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Winner Nationalism


Jozef Brandt, Return from Vienna, 1883.

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I’m a pretty cold-hearted realist, but after such a buildup of how the Right has been losing again and again for over a century, I expected something perhaps a bit more stirring. Some call to arms, or flowering prose. Instead, you essentially offer “Who knows? Our luck may change; stranger things have happened.”

— 3g4me [2] 

Okay, so you got me there. I don’t know how we win. I don’t know the arms I should call you to. I believe the applicable American idiom is “our goose is cooked.” Or is it? 

I chastise people for throwing around words without understanding their true meaning, but I’m guilty of it myself. I use words like “win” and “lose” without pointing out the hidden assumption in their usage — that we are engaged in a winnable (or losable) game. But small-h history is not a game. Therefore, I am not sure it can be “won.” It can, however, be lost. To die, or more specifically, to be eradicated as a people, is to lose the game. Much like a guerrilla army, you’re winning as long as you can keep on existing. So, in this sense, I don’t know how to win. But I do know how the enemy can lose. 

We are dealing with an enemy that has functionally infinite resources. A lot of people make noises about not working so our tax monies won’t go towards feeding the beast, but the fact of the matter is that the beast can just print money, magic it into being, or borrow it on infinite credit. Many people have looked to cryptocurrencies as a possible solution to this problem. Far be it from me to tell people not to invest in crypto, but I must doubt its usefulness as a political tool. Either cryptocurrency will be banned by the enemy, thus becoming useless as stores of value, or coopted by the enemy, thus becoming a weapon in the enemy’s hands. Others are looking for ways to disassociate themselves from the system hoping to starve it, but ultimately, the system can bring forth unlimited capital and material to sustain itself. We won’t starve it that way. 

What the beast genuinely lacks is personnel. If there’s a way to starve the beast, it is by starving it of people to staff its armies and institutions. Now, I’m not talking about redpilling the normies to the point where they no longer work for the system here. I’ve discussed this notion elsewhere and found it lacking [3]. Rather, I’m discussing here the possibility of dissuading the scarcest of possible neurotypes from contributing to the system. A scheme for redpilling the natural elites, if you will. 

Every time we find ourselves in a position of needing to hire someone, we must take into account two macroparameters that will affect his job performance. The first is competence: the ability to do the job, learn from mistakes, and adapt to changing circumstances — the nice, material categories of labor value. 

The second macroparameter is loyalty: the predilection of the employee to put the interests of the employer first, above his own, ahead of his honor and pride, above that of his family, even. The second macroparameter is less visible to people in the private sector (and here I mean the mostly nonpolitical sectors of the economy, which are vanishingly few) because private sector loyalty is usually bought with money (although not always [4]). Loyalty, however, is very important in employees who are trusted with their employer’s secrets whether in matters of both physical and cybersecurity or security of position. Loyalty is the most important parameter in gatekeepers, information processors and conveyors, controllers of finance, and personal assistants and secretaries — really, anyone whose defection would ruin their employer.

The factory boss doesn’t care if the laborer pushing buttons on an assembly line quits and seeks employment with his competitor, so the laborer will be valued chiefly for his ability to push buttons. The engineer, however, knows the ins and outs of the product. The personnel manager could uproot the whole team with him and the bossman’s secretary, who knows that he de-stresses by dressing up as a woman when no one’s looking (this one might be getting dated). These people will be valued for their loyalty — and their loyalty will be richly rewarded. 

This is one of the many reasons why meritocracy is not only impossible, but a cruel lie told to the young by the unscrupulous old. The fact of the matter is that loyalty counts for more than merit and is rewarded more than merit. Incidentally, this is why we often see nepotism — sometimes, only family is loyal enough. 

