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The Worst Week Yet:
May 2-8, 2021


February, 1963 cover of Commentary

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White Supremacist Attacks on Asians Continue

Remember when Donald Trump called COVID-19 the “China virus” and openly, unequivocally, and unabashedly encouraged American blacks to stab Asians and smash them in the head with bricks? Even though he’s not the president anymore, it’s still happening! Egged on by insensitive comments from the most white-supremacist president ever, American blacks, continually boondoggled and hornswoggled by the white-supremacist culture in which they remain trapped like flies in amber, continue to both kick and scare the shit out of this nation’s tiny, high-IQ, almost always peaceful Asians.

In Baltimore, 50-year-old Daryl Doles [2] has been charged with aggravated assault after an incident was captured on surveillance tape showing him attacking two Asian women in a convenience store and smashing one of them in the head with a cinderblock [3].

In San Francisco, 54-year-old Patrick Thompson [4] has been charged with two counts of attempted murder after allegedly stabbing [5] two elderly Asian women at a bus stop.

Also in San Francisco, 26-year-old Sidney Hammond [6] has been arrested for allegedly attacking an Asian man who was pushing his one-year-old child in a stroller [7] and attempting to stomp the Asian man’s head into the ground as the stroller began gently rolling away.

In San Jose, California, during a high school basketball game, video [8] shows an Asian teen being attacked [9] by two black players.

In Harlem, Jarrod Powell [10] has been arrested in connection with an attack on an Asian man that left the victim in a coma [11]

An unnamed black woman [12] (I won’t even call her “fat,” because that would be redundant) is being sought in connection with an attack on a Manhattan subway where she allegedly approached an Asian woman from behind, said, “Get off my train, you don’t belong here,” and smacked her in the back of the head with an open hand.

What’s notable is that in all of the anti-Asian violence articles linked to above, the victims are always identified as “Asian,” but the perps are never identified as “black.” The most they’ll do — and it’s rare — is show a picture of the perp. Most of the time I had to either watch the video or search the alleged perp’s name to see if a pic popped up on Google Images. The word “black” was not in a single article, although the word “hate” was in nearly all of them.

Purging the Military of Whiteness and Anti-Semitism

If you thought wokeness was bad in the media and education, wait until it gets a complete chokehold on the US military.

In February, fresh on the heels of the Capitol riot of January 6, Joe Biden’s newly minted coal-black Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin [13] ordered a 60-day stand-down in order to purge the military from an alleged “extremism” problem caused by soldiers who placed their country above this country’s ex-slaves. And now comes news that the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Diversity and Inclusion is the unashamedly black Bishop Garrison [14], who is neither a bishop and has probably never seen a garrison. He will hold the fort as head of the U.S. military’s “Countering Extremism” task force. Garrison, an ardent defender of Black Lives Matter, proponent of Critical Race Theory, and propagandist of the 1619 Project, is on record making the following statement:

[P]romoting inclusivity and respect within the ranks is not only the right thing to do morally but also a matter of national security: a more cohesive unit is a stronger fighting force.

Imagine someone thinking that diversity actually increases cohesion. They’d either have to be stupid, a liar, or both. Garrison — who has actually stated that he has never been called a racist or discriminated against due to his “immutable traits,” has also ululated thusly:

The racism that threatens lives and security will not magically vanish. It will not draw back or resolve itself. It must be cut out like the cancer it has been for so long.

Speaking of cutting out the cancer, how much would it cost, and how many boats would it take, to ship them all back to the continent whence they came?

Shortly before Easter this year, a US Navy Chaplain named Aristotle Rivera caused an “outcry [15]” with a post that claimed Jews should apologize for killing Jesus:

“Jesus lived. You killed him. God raised him. We saw him. Say sorry.”

In the name of fairness, it was actually the Romans who did the killing. Sure, the Jews handed Jesus over to the Romans, but they were merely the Karens in this equation.

Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation — representing 32 members, of whom three-quarters are Jewish­ [16]­ — along with a group called the Jewish War Veterans said that hell, naw, they were not going to apologize and that it was Lieutenant Rivera who needed to apologize to all Jews, everywhere, wherever he may find them.


You can buy Jim Goad’s Whiteness: The Original Sin here [18].

Purging Our Schools of Whiteness

As far back as 1963, Norman Podhoretz wrote an essay in Commentary [19] magazine called “My Negro Problem — And Ours.” It was a remarkable piece for its era because it noted that, despite the endless propaganda that was prevalent even back then about Negroes being poor, hapless victims, in Podhoretz’s neighborhood while growing up in Brooklyn during the 1930s, the blacks were known as the most violent group and that everyone was scared of them.

This is why it’s bitterly hilarious to see a “news story” in 2021 titled “Remote learning during COVID-19 pandemic gave some Black students reprieve from racism, parents say [20]” which implies that the reason white students are returning to school at much higher rates than da blacks and da browns isn’t because the latter groups are lazy and dumb, but because the white kids are much more eager to bully others than blacks and browns are.

Also, a school district in the predominantly white Bay Area town of Piedmont is apologizing all over itself about an email sent offering a “White Student Support Group [21]” for white students in the wake of Derek Chauvin’s recent murder conviction in the George Floyd case. Mind you, there were similar emails sent to black and indigenous students, but no one seemed to have a problem with those — only with the idea of there being any places where white kids can be white.

