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The Very Strange Case of Sarah Halimi

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There’s a guy I used to be friends with on Twitter a few years ago. He was Jewish, but you would never guess. He would only mention it in passing once in a blue moon.

He was politically nihilistic. He thought the Left and Right were both stupid and that politics was just all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. He thought we were ruled over by an “illuminati,” but he used that term more in a metaphorical sense than a literal tinfoil hat sense. He was open to conspiracies, but not particularly obsessed with them. There were some individual issues he cared about (pro-gun, anti-authority) but he did not identify with any particular political faction or ideology because they were all dumb.

He was, however, very passionate about manosphere issues. He was never a Frame Game Radio or Brother Nathaniel based Jew, but he was unwoke. For a while, he had a substantial following among the Alt-Right. He was never “us,” but he was funny, and he wasn’t them.

But during the Trump administration, this guy became radicalized. No, he didn’t get “redpilled,” nor did he become an SJW or a Bernie Bro. Rather, he became a hardcore Zionist. The transformation has been remarkable to witness. When I knew him, he was a too-cool-for-school individualist who refused to identify with any particular group. Now, I go to his Twitter and all the posts and retweets are about some antisemitic attack somewhere, about how Palestinians are all terrorists, about how anti-Zionism is antisemitism, about how the Dirtbag Left are all secret Nazis, etc.

In the same way that anti-whiteness has turned people into white nationalists, the antisemitism of the Dissident Right and anti-imperialist anti-Zionism turned this guy into a hardcore Zionist. Now, I can kind of understand why he would do this. He was never guilty of the kinds of things that we usually criticize Jews for: he wasn’t anti-white (and still isn’t), did not support SJW crap, and did not promote BLM or critical race theory. I know what it’s like to see your group shit on for things you are not personally guilty of yourself. It makes you want to fight back. I actually have more respect for him now. Zionism is gay, but nihilism is even gayer. I have more respect for someone who sincerely believes in something bad than someone who believes nothing.

Now, I’m not saying “We need to stop being antisemitic because it is creating more Zionists!” This guy was fairly atypical of Jews. However, it is worth noting that the knife can cut both ways. They can radicalize us and we can radicalize them.

But looking at this guy’s timeline has been an eye-opener. How does a group with so much conspicuous institutional power come to believe that they are under siege from all sides? Well, there are the usual anecdotes of this or that antisemitic attack on the streets of New York, spicy jokes about Israel from Bernie Bros, and anti-imperialist sentiments expressed by The Squad (“There are anti-Semites in Congress!”).

But going through his timeline, there is one name that Jews keep bringing up, again and again, the smoking gun that conclusively proves that they are living in an antisemitic world that is out to get them: Sarah Halimi.

I must admit, it is a hell of a story.

The short version is that Sarah Halimi was a 65-year-old French Sephardic Jew and devout Orthodox living in Paris. In 2017, a black Muslim immigrant from Mali named Kobili Traoré who lived in the next building over broke into her apartment and tortured her while yelling “Allahu Akbar!” He then killed her by throwing her out of a 3rd story window. Naturally, Jews immediately declared this an antisemitic attack. We’ll get into that later.

Anyway, here’s the real curveball. French authorities determined not only that the murder was not driven by antisemitism, but that Kobili Traoré was not criminally responsible for his actions because. . .

. . .wait for it. . . 

. . . he was high on marijuana [2]. Not guilty. Actually, more than just “Not Guilty.” They didn’t even give him a trial.

Just a fluke, right? Nope. Last month, the Court of Cassation, the highest court in France, upheld the verdict on appeal. Not one, but two French courts declared that being high on weed was a legitimate defense for murdering a Jew in her apartment. French law has a legal concept called bouffée délirante [3], which is sort of a temporary insanity plea. Because Kobili Traoré was delusionally high on weed, he could not be held criminally responsible for his actions.

To Jews, the Sarah Halimi case is proof that they live in a world where you can kill Jews with impunity. It’s open season on Jews. They’ve been getting pretty hyperbolic about it. A lot of Jews have been referring to Traoré as an “assassin [4]” who “assassinated [5]” Halimi.

That’s Jews for you. Always insisting on having their own word just for them. Hate another group, it’s “racism.” Hate Jews, it’s “antisemitism.” When other ethnicities collectivize, it’s “nationalism.” When they do it, it’s “Zionism.” Other races get “murdered,” but Jews get “assassinated.” Oh well. I guess I should be thankful that they aren’t calling it a “regicide.”


April 9, 2017. A crowd of Jews protests outside Halimi’s apartment.

On the surface, this case does seem to be something of a head-scratcher for us white nationalists because it appears to fly in the face of a lot of narratives and what we believe about Jewish power. I mean, it is standard operating procedure for Western governments to claim that Islamist terrorists are merely apolitical nutjobs. That part’s not surprising. But letting them off the hook is not something you see every day.

Which is more powerful: black privilege or Jewish privilege? Certainly, Jews have more economic and political power. And yet we put up with crap from blacks that we would not tolerate from any other group. There are things blacks can say and do without consequence that would get anyone else “canceled” or possibly even arrested. On a social level, blacks can “get away” with more than anyone else. But get away with murder? Of a Jew? I knew blacks were privileged, but I didn’t think they were that privileged.


So let’s dig a little deeper into this story and see if we can make sense of the strange case of Sarah Halimi.

First, we have to figure out whether or not this murder (sorry, “assassination”) was actually motivated by antisemitism, or if Kobili Traoré was just a normal black person doing what black people do normally. The evidence is inconclusive. Some circumstantial evidence points to antisemitism, but with reasonable doubt.

Kobili Traoré was a 27-year-old immigrant from Mali. He was a known drug dealer, drug user, and had been to prison a few times for aggravated violence. So right off the bat, we can already put 3 checkmarks in the “normal black person” column. On top of this, his family has said he was not particularly devout and did not go to mosque.

On the other side of the ledger, Halimi’s children have claimed that Traoré had made antisemitic insults to her on the street. Her son (who lives in Israel) has said this and her daughter claims to have witnessed Traoré calling her mother a “dirty Jewess.” As far as I can tell, this is the strongest evidence for it being an antisemitic murder. If you are in the habit of believing things that Jews say, you can put a couple of checkmarks in the “hate crime” column. Or maybe just one. Calling her a “dirty Jewess” might have been an attack on her personal hygiene rather than an insult to her ethnicity. Look, I’m just trying to keep an open mind here.

Traoré’s family said that in the days leading up to the assassination that Traoré was acting irritable. Why is anyone’s guess, but some early reports [8] suggest that he was in debt to his drug suppliers. Who knows? Doesn’t matter. But his family also reported that during this time he kept repeating the same word over and over: shaitan, an Arabic word that means “devil” or “demon.”

Additionally, the day before the assassination, Halimi had reportedly complained to the concierge about Traoré, saying that he and his brother were loud troublemakers and just generally making a nuisance of themselves. So the two were apparently aware of each other’s existence.

So now we get to the day of the assassination.

It was early in the morning on April 4, 2017. It was the 49th anniversary of MLK’s assassination, a fact I only know because of that one U2 song [9]. Around 4:00 AM, Traoré argued with his family over God knows what. He left his apartment in a huff and then started knocking on people’s doors on the same floor, but no one answered.

At last, he is able to get into the #30 apartment. He tells the terrified family inside he needs a place to crash for the night. Because the family is not insane, they tell him to get the hell out of their apartment. Because Traoré is black, he starts threatening them, and so the family ran into the bedroom, locked the door, and called the police.

From inside their bedroom, the family hears Traoré praying and loudly reciting verses from the Quran. After some time, Traoré walks to the family’s outside balcony and manages to climb his way up to Halimi’s apartment one floor up.

From here, people report hearing loud screams from Halimi and Traoré shouting — “Shut your mouth!”, “Allahu Akbar!”, and “I killed the shaitan!” At this point, police had arrived on the scene, but being French, they lacked the courage to enter and confront the madman. Fearing that a terrorist attack was in progress, they instead called for backup from the elite terrorism unit and patiently waited.

Traoré, having completed the assassination, now started going for style points. He opened the window and yelled [10] to the police standing on the street below “Watch out! This woman is going to commit suicide!” and then threw Halimi’s body out of the 3rd-floor window.

Having slain the shaitan and secured his reservation at the VIP section of paradise, Traoré then returned to the terrified family’s apartment and began praying again. At last, the police came in and arrested him. But instead of sending him to jail, the police sent him to a psych ward.

The killing was instantly a huge story throughout the “By Jews, For Jews” press: Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post, Tablet, Haaretz, etc. All the usual suspects. But the French media? They completely buried it.

Again, this would seem to run counter to our narratives. Why would the media, which even in France is still pretty goddamn Jewish, bury a story like this? You’d think they would be all over it.

Well, ask yourself “What else was going on in France in April 2017?” That would be the French presidential election, which by that point had come down to a runoff between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen of the Right-wing populist party Front National.

Once you plug in the Le Pen factor, this whole episode starts making more sense. The story was buried because it was thought that it would be useful propaganda for the Front National. You’ve got two politicians, one saying “Muslims are a problem” and the other saying “What are you talking about? Muslims are great!” and then this happens. Well, that’s mighty inconvenient for the establishment. Indeed, Le Pen was the only French politician to mention the killing of Sarah Halimi at the time.

This would also explain the lack of any trial, as it would be a huge news story, and details even more gruesome than the ones we already know would surely come to light and be seared into people’s minds like John Kerry’s Christmas in Cambodia. Again, this could have no other effect than to push people to the Right. I can’t see how it would make anyone more liberal. I’m not the first person to suggest this. Even some Jewish groups have accused the French government of covering up the killing for political and electoral reasons.

Now, we white nationalists are not big fans of the “Muslims are bad because they are mean to Jews/gays” argument. I mean, that’s true, but our primary grievance with Muslims is that they are bad for whites. To use gays and Jews as human shields against accusations of Islamophobia just reeks of cowardice. It’s also nothing people don’t already know.

However, whatever we might think of that argument, it is interesting that the French establishment apparently believes that that argument might be persuasive to some people.


You know what? I’m feeling generous today. Fine, Jews. You win! The assassination of Sarah Halimi was probably motivated at least in part, if not entirely, by antisemitism. It’s not often that you hear me say that the Jews are right, so savor it while you can.

But the fact that Kobili Traoré was not prosecuted for the assassination is not evidence that the French establishment is antisemitic. That, dear Jews, is evidence that the establishment is anti-white. Le Pen was proposing to do things that would be beneficial to whites, and the establishment had to sacrifice Sarah Halimi on the altar of diversity to prevent that from happening. If anyone should be outraged by this story, it should us white nationalists.

But one cannot help but notice the irony. Jews promote multiculturalism and anti-whiteness. Jews import blacks and Muslims. But the problem is that they did both of those things too well. So then when a black Muslim kills a Jew, the establishment is so brainwashed by anti-whiteness and so committed to multiculturalism that they refuse to do anything about it.

Part and parcel, Jews. Part. And. Parcel.

*  *  *

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