rules American citizens were compelled to follow. Quarantines, lockdowns, and “shelter in place” orders were issued on pain of fines or even arrest. Many states commanded that all “non-essential” businesses had to close, and the essential businesses that remained open were given restrictions that were often extreme.

The effect all of this had on small businesses in many communities, including mine, was cataclysmic. Businesses with fewer than twenty employees make up 18% of the working population; this therefore led to unprecedented unemployment at a high of 14.8% in April of 2020, with certain industries reaching nearly 40% unemployment, particularly the hospitality industry (primarily restaurants and bars).[1] [3]

In Ohio, bars were ordered to close for several months; restaurants could open for takeout only. When bars and dining rooms were finally allowed to re-open, they were limited to 50% of capacity. Following this, some cities ordered a liquor curfew of varying hours at some time from 10 PM to midnight. Finally, the governor ordered a statewide curfew of 10 PM for all residents.

When the initial lockdown order was issued in my state, I was personally outraged. The governor–a weak, decrepit-looking creature reminiscent of an insect or perhaps a goblin– went on television while standing next to Amy Acton, the Jewish Health Department Director, to order us not to leave our homes, not even for exercise, while threatening us with fines or arrest for disobeying.[2] [4]

The sight was preposterous. I took it as a personal affront. Why is a pathetic creature ordering healthy young men to sit at home in the springtime? I can imagine the similar rage felt by citizens of Pennsylvania when Health Secretary Rachel Levine, a Jewish trans-woman who looks exactly like a man in a wig wearing makeup, ordered them to stay at home. Very sickly-looking people with obvious mental pathologies having the final say on what normal, healthy people can do has to be a sign of a profoundly sick society–a society infected with late-stage Judaism. The current CDC director, Rochelle Walensky, and her Deputy Director, Anne Schuchat, are both Jewish, support continued lockdowns and mask mandates.[3] [5] A Jewish judge in Florida has suspended parental timesharing arrangements after it was alleged that some parents were not fully following mask guidelines.[4] [6] This is notable for many reasons, one being that a small group of people–ethnic Jews–not only managed to obtain positions of power, but are using that power to move society in a particular direction. In our case, we see prominent Jews imposing destructive policies upon Americans that are at fundamental odds with our historic way of life, both as Americans and more broadly as Europeans.

As the Jewish CDC orders masks and lockdowns, Walensky is also calling “racism” a serious health threat. That’s right: the highest echelons of government are naming those who simply prefer their own kind as a serious public health threat. Because blacks make poor health choices, it is somehow the fault and responsibility of whites who would rather have nothing to do with them–and now they are being taxed $2.5 billion per year to “address” this “issue.”[5] [7] Time and time again, whites are blamed and disparaged in the media and by the government itself.

In some cities, lockdowns reached truly absurd proportions. Parks were closed, gates were chained shut, and in Venice Beach, the city poured tons of sand into outdoor skateparks to prevent people from going outside.[6] [8]

All over Canada, the US, and Europe, people were fined and arrested for violating the myriad of orders that were issued. I probably saw at least one example per day of tremendously authoritarian measures being taken against normal people–usually white people–for alleged violations:

There has been little to no evidence brought forth concerning the efficacy of either masks or the various lockdown rules that have been imposed.[19] [21] Some are downright ridiculous, such as the curfews that limit the hours some businesses can be open but not others–as if the virus only comes out at night, like some specter haunting the town. And while at first we were told that masks would not keep us safe, now they tell us to wear two or three.[20] [22]

It’s all a big joke. In light of these various absurdities, it is quite reasonable for normal people to lose interest in complying with the authorities’ whims. They are getting tired of playing this game. We are only now beginning to see a push to get everyone vaccinated–never mind countries such as Sweden and Japan, which have survived the pandemic quite well without harsh lockdown measures and without mandatory vaccination. Now we are being told that even after one is vaccinated, he or she will still need to wear masks and practice social distancing. It’s all nonsensical.

It doesn’t end there. While normal, decent, hardworking, mostly white people were being arrested merely for operating their businesses normally, getting some exercise, or grabbing a soda, tens of thousands of criminals were released from prisons across the country with the stated goal of helping to stop COVID-19’s spread.[21] [23] Some jurisdictions even began foregoing arresting people for certain street crimes at the outset in the name of “social distancing.”[22] [24] This juxtaposition is shocking to the conscience and offends any traditional sense of justice. Actual criminals are being ignored or released from jail while ordinary, law-abiding people are being fined, arrested, and jailed for nothing more than questioning the dogma surrounding the COVID-19 response.