Why this long detour into the art of personnel selection and management? We need to understand the process by which our enemy hires personnel to staff its administration and armies. Globohomo has discovered a machine for generating infinite loyalty called bioleninism [5]. Briefly, it is the art of forging a coalition with which to seize power and rule out of literal human garbage: minorities, criminals, whores, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and unmarried women in their mid-to-late 30s. Since this literal human garbage has nothing to go for it without the structure which keeps it around, it is fanatically loyal to the structure. And loyalty trumps merit, so Globohomo staffs its institutions with the ultra-loyal bioleninist human garbage, and the loss of quality due to incompetence is minor. 

However, there’s a limit to how much competence can be sacrificed before the operations of empire grind to a halt. Globohomo therefore needs a minimum number of high-IQ, mentally stable men who are nevertheless sufficiently loyal to it to work in its institutions, distributed among its many institutions. For purposes here, let’s say that the “high IQ” in the previous parameters are IQs 108 and above (the so-called smart fraction), even though there are some positions that require an even higher IQ than that. There are three sources from which globohomo can recruit: domestic talent, rival empires, and the Third World. 

The nature of globohomo’s loyalty machine has made the recruitment of native-born, high-IQ, mentally stable men who are nevertheless sufficiently loyal to it more difficult than it has to be. By turning the heterosexual white male into the Great Other, it has denied itself this highest quality of soldier and administrator at the cost of securing loyalty from its bioleninist coalition. However, there are structures and narratives out there which can still secure the white man’s labor for globohomo even as he’s repeatedly bashed over the head with the woke cudgel. I’m talking, of course, about the structures and narratives connected to conservatism and libertarianism, specifically those which glorify laboring in globohomo’s institutions even as one is hated, scorned, punished, and never given the rewards and status which should follow from such labor.

If we want to strike at the heart of globohomo, we must destroy the conservative and libertarian ideologies — especially the narratives of heroic white male martyrdom purveyed by men like Jordan Peterson or philo-Semitic evangelical churches. Conservatism and libertarianism serve as loyalty generation machines for globohomo, ensuring that white men accept being second and third-class citizens in its empire. Beyond that, nationalists can also restrict the talent supply from this end by amplifying globohomo’s antiwhite and antimale messaging and bringing awareness of their persecution to the mentally stable white men of IQ 108 and above, as well as providing alternative narratives for these white men, where heroism consists in refusing to work for the evil empire, even at the cost of one’s own prosperity and status. We’ll come back to this later. 

Globohomo can choose to (and has been) shore up its supply of high-IQ, mentally stable men by recruiting such men from rival empires, like Russia and China, two countries that seem to be somewhat independent of globohomo. 

Of course, Russia is off-limits as a location for recruiting competent men to staff globohomo’s institutions because a) Russians are too white, which causes problems for globohomo’s loyalty machine, and b) Russians seem for whatever reason to be more loyal to their own state. For this reason, globohomo mostly recruits from China. 


You can buy Greg Johnson’s White Identity Politics here. [7]

Now, the problem with China is twofold. Firstly, you can never be sure about the competence of the Han, a people notorious for cheating on tests. Secondly, you can never be sure about the loyalty of the Han, who are ridiculously dishonest, clannish, and low-trust. The tech world is full of stories of Han engineers absconding to Chinkystan with corporate or government secrets. Nevertheless, Chinese and more broadly Asian males represent a large pool from which high-IQ, mentally stable workers can be recruited for globohomo’s institutions. This is somehow mitigated by their relatively low status on the intersectional totem pole and their comparatively lower quality as compared to white men, but it’s a problem that persists. 

One possible path may be to offer the same heroic narrative of refusing to work for globohomo to non-Han Asian males — or, as the kids like to say, “one struggle” with them. Another way may be to encourage repatriation to their homelands, a prospect that may become ever more appealing as crime becomes increasingly legal in the West. The Han problem, however, remains the greater one. If I am right about the codependent nature of China vis a vis globohomo, then globohomo might have just found a way to import infinite numbers of Sino-bureaucrats to staff its institutions. Nevertheless, the low genetic diversity of the Chinese means limited space for specialization, and their want of creative problem-solving makes this a suboptimal solution to globohomo’s personnel problems. 

