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Despair is a Sin

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Okay, so the worst possible outcome has come to pass. We can all, however, take solace in the fact that it wasn’t our fault. It wasn’t Donald Trump’s fault either. He was our fighter — flawed but spirited — who had taken our nemesis Joe Biden into the later rounds and was thoroughly shellacking him when the referee suddenly held Trump in place and allowed Biden to start whaling away on him below the belt. Then, before Trump could respond, the fight was called. After that, the promoter, the judges, the ring doctor, the commentators, the announcer, even Trump’s handlers stepped in and congratulated Joe Biden as the winner.

Trump’s bellowing protests were ignored. Anyone in press row who cried “Fix!” was escorted from the building. And when the outraged crowd stormed the ring to express their frustration, they were called terrorists and criminals and shot at.

The only fault we can ascribe to Trump — and, let’s be honest, to ourselves — is underestimating the Left’s willingness and ability to cheat. We fought fair. They didn’t. There is no more to it than that. We assumed the computers would tally votes correctly and that GOP poll watchers wouldn’t be kicked out of buildings and that there wouldn’t be dubious halts to the counting in the middle of the night in certain swing states. Something this brazen had never happened before, so we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much for not predicting it. We also shouldn’t point fingers at people on the Right. Yes, Trump as president did some foolish things (the ridiculous Platinum Plan comes to mind), but if the Democrats hadn’t cheated he would have won handily anyway.

The takeaway here is that this is no time to punch right, feel sorry for ourselves, or to wallow in defeat. We won. It took everything the Left had to reverse that.

Now, fear I can understand. A Biden (and, likely, Harris) presidency will bring all sorts of oppression upon the heads of Trump supporters and on the Right in general, and if you’re not feeling a bitter pit of fear in your gut, then you need to catch up on your news consumption. We all can imagine what’s going to happen very soon: greater COVID crackdowns, greater immigration and amnesty, the abolition of free speech, the purging of Right-wing content from the internet, increased Antifa and Black Lives Matter presence, the direct targeting of high-profile (or even low-profile) Trump supporters, and many other things, I’m sure. Then, of course, throw in the typical evils the Democrats bring with them — high unemployment, gun control, and higher taxes — and what we are facing, essentially, is communist night descending upon the West. Our freedoms are being repudiated, our leaders and elites are no longer hiding their contempt for us, and those of us who still maintain a patriotic, spiritual, or ideological link to the Founding Fathers of this nation no longer have faith in our system.

For good or for ill, the American nation as a free and democratic republic will not last long after this. Nor should it.

This could be bad, of course. I don’t need to elaborate on how. But this ongoing debacle does provide a couple of opportunities to the Right, the Dissident Right especially.

One is that our enemies aren’t thinking rationally. They remain in full paranoia mode, even with Trump promising an orderly transition of power on January 20. They blame him for the recent storming of the Capitol Building despite never doing any such thing and then calling the National Guard on the protestors. With less than two weeks to go in his presidency, ranking Democrats are still calling for his impeachment. Most preciously, Nancy Pelosi, twit that she is, was worried that Trump might start a nuclear war. The Left seems to be laying a new imaginary outrage at Trump’s feet every twelve minutes.

Trump is their boogeyman. Even in victory, the Left can’t get him out of their nightmares. These are not rational people we are dealing with here. This means they will make mistakes and become predictable, all in an attempt to forcefully implement the Great Replacement twenty years ahead of schedule. In 2040, with whites most likely in the minority and desiccated by years of mass immigration, I am not sure the Right would be able to stop it. 2021 is a different story, however. In 2021, the Right is still strong. Hell, we just won an election, despite the weight of our media, political class, and moneyed elites propping up our enemies.

Last Wednesday, we had a quarter-million mostly white, mostly peaceful people show up in Washington, DC to show how strong we still are. And we’re mad as hell. This also happened in Atlanta on the same night when a large group of Trump supporters surrounded the Georgia State Capitol [2] to present a list of grievances. Fearing for his safety, police escorted Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger out of the building.

I used to think that physically menacing political protest was solely the domain of the Left. Not anymore. Right now, the Right — and by this, I mean nativist, traditional-minded American patriots who at the very least are anti-Left and anti-anti-white in their racial outlook — are beginning to make the Left fear us more than they fear COVID. And instead of placating the furious beast, the Left will only antagonize it further with increasingly draconian measures of oppression — at least the ones in government will. They don’t know any better, and are in any case not rational. This will likely escalate and escalate until either the country breaks apart on its own (we hope, we hope) or is consumed in a second civil war.

I know, I have written two [3] novels [4] which deal with a second civil war, so of course I’ll say such things. But is there any likelier outcome here? I would be more worried if the Democrats started paying lip service to Rightist demands at this point. If Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and others publicly forbade Facebook and Twitter from deplatforming thousands of Trump supporters as they’ve done recently, this would indicate that the Left is playing the long game. They would be getting the Right used to the new normal, easing that poisoned needle into our skin rather than attempting to jab us in the arm with it. Under these circumstances, the frog gets boiled when it still thinks it’s going for a dip. No secession. No civil war.