While restaurants and bars were going out of business permanently due to these measures, I was struck by the unsettling realization that while I could not go to a restaurant or order a drink, I could still have taken an international flight to China, and caravans of illegal invaders were still waltzing into the US. The bars were closed, but the borders were wide open. COVID-19 is “so dangerous” that we need to let prisoners out of jail, but at the same time it’s not dangerous enough for us to stop random people from coming into the country. On February 5, 2020–a month before lockdowns began in the US–the New York Times published an article arguing against issuing a travel ban for China on the grounds that it would not work, anyway.[23] [25] While these same media machines were insisting that families should not gather for the holidays, they were simultaneously calling for unimpeded mass migration and international travel, including to and from China and other virus hot-spots.[24] [26]

In yet another remarkable contrast, the Florida Highway Patrol and sheriff’s deputies set up checkpoints to ensure that New Yorkers were not crossing into their state without quarantining. These checkpoints intercepted over 46,000 travelers.[25] [27] In Rhode Island, the National Guard was deployed to go door-to-door to inform travelers–particularly from New York—that they needed to self-quarantine for two weeks.[26] [28] What this means is that the United States, as well as its states, do in fact have the capability in terms of manpower and resources to halt illegal border crossings if they were so inclined. They have shown they can and will happily turn the full weight of their authority on their own citizens or those from another state, and yet have no interest in stopping potentially diseased aliens from other nations. I find it extremely bizarre and unsettling that anyone coming into the country from Mexico or China had more freedom to travel about the US than those who have lived in the country all of their lives.

In what I found to be a rather ironic demand, Mexicans (in Mexico, for a change) protested the relaxed southern border security measures and called for stricter travel enforcement and medical testing for anybody crossing into Mexico from the United States.[27] [29] Meanwhile, in the US, illegals who had been detained by immigration officers were ordered to be released into the general population because they were in greater danger of contracting COVID-19 while in detainment facilities. A large number of those released into the US were pregnant and had tested positive for COVID-19, among other contagious illnesses.[28] [30]

The Biden administration has announced that it will increase the number of migrants and refugees who can enter the United States. These sentiments have been echoed by most of the mainstream media outlets, who are calling for an increase in non-white migrants to “undo” the damage Trump did and to allow us to “heal as a nation.”[29] [31] In an actual pandemic, people wouldn’t be so staunch in their open-border positions. Even the most ardent predatory migration adherent would at least question his or her views during a deadly pandemic, even if only for pure selfishness.

And that’s not all. In addition to increasing the number of non-whites flooding into the United States, Biden has signed an executive order revoking President Trump’s Executive Order 13888, which gave state and local governments the power to refuse to become dumping grounds for migrants and “refugees.”[30] [32] The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society released a statement applauding Biden’s order, opining that it would repair some of the damage Trump had done to the country.[31] [33]

Nothing is being done about predatory migration in the West because none of the elites want anything done about it–other than ensuring that it continues at full tilt. The United States and the United Kingdom have been using drones to detect people in remote areas who are out walking their dogs or taking a hit in violation of lockdown orders, yet they never turn these devices against illegal invaders. This is not due to a lack of funding or technology or ability; it’s a lack of desire. Stopping migration into white nations is something they fundamentally oppose– at all costs.[32] [34]

Today, new CDC guidelines require masks to be worn again for those using public transportation. They further authorized the TSA and “any law enforcement official” to enforce this measure through criminal penalties.[33] [35] They’re taking this quite seriously. Surveillance technology is being developed that will detect when people are not wearing masks or properly social distancing and then alert law enforcement.[34] [36]

The talking points surrounding mask-wearing have reached a level that can only be described as insanity. Politicians and media pundits are equating not wearing a mask with murder or manslaughter, and have made the symbolism of wearing a mask at all times a sign of higher virtue. Masks are a political statement, bordering on the religious. Masks are a symbol that you believe in the CDC and Anthony Fauci. It’s a symbol that you will do as you’re told with extreme obedience. Masks are an outward display that you’ve been conquered– even if you do not yourself believe that they help stop the spread of COVID-19.

This hysteria has given rise to an odd sort of de facto deputizing of petty tyrants who will go out in public—during what is alleged to be a serious pandemic–to enforce social distancing and mask-wearing among anybody they deem non-compliant. New videos are constantly being posted online showing altercations between people over masks. Unhinged freaks scream at people on the other side of grocery stores, in parking lots, on walking trails, in parks–really anywhere–about their lack of mask etiquette.

Those who believe that we all need to wear a mask while outside or in our cars are still going out in public, for some reason. I’ve personally had run-ins with such people. In April, one even attacked me in a grocery store before mask mandates were even put in place. Another group of people accosted me while I was drinking coffee outside in a public courtyard to berate me for not wearing a mask; this happen to me on another occasion on a remote bicycle trail in the countryside. These people have made going out in public nearly intolerable. They seem to make a point of finding me—and those like me—even when we deliberately try to get as far away from them as possible.

These “vigilantes” are reporting people all over the world to police for having too many people in their homes or not properly social distancing.[35] [37] A friend of mine who works for a county health department told me that they are so inundated with calls that they had to get a new phone line just for people who were calling in to complain about people violating the guidelines.

The appropriate response by the government would have been to close the borders, quarantine those returning from international travel, prioritize healthy behaviors (hand-washing, proper diet, etc), and provide for contactless delivery for vulnerable populations. But this isn’t what happened. Among the more tragic lockdown policies were those governing hospitals and funerals. Hospital patients were not allowed visitors, and funerals were limited to ten people in many jurisdictions. Even while BLM mass gatherings went on all summer long, resulting in the destruction of entire neighborhoods, people had family members dying alone in hospitals and could not even attend their funerals to say their goodbyes. This was unless you were somebody like John Lewis or George Floyd, of course; then you could have as big a gathering as you liked at your funeral.

I will never forget these injustices or those responsible for them as long as I live.


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