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Black Lies Matter

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The most depressing thing about Black Lives Matter is that the entire movement is based upon blatant and easily exposed lies—yet none of that seems to matter to our leaders. BLM flourishes—and American cities burn—because the press, politicians, and corporate elites either actively promote black lies—or they are just too weak and cowardly to resist them. America is falling apart because among its leaders, the best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

Thus America desperately needs new leadership. The number one criterion for the job is to speak the truth about the people who are destroying the country. As Jef Costello put it, we’ve got to “Speak the Truth or Kiss It All Goodbye [2].”

 Black Lie #1: BLM martyrs Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, George Floyd, etc. were innocent victims of “white racism.”

This is a double lie.

First, there is no evidence that “white racism” played any role in any of these incidents. What would such a racist incident even look like? Do people seriously believe that all of these men were singled out and killed “just because they were black”? That’s simply not true. A black man can be arrested with a bloody machete in his hand, and his first reaction will be to accuse the police of singling him out “just because he’s black.” Yes, it’s that childish. Such accusations should be greeted with laughter and derision, not piously echoed by the press and social media platforms. That goes doubly for people who think racism is a serious problem, since false and silly charges of racism make people less receptive to real cases.

This brings us to the second lie. Martin, Brown, Floyd etc. all ended up dead because they were far from “innocent.” They were up to no good. Trayvon Martin assaulted George Zimmerman, putting him in fear for his life, which entitled Zimmerman to use lethal force in self-defense. Michael Brown tried to grab a police officer’s gun, which entitled the officer to use lethal force in self-defense. George Floyd was high as a kite, sitting in the driver’s seat of a car, when he was approached by the police for passing a counterfeit bill. Floyd then died of a drug overdose while resisting arrest. Dying is a likely consequence when one assaults men with guns or takes lethal doses of drugs. These men were not victims of white racism. They were victims of their own bad decisions.

The reason why any number of other black men in the vicinity didn’t end up dead like Martin, Brown, and Floyd is that most of these men actually were innocent of wrongdoing. Unlike Martin, Brown, and Floyd, they really dindu nuffin. Yet the message of BLM is that any black man, guilty or innocent, is always moments away from being murdered by white police. They tell that lie to create permanent, festering racial resentment. It is also an inversion of the truth, since the vast majority of black murder victims are killed by other blacks.

In the cases of Trayvon Martin and George Floyd, attributing their deaths to “white racism” is a triple lie, because George Zimmerman and half of the officers who tried to arrest Floyd were not even white. Those are pretty big facts to overlook. How did they slip by legions of “investigative journalists,” “fact-checkers,” and social media censorship algorithms? Because such facts don’t matter if one’s overriding goal is not to report the truth but to inflame anti-white hatred.

Black Lie #2: American police are particularly dangerous to blacks.

Americans who listen to the mass media are convinced that hundreds, if not thousands, of blacks are killed every year by police. We are breathlessly told that, despite being only 13% percent of the population, blacks are 23.4% of the people shot to death by police [3] in 2019, 23.6% of those killed 2020—and the number could be higher, because the race more than 10% of the victims is unknown. It sounds damning, but the claim that American police are particularly dangerous to blacks is a double lie.

First, I have a “despite being 13% of the population” statistic of my own: despite being 13% of the population, blacks are responsible for around 50% of violent crime. If police are doing their jobs, that means that blacks are likely to come into contact with police investigating half of all violent crimes. When violent criminals encounter the police, they are far more likely to violently resist arrest, for two main reasons: violence comes easy to them and the consequences of being arrested are more severe. Given that, the fact that blacks are less than a quarter of the people shot to death by police seems shockingly low. It certainly does not prove that police are overzealous in policing blacks. If anything, it indicates that they are shockingly lax and diffident.

There are figures about how many unarmed blacks are killed by police every year. For instance, in 2019, the number was not 1,000 or 100. It was ten, and as Tucker Carlson reported [4], in virtually every case, the blacks were assaulting police. The FBI reports [5] that in 2019, 48 police officers died as a result of felonious acts while doing their duties. The FBI offers the racial breakdown to the dead officers (40 were white). But they don’t inform us of the races of the killers. However, the FBI reports [6] that in the cases of 511 police officers killed between 2004 and 2013, 43% of the killers were black—despite being merely 13% of the overall population. So if blacks are less than a quarter of the people killed by cops, and more than 40% of cop killers, the truth is exactly the reverse of BLM’s message. Blacks are far more dangerous to police than police are to blacks.

Second, if blacks are killed by the police at about half the rate they commit violent crimes, one has to ask: What racial groups are overrepresented among police killings? It turns out that whites are. As our own Richard Houck ably documents [7], whites are stopped, ticketed, arrested, and killed by police at a higher rate than they actually commit crimes, while blacks are under-policed in all these categories. Police are significantly more dangerous to whites than to blacks. This is in spite of the fact that the vast majority of police in America are white.

Why? Because the police are government employees, thus it makes sense that their work reflects the pervasive anti-white biases of our hostile elite. Beyond that, black grievance politics—including Black Lives Matter—surely plays a huge role in this. Why do black agitators champion the causes of flagrant black criminals? Because they want to make it easier for blacks to commit crimes and more dangerous for police to stop them. Once those incentives are in place, it doesn’t take a genius to predict the consequences. If you make it safer for blacks to commit crime, you’ll get more black crime.

But if police are turning a blind eye to black criminals, they are turning a jaundiced eye on whites. They’ve got to arrest someone, and what better way to prove that they are good anti-racists than to over-zealously police white people? We really do need a national conversation about systemic racism in American law enforcement. But contrary to BLM, American law enforcement is systemically racist against whites and for blacks.

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