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Live by the Woke, Die by the Woke:
The Cancellation of Socialism Done Left

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By the time I heard about the cancelation of the BreadTuber known as Socialism Done Left, the controversy was already a few days old. I had never heard of the guy, but when I stumbled upon the Vice article “Leaked Racist Messages Shows “Leftist” Youtuber Isn’t [2]” written by affirmative action hire Gita Jackson, I initially wanted to defend him.


Gita Jackson

Socialism Done Left is a YouTuber who makes socialist explainer videos, sort of like Socialism 101. Like many BreadTubers, he spent a lot of time in Destiny’s discord server. Well, some of his posts there from 2019 and 2020 have resurfaced, where he was making some edgy racist humor.

Stuff like this: [4]









Socialism Done Left’s [13]most recent video was “Capitalism Versus Socialism [14],” a debate between him and J. F. Gariepy. This made me want to like him even more. I have a degree of respect for anyone who has the balls to engage with us, even a degenerate Jew like Destiny.

My first impression of SDL was one of a based Leftist having his life ruined for making edgy jokes. I wanted to defend the guy, or even reach out to him to reassure him that it’s not the end of the world. The SJWs will never forgive him, but we don’t give a shit about racist jokes.

There are ways for a Leftist to build an audience on the Right without compromising their principles. People like Sean McCarthy, Aimee Terese, and the Red Scare girls have built up cult followings on the Right. Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi are fairly respected on our side.

Whenever I see someone being raked over the coals by the woke mob, my natural instinct is to defend them. Hell, I once defended the pro-hedonism Jewish feminists [15] of the Guys We Fucked podcast when they were under attack by the wokesters.

But then I dug a little deeper into this Socialism Done Left character. That’s when I put down my sword and shield and picked up a tub of popcorn. There will be no white-knighting today. No siree, Bob. I’m here to gloat.

Now we are going to descend into the hellscape known as BreadTube.

Try not to touch anything while we are down here.

I’ve written quite a bit about the Podcast Left AKA the Dirtbag Left AKA the Unwoke Left. The YouTube Left, AKA BreadTube, is a different animal.

They are all commies, but BreadTube is more woke and much more degenerate. The Dirtbag Left is mostly concerned with class critique and tends to be skeptical of wokeness, which they think undermines working-class solidarity. BreadTube, on the other hand, are hardcore feminists, gender pronouns in the profile, the whole bit, and disproportionately obsessed with trans issues given their percentage of the population.

There is also a big difference in how they approach white nationalism. The Dirtbag Left may be anti-white nationalism but it’s not an issue that animates them. Many think that white nationalism is a moral panic being used by the establishment to advance their neoliberal agenda. Dirtbag Lefties look at white nationalists as a fringe movement with no real power and little public support, who are fighting a lost cause.

I’ve heard Matt Christman argue that the neoliberal establishment has created conditions of economic uncertainty, causing people to rally around what is most familiar to them: their own tribe. So while white nationalism is “bad m’kay,” the blame for its modern incarnation ultimately lies with the establishment. That’s a much more sympathetic appraisal than we usually hear, which is that we are just straight-up evil.

With BreadTube, anti-white nationalism and anti-anti-SJW is a central theme. A lot of BreadTubers built their following producing videos “debunking” white nationalist and anti-SJW talking points. They fancy themselves expert de-radicalizers.

So, Socialism Done Left. . . is a serious race traitor. His Twitter is full of anti-race realism shit.


And he’s retweeting Jared fucking Holt.


Now, this is after he was canceled by the woke mob. Jared Holt does for a living what is being done to Socialism Done Left right now and he’s retweeting the guy.

Then there was his response video [18], which was lame. Total capitulation to the mob. He cucks on everything, throws himself at the mercy of the crowd, and doubles down on the wokeness. He pledged the stream’s donations to a trans rights charity and made anti-race realist arguments in the middle of it for no apparent reason.

I wanted to feel sorry for him. But at this point? Yeah, fuck this guy.

The woke mob apparently agreed, and the stream was ratio’d [19] into oblivion.


The woke mob responded to the apology exactly as you would expect them to. SJWs don’t do forgiveness.





The delicious part about this controversy is that the person who dug up all of Socialism Done Left’s 2-year-old messages was this black bitch who goes by the name of Indie on Twitter [24].


If the word “uppity” did not exist, it would have to be invented just to describe her. All she does is tone police other Leftists, accusing them of being racist, transphobic, or otherwise problematic.




She is also viciously anti-white.




But hey, it’s cool because. . .


It’s hilarious to me that Socialism Done Left committed himself to defending POC while attacking his own people, and this is the thanks he gets. Despite being only 13% of the population, blacks are 100% of the people responsible for ruining Socialism Done Left’s life.

I honestly don’t understand people who aren’t racist.

There are a few videos on Socialism Done Left’s YouTube channel where he defended Jews (see here [33], here [34], and here [35]).