The third source of suitable men to staff globohomo’s institution is the Third World. Now, it is a large area of the world, with a vast and diverse population, but we can generally break it down into 5 regions from which personnel can be imported into the West: Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and especially the Indian subcontinent and Eastern Europe. 

Since our threshold for being accepted is a minimum IQ of 108, we can cross off sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East off our list. I’m sure there are lots of mentally stable men with IQ 108 and higher in these regions and I’m also sure that globohomo would love to poach them (and already does), but there’s simply not enough of them. Staffing an empire, especially one as sprawling as globohomo’s, requires a lot of smart people. That leaves us with Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. 

Let’s start with the obvious. There are regimes in these regions that are hostile to globohomo and see little defection of quality personnel to globohomo. Cross them off the list. We’re still left with vast populations of high-IQ, mentally stable men who can be recruited. Each region, indeed, each nation, presents unique challenges, but let’s look at them in broad terms. 

Latin American men would seem like a good choice for globohomo at first glance. They are non-white or mestizo, so they can fit into the intersectional totem pole. They have grievances against white men. Mexicans in particular have territorial pretensions towards America. So far so good, right? Now, let’s look more closely. 

The higher-IQ Latin American men are white, espomolo, or castizo [8]. White Hispanic isn’t just a category invented to pin the death of Trayvon Martin on whites. High-admixture Hispanic men are likelier to find themselves further down the totem pole than initially thought, but those are your brightest guys, your doctor Fernandezes and colonel Lopezes. Moving further, Latin American men are small-c conservative, appreciate strong government, and tend to be Catholic. This is nothing that globohomo can’t subvert, but it’s going to give them headaches. A non-insignificant contingent of Hispanic men voted for Orange Hitler, or as they called him, el caudillo yanqui. There’s also Latin America’s problematic Spanish cultural heritage, which includes machismo, authoritarian rule, and a desire for organic states. Worst of all, these characteristics are most displayed by the white, espomolo, and castizo Latin men who are also the likeliest to have the necessary IQ to staff globohomo’s institutions. Indeed, we see one such Latin man, employed to staff the LAPD, doing the unspeakable [9]saying no to a black woman. 

Moving on to Southeast Asia and India in particular. Much has been said about the IQ of the Indian Brahmins. Less has been said about their ultimate loyalties, and for good reason. Indians are the most clannish people on the planet, and Indian Brahmins back up this clannishness with 3000 years of arrogance. As most tech people know, the second you get an Indian in a hiring position, your company will soon be overflowing with Indians, most of them his relatives, who are never loyal to the firm, only to their clan. Once they have reached a significant critical mass, they’ll start busting out the company (or just the department they’ve taken over). Hiring Indians is the same as spending company money on hookers and blow, only offering less in hedonic pleasure and criminal culpability. We shouldn’t interrupt globohomo as it afflicts itself with this infestation. 

This leaves us with Eastern Europe, an interesting situation. Eastern Europeans are white, but without the historical baggage of colonialism. Unlike Russians, Eastern Europeans have weaker loyalties to their ruling regimes and higher loyalties to their families. Being white, Eastern Europeans aren’t as likely to hollow out institutions as the Indians, and the legacy of communism means they’re on average less conservative than Latin Americans (although machismo is still prevalent). Eastern Europeans might not have particular love for globohomo, but the lack of an alternative regime to swear loyalty to means that they’re prepared to work with globohomo to realize their potential. The only thing preventing massive recruitment from this area is the fact that Eastern Europeans are white, but this is sadly only true for globohomo’s American and most virulently anti-white node. European globohomo outposts are already availing themselves of Eastern European smart fraction labor. 

How to solve this problem? Well, the first thing is to promote immigration restriction and in particular a clampdown on legal immigration, but that ship has long sailed, I’m afraid. As it happens, the Dissident Right hasn’t got the power and the mainstream Right hasn’t got the power or inclination to enact immigration restrictions. In fact, the mainstream Right might encourage high IQ immigration, framing it as patriotic to feed foreign brains into the open maw of globohomo. This is one of those unwinnable games, for the time being at least. Globohomo has to die before we get the immigration and demographic situation under control in the West. 

