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The Political Theology of the New War on Terror

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Those money-makers and power-seekers who would sacrifice anybody and anything — the whole world — to their personal ends. . . hide their cynical self-centredness under a noisy lip-adherence to the dogma of the “dignity of all men” . . . while bus[il]y causing, directly or indirectly, in view of their goal, the suffering and death of any number of human beings. . .

— Savitri Devi

That such a thing should be possible in an age overflowing with talk about humanity and the brotherhood of man! I could understand that in times when men owned to being hardhearted they should treat rebels and criminals with severity. But nowadays people acted with just as much ferocity, while talking glibly about love. . . Force is never so base as when it is concealed under a cloak of hypocrisy. 

— Ernst von Solomon

This past month Attorney General Merrick Garland called on Congress to prioritize the “white supremacist terror threat,” which he called “the most dangerous threat to our democracy [2].” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas also amplified Garland’s remarks [3], as Department of Homeland Security threat assessment [4]s have ostensibly identified “white supremacists” as the single “deadliest terror threat” to the nation. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has also produced an assessment claiming that white nationalists are the “most likely to carry out mass-casualty attacks [5].” This is a line that President Biden himself is parroting, having stated that white supremacy is “the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today [6].” This represents an escalation in the war on the “white supremacist terror” that is being waged not only in the United States, but throughout the Western world. The United Nations Secretary General has stated that white supremacy is a “transnational threat [7],” which is now the priority for counterterror task forces throughout Europe, and even constitutes some 40% of the Australian government’s counterterrorism budget [8].

As Glenn Greenwald explains [9], Western governments are using the rising threat of “white supremacist terror” to justify using the combined legal precedents (pretenses for suspending habeas corpus, for example) and the enormous counterterror apparatuses first established to [10] wage the war on Islamic terror in the early 2000s to persecute domestic dissidents, in conjunction with the big tech oligarch’s aggressive censorship campaigns. They are laying the groundwork for persecuting any critic of the anti-white machine on the grounds of “inciting terrorist violence” or some such nonsense. What is particularly infuriating about this development, however, is not just that this new counterterror campaign is being used as a blanket justification for the police state to crush dissidents, but that the supposed white nationalist terror threat is laughably non-existent (especially just one year after the federal government let Antifa and BLM burn half the country to the ground).


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I am not saying that individuals associated with white nationalism have never committed terror attacks. However, I can name virtually every such major incident occurring within the last two decades, from America to New Zealand, on the fingers of my two hands. This is not evidence of a “white terror crisis,” but the opposite. What I cannot count on my ten fingers are the terror attacks perpetrated against whites by Arabs and Africans which occurred on a weekly basis in America and Europe throughout 2016 alone, including such events as the horrific Bataclan Massacre. Anyone can go to American Renaissance or VDARE to find the statistics that confirm my anecdote, showing, for instance, that blacks in America — a relatively small minority — commit the overwhelming majority of mass shootings [13], many of which have been interracial hate crimes explicitly motivated by the desire to “kill as many white men [14]” as possible. You can also look for yourself and see that of the 121 mass shootings this year [15], the vast majority were perpetrated by non-whites, and none were motivated by pro-white ideology.

Case in point is the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado earlier this year. While journalists on Twitter were quick to blame the event on white men, it was soon revealed that the shooter was an anti-racist Syrian immigrant [16] and that all ten of his victims were white. The media then quickly buried the incident. And finally, it is disingenuous to treat the few white nationalist-related terror incidents in isolation of this wave of violence against Europeans, because virtually all these attacks, from Roof to Tarrant, were explicitly motivated as revenge for violence committed against Europeans and likely would never have happened otherwise. Like Australian Senator Fraser Anning stated in 2019 [17] after the Christchurch attack, “the real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”

