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The Worst Week Yet:
March 14-20, 2021


Phil Eiger Newmann, Dysgenic, 2021.

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The Ritual Denazification of Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue was founded in 2003 and has earned international respect as the go-to source for confused girl teens who want to learn how to have anal sex [2] and worship Karl Marx [3].

But now the venerable online publication has been rocked by accusations of racism that, amusingly, extend to those who have gleefully accused others at the magazine of racism.

Alexi McCammond is a light-skinned black woman whose boyfriend DJ Tucklo was recently canned from the Biden administration not for having a stupid name such as “DJ Tucklo,” but for threatening to “destroy” a reporter who threatened to reveal his relationship with McCammond.

Earlier this month, McCammond, 27, was appointed as Teen Vogue’s editor. Within days, tweets she’d tweeted — “twote”? — wayyyyy back in 2011 reemerged and left her another decapitated victim on the Chopping Block of Wokeness.

Since we all know that the nation has been consumed with a tsunami of anti-Asian violence perpetrated almost exclusively by blacks until a white guy who hates hookers [4] blasts a few who happen to be Asian, McCammond’s tweets emerged in the midst of a mostly fictionalized climate of keening anti-Asian hatred:

“Googling how to not wake up with swollen Asian eyes”

“Outdone by Asian. #Whatsnew”

“Give me a 2/10 on my chem problem, cross out all of my work and don’t explain what I did wrong. . . thanks a lot stupid Asian T.A. you’re great.”

McCammond was quickly forced to resign [5].

Christine Davitt [6] is a half-Irish/half-Filipina Teen Vogue employee who, to be kind, looks like a marooned sea lion with Kaposi’s sarcoma. She expressed her joy at McCammond’s resignation in several social media posts.

And then the Woke Reaper came for her scalp as well.

Although Teen Vogue ran a 2019 article called “Stop Using The N-word If You’re Not Black [7],” a decade prior to that, Davitt had burped out [8] the following N-bombs on Twitter:

“I love the contradictory nature of the phrase ‘white nigga.’”

“Nigga I miss yo ass.”

“Nigga you owe me a nap.”

Nigga, you just lost yo job!

Man Jailed for Calling His Daughter a Female

Shed an angry righteous tear for Robert Hoogland, a British Columbian man who was jailed [9] last week for using female pronouns to refer to his 14-year-old daughter.

Apparently, his little princess had attended a public school that had “socially transitioned” her last year by using her preferred male pronouns in her yearbook profile and quietly — well, with the approval of her mom — whisked her to a local hospital for testosterone treatment.

Last year, Hoogland told a reporter:

They’ve now created a delusion, and they’re forcing parents, like myself, to live in this delusion. And then what happens when the bubble explodes, and the delusion ends? She can never go back to being a girl. I mean, she’ll always be a girl, but she’ll never go back to being a girl in a healthy body that she should have had — she won’t be able to have children, she won’t have a family. These kids don’t understand what this stuff means. . . . Here I am, sitting there as a parent, watching a perfectly healthy child be destroyed, and there’s nothing I can do but sit on the sideline — and according to Justice Boden at the time, cheer it on . . . I can only affirm, or get thrown in jail.

Part of the legal restrictions placed on Hoogland was that he would be declared guilty of “family violence” if he dared refer to his daughter as a female. 

Last Tuesday, he was placed in a cage for committing the crime of family violence — or, as it used to be known, for calling a girl a girl.

The First Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model With Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a chromosomal defect that produces about 6,000 American babies yearly in a country that used to refer to them as “retards” and “Mongolian idiots.”

But now that such terms are unacceptable and we’ve been forced to celebrate and embrace their difference, it’s depressing to see that all PR attempts to rehabilitate the public image of people with Down syndrome seem geared to make them look more like whores than like scholars.

Last year brought us the ghastly spectacle of Drag Syndrome [10], an all-Down drag troupe. And now People [11] magazine brings news that Mikayla Holmgren, a 26-year-old with Down syndrome, a bangin’ bod, and a wicked smile, is angling to be the first woman of her breed to be featured as a model in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.

How about someone with Down syndrome, male or female, getting into MENSA? Now that would be an achievement. Otherwise it seems like an intensely creepy passive-aggressive form of sex trafficking.


You can buy Jim Goad’s Whiteness: The Original Sin here [13].

Jewish Paper Jokes About Shooting Palestinians

Jews are accomplished at many things, among them the unparalleled ability to scare the shit out of people for saying anything bad about Jews.

Though I’m no fan of Muslims or members of any other heretical offshoot of Judaism — I take them all as seriously as I take sitcom spinoffs — I took a sweet small sip of venomous pleasure at the sight of Islamic activists in New Jersey forcing an apology [14] from the publishers of a small North Jersey newspaper called Jewish Link who’d run a satirical article with the title “100,000 Palestinians Shot By Israeli Soldiers.” The “joke” revolved around them being “shot” with COVID vaccine rather than bullets: “doses are being injected by an elite unit of Israeli soldiers, who are specially trained in the use of hypodermic needles.”

Selaedin Maksut, executive director of CAIR-NJ, gave those satirical Jews a tongue-lashing:

Suggesting the systematic murder of 100,000 people of an oppressed minority will never make for good comedy. Israeli soldiers shooting Palestinians is not a joke. It is reality. A reality I am afraid the Jewish Link is all too comfortable with. . . . Jokes about killing would never be entertained let alone published in an article had they been aimed at any other minority demographic.

