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The Worst Week Yet:
May 9-15, 2021


Left: Rockim Prowell as captured on security footage. Right: Rockim Prowell’s mugshot.

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Falling Deep Into the Slurry Pit

Last Thursday, the US Supreme Court was scheduled to review a lawsuit by a black man who’d worked in Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, claiming he’d been subjected to a hostile work environment after seeing “the N-word [2]” carved into an elevator wall at the hospital. To my knowledge, no one has actually verified whether or not “the N-word” was actually on an elevator wall, and I’m highly suspicious, because I was once falsely accused [3] of using “the N-word” myself until witnesses corroborated my story to the police.

But it doesn’t seem as if evidence is even needed anymore.

Corey Pujols [4] is a black Dunkin’ Donuts employee in Marathon, Florida — or at least he was until his recent arrest. He was captured last Tuesday on an aggravated manslaughter charge after punching a 77-year-old man at the store, who fell to the floor and died two days later at the hospital. The elderly man’s race has not been revealed yet, but Pujols’s defense is that the man complained to Pujols about bad service and called him a “racial slur.” Pujols said he told the man to repeat the slur and that he did — leading to the fatal punch.

As far as I can discern, there is no evidence yet that the man uttered any kind of slur; at this point, it’s merely a living black man’s word against a dead elderly man whom I’m assuming wasn’t black because “the N-word” is a term of endearment among blacks and usually wouldn’t lead to such a vicious assault.

Naturally, many black pundits assumed [5] the now-dead man was white and got exactly what he deserved.

We’re currently living in a cultural climate where even saying “the N-word” disapprovingly is cause for having your life destroyed. It’s what led to the very public crucifixion of John Schnatter, who founded “Papa John’s Pizza” in 1994 and lost it in 2018 after discussing his distaste for “the N-word” during a business meeting [6]:

I mean, I’m just not seeing how you’re not going to tell the Papa John story and let them — what bothers me is Colonel Sanders called blacks n******. I’m like, I’ve never used that word.

Well, Papa John, if I may call you that — everyone knows it’s career suicide to refer to blacks as nitwits.

Hannah Berliner Fischthal is a Jewish woman who makes a big stink about her family members supposedly suffering during the Holocaust, but even that didn’t save the former St. John’s University professor from allegedly being fired [7] from merely quoting “the N-word” from Mark Twain’s anti-slavery book Pudd’nhead Wilson during a remote class with students back in February. It didn’t even help that she warned students that they were going to hear an allegedly offensive word.

A white South Carolina police officer has been fired after a really strange police report [7] describes him as trading amiable N-bombs with a black former student at a local football game. The police report even describes the two as hugging one another after their expletive-laden chat, which should be evidence enough that “the N-word person” was not offended by hearing “the N-word.”

A high-school baseball coach in Kansas has been fired [8] after, according to his account, telling a black player to turn down his N-bomb-filled rap music and making the mistake of actually saying “the N-word” in the course of telling the player that “the N-word” has no place at a wholesome high-school baseball game. This is Coach Pete Flood’s account of what happened:

Never, never, never have I ever used the “N-word” or any other racial slur to address a student, player, or person in my twenty-five-year career in this district nor my personal life. On May 6th, a player from my team was playing music on a loudspeaker. As I walked by the speaker, the lyrics of the song said, “b*tches sucking my c*ck,” and “N*****.” As you could imagine; I was shocked and offended, and asked him to turn it off. When that didn’t immediately occur, I repeated, “Turn that off, we are not going to play music that says ‘b*tches sucking my c*ck and N*****.’ Change the song, change the artist, change the genre. . . I don’t care, just turn that sh*t off.” 

But no one cared about his groveling protestations that he was actually trying to rid the baseball game of people hearing the N-word, and he has been terminated.

On April 27 during a teleconference with an assistant superintendent, Ross Millerick — president of the school board in Novato, California — disapprovingly recounted a 1998 incident when students at a San Marin High School allegedly used The Worst Word That Has Ever Existed, but as is the case with so many others, Millerick’s mistake was to let the actual word slip from his lips, despite the context of overt disapproval. Millerick has not yet been fired, but he is being “scrutinized [9].”