The truth is that “white extremist” violence has historically constituted a mere drop in the bucket of terrorism in the United States. Anyone can go on the Global Terrorism Database and find generated reports that confirm this. For example, the study Patterns of Terrorism in the United States, 1970-2013, shows that over a period of some 30 years, “white extremists” perpetrated some 52 attacks with nine fatalities. [1] [18] 42 of these were during the 1970s, the same year that Left-wing militants, communists, black nationalists, the Weather Underground, and the Jewish Defense League altogether committed nearly 400 attacks, including setting off bombs in the Capitol Building in both 1971 and 1983. In every decade, “white extremists” never exceeded a mere 3% of the total attacks, the majority being conducted by religious and environmental groups. The Global Terrorism Index for 2020 also tabulated data from the GTD to show that terrorism peaked in the 1970s and that far-Left terror incidents have historically dwarfed far-Right terrorism, which, up until about 2016, was comparatively negligible. It is only in the last five years that far-Right terrorism has apparently grown by some 250%. [2] [19] Where is this supposed increase in far-Right terrorism coming from? Primarily from statistical manipulation by the ADL and politically motivated entrapment schemes led by the ADL’s various lapdog agencies like the FBI, with which the ADL has established revolving door connections. [3] [20]

For example, the ADL has been producing reports tabulating the supposed “white extremist” hate crime-related terror events these past few years, and once again, Jared Taylor has a comprehensive breakdown [21]. For example, in their 2019 report for the United States, the ADL included under far-Right terror attacks the Pulse Nightclub shooting, committed by the Arab Omar Mateen, and various prison gang-related murders that were not ideologically motivated. As Taylor writes, their reports are virtually useless, “nothing more than collusion for the purpose of justifying even more censorship of racial dissidents.” The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) also claimed in a study that Right-wing terrorists apparently committed the majority of terror attacks in the last 20 years, and yet when contacted to provide their source data with journalists they refused to share it [22].

Even mainstream publications like Business Insider have admitted that “the ADL’s extremism statistics make it seem like ultraright-wing violence in the US is more common than it actually is [23].” The American public doesn’t even buy the ADL’s pilpul [24], and is far more concerned with Antifa and rampant black crime than with supposed “white supremacist” terrorists.

One of the only two actual plausible incidents Taylor finds in the ADL’s 2017 report is James Fields, which is obviously circumspect. The difference between far-Left and far-Right terrorists today is that Rightists like Fields, who drove his car into a crowd while fleeing an Antifa mob, will rot in prison for the rest of his life, whereas actual Jewish terrorists like Susan Rosenberg, who participated in US Capitol building bombing, get presidential pardons and then lucrative appointments to the boards of Jewish NGOs (Wikipedia calls her terrorism “activism” [25]).

Further, while groups like the ADL are manipulating terror attack statistics, they have also been working closely with the FBI [26] to inflate terror statistics through various entrapment schemes. For example, the FBI has a long history of preying upon the mentally ill by goading autistics and schizophrenics into acting out fake terror attacks [27]National Justice has been documenting how the FBI [28]in close cooperation with the SPLC and the ADL [29], has shifted the focus of their entrapment schemes onto white dissidents [30]. Apparently, the FBI no longer needs an expression of intent for terror entrapment, considering that during May, they arrested a 20-year-old [31] for domestic terrorism solely on the grounds of owning a copy of The Turner Diaries. The CEO of the ADL has also bragged about essentially directing the FBI counterterror task force [32] to arrest an edgy internet comedian (who is not even white, by the way) on trumped-up white supremacist-related domestic terror charges. The FBI also employs networks of sadistic informants operating Satanic front groups [33] tasked with infiltrating and destroying nationalist movements via COINTELPRO tactics and with seeking out, recruiting, and entrapping vulnerable young white dissidents.

These manufactured terror plots by the heroic people at the FBI will surely be used to further inflate the manufactured Right-wing terror epidemic. Chuck “Guardian of Israel” Schumer also called the January 6 Capitol protestors “domestic terrorists [34],” so you can expect everyone arrested for their presence at the rally (some of whom are being brutally tortured in prison [35]) to become statistics further inflating some federal agency’s domestic terror database. And, of course, our friends in the media are lending a helping hand. A technical director at CNN admitted what we all already know: that the network exclusively amplifies incidents of white violence while suppressing instances of black criminality [36].

As it were, the white nationalist terror wave is just as fake as the entirely manufactured hate crime epidemic [37] that consists primarily of hoaxes by non-whites, like the Israeli teen who made 2000 hoax bomb threats to American synagogues [38] throughout 2016-2017. It is as fake as the laughable anti-Asian hate narrative in which black attacks on Asians are being blamed on “white supremacists” (seriously [39]).

It is also indicative of the present regime of neoliberal anarcho-tyranny, because as the federal government dumps vast resources into persecuting white dissidents, it is ignoring and enabling genuine terrorists and anti-white hate criminals who are being actively encouraged by the anti-white media and education system into victimizing innocent whites everywhere.

