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Remembering Prince Philip


Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth watch horse races in 1968

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The death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh kicked up some forgotten echoes of an older form of dissent from the orthodoxy. While the identitarian side of the Dissident Right had reserved reactions, the more conspiratorial-minded saw fit to break out in outright celebration of the old man’s death. It reminded me of the conspiracy theories that were in vogue before the rise of the identitarian Right. The number of people repeating these things showed that these ideas are still very much in vogue today and that identitarian concerns have yet to supplant them as the dominant concern. 

We all know the stories [2]. The world is secretly controlled by the Royal Family, who are satanic pedophiles unnaturally extending their lives through evil magic, alien technology, and adrenochrome. They’re also Masonic Illuminati who’ve infiltrated the US government in order to abolish freedom and impose a New World Order. They’re also secret fascists who’ve retreated to the West after the Soviet Union defeated fascism in 1945, and what better evidence for this than Philip’s German ethnicity? Did you know his last name is Battenberg? Their sinister agenda includes globalism to eradicate the freedom-loving people of the Earth and impose literal commie fascism just like their friends, the Nazis, wanted to. They also want to keep you sick and enslaved and are withholding life-saving technology and hogging it for themselves. This is why you need to buy water filters and Super Male Vitality. 

Now, far be it from me to deny that the Royal Family has had its share of scandals and skulduggery. Prince Andrew was very good pals with Jeffrey Epstein, the death of Princess Diana was awfully convenient for the royals, and it’s no secret that Edward VIII was hounded and surveyed by British intelligence for his sympathies with the National Socialist regime in Germany. But this is to be expected of any family of rulers, royal or otherwise. Israeli intelligence assets blackmail non-royal politicians; families get rid of embarrassing in-laws in convenient accidents, and are sometimes sabotaged by the intelligence agencies they theoretically command. But the majesty of the British Monarchy enhances and mystifies everything surrounding this family. It also activates three very powerful narrative cores which exist in almost every modern person. 

Before we continue, I want to briefly define what I mean by a “narrative core.” As we have learned in the post-truth age, information is processed by narratives, and narratives are usually dictated by the media. But it’s not just the media that creates the narrative out of thin air — deceiving people is hard. Speaking to a truth that people already have deep within them is easier. The first step of narrative creation isn’t in the media, but in the education system. Here, basic narrative cores are implanted, such as white people bad, black people good, 6 gorillion were killed in the gas chambers, we fought WWII to make the world safe for democracy, among many others. These narrative cores can be activated later in life through magic words associated with the narrative core, such as racism, fascism, pedophilia. An activated narrative core then assists any incoming new narrative in penetrating the subject’s psyche and insinuating itself as the predominant interpretative framework of the subject. 


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Now, the key to this is to extract the narrative cores from the subject to immunize him from hostile narrative penetration. Alex Jones would call this “breaking the conditioning.” However, purple pills, half-truths, incomplete deconditionings, whatever you wanna call them, sometimes pose as narrative core extraction, and of course, human beings cannot function without narrative. So, any attempt to extract a narrative core without replacing it with a healthy one leaves us with an incomplete process of immunization. It might, however, cause the subject to cease believing incoming narratives while still trying to run the old cores. The resulting beliefs resemble the epicycles thought up by medieval geocentric scholars to explain away the mounting evidence for the heliocentric model of the solar system in their byzantine complexity. Here we come to the position of the Royal family as a good example of these epicycles. 

The common story from American-style conspiracy theories such as Alex Jones is that the royals are globalist satanic pedophiles who hate us for our freedoms and want to enslave us and keep us sick. They hate freedom, and indeed have hated America since the American revolution. They’ve therefore made a pact with the communist Chinese to infiltrate and subvert America with liberalism and may have been helped by CIA — I mean — KGB asset Yuri Bezmenov to do it, because they really hate America. They also rape kids to drink their adrenochrome and sacrifice them to Satan. Now, while this constitutes a rejection of the mainstream narrative, you’ll notice that it’s still running the liberal narrative core: that America is the last bastion of liberty in the world, and that sinister forces, including the CCP and the British Royal Family (America’s oldest enemy), are out to destroy it because they hate freedom and want to enslave human explorers [5]. The fact that liberalism is nothing but an excuse to let unscrupulous moneyed and intellectual power run roughshod over people and nations without the state to restrain them is irrelevant. America’s Freedumbz™ are under attack from the evil aristocratic soshulist satanic pedophile elites. 

Mirroring this story almost perfectly is the story from the Russian and Eastern European-style conspiracy theorists, where the royals are all secret fascists, and this is evident in their German descent and the indisputable — INDISPUTABLE, I SAY — fact that they practice colonialism and racism. Just ask Meghan Markle. This is on top of their indulgence in satanic pedophile rituals and adrenochrome to extend their unnaturally long lifespans. As always, the East, and Russia in particular, is left to be the bulwark against satanic pedophile fascism as represented by the British royal family and their puppets in the American government. Yet another clear rejection of the mainstream narrative, but still stubbornly running the old antifascist narrative core, where the defeat of Germany in 1945 saved the world from evil, smelly fascism in one iteration, but crypto-fascism, or worse, ur-fascism [6], is still rampant and never far away from seizing complete dominion over the world. 

What do these stories have in common? Well, the royals are the bad guys and they’re also satanic pedophile elites who rape children for their precious adrenochrome. They’re more akin to demonic beings than humans. Look at how long they live, look at what they look like, look at how that mean old Elizabeth sucked the youth out of poor, sensitive Diana. Of course they rape children and drink their adrenochrome and worship Satan and God knows what else! Who are they, anyway, to be royal, this family of degenerates? They must have made a deal with the devil, raping children in underground dungeons with their pedophile elite cronies. 

That’s resentment, a very deep human emotion that our system seeks to nurture and grow into nasty little monsters that dwell in each modern human. Hating your betters has never been more strongly encouraged than today. In the case of the royals, it is enhanced by primitive peasant superstition about the aristocracy, natural or otherwise. How could the Queen and Prince Phillip be anything but demonic beings when they are the incarnation of hierarchy, and as we know from our liberal education, hierarchy is evil?

But why the royals? It makes sense to accuse the Clintons, Bushes, and other crime families of all sorts of evil, of which they’re probably guilty, but the House of Windsor? I’ll go out on a limb here and say that there’s a secret narrative core that hasn’t even been implanted by the education system, but just by background culture: that he who is in a formal position of power wields actual power. Theoretically, Elizabeth II is the Head of State of the United Kingdom, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all the other nations of the Commonwealth. In theory, she has the reserve powers of the British Crown. In practice, modern royals are puppets on the strings [7] of secular governments, and do not rule. But it’s hard to look away from the ermine cape, the crown jewels, the majesty and grandeur surrounding a king or a queen and not think that this is the one in charge. This narrative core is good and needs no excising — there could be no song or stories without it. We merely require a dissolution of the shadow government which rules instead of the guy in the cape. 

I won’t pretend to be an expert on the royal family or Prince Philip. I appreciated his candor and his frankly hilarious remarks when he was alive. He lived to be ninety-nine years old, and so his death can be mourned without excessive sorrow. I also recognized that he, like the rest of the royal family, was no friend to the identitarian cause, without delving into his motivations. Here’s hoping that the occasion of his death is the last time we have to deal with those of half-broken conditioning. 

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