At Rutgers Law School, ornery black students are up in arms about the fact that a white student made the fatal mistake of merely quoting [10] “a racial slur” directly from a 1993 legal opinion.

Deeper and deeper into the slurry pit we sink.

Black Man Accused of Wearing White-Guy Mask to Commit Over 30 LA-area Burglaries

Professional blacktivist and dating coach [11] Tariq Nasheed is simultaneously the dumbest and funniest person on Twitter. One of his most hilarious moments was when he blamed [12] the undeniable black propensity toward criminality on “white supremacists” wearing rubber black-man masks:

There are several companies that make realistic looking “Black men” masks, and white supremacists are using these masks to commit crimes, like bank robberies,etc. [sic] I wonder what other crimes they could be committing using these masks?

I wonder if Tariq has seen the news [13] out of LA suggesting that a black man named Rockim Prowell — who, truth be told, sort of naturally looks [14] like he’s wearing a rubber black-man mask — has been arrested and is suspected in over 30 Los Angeles-area burglaries, some of were captured on video [15] and showed an odd, rubbery-looking white man whose mouth was always hanging open. During a recent traffic stop in Inglewood, California, police say they found a rubber white-guy mask in Prowell’s car. After searching his residence, they say they found other items linking Prowell to the Rubber-Faced White Guy burglaries.


You can buy Jim Goad’s Whiteness: The Original Sin here [17].

Article on Gun Violence Against Black Women in Philadelphia Doesn’t Mention Who’s Pulling the Trigger

I grew up in the Philadelphia area and learned to love that crass, dirty, and disgusting town, but alas, it has grown even too disgusting for yours truly. The few white people who are either too stupid to move there or too unfortunate to be able to leave are now not only at the mercy of what I deem to be the most hostile black population in America, they are also being clubbed like albino baby seals by a media that seems to think they deserve getting it good and hard.

Gun violence in Philadelphia increasingly targets Black women, data shows [18]” is the title of a recent article for the local ABC News affiliate in Philly. It notes that black women are getting killed at a higher rate than white women in Philly, failing to note that men are far more likely to be killed than women are just about everywhere on God’s green and rapidly deforesting Earth. Then again, it also fails to note that men are far more likely than women to commit gun violence. Although it goes out of its way to paint an unfair racist picture of fat black baby mamas being gunned down like innocent water hippos before they can even use their food stamps to buy pork cracklin’s to feed their chilluns, it doesn’t care to mention exactly who’s shooting them.

It quotes several black activists about Peeps o’ Color sufferin’ and bein’ shot down and about mamas wailin’ and preachers gesticulatin’, but not once is it mentioned who’s pullin’ all those triggers, so I looked it up.

The best I could find was a PDF from the Philadelphia Police Department titled “Annual Murder and Shooting Victim Report: 2016 [19],” and aw, shucks — 80.3% of perps rhyme with “triggers.”

NBC News Ignores Black Attacks on Asians, Blames White “Purity Culture”

Unless they’re all actually white people wearing rubber Tariq Nasheed masks, the overwhelming video evidence shows that the purported tsunami-like upsurge in anti-Asian violence in America is perpetrated by young black males who are probably viciously jealous that Asians tend to do better than even white people in this white-supremacist society.

Rather than even uttering one lone cricket chirp about this fact, NBC News [20] recently allowed an Asian woman to essentially blame this March’s Atlanta spa shootings — which left six dead Asian women and two dead white victims that the press either forgot or never cared to remember — on the “intersection of purity culture and anti-Asian racism. . . among white, conservative Christians.”

I’ve never been to a legal “massage parlor” to get an illegal handjob, but put me before a firing squad for daring to notice that I’ve never heard of a white massage parlor, a black massage parlor, a Hispanic massage parlor, or even a Jewish massage parlor. Such joints seem to be almost exclusively [21] run by Asian organized crime. But apparently, the authoress of the NBC News article didn’t put two and two together, which is a pity, because Asians are disproportionately good [22] at putting two and two together.

Instead, she takes it as an insult rather than flattery that many non-Asian males and their larger-than-Asian penises tend to find Asian women attractive. She’d probably also take it as an insult if people didn’t find Asian women attractive, but considering that this is what she looks like [23], perhaps that’s what’s at the root of her anti-Occidental animus.

