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The LGBT Cult Invades Krasnik


A foggy day in Krasnik, Poland

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A devoutly Christian town in southeastern Poland has come under attack for its decision to reject modern values that don’t align with the tenets of its faith. Krasnik, population 35,000, adopted a resolution in 2019 that declared the city “free of LGBT.” (Krasnik councilors also voted to consider a ban on 5G in the city in support of a petition called “Poland Free from 5G Coalition Association [2]” that also includes an order to dismantle wi-fi networks in public schools.)

The resolution was “a symbolic and legally pointless gesture,” as it didn’t forbid homosexuals from entering the town, nor did it call for the expulsion of LGBT citizens already living there. (The town’s “only open gay [3]” moved to a neighboring “free of LGBT” city.) Leaders said the purpose behind the resolution was to show support for Poland’s Right-wing Law and Justice party before the 2020 election, as well as an expression of their loyalty to the Roman Catholic Church. Krasnik was one of dozens of other towns in the region that adopted similar “free of LGBT [3]” measures:

When local councilors adopted a resolution two years ago declaring their small town in southeastern Poland “free of L.G.B.T.,” the mayor didn’t see much harm in what appeared to be a symbolic and legally pointless gesture.

When Krasnik declared itself “free of L.G.B.T.,” it was joining dozens of other towns in the region that had adopted similar measures with strong support from Poland’s governing right-wing Law and Justice party and the Roman Catholic Church. 

Cezary Nieradko, a 22-year-old student who describes himself as Krasnik’s “only open gay,” dismissed the term “L.G.B.T. ideology” as a smoke screen for homophobia. He recalled how, after the town adopted its resolution, his local pharmacist refused to fill his prescription for a heart drug. 

Mr. Nieradko recently moved to the nearby city of Lublin, where the regional council has also adopted a “free of L.G.B.T.” resolution but whose residents, he said, are generally more open-minded.

When representatives of Krasnik were pressed for an explanation on what the phrase “free of LGBT” actually meant, the council insisted [3] it wasn’t discriminatory against individual homosexuals or their rights, but rather the city wanted to bar “LGBT ideology” from disrupting Polish traditions and Christian values.

As a result of Krasnik’s desire to remain loyal to Poland and their God, other nations such as Iceland, Norway, and France have threatened to withdraw funds [3] that would pay for things such as environmentally-friendly electric buses and youth programs. Ironically, these nations seem to have concluded that the feelings of LGBT are not only much more important than feelings of Christians, but they are more important than global warming and the prosperity of children, too.


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What initially seemed a cost-free sop to conservatives in the rural and religiously devout Polish borderlands next to Ukraine, the May 2019 decision has become a costly embarrassment for the town of Krasnik. It has jeopardized millions of dollars in foreign funding and, Mayor Wojciech Wilk said, turned “our town into a synonym for homophobia,” which he insisted was not accurate.

In response to a rash of anti-L.G.B.T. resolutions across Poland’s heartland, the European Union, of which Poland is a member, as well as Norway and Iceland, have said they will cut funding to any Polish town that violates Europe’s commitment to tolerance and equality. 

A French town last year severed a partnership with Krasnik in protest. And Norway, from which the mayor had hoped to get nearly $10 million starting this year to finance development projects, said in September that it would not give grants to any Polish town that declares itself “free of L.G.B.T.”

The declarations, part of the party’s efforts to rally its base before a presidential election in 2020, did not bar gay people from entering or threaten expulsion for those already present. Instead they vowed to keep out “L.G.B.T. ideology,” a term used by conservatives to describe ideas and lifestyles they view as threatening to Polish tradition and Christian values. 

Krasnik’s mayor said he worried that unless his town’s “free of L.G.B.T.” status is rescinded, he has little chance of securing foreign funds to finance electric buses and youth programs, which he said are particularly important because young people keep leaving.[/ind] 

One can’t help but wonder why the global powers-that-be care so much about the values of a small town in Poland that nobody outside of the region has even heard of. If one didn’t know any better, they might assume that this radical homosexual agenda is the work of a cult being fueled by “some sort of evil.” In fact, the Krasnik councilor who drafted the resolution echoed those same sentiments [3]:

Jan Albiniak, the Krasnik councilor who drafted the resolution, said that he had nothing personally against gay people, whom he described as “friends and colleagues,” and that he wanted to contain ideas that “disturb the normal, regular way our society was functioning.”

He said he had drafted the resolution after watching an online video of abortion rights activists screaming at Christian men in Argentina. Although that had nothing to do with L.G.B.T. issues or Poland, Mr. Albiniak said the video showed that “we are dealing with some sort of evil here and can see manifestations of demonic behavior” around the world that “must be stopped.”

The vast majority of people around the globe are indifferent to what consenting adults do sexually behind closed doors. Nobody cares! But therein lies the problem: the cult of homosexuality demands that people not just care, but that they care wholeheartedly. The issue isn’t whether or not it’s socially acceptable for consenting adults to have gay sex in privacy without repercussion. The issue is a demand, and it’s very straightforward: join our cult or else!

The creed of the cult of homosexuality is revolutionary homosexualism, which isn’t just some “bigoted, right-wing conspiracy theory” — it’s an observable phenomenon. While the act of homosexuality itself is just primitive sexual degeneracy on the individual level, revolutionary homosexualism is an evolutionary movement (e.g. population control) comprised of Machiavellian zealots who use Orwellian doublespeak as a way to stake their rainbow flags in the moral high ground. Just ask the citizens of Krasnik, a place without any “openly gay” citizens, that has nonetheless been blackmailed by the European Union as well as chastised by the New York Times for “homophobia.”

Christianity is incompatible with homosexuality. Christians and homosexuals both know this. But instead of homosexuals being tolerant of Christian religious beliefs, they choose to proselytize from their bully pulpit: convert to our cult or face persecution. That’s the ironic thing with these godless religions that worship the idea of equality: they’re all zero-sum games.

The moral precepts of a religion should only be relevant to the adherents of that religion. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how a non-Christian views Christianity, what matters is that Christianity is explicit in how Christians should view homosexuality: “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22) For the Christian, all else is blasphemy!

Fortunately for the Christians of Krasnik, all but one of the 21-member council rejected the mayor’s appeal for another vote. However, the cult of homosexuality isn’t going to politely take “no” for an answer to their demands. The city is going to have to decide what is more important: money or faith.

A citizen who said he’s never seen a gay person in Krasnik stated that he would rather live on a diet of just potatoes than to take money from people who don’t respect his faith:

Jan Chamara, a 73-year-old former construction worker, said he would rather live on a diet of just potatoes than give into economic pressure from outside to repeal the resolution. “I don’t want their money,” said Mr. Chamara, who said he had never seen gay people in Krasnik but still felt precautions were necessary. “We will survive.” 

The cult of homosexuality is a sterile movement. The only way the cult can reproduce is to ideologically steal the children of Christians with their “LGBT ideology.” Both the councilors of Krasnik and the leaders of the cult of homosexuality understand this — which is exactly why both sides comprehend the importance of keeping Krasnik “free of LGBT.”

God bless Krasnik! 

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