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Warhammer’s Imperium vs. Chaos
& Nationalists vs. the Cabal


Alexey Nechvaloda’s reconstruction of a Yamnaya man

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Europe’s distinct ancestral heritage can be traced to the Yamnaya culture, an equestrian martial patriarchy that formed in the Caspian region and moved into what is now Northern India, Western China, Persia, and Europe. The cultures that were the offspring of the Yamnaya migrations are referred to as Indo-European, due to their linguistic, cultural, and genetic connectedness.

Indo-European peoples include the Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Persians, Hittites, and the Celtic and Germanic peoples indigenous to the British Isles. Archaeological, historical, and linguistic evidence demonstrates they were deeply invested in their relationship with the Sacred Cosmos and committed in their efforts to maintain that relationship.

When the Indo-Europeans moved into northern India, they created Vedic civilization, named after what would become the core texts of Hinduism, the Vedas. These sacred books demonstrate how important the relationship between humanity and universal, natural order was to the descendants of the Yamnaya. This understanding of a deep, organic reality with transcendent and immanent aspects is also evident in other Indo-European civilizations, such as the Greek concept of logos or the Persian asha.

The Veda’s prevailing message is the core mission of humanity is to live in accord with and maintain the Cosmic Order — Rta in Sanskrit. Those who oppose the Cosmic Order are anrita, in opposition to nature, vrjina, crooked, and asatya, false and deceitful.

The descriptors are as relevant as they were in archaic Northern India. The Enemy is enduring. 

This understanding of Cosmic Order doesn’t need to be specifically religious. It can be intuitive. It could simply be the sense of “something is really wrong here” when noting the adulation trans kids receive from commentators, the tightening of your gut when you see Hollywood’s latest anti-European propaganda, or the brow furrow when you hear about the latest Native European kid to be beaten up by a gang of “refugee children” who have full beards and are as bald as Patrick Stewart.

These intuitions are atavistic whispers guiding us back towards the right path, back into alignment with the Cosmic Order. In a less esoteric sense, they’re the healthy revulsion at the ruling elite — the Cabal’s — degraded and destructive ploys.

The Cabal intends to destroy our civilization without firing a shot. And conscious Europeans are increasingly aware of the attacks. It’s becoming impossible to miss the intellectual and emotional assault considering its increasing shrillness and ubiquity. The Cabal’s attacks are evident in high and popular culture. Woke capitalist propaganda vomits forth from Hollywood like Nurgle’s burst bubos.

Among the genres being obnoxiously transformed by the Cabal’s talentless scribblers are science fiction and fantasy — they’ve even got the owners of Warhammer Forty Thousand to take a knee.

Warhammer 40K is a British creation, and its Tolkien lineage is apparent: its universe is populated with Orks, Elves, Humans, and Dwarfs, with a coexisting foundational conflict between Chaos and Law.

A future essay might have a look at the aesthetic, spiritual and ideological underpinnings of the Human Imperium, though in brief, it’s a hybrid of the Medieval Church Militant, Greco-Roman civilization, authoritarian European regimes of the 20th century, and archeofuturist technology. The Human Imperium is trad — carved-in-granite trad.

The 40K universe is one of the few remaining popular expressions of the most profound spiritual and cosmological understandings of Europe’s distant ancestors. 

Though a dystopian caricature of European martial and spiritual ideas and aesthetics, the 40K universe doesn’t adhere to cheesy liberal norms or have sympathy for Chaos — yet. In this, it contrasts with the manufactured, faddish, superficial politics of the supposed counter-culture. Even if partially ironic, the traditional values, the pervasive understanding of friend and enemy, and the emphasis on martial virtues are represented as critical when battling Chaos and xenos, as aliens are known.

This is a continuation of the ancient Indo-European myths, whether Persian, Greek, or Vedic, with the Cosmic Order’s champions battling corrupt Chaotic beings, and foiling their attempts to derail humanity, the Gods, and The Universe itself. Though 40K’s aesthetic and tonal relationship to yesterday’s Catholic Church is apparent, the Middle Eastern underpinnings of Christianity have been subsumed by deeper roots.