Well, how’s that working out for you, buddy? Maybe you can call up some of your Jewish pals and say “Hey, I went to bat for you guys. You think you could do me a solid and return the favor in my time of need?” Let me know how much gratitude your Jewish pals show you for being a race traitor, big guy.

If you polled Jews on who their favorite gentile was, Oskar Schindler would be near the top of that list, if not #1 — and he died in poverty. The dude blew through a million dollars and risked execution to protect Jews. Whatever your beliefs about the Holocaust, Jews themselves sincerely believe that Oskar Schindler saved the lives of 1,200 Jews. And how did the wealthiest ethnic group in the world thank him? They stood back and let that guy starve.

Oh, wait. There was one Jew who came to his defense, but only after first trying to ruin his life. This will take some explaining.

The racism angle is only one part of this controversy. There are also claims that Socialism Done Left is a sex pest who was particularly aggressive with trans women. Allegedly, he was banned from Destiny’s discord server for that reason.

The mod log from Destiny’s server:



You also have this character [38], who made some pretty heavy accusations [39] against Socialism Done Left.


The DM:


They continue. . . .


Obviously, I don’t give a shit about the racism stuff. If it were just the racism stuff and Socialism Done Left wanted to defect to the Right, I could even forgive his past as a race traitor. It would be a massive propaganda coup to steal one of BreadTube’s guys. But now we’re getting into liability territory.

Here’s where we get into the Jewish angle. There’s a Jewish trans-girl that Socialism Done Left was chummy with. Apparently, this creature goes by the name Rat. Yeah, I know. A Jew named Rat. Talk about owning the insult.

Anyway, they’ve nuked their Twitter account, but they used to be @Oweeowowow or “Could Be Dumber.”



Hey, I don’t like looking at this shit any more than you do. I’m a journalist and it’s relevant to the story. After I finish writing this, I’m going to have to take a 10-hour shower.

Sigh. . . I swear, the things I do for the white race. . . I better get a statue dedicated to me in the ethnostate. After this article, I’d say I’ve earned it.

So let’s finish this thread.


This is relevant because these two would eventually try to deny this ever happened.

Rat also acknowledges his trans fetish:



So, Socialism Done Left made the mistake of trusting a Jew [47]. Rat may be all playfully and bantery with him here, but behind his back, Rat is DMing people stuff like this:


Rat additionally leaks a bunch of DMs from Socialism Done Left, which got shared all over the place. But after this whole controversy breaks out, Rat switches gears.


The Jew then posts this message.


I feel my IQ dropping as I write this.

This t-girl betrays her friend by leaking a bunch of private DMs, which is a pretty Jewish thing to do. When the shit hits the fan, the Jew starts making up some ridiculous lies to cover up for her friend, which is a pretty Jewish thing to do. What the Jew says really happened is that they fabricated fake DMs to try to fuck with their friend’s life, which if true, would be a pretty Jewish thing to do.

I don’t understand people who aren’t anti-Semites.

Socialism Done Left dedicates his life to being an anti-white nationalist race traitor, and is brought down by a black bitch and a Jew that he made the mistake of trusting.

Whatever anyone wants to say about racism — that it’s wrong, that it’s irrational, that it’s low-status — the fact is that racism makes accurate predictions. Race deniers can find all sorts of fancypants ways to explain why things played out the way they did ex post facto. But race deniers consistently fail to make accurate predictions of the future.

If you take a society and inject X number of Race Y into that society, a racist can accurately predict certain changes in that society. On the other hand, any scheme or plan that has ever used racial equality as one of its baseline assumptions has consistently failed to deliver the results it promised. Desegregation, affirmative action, forced bussing, you name it. None of those did what it said on the tin.

Who made the more accurate predictions of what would happen if segregation was ended: the segregationists or the anti-segregationists? Clearly, it was the segregationists. Crime did go up, blacks didn’t rise to socioeconomic parity with whites, communities did go to shit (have you seen what Selma looks like today?).

Race deniers rely on explanations like systemic racism, white privilege, stereotype threat — take your pick. But crucially, that’s not what they predicted. They predicted that affirmative action would only be necessary for 20 years, and that blacks would achieve socioeconomic parity within a generation. Why didn’t they factor X, Y, and Z into their predictions?

Both racists and race deniers can produce their data and argue until the cows come home. The ultimate test is not which model has better explanatory power, but which one has more predictive power. Clearly, it’s racism. Every time. Racism is a constant morphine drip of confirmation bias.

If Socialism Done Left had asked us, we could have told him where getting involved with a Jew would lead to. This mess he is in was predictable. But because “race is a social construct,” he got Jewed in the most stereotypically Jewish ways.

I digress.

Now, Socialism Done Left’s defense throughout this is that his racist statements were edgy jokes, that he is not racist, and that he was actually satirizing Right-wingers. I was initially willing to believe this.

And yet. . . .