Not that I want a civil war, but it is somewhat inspiring to be part of a movement that not only takes its own side in a fight, but takes the initiative as well.

The second great opportunity recent events have provided dissidents is to increase our proximity to non-dissidents — MAGA types, jaded ex-military, disgruntled Republicans, 2A boosters, Tea Party remnants, and strong, liberty-loving ‘Muricans without whom we really don’t have a great country to begin with. These are people who know truth and justice when they see it, but just haven’t gotten around to taking the Jared Taylor red pill just yet. When the Left, from its illegitimate perch in the White House, commences its Kristallnacht against the Right in 2021, they are not going to bother distinguishing the above groups from real dissidents. We’re all Nazis to them.


You can buy Spencer Quinn’s novel White Like You here [6].

I will bet that with the Left hounding their every move like prey, many of these Trump supporters will be less likely to spurn dissidents who only want to offer solace and help out. This means that dissidents need to start joining clubs. 2A clubs, militias, neo-Confederates, the Daughters of the American Revolution. I don’t know. Check your local listings and see what’s out there. There is an excellent chance that we’ll be deprived of the internet anyway, so forming IRL relationships with would-be allies is probably a good idea. So what if some of these people are racial egalitarians and have non-whites among them. This is something we’re just going to have to deal with.

And by “deal with,” I mean that we are going to need an attitude adjustment when interacting with our normie friends. First, we have to drop the idea that a white ethnostate is going to be formed in the next few years in a righteous burst of white race-patriotism. That ship is setting sail right now, and with God knows how many black and brown immigrants a President Harris will invite to our shores, it will be gone gone gone before we know it. Not that I think a white ethnostate will never come into being; I just think we should play the long game in the same way our enemies have been playing the long game against us since 1965. We’re not going to live to see the Promised Land, guys. Even with Civil War II, it’s going to take decades at least.

This sounds defeatist, but it isn’t. I’ve discussed this before in Part Two [7] of my “Wargaming Secession” [8] series in which I introduced the ISEE Model of White Survival. Essentially, we attempt to force secession along with as many normies and non-whites as will have us, and in the resulting right-wing milieu, we spread our message until a true white ethnostate becomes feasible.

Here’s the graphic I developed.


With this theoretical model in mind, we need to play nice with our normie allies and put up with PC nonsense that we wouldn’t put up with online. This means no larping, no swastikas, no oven jokes. You get the picture. Just because we’re red-pilled on race does not mean we’re better than others.

The second attitude adjustment involves our message. How can we politely present our ideas to win as many of these people over as possible? I would suggest we distill Dissident Right ideas down to three essential and easily swallowed points.

Race is real. All challenges to this must be met with scientific and psychometric research. These articles at American Renaissance [10] can get one started.

Ethnocentrism is natural. I don’t think we can improve upon Greg Johnson’s three-part “White Identity Politics” [11] series for laying out a clear case for ethnonationalism. One can be pro-white and not anti-anyone else. This is a point that will always bear repeating when converting normies.

The Jewish Question has no definitive answer. My experience has shown that anyone who claims to have the answer will automatically alienate those who claim to have different answers. Truth is less important than perception here. For example, even if the Jewish Holocaust were indeed a big hoax, asserting so in mixed company without the ability to spend hours proving your point will only be counter-productive. Imagine Andrew Anglin sharing a bunker with Kurt Schlichter — both are Right-wing populist types who would relish a real insurrection against our Left-wing power elites. And this is great. But the topic of the long-nose, small-hat people would quickly bring these two to blows. Does this kind of strife bring us closer to our goals? In the end, does it really matter who’s right?

The best we can do with the JQ is to gently yet persistently challenge the prevailing philo-Semitism of our age. We should also avoid having all the answers (even if we do). For example, Mike Enoch and Eric Striker recently discussed [12] how Jews were largely behind the recent push to normalize transsexuality. They may be correct about that, but since perception trumps truth when it comes to the JQ, mouthing off to normies about Jew this and Jew that will only make one seem like a crank, a conspiracy theorist, or someone who likes to blame others for their failings. I’m not saying this is the case with Strike and Mike — nor am I criticizing them. But when normal dissidents who don’t have the communication skills of Strike or Mike deal with our normie allies in the same way, they very well might come across as cranks.

The best would be to ask the right questions until the appropriate Judeo-critical answers come out.

It’s kind of weird how so many high-profile proponents of transsexualism are Jewish. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but I do wonder why that is.

One more thing we need to impress on others: Nazi bad, Bolshevik worse [13]. Even better: Jewish Holocaust bad, Ukrainian Holodomor worse [14]. Once we can impress these easily provable facts onto our normie allies, as well as the demonstrably true fact that the Bolsheviks of the 1920s and 1930s were disproportionately Jewish [15], then swallowing the reddest of red pills becomes quite a bit easier.

Things may seem somewhat dismal right now for the Dissident Right, but that’s no reason to despair. Despair may offer comfort for those of us who feel they need it right now. I’ve indulged in it more than a couple times since November 3, myself. But despair serves no constructive purpose. It only hides new opportunities and makes winning that much harder to do.

So be a winner, not a sinner.

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