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Remembering Filippo Marinetti
(December 22, 1876–December 2, 1944)

Filippo Marinetti in the First World War. [1]

Marinetti in the First World War.

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Those on the Right who believe that modern art is always “decadent” need to come to grips with Italian Futurism. In commemoration of the birthday of Filippo Marinetti, the founder of Italian Futurism and one of the prophets of Fascism, I would like to draw your attention to several writings on this website.

By Marinetti:

About or making substantial reference to Marinetti:

Marinetti is briefly discussed in this interview with Giordano Bruno Guerri, “’68 was Invented by D’Annunzio [10].”

There are two excellent English language editions of Marinetti’s principal works: