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Interview with Jared Taylor

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On April 19, Counter-Currents instituted a paywall for subscribers to access articles and podcasts that will be made freely available 30 days later. This interview with Jared Taylor was the first item to go behind the paywall, and it is now the first item to be released to everyone else. More information about how to get behind the paywall can be found below.

On this episode of Counter-Currents Radio, Greg Johnson interviews Jared Taylor on his book White Identity ten years later. Topics discussed include: The story behind White Identity, copies sold, “diversity is our strength,” science and racial differences, Genetic Similarity Theory, reciprocity and unilateral disarmament, whites blamed for black failure, Asian achievements, reviews and responses to White Identity, race vs. class and sex differences, Tucker Carlson, and How Jared’s thinking has changed over the last ten years. White Identity is available through the official American Renaissance bookstore [3].

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