This is interesting. Socialism Done Left posted a few videos trying to debunk Jewish Bolshevism (here [51] and here [52]). I have no opinion on the subject. I’ve heard different arguments from people whose intelligence I respect.

What I do know is that, contrary to what Socialism Done Left says, the idea that the Bolshevik was fundamentally Jewish was not something invented by Nazis. White Russians who were there said so. Winston Churchill believed it was. It was a fairly common belief even among non-anti-Semites.

Secondly, saying that “Only X% of the Y was Jewish” is not entirely sufficient to debunk the claim. There may be 100 people in the Senate, but they are not all equally influential. Mitt Romney has a lot more pull than Jon Tester. Banging out statistics doesn’t tell you who the real movers and shakers were. Whatever. That’s beside the point.

What’s interesting is that once this controversy broke out, people went through his publicly posted folder of research documents and found that Socialism Done Left had accumulated data that contradicted the arguments he had made.


He also accumulated data about blacks supporting the 1994 crime bill, which blacks nowadays claim was a white supremacist conspiracy against them. This is a Right-wing talking point, so it is weird that a Leftist would have assembled data on this.


And our friend Indie, who started this whole fiasco, claims she received this message from one of Socialism Done Left’s alt accounts, which I can not confirm is true.


Now if that is an SDL alt account, that might lend some credibility to the claim that he is genuinely racist. And if he were genuinely racist, that would make him a self-conscious fraud. At minimum, it means he secretly knows that white nationalists have more legitimate grievances than he is willing to admit. He’s calling some guy an idiot for saying the Soviet Union was top-heavy with Jews, while his own research contradicts some of the arguments he was making.

Here’s where the story takes another twist.

Once the controversy heated up, Socialism Done Left got doxed and some of the details were interesting, to say the least. It turns out our boy is a trust fund kid. No surprise there. Show me a socialist who isn’t. The guy is so bougie that he even has a double-barreled surname.

While it has since been edited out, the original Vice article contained the full dox.


Word on the street has it that Richard Bissell Jr. [57] was not Socialism Done Left’s grandfather, but his grandfather’s brother. His actual grandfather was this guy, William Bissell, who was a lead engineer for Lockheed Martin.


Wikipedia claims (granted, without citation) that his grandpa was a member of Skull and Bones at Yale.

So Aiden is swimming in blood money. And being the grandson of a guy who tried to overthrow a communist government can’t do many favors for one’s Lefty cred.

But how relevant is that? He can’t help who his family is, and it’s not fair to punish someone for his father. However, one could argue that if a guy is going to talk about politics, he has an obligation to disclose his political connections so people can take that into account when evaluating his arguments. Eh. Maybe. I think if he was advocating for war, then yeah, he should probably mention that his family works in defense contracting and benefits from war. I am not aware of him doing that.

A stronger argument might be that if Socialism Done Left wants to advocate for the working class (which he does do), he has an obligation to disclose his own class status. How much could he possibly relate to working-class people? Does he have any real experience interacting with honest-to-God working-class people, or is “the working class” just an abstract political concept to him? These are things that working-class people might want to know about their advocates.

And of course, some might say — not without good reason — that any connection to the CIA, no matter how tangential, a priori makes someone untrustworthy.


But then I found this tweet.

If he’s going to say stuff like this, then he should probably disclose his connections to the Military-Industrial Complex. I can cut him some slack because he was anon and had to maintain opsec. But if that’s the case, he should avoid subjects with conflicts of interest.

Now, some BreadTubers have come to Socialism Done Left’s defense.

Vaush did, sort of. Rather, he declined to denounce him because it would be hypocritical to denounce another YouTuber for degeneracy. Part of me wants to give him credit for honesty, but the other part is thinking that hypocrisy has its merits.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTp_5u3-x5A [60]

Vaush’s degeneracy is well-documented and comparable to Socialism Done Left’s. However, Vaush has enough clout and a big enough audience to weather controversies like this much easier than a smaller channel like Socialism Done Left can.

There is also this BreadTuber named Merrick Deville, who really went to the mat for Socialism Done Left.




I don’t know if Merrick Deville is trans or not. You can never be sure these days, and in the land of BreadTube, nothing is ever what it seems. I’m pretty sure that she’s not actually French. She culturally appropriated her surname from my people. Look, Merrick, if you are going to be a degenerate commie, could you at least not LARP as a Frenchman while doing it?

Now that I think about it, the name “Socialism Done Left” is culturally appropriating proletarian manners of speaking. Typical bourgeois elitist move! Elites like Socialism Done Left steal the culture of the streets, water it down, sugar it up, and then sell it right back to us.

Enjoy your new life, Aiden. You should have listened to the Nazis. If you had, you wouldn’t be in this mess. You might be in a different mess, but you would at least have the support of a community.

POC hate you because you’re racist.

Racists hate you because you’re a traitor.

The wages of race treachery is cancelation.

* * *

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