The second way is to amplify and reframe globohomo’s anti-white and anti-male messages in such a way that white Hispanic and Eastern European smart fraction men realize that globohomo is coming for them as well and that they won’t be allowed to peacefully ply their trades in the West. We must also nurture these men’s already-strong in-group preferences and encourage them to return to their homelands and build strong nations. In other words, a form of pan-nationalism. That’s fine, but what do we do with the smart fraction white men who’re still toiling away in globohomo’s salt mines? What narrative do we give them? 

If anything could be learned from the 2020 election and its aftermath, and especially the crackdown on nationalists and dissidents in the wake of the January 6 events, it’s that there’s no chance of infiltrating the system [10] and subverting it from within. Really, the only way forward I can see is to starve the beast of smart fraction labor and then exploit the gaps in its functioning as they arise. Without smart fraction labor, and especially creative smart fraction labor (an even smaller pool of men), globohomo will become fragile to uncertainty and the passage of time. At that point, it will fall, and as we stated in the beginning, “lose.” The problem, however, is that laboring for globohomo is for many people the only way to fulfill their unique potential. “Be all you can be” is not possible unless you combine your labor with capital, and alas, globohomo has some very unique capital at its disposal — capital you won’t be able to find elsewhere, or at least not outside of empire. 

Let’s say you have the potential to be an ace pilot. Your full potential will not be unlocked unless you have a jet fighter at your disposal. Apropos, unless you’re willing to serve in any of globohomo’s air forces, or the air force of a rival empire (if you’re even eligible), your full potential will never be realized, even though you might make a life for yourself that’s not too shabby. It means foregoing “the best you can be.” It’s a lot to ask of any man, let alone the best kind of man, for whom these words are being written. 

Each time we become something, we kill what we chose not to become. When I elected to go to law school, I killed Nick Jeelvy, MD, Nick Jeelvy, architect, and Nick Jeelvy, PhD. When I chose to run for Parliament on a dissident platform, I killed the man I was for 6 years, Nick Jeelvy, attorney at law. When I turned down offers from one minor and two major political parties to enter as part of their leadership, I killed those three men. When I turned down offers to start work as an assistant public prosecutor (a kind of district attorney, though not quite) and judge, I killed those two men. Becoming is a painful process, because each step is a murder-suicide. What I’m asking of you is to kill the best you can be, but also to kill criminals. 

The men you could become with access to globohomo’s capital are fine and respectable, but they’re ultimately accessories to a crime — the crime being the erasure of our people. These men that you kill belong to that most tragic class of criminals who know not what they’re doing, led by incentives and noble intentions to do evil to themselves and their fellow man. I’m asking you to not be those men. I’m asking you, like Arminius [11], to deny yourself greatness. That’s a big ask. 

Please do not misinterpret this as a call to drop everything and become a NEET. Yes, I know, work stinks [12]. Rather, I’m asking you, if you’re conducting scientific research, part of globohomo’s military or state apparatus, maintaining its core functions, or something along those lines, to quit and start a business that will not contribute to globohomo. It can be a bakery, or it can be a business in your field which will not provide skilled labor to globohomo. You can seek out employment with people you’re sure aren’t friends of globohomo, or you can go off-grid and live like Uncle Ted. Do whatever you like. Just stop feeding the beast. And here we come to the final stage of our path to victory. 

If enough high-quality people disconnect, we don’t just starve globohomo, but we also attain the ability to start building institutions of our own: parallelism. It’s not enough that globohomo loses. The vacuum might be filled by a likewise hostile faction. Rather, the vacuum must be filled by the institutions we’ve constructed separately from the enemy’s system. There and then, we will get the chance to excel and be great again. But until then, our main focus should be on attempting to get high-quality people, especially high-quality white people, to stop feeding the beast. 

Now that sounds like a winnable game. 

*  *  *

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