She also blames the fact that many white men find Asian women attractive on the fact that American soldiers in Korea and Vietnam hooked up with Asian whores, as if this was the soldiers’ fault rather than that of the whores.

And despite the fact that the Atlanta spa shooter’s church vehemently condemned his murder rampage, combined with the fact that the shooter blamed his “sex addiction” rather than anti-Asian hatred, the authoress quotes an Asian woman who looks like this [24] in her squinty-eyed quest to blame it on alleged prudishness among American evangelicals:

Sexual purity theologies are tied to white supremacy because Asian women have a transcontinental history of being hypersexualized and fetishized through Orientalism and militarism in Asian nations. You can be a 65-year-old grandmother whose job is to feed co-workers at an Asian-owned day spa and suddenly you are a sex worker, a “temptation” for white men. These dangerous theologies erase the lives and personhood of the Asian women the shooter murdered and instead make them solely temptations to be eliminated. He preserves his righteousness by eliminating the temptation.

I didn’t listen to a word of what you said, Sugar Tits, but can you please tell me when my egg rolls will be ready?

Self-Hating White Male of the Week

As far as I can tell, couples’ therapist Andrew Horning [25] is white and not Jewish — and believe me, people, I tried doing my due diligence, but if he’s a Son of Abraham, he’s concealing this fact. He has a bit of a nose, but it’s not as big as mine, and I’m as white [26] as Marshmallow Fluff.

In a recent article for Forbes — which, much like Scientific American and National Geographic, has entirely abandoned its original mission statement to shovel the same shit that everyone else has been force-feeding you for the past 20 years — a black female Senior Contributor pimps Horning’s new book Grappling: White Men’s Journey from Fragile to Agile [27] with the vaguely threatening headline “This Therapist’s Message To White Men: Become An Agent Of Change Or A Victim Of Progress [28].” Rather than actually taking the effort to write a cohesive article, the black female lifts several passages from Horning’s book such as these:

As White men we have to stop putting our finger in the dike that is preventing change and instead be agile in navigating it. . . . The feeling of discomfort or possibly shame is only a temporary state, and if we can sustain ourselves through it, we can come out the other side confident and free. . . . We must build up our own capacity to navigate the uncomfortable emotions that race and gender bring up among White men. We must build the muscle that has been atrophied as a result of our privilege.

First off, I have never, at least not knowingly, put my finger in a dyke. Secondly, I’m extremely uncomfortable with anyone who tells me it’s a good thing to make myself uncomfortable.

Fellow White People” Person of the Week

On her LinkedIn profile [29], Chelsea Kline defines herself thusly:

“Chelsea Kline (she/her pronouns) draws on her early experiences as a Jewish, queer, low-income, single teen mom formed an ethical basis for her work as an advocate for progressive reproductive rights and social justice.”

To me, that reads as “I’m so annoying that I drove the man who impregnated me out of my life and decided right then and there that I was a lesbian.”

In what is easily the clumsiest attempt at a metaphor I’ve seen all year, Miz Kline wrote an article called “White people, we have bad breath [30].” Rather than bore you with the details (it’s my job to suffer through the details so you don’t have to), she likens going to the dentist, vowing to practice “proper daily oral hygiene,” and then being a lazy twat who doesn’t keep her vows to white people who get whipped up in social-justice activism and quickly realize how unrewarding it is:

We as white people are still predominantly unwilling to admit that there so many entrenched problems within and around us. The painful irony is that when we are rightfully reminded or corrected, many of us respond with defensiveness, anger, shock, or hurt feelings. . . . Being unwilling to experience discomfort or embarrassment, or to put in the time and unflagging long-term effort that’s required to undo white supremacy ultimately aides in its continuation. . . . The work of building an anti-racist society is ongoing, arduous, complex, and requires a lifelong commitment from all of us. . . . White people, maybe we can’t smell it, but we have bad breath.”

Here we have yet another masochist who thinks it’s good rather than insane to willingly expose oneself to discomfort and embarrassment. And regarding bad smells, this woman has obviously never had to share a bus with black people in the summer.

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