Trumpism Survives!

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“Even if Trump turns out to have lost there has been no resounding repudiation of Trumpism to accompany that defeat.”

Ruth Marcus [2] in the anti-Trump Washington Post

President Trump is the first Chief Executive that I’ve truly loved. His accomplishments are enormous. The ones that I care about the most are:

  1. Defending the border and putting a lid on legal immigration.
  2. Destroying ISIS. [1] [3] A group that rose, in part I think, in the wake of Neocon/Obama/Hillary support for the “moderate” rebels in Syria.
  3. Ending most (but alas, not all) of America’s reckless involvement in the Syrian Civil War.
  4. Enacting the “Muslim travel ban,” the mere existence of which cut down the many acts of Islamic terror in the West that grew throughout Obama’s second term.
  5. Renegotiating trade deals that had hollowed out America’s economy, especially in the Rust Belt.
  6. An America First foreign policy. The very concept put an end to what was a “blank check” for war given to a large number of allies, many of whom are hostile to America and locked in their own entangling hatreds.
  7. Recognizing that the Cold War was over and decisively acting upon this fact by various means — such as talks with North Korea. Embracing the full implications of the end of the Cold War requires acts of enormous courage and vision, and Trump did it.

Far from the “low-information” insults hurled at him by his enemies, President Trump campaigned and governed along high concepts. All of the problems above were known but not addressed by the political elites.

An example of how intelligent Trump was to others — compare his America First! ideas to the soft-brained Secretary of Defense “Mad Dog” Mattis. From what I gather from his book Call Sign Chaos (2019), Mattis seemed to only have an ethos dedicated to defending the honor of the US Marine Corps, an organization whose mission, he believed, was to go abroad and kill whoever was there. His was not to reason why, and he never did [4].

Meanwhile, the media, the FBI, and many others were hostile to Trump from the get-go. Everything he said was claimed to be a lie by the media, even when they peddled a dubious conspiracy theory about “The Russians” hacking the 2016 election. Trump was impeached by the House for crimes that his rival Joe Biden committed. His re-election was stolen from him in 2020 by an obvious (but won’t ever be proven) case of voter fraud. Battleground states controlled by Democrats simply waited to declare a winner until they knew how many votes Trump was ahead and then anti-Trump election officials came up with the right number of absentee ballots. The media colluded in this.

One watched the fraud live in early 2020. News reports would show one or another battleground state with 99% of the votes counted and then the tally would shrink back to 87% and Trump’s lead would decline. Suddenly, 200,000 mail-in votes would appear somewhere in the wee hours of the morning. As further proof of the obvious fraud, down-ballot Republicans won even while the Democrat’s presidential candidate gained enormous vote hauls.

The Democrats had learned their lesson during the 2000 Florida recount. Then, the Republicans could stop a steal because the event was only in one county and the press was neutral. In back-engineering what I think happened, it went like this: When Trump won Florida and Ohio on election night, a call was made and the absentee ballots started to get created. Probably it took so long to finish counting these fraudulent votes because the Biden camp didn’t recognize how strong Trump’s support was and more fraudulent ballots had to be printed and marked on the fly.

Those that believe in “civil rights” always misread data.

And the press colluded in the vote-fraud scam.


You can buy Greg Johnson’s White Identity Politics here. [6]

The Rule Set Gap

Trump’s treatment by the DC Establishment in spite of his obvious positives is an example of the problem of the Rule Set Gap. The concept is found in Thomas P.M. Barnett’s book (which I mostly disagree with [7]) called The Pentagon’s New Map (2004). His idea is that there is the potential for violent conflict whenever there are no established rules.

There are two major affairs where the rules are fast and lose which the Democratic Party did that damaged America during Trump’s presidency. The first was the Special Prosecutor probe based on the spurious “Russian hacking” allegations. The second was the impeachment sham.