In the 40K universe, the narrative describes a mysterious, ancient, and powerful race known as the Old Ones who created the Eldar, Tolkein’s Elves in space, Orcs, and Humans, amongst others, to defeat their enemies in a gargantuan conflict spanning galaxies. To compete with their enemies, the humanoid races were given psychic powers. They had access to the Immaterium, known colloquially as The Warp. This Warp is a separate realm where thoughts and emotions take on symbolic form. A boiling pot of powerful, primal energy, taking shape dependent on the content of the psyches of those who influence it.

In this sense, the Chaos Gods and their servants are the pointless violence, destructive radicalism, degradation, and corrupt hedonism of consciousness made manifest.

40K’s Chaos is not so different from the Cabal. They analyze our civilization, find its weaknesses, its shadows, its hidden aspects, then create weapons of spiteful brutality, radical corruption, putrid addiction, and maddening hedonism, spawning monsters keen on distracting then destroying those who try to live in accord with the Cosmic Order.

The Indo-European hero upholding Universal, Eternal Law against the demonic forces of Chaos is a constant in our myths that remained largely unchanged until the Cabal started to dominate the means of mass communication. Then the poisoning of minds started unabashedly. A mythic consciousness, once filled with heroes like Heracles, Charles Martel, Lancelot, Joanne of Arc, Robin Hood, Roman Legionnaires, Richard the Lionheart, and European explorers, has quickly morphed into preposterous cliches like sassy, foreign lesbians, neurotics, career criminals, and assorted gender-fluid anti-Europeans.

The primary agenda of The Cabal is to destroy Europeans’ sense of themselves through any means possible. It’s a demoralizing culturecide that may have an end goal more deadly and extreme. The intent and agendas of the Cabal are symbolically represented by 40K’s Chaos Gods.

There are four Gods of Chaos, each representing a different threat to the Cosmic Order, and, by extension, the Imperium of Man.

The four principle manifestations of Chaos are the Blood God, Khorne, who embodies mindless violence and rage for its own sake, The Lord of Change, Tzeentch, who represents revolutionary scheming, disturbed, lurid change, and conspiracy, while Nurgle is boiled down repulsive pestilence, and finally, Slaanesh [2], the degenerate god of cruel hedonism and grotesque excess.

Khorne, the first and most primal of the ruinous powers of Chaos, is slaughter and gratuitous mass death manifest. His goal is to brutally annihilate those who align with and defend the Eternal Law. His energy is best represented by those who mindlessly kill for Chaos.


Soldiers confiscate grain during the Holodomor in Ukraine

Old-style mass-murdering communism is representative of Khorne. Mao, Stalin, Kaganovich, and other Marxists were responsible for more mass death than any other political movement. The Cabal isn’t strongly represented by this primal Chaos God incarnate, though they conspire to create expensive, bloody, pointless, and relentless conflict between their enemies. The Iraq War is a prime example. 

For all Khorne’s bloodthirsty violence, he is at least open in his brutal intentions, unlike the deceiver, Tzeentch. Tzeentch, The Great Schemer, The Father of Lies and Deception, The Master of Fortune, and The Great Conspirator is the ruinous power of our times. His manipulations are directed towards accelerated, unnatural, corrupting change. In the Vedic sense, Tzeentch is the manifestation of asatya, deliberate falsehood. If this malicious, underhanded God were real, he would recruit his minions from big media, education, and law, those who control and diminish through obfuscation, conspiracy, and sophistry. 

Tzeentch’s battlefield generals, the Lords of Change, hope to shred the stable psyches of those in alignment with transcendent reality through deceit and ephemera. Their real-world equivalents are the manipulators who have a financial and ideological chokehold on the means of mass communication. Think of Hollywood executives and you’re on the mark.


Some of his lesser demons aren’t so far removed from real-world degraders. If you’ve ever been to a protest at a supposedly elite university, you’ll be familiar with Tzeentch’s lesser minions, the Pink and Blue Horrors.


These angry, little balls of sorcerous spittle could easily feature on the front lines of a Hope Not Hate protest. When the Pink Horrors have been defeated, their last bitter act is to transform into Blue Horrors. They are Soros’ favorite FEMEN activists after being wrestled to the ground by police. The Blue Horror is a forlorn, malicious beast, whimpering and complaining much like the posh, attention-seeking SJW when challenged about their revolutionary pretensions.

There is mindless slaughter, there is conspiracy — then there is pestilence, the domain of Nurgle. Nurgle reflects the corruption of unwholesome food and drug use. He is heroin addicts defecating on the streets of San Francisco, he is colon cancer from people gorging themselves on McDonald’s, he is the cask wine vomit at the foot of an alcoholic.

In the current age, the essence that Nurgle represents is not as apparent as it’s been in earlier epochs. Plagues and leprosy have been largely eliminated with the assistance of medicine. He makes himself known in this age in the diseases of anomie, the gluttons who are so obese they are no longer able to leave their bedrooms, the meth heads covered in sores, and the distorted, plague-ridden psyches of the NPCs who are firmly sat in their armchairs, watching barely concealed propaganda on Netflix, rotting their souls and minds. 

Slaanesh [2] is the God of perverse cruelty and degraded pleasure.

Of particular relevance are the Eldar. They’re essentially Tolkein’s Elves in space; intelligent, refined, somewhat arrogant, and representative of the creative impulse. Because of this creativity and their tendency towards hedonism, the Eldar are particularly vulnerable to Chaotic influence, and influenced they are. Slaanesh is the literal creation of the Eldar. The Chaos god is the condensed depravity of a highly intelligent, creative, psychic race’s darkest thoughts and feelings over eons manifest into a disturbed and disturbing being. 

A fitting historical analogy: Slaanesh is Weimar, Weimar is Slaanesh. It’s of note the artists of European stock who made art that reflected their civilization in a folk sense have largely been replaced by garbage art supported by the Cabal. This domination of the managerial-financial aspects of the creative arts allows them to define popular and high culture aesthetics and their related political outcomes. If politics is downstream from culture, then the Cabal is urinating into the spring that feeds the stream. The Cabal has a generational resentment and deep interest in destroying Europeans in an aesthetic, ideological, communal, and ultimately, the physical sense. Their domination of the arts is merely one of the hydra’s numerous heads.

This is why the creative class must act in accord with the Cosmic Order, and be supported by an aligned civilization. We need more beauty, more tragedy, and more of the grandeur that is the core of the Indo-European World view. 

The culture war between the few who align with the Cosmic Order and the Cabal aligned to the Chaos Gods and their mercenaries is largely nonviolent at this point. It’s likely a matter of time before Khorne makes himself known in a more explicit sense. Will legions of those who value nation and nature be marched to the gulags and executed like the Ukrainians in the Holodomor? The culture war is accurately viewed as a contest between existential Truth and those who revel, consciously or otherwise in deceit, falsehood, and manipulation.

Warhammer 40k is one of the last pop-culture expressions of the ancient European reverence for cosmic order and martial virtue, and it’s for this very reason the real world Pink and Blue horrors and Lords of Change are so eager to destroy it through radical transformation. The Cosmic Order is natural. It’s what the vast majority of people innately align with. It’s only the deliberate efforts of The Enemy that have made things this bad.

The current nadir of our Civilization has heralded a reawakening in the European soul. This awakening is being monitored and suppressed by the Cabal. It fills them with fear, disdain, and relentless spite. Chaos hates the Human Imperium as the Cabal hates the realized European.

Now is the right time to find ourselves again, and reform the communities that have become despised due to the efforts of expressions of Chaos.

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