Representatives for the school district were quick to explain that the support group wasn’t intended for white students to offer one another solace now that race war has been declared against them. Not at all. In fact, Assistant Superintendent Cheryl Wozniak [22] sent an “apology email” explaining that the group, despite its name, was intended only for white students to support nonwhite students:

I did not make it clear that the circle being offered . . . is for those who want to be allies for BIPOC. I sincerely apologize for the lack of sensitivity in my communication and invite anyone who has been impacted to reach out to me directly so I can repair the harm I have caused.

Superintendent Randall Booker [23], also white, doubled down on Wozniak’s alibi:

A poor choice of words in the subject line of the invitation to white students led to the perception that white students needed the same kind of “support” as our BIPOC students. Students of all racial backgrounds rightfully pushed back on that idea. We agree, and we want to affirm in the strongest terms that our commitment is to give all students a place to express their feelings and to learn how to engage in important issues.

In the real world, white students need more support than any other group these days because America’s institutions are feeding them a constant diet of self-hatred.

Blacks Shitting on Whites, cont.

Writing for Forbes — which, if I recall, used to focus on things such as money and business — an “expert” on “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” named Maia Niguel Hoskin [24] attempts to school us about “Three Things To Keep In Mind When Thinking About Whiteness In America [25]”:

In a Los Angeles Times article, whiteness is described as being on a “toggle switch between bland nothingness and racist hatred.” Although there is no right or wrong way to interpret how whiteness has been constructed — collectively — race scholars agree that whiteness insulates the inequitable distribution of wealth, income, and power. Whiteness also informs scientific bodies of knowledge, norms, ideologies, beliefs, and particular practices that have been constructed throughout American history.

Never mind that in the Motherland, she’d be eating cow dung and swatting at tsetse flies.

Writing for the Brookings Institution,” a certain Rashawn Ray [26] poses the question “Is the United States a racist country? [27]” and seems to have already made up his mind before even posing the question:

When a person critiques America for the racism that is deeply embedded in our social institutions, some feel they are being personally attacked. This is because deep down they realize that they benefit from unearned assets associated with whiteness. . . . It is so commonplace for white people that some cannot fathom living without it. This is because many white people, particularly white people with lower levels of education and income, realize that whiteness comes with a premium that extends beyond economics to include cultural and social capital.

OK, Rashawn, so if I were to allege that your people were living in the Stone Age before whites dragged your sorry asses into the modern world and you felt “personally attacked” as a result, would that also be because deep down, you realized I was right?

Finally, in “The Pathophysiology of Racial Disparities [28],” a hi-yella MD named Amanda Calhoun [29] boldly announces:

We must identify the true pathophysiology of racial disparities: the racist, intentional oppression of Black Americans. Let’s start training to identify the persistent mechanisms behind white supremacy: redlining, the school-to-prison pipeline, environmental racism.

No, you daffy broad, the true reason for racial disparities is cognitive disparities that resulted from evolving under different selection pressures on separate continents.

Whites Shitting on Themselves, cont.

In this week’s roundup of whites who seem to think they’ll be spared if they aggressively self-flagellate in public before the shit really goes down, Ralph Knudson [30] writes about “Facing the realities of racial healing [31]”:

White people can and must face the realities of systemic racism if we hope to dismantle it for racial healing. People of color are not responsible for doing the needed and necessary white people’s work of learning about racial injustice. It’s our responsibility. We don’t need forgiveness by anyone to get off the sidelines and do the work of learning and promoting change. . . . We realize that our white privilege in American democracy obliges us to do our own part to understand and repair the racial injustices that threaten our democracy and weaken us as a nation. Once we see such systemic racial problems, we can’t unsee them. We need to do our homework, face ourselves and understand our part in racial injustice. Then we can effectively do our part to promote equal justice and racial healing.

I have a better idea, Ralph: Why don’t you go sit on a fire hydrant?

In “10 Ways to Be Less Racist [32],” a butch woman with short grey hair named Marci Alborghetti [33] tells us that white guilt is the best thing since sliced Wonder Bread:

When it comes to racism, white guilt is good. Indeed, putting aside all those self-love TED talks, a dose of shame is in order. This country is founded upon the slaughter and enslavement of Indigenous and African peoples and the decimation of their cultures and family structures. . . . Attend a worship service at a People of Color congregation. . . . Send your child to an integrated school. . . . Choose to live in an integrated town or city. . . . Racism is America’s cancer, and we’re way past the early detection stage. This cancer cannot be eradicated unless we acknowledge it. Statistically, white people live longer and are healthier, wealthier, better educated, better fed and better employed than people of color. And those realities are a direct result of racism.

Again with the cancer metaphor. Is this clam-licker even aware that as “a direct result of racism,” black women outlive white men in this country?

In “What should I do about racism? From one white person to another [34],” Sage Grover [35] cracks a guilt whip at other whites:

We must not rely on people in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities to teach us about what is wrong in our country. It is not their responsibility. We need to open our eyes to the blatant fact that racial violence, discrimination, and hate are embedded too far in our society. We must be anti-racist. Simply saying things such as “I am not racist” is not enough. . . . Black and Brown healing must be prioritized, not the opinions of white folks. . . . In the end, the moral of the story is that Black and Brown bodies are not just another post to share on the internet, even if the sharing is done to point out injustice. It is past time for us to open our eyes to the hate. Simple apologies will no longer suffice. We, as white people, must take action and become anti-racists.

No. No, no, no, NO. We, as white people, need to realize that blacks and browns do better around white people, whereas white people do worse around blacks and browns.

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