I’ve written about special prosecutors before [8]. To sum up the sort of reform I propose: Special prosecutors need to be appointed after both Houses of Congress have agreed upon the need for one. They should not be started by a mid-range government official that “happens to be Jewish” looking to pin a crime on a president they don’t like. The special prosecutor must have a scope, a budget, and a time limit. Impeachment should be an up-down vote for removal from office by both House and Senate only after a President has been convicted of a felony in a criminal court with normal rules of evidence, not the opinions of constitutional law professors who “happen to be Jewish.”

Disaster follows the impeachment/special prosecutor situation — after Nixon’s resignation, Saigon fell. After Clinton’s impeachment, terrorists plotted a black day. After Trump’s impeachment, a major plague followed. At the bottom of all of these impeachments is usually a disgruntled government employee of the lowest sort — like the late Linda Tripp.

We’ll get back to the Rule Set Gap shortly. . .

Voter Fraud and the Sub-Saharans

I wish I could say that if we didn’t have the Sub-Saharans in our blessed land of America that voter fraud would not exist. They are indeed part of the problem, but not even close to being the main part.

The Sub-Saharans in America cause several political anomalies. One problem was all the Rube Goldberg compromises baked into the US Constitution that have caused a bunch of problems — like the 3/5ths Clause. Then, whites that live near blacks must congeal behind any political group that signals that they will hear white concerns. The necessary prisons are built, of course, but that pro-white party can do anything afterward. That party enters a dubious alliance with a wicked Eurasian tribe and calls this alliance a “crusade,” they can outsource your job to the Orient, bet the treasury in a single game of pitch-and-toss, and. . . well, by now you get my meaning.

Second, Sub-Saharans are a conformist people that vote as a block. Before slavery ended we had the 3/5ths Clause; after it ended, men like Mark Hanna (1837-1904) rose to positions of power in part by building a network of Sub-Saharan delegates in the South that supported the Republican Party. [2] [9] When the party system shifted in 1968, Sub-Saharans became Democrats and when presidential candidates started to use the primaries to win the convention, Super Tuesday made the black vote critical for the Democratic candidate.

Third, Sub-Saharans can provide the muscle, so to speak, for a vote steal. They are the people whom the Democratic Party supports above all others, they tend to think alike, and have a culture of “not-snitching.” They are a ready-made group of fraudsters just waiting to be hired.

Fourth, the threat of Sub-Saharan voters makes election fraud easier for whites near them to accept. Much voter fraud is a Southern thing to keep down Africanization. Keeping down Africanization is moral and proper, but using fraud in one circumstance means fraud can be used in another. Think of it as part of the Sub-Saharan tax.

In the end, though, voter fraud comes down to one thing: Absentee ballots. It’s that simple.

Let us return to the Rule Set Gap

Probably the beta test for this election steal was during the Alabama special election that fielded Judge Roy Moore in 2017. Judge Moore was disliked by the DC Elite, including Republicans. The election was probably stolen from Moore, but since nobody cared to really look into the matter, one will never know. Probably, the test was to see if it could be done and enough Republicans would support it.

President Obama wanted to reduce voter fraud by making voting compulsory. However, it is a citizen’s right to not vote as much as it is to vote. I’ll add that the appearance of impropriety is as bad as impropriety itself.

I propose the following:

  1. Voting must be done in person. No absentee ballots at all. Those abroad in the military or State Department, etc. can vote through an in-person process “over there” where the results are forwarded in real-time to their home district.
  2. All voters must have a Real ID: Proof of citizenship, biometrics, photo, etc.
  3. All ballots must have a chain of custody and a mark, stamp, or stain showing they are true.
  4. The voting process must be transparent. Who counts the votes must be known, who transports the ballots must be known, who declares a winner in each state must be known, etc.
  5. The media doesn’t declare a winner, the governments of the various States do through a process that must be fully transparent and universally understood.
  6. Vote counting must be done with a sense of urgency. Once it starts, nobody goes home until it’s done.