For example, the FedEx shooter in April had been investigated by the FBI in 2020 [40], but the FBI dismissed his case because he had no “Racially Motivated Violent Extremist” (RMVE) beliefs. The Boulder shooter was also known to the FBI [41], which nevertheless failed to stop him from killing 10 white people. And while our leaders devote all their time and energy to investigating individuals for having The Turner Diaries on their bookshelf, they do literally nothing about the wave of racially motivated violence being perpetrated against whites, save maybe prosecuting any white people with the guts to defend themselves. Darriynn Brown had been reported to the police four times [42] for reconnoitering the property before he stole the four-year-old white toddler Cash Gernon from his cradle where he was sleeping beside his brother, and then brutally slaughtered him in the streets. His body was so severely mutilated that the woman who found him initially thought his body was the body of an animal [43].


Darriynn Brown, 18, murdered Cash Gernon after stealing the 4-year-old from his crib where he was sleeping beside his brother.

The police probably couldn’t protect Cash because they were too busy devising elaborate entrapment schemes to persecute the terrible people who might have a problem with black criminals like Brown murdering white children like Cash. Or maybe they were too busy releasing black men like Devon Dunham, who admitted to shooting and killing a white fire chief and yet somehow has been found not guilty. [45] It is hard to keep up with everything that is going on, but apparently, it is legal to murder whites in America now.


Carter Gernon looking for his absent younger brother after waking up.

Or consider Great Britain, where police used a Navy sub [47], alongside countless other resource expenditures, to spy on a group of white men whom they suspected of having stabbed a black man in 1993. While the British police were busy using spy-movie tier tactics to solve a cold case involving an African victim and arresting white people for using racial slurs on Facebook, they were aiding and abetting the sexual exploitation of tens of thousands of white British girls by Pakistani gangs, some of whom got raped to death and fed into meat grinders [48]because the police were afraid of being labeled “racist [49]” (all while Jewish public officials who covered up the rape gangs [50] are being promoted to lucrative six-figure salaried positions).

Considering how many people have had their lives ruined by this absolutely insane anti-white tyrannical system, it is nothing but a profound testament to the overwhelming restraint of pro-white activists that more people do not lose their minds and go postal. As it were, the reason that white nationalists are being persecuted is not because they are threats to public safety, but because they simply want a country where white children can grow up in safety.

If there is anything to be learned from the new war on terror, it is that there has never been a clearer object lesson regarding the utilization of power.

It is doubtful that most Jewish elites actually think that white nationalists are the primary violent danger to society, and yet the absence of pro-white extremist violence does not stop them from proceeding just as if they were.

They approach politics through a friend-enemy distinction. They do not extend rights to perceived enemies of their group, and to them, justice does not mean punishing criminals, but punishing enemies. This is why pro-white activism is considered “a threat to national security [51],” while the systematic perpetration of actual violence against white toddlers like Cash is to them inconsequential. The whole terrorism charade is simply a convenient legal fiction that is expedient for persecuting their enemies within the specific context of the American justice system. Whether there is actually a “white terror” threat is immaterial, because as we have seen, the specter of such a threat can simply be manufactured in recommendations given by the ADL to their lapdog federal agencies.

Conservatives take note. This is one of the primary reasons you are born losers.

Our enemies do not adhere to a conception of universal rights, so you cannot hold them accountable on those grounds.

You can accuse the ADL of sponsoring racial supremacist extremist Jewish terror gangs in Israel [52], and you can call the Democrats the “real terrorists” all day long because Black Lives Matter is managed by prominent Jewish terrorists like Susan Rosenberg. They know. They are evidently conscious of the enormous hypocrisy. They just don’t care.

When feckless conservatives take power, they try to make compromises with the opposition according to the procedures of liberal democratic constitutionalism, whereas their opponents refuse to reciprocate this same courtesy. While conservatives would never persecute a political opponent save for violating some sort of universal legal code according to the letter of the law, their opponents fabricate partisan legal precedents for the express purpose of unilaterally destroying their conservative opponents.

The only possible upside to current events is that this escalation can be used to raise consciousness and discredit liberalism far more effectively than any Schmittian dissertation on the subject ever could. It also makes things simpler for genuine Right-wing opposition movements in the future. Our enemies have already written the playbook. To win, all we need to do is watch and remember, and — when we find ourselves back in power — be ready and willing to respond in kind.

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