Jewish Link apologized, but it wasn’t enough for a spokesperson from American Muslims for Palestine of New Jersey to remind the Jews that there was still much more work to be done:

This step is the first step; however, in order to rectify this issue, there must be robust and honest conversations within the communities that Jewish Link serves about the reality of Palestinian day-to-day experiences and the colonization of Palestine as a whole.

“American Muslims for Palestine of New Jersey”? That sounds like a franchise of Ruth’s Chris Steak House located on the campus of the University of Miami at Ohio.

BLM Albino Accused of Defrauding Donors

Tyree Conyers-Page was born with three strikes against him: He’s eyeball-scaldingly homely, his parents named him “Tyree,” and he’s an albino, which assures that no one of any race would ever want to go to senior prom with him or be his friend.

But as the Buddha illustrated with his parable of the “two arrows,” sometimes much of our pain is self-inflicted. After a failed career as an albino model [15], in which he’d rechristened himself with the Chippendale’s-sounding name “Sir Maejor,” Tyree Page followed the money and rededicated his life to pro-black activism, even though his skin is as light as a sugar cookie and the only thing “black” about him is the flat primate nose and the perpetual scowl.

The Black Lives Matter movement formed in 2013 after a false narrative emerged that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was inspired by racial hatred rather than the fact that Trayvon Martin was smashing the gunman’s skull against the concrete. It gained steam the following year after a false narrative emerged that an anti-white rapper named Mike Brown was shot cold by a white cop after holding his hands up in surrender rather than the fact that he had just robbed a convenience store and decided to attempt wresting a gun away from a responding cop’s hand. BLM started raking in billions of dollars in the summer of 2020 after a false narrative emerged about a white cop purposely kneeing George Floyd to death rather than the fact that Floyd’s bloodstream contained a lethal amount of fentanyl and that he’d been consistently resisting arrest ever since they peacefully attempted to cuff him.

Around 2016, Tyree “Sir Maejor” Conyers-Page decided to hitch his wagon to the Black Lives Matter gravy train and start accepting donations through a Facebook page called “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta.” He took donations for three years until his tax-exempt status was revoked because the inactive activist failed to file relevant IRS forms for three years straight.

Last week, Page [16] was arrested by feds and charged with wire fraud and money laundering after taking in nearly $500,000 in donations and allegedly spending at least $200,000 of his haul on personal items such as guns, clothing, and a private home in the scenic burg of Toledo, Ohio.

Politifact [17] went out of its way to explain that memes and tweets and TikToks and sundry other social-media tinklings linking Page to the official Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation were fraudulent.

It’s funny in that insanely grim way that I don’t recall Politifact or Snopes ever bothering to check whether the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown and George Floyd were ever tied to the merest evidence of racial hatred. 

Indian Writer: We’ll Never Get Past Racism Until We View White People As Monsters

Pramit Chatterjee [18] looks exactly like you’d expect an India-born Indian living in India who speaks English and writes about racist white people in America would look — he looks like he wakes up every morning and swallows two nerd pills before fixing himself a slice of estrogen toast.

In his recent review of a web horror series called Them, Chatterjee prattles that the fictionalized story of a black family who moves into a white neighborhood “Shows That White People Are Scarier Than Jump Scares [19].”

He starts off with a confession:

“I live in India. So, I am in no way equipped to talk about the African-American experience in any way.”

Then he completely ignores what he just said so he can condemn white America for “the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent rise in Asian hate crimes over there.”

While decrying “othering” — anyone who has ever unironically used that word should be banished to an island — he depicts white people as horrifying subhumans:

Racists are monsters but they don’t literally look like the ones we’ve read about in fairy tales. But to those who face their wrath, they look like those monsters as well. So, what’s the point behind “humanising” them? The plain answer is that there are none and every racist piece of shit needs to depicted as the monster that they are under their human skin.

The message is clear: Racists dehumanize others, so it’s imperative to dehumanize them because dehumanization is wrong.

Black Author Traumatized Because White People Bought Her Book

Yaa Gyasi [20] is a Ghana-born author who writes in English and has skin so dark that it makes her teeth look whiter than they likely are.

Since she’s a black female who writes about the pain of being a black female, the Armenians who run the New York publishing industry rocketed this talentless girl-wog onto late-night talk shows and into fashion-magazine photo spreads, which even she acknowledges is rare for a first-time author. Apparently her first book Homegoing was about “the transatlantic slave trade,” as if that topic hasn’t been done to death. 

Last summer as black Grand Theft Auto gamers and white Star Wars fans mobbed the streets and burned things in the name of racial justice, Gyasi’s Homegoing returned to the New York Times bestseller list, which provided the negress ingrate no emotional comfort [21] beyond the substantial royalty checks:

I make my living off my imagination, but this summer, as I watched Homegoing climb back up the New York Times bestseller list in response to its appearance on anti-racist reading lists, I saw again, with no small amount of bile, that I make my living off the articulation of pain too. My own, my people’s. . . . So many of the writers of colour that I know have had white people treat their work as though it were a kind of medicine. Something they have to swallow in order to improve their condition, but they don’t really want it, they don’t really enjoy it, and if they’re being totally honest, they don’t actually even take the medicine half the time. They just buy it and leave it on the shelf. What pleasure, what deepening, could there be in “reading” like that?

To answer your question: No pleasure at all, fair maiden. And if you actually had an imagination, you’d write about something besides being a black woman who needs constant injections of imaginary pain to feel alive.

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