Because of obvious voter fraud, Joe Biden comes to the presidency with a major asterisk. He is also frail and visibly declining. He cannot “put a lid” on his administration’s day-to-day doings. The press [3] [9] also doesn’t have Trump to kick around anymore. They’ll be looking for fresh blood. Biden will be easy pickings even for cowardly cuckservative bullies for the next for years — if he lives that long. The People’s Business will remain undone while the senile new Big Guy gets beat like a piñata.

Furthermore, nobody will impeach a guy that one can find joy in beating. The most cowardly of the Republicans can now close ranks and stop Biden at every turn. Any Islamic terror attack, every Antifa arson, every black attack will be on Biden’s head and everyone will remember that Trump warned us.

Trumpism Survives

I wish I’d been able to die in battle with a sword in my hand for Donald Trump. But it was never about Trump, it was always about his ideas. America First! Not a dubious adventure to bring sodomy and high fructose corn syrup to the savages of Durka-Durkastan whose immigrant children will attack Americans at their first chance.

It was never about Trump! Trump was but a warrior for the working day. He gave me a great sense of pride in the part of me that connects to the hard-working Rust Belt [10] and its factories, cornfields, and river barges. He offered a ray of hope against opium [11]. He also kept his head when others were losing theirs and blaming it on him. Trump has fallen — by fraud — but I won’t hold my head in shame. By the mass, my heart is in the trim.

Trump was struck down like a hero in a Greek Epic; do you think it could have ended any other way? But Trumpism survives. Trump has a Deep State too. I won’t spitefully wish that Kyiv is burned to the ground in revenge for the impeachment fraud or argue that Americans in Trump’s Deep State should do what they can to ensure bullets and flack vests don’t arrive in the camp of an abusive “ally” before the battle and stop the medical aid after — but you can think hard about what you can do to secure things for your country and posterity. You have no moral obligation to spill your blood or spend your treasure for Israel, South Korea, or the barren, air-thin mountains of India. An America First! ethos can bash our way out of some sketchy alliances we are in right now.

We haven’t seen the end of Trump. Even if he was killed on November 3rd by the most spiteful Senators in the Forum, his ideas, his vision, his courage, and his soul live on.

I will further add that we haven’t seen that which we gave so much to for these last four years destroyed. Nor do we stoop to build anything with worn-out tools. Our tools are new and our ideas are intact. I encourage all of you to stay sober, work hard, walk the straight and narrow, and continue to follow the ideas of Trump into the broad sunlit uplands.

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[1] [15] I believe that ISIS was supported by Gulf Arabs and inadvertently supported by the US government’s curious decision to support the “moderate Syrian rebels.” The late Senator John McCain did much to cause the Middle East to wash in blood. The true story of ISIS has not yet been revealed and will likely never be.

[2] [16] Mark Hanna’s response to the 1906 Brownsville Affair is why we still have an Africanized Army.

[3] [17] I’ll add this as a footnote here regarding media lies. From the Washington Post [18]:

[. . .] Some in the media intentionally deceived voters. Just before Election Day, we learned the identity of “Anonymous,” the supposedly senior Trump official who had penned a New York Times op-ed claiming to be part of a “resistance” inside the administration. Two years ago, the column roiled Washington, fueling speculation over who had written it. Some even suggested it was Vice President Pence because the author used the word “lodestar” — a favorite Pence term.

It turned out to be Miles Taylor, an unknown mid-level staffer at the Department of Homeland Security. The Times justified identifying Taylor as a “senior official in the Trump administration” because it said he was Chief of Staff to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. But when the Times ran the op-ed on Sept. 5, 2018, Taylor wasn’t Chief of Staff; he was a mere Deputy Chief of Staff. If the Times had put his name on that op-ed, no one would have cared. “Anonymous” was a hoax, plain and simple. Many Americans understandably look at the Times’ deception and ask: If the paper blatantly mischaracterized Taylor as a “senior official,” how many other anonymously sourced news stories attacking Trump have they falsely attributed to “senior officials”?