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Today’s Livestream:
Hour One: Millennial Woes
Hour Two: Greg Johnson Ask Me Anything

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On Sunday, February 14, at noon PST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM UK time, 9 PM CET, I will be hosting the Counter-Currents Radio weekly livestream on our DLive channel:

  • Hour One: Millennial Woes
  • Hour Two: Greg Johnson, Ask Me Anything

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  1. Posted February 14, 2021 at 1:20 pm | Permalink

    So Again, What Next For Counter-Currents?

    Two weeks ago you firmly again denied “Lone Tardism” — what Metzger promoted in his White Nationalism 1.0 ministry throughout his life and Louis Beam called “Leaderless Resistance” — as his Christian-Identity / Klansman message of what to do under ZOG tyranny. Of course given that Louis Beam was one of my Movement mentors a genuine Christian Nationalist hating ZOG/Babylon gravitates towards localism through a Klan-style organization as what worked at the end of the First Civil War leading to Empire. Within a dozen years after defeat in 1865, klan-style local political terrorism lead to the Southern States working as Southern Democrats to bring back in the Northern Democrats to actually win the 1876 [s]elections and in return for giving the Prez-o-dintcy to Rutherfraud B. Hayes, the South won the removal of the ZOG Occipation of its day to create a White Supremacist regionalism which lasted the next 90 years.

    In short, local domestic terrorism coupled with the political goals of home self rule worked after the First Civil War, certainly with the IRA working with the Sein Fein to drive the Bristish out of most of Ireland, the Boers against the English. I think that the course of White Supremacy coupled with the Dying ZOG should lead to localized military dictatorships. In fact, after 30 years in the [bowel] Movement I think that the solution isn’t Edgar Steele’s “New Amurrikwa” but rather “No Amurrikwa.” Rather 10,000 Warlords akin to how Germany was lightly governed under 950 fiefdoms, free cities, and counties during the Middle Ages.

    Contrary to it being “Mad Max” what I forsee is something like 1910 Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi. In the entropy chat I recommended making the jew reservation on Long Island and then letting them jews try to “Escape from jew yawk”.

    My question: In the intro to todays show you didn’t have any solutions other than drift or so it seems. What political solutions towards getting an ethnostate or two presumably through negotiation with mythical “Conservative Republicans” without any power and plans other than feeding their corporate and jew doners can accomplish anything real? Is a bowel Movement which will not embrace localized political violence upon the breakup of ZOG going to accomplish ANYTHING?

    I agree, no more Charlottesville 1.0 or the 6th of January Charlottesville 2.0 or Fuentes / Beaner Manlet Ben Shipiro Charlottesville 3.0.

    But what is Counter-Currents going to do for the next year? More of the same? Fundraising and intellectual pursuits? Waiting to see what ZOG under Senile Joe going to do to hapless ZOGling whiggers?

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri / ZOGland

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