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The Stolen Election

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Many things about the 2020 election render it illegitimate.

A tremendous number of Biden votes came from people who are in this country because of an illegitimate immigration act, enfranchised by an illegitimate voting rights act. Both were forced upon the nation without the consent of its citizens. Somewhere around 100 million people who have no business being here nonetheless are here, and they can directly affect our lives.


For years now, Minnesota has been the dumping ground for an untold number of Somalis. Official reports say somewhere around 40,000 Somalis live in Minneapolis alone, though I have reason to believe the real number is far higher. The official number of Somalis in the US, much like the number of illegals supposedly in the US, never seems to change year after year — despite the fact that I see more and more of them as time goes on.

Biden allegedly won Minnesota by around 232,000 votes; it is now a real possibility that Somalis alone can swing Minnesota elections, thwarting the will of what might otherwise be a majority of the state’s native-born white citizens.

Democrats, liberals, and “social justice advocates” endlessly bemoan alleged racial gerrymandering and oppressive voter ID laws. Gerrymandering? Voter suppression? What about lying to pass laws that fundamentally changed the nature of the country at every level, from our experience at the local corner store, to where our young men are sent to fight and die? This election was but another instance in a long line of attempts to disenfranchise white Americans.

Unfortunately, white people must share some of the blame. Trump allegedly lost Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, all of which have an electorate that is over 80% white. Sure, in a white-only America, Trump would have swept the nation with ease  — but too many whites still vote for a party of open borders and discrimination in favor of nonwhites.

My posture on election night was that of an observer who has no faith in the system, believes it to be irreparably rotten, and has only tepid enthusiasm for Trump, especially given his disappointing record in office. However, what transpired is something that needs to be memorialized as another huge loss of altitude in our political graveyard spiral.

Shortly after midnight, six states were still in play: Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Michigan. Trump was leading in five of them, all but Arizona, and by a substantial margin [3] in some: 300,000 or so votes in Michigan, 600,000 or so in Pennsylvania. There were several routes for Trump to reach 270 electoral college votes and win re-election. Then suddenly, sometime around 1:00 to 2:00 AM Eastern, vote counting stopped and the media quit reporting on these states. Trump could not be declared the winner on election night. It was shocking, unlike anything any of us have ever seen before in a US presidential election. With what appeared to be an impending Trump victory in the midnight hours, as if in concert, these six states unceremoniously closed up shop and went home.


[5] [6] [7] [8] [9]The media reported various things at this point. Poll workers needed to sleep; it was always the plan to stop at a certain point, then resume the next day. It remained unclear how or why most states were able to give nearly-complete results while others could not. We were told repeatedly that the sudden suspension of counting was normal and “what happens in every state.”

The pundits were in lockstep: we must wait for more votes to come in, halting the count is normal, and we can expect a drawn-out process taking days or even weeks. States that had processed millions of in-person ballots in a single day (as usual) were now allegedly struggling to count a few thousand remaining mail-in ballots.

This is not what we had watched happen in every state this year, or historically. We have never seen most states going solidly for one candidate, pause overnight, then amazingly swing to the other candidate the next day. When “counting” and “reporting” resumed the morning of November 4th, all of the remaining swing states but North Carolina would flip to Biden. Additionally, Nevada announced a “one day pause” on releasing new vote totals. We were told repeatedly that all of this is normal, how things usually function, and in no way an aberration.

Data from Decision Desk HQ, an election data company, showed 140,000 consecutive Michigan votes going to Biden; when this statistical impossibility was challenged, the company later said the update was a mistake [10]. Yet in these crucial states, the pattern still held, with most of the votes credited in the days after the election going to Biden. And so far, all of the “mistakes” I have seen exposed were in favor of Biden [11].

The media tried to explain away this phenomenon by coining the term the “red mirage,” a scenario where Trump appears to be winning based on in-person votes, then Biden catches up and wins with a swell of mail-in ballots counted later. A true red mirage would have required that a large majority of mail-in votes go for Biden, that the total number of mail-in votes be enough to overcome Trump’s apparent in-person vote advantage, and that these election-swinging mail-in votes be counted late, only after the in-person votes were largely tallied and reported.

[12]Yet as of this writing, 43% of the mail-in and early in-person voters were Democrats, with 37% being Republican. (20% were for “other.”) A 6-point Democrat mail-in advantage [13] does not seem likely to swing results widely in favor of Biden.

The ballots that came in after polling closed did exactly that.


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At 3:00 AM on November 4th, Trump was winning Pennsylvania by over 700,000 votes. Since then, over 70% of counted votes went to Biden. This is an extreme divergence from the 6% difference we saw throughout the country — either a total black swan or evidence of fraud.

When the counting shenanigans were becoming evident in the wee hours of the 4th, Trump called out the irregular process both on Twitter and at a press conference.  He was censored on both platforms. At 12:49 AM, Trump tweeted: “We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election.” Twitter hid this and future Trump tweets behind a “warning” message that his remarks have been disputed and may be misleading. Less than 15 minutes later, Joe Biden tweeted: “We feel good about where we are. We believe we are on track to win this election.” Of course, Jack Dorsey did not censor this message nor warn Twitter users that it might be disputed.

At 2:00 AM the same night, CNBC’s Shepard Smith cut away from President Trump’s allegations of election fraud at a live press conference, stating: “We’re interrupting this because what the President of the United States is saying, in large part, is absolutely untrue . . . and we’re not gonna allow it to keep going because it’s not, it’s not true.”

Reported voter turnout provides further grounds for suspicion. Trump, with over 73 million votes as of this writing, has surpassed Obama’s 2008 record of 69.4 million votes in a presidential election, yet Biden has allegedly surpassed Trump in the popular vote. Obama was a massively popular candidate who generated tremendous voter enthusiasm. Biden, by contrast, is a washed-up low-energy career politician who was largely MIA during the campaign and whose few events generated no popular interest. Yet the media would have us believe that this often-confused and socially inappropriate man generated unprecedented voter turnout in several key states.  On its face, this is yet another reason to question nearly everything we are told by mainstream media sources.

Since November 3rd, many people have reported what appears to be election fraud or phony results. The media have responded by revising the results, excusing the errors as “typos,” and dismissing those who have called attention to the errors as liars or spreaders of “fake news.”  This happened when 100% of newly tallied Michigan votes were credited to Biden, and also with the turnout percentages in Wisconsin, with some wards reporting impossible or near-impossible levels of turnout.

This is an unreal level of spitting in people’s faces. These organizations are admitting these are their own errors and then accuse the public of lying about the election for calling them out, sometimes shutting down the social media accounts of the whistleblowers. [1] [16]

The same media and bureaucratic machine spent over two years and tens of millions of dollars pushing a narrative that Trump had somehow stolen the 2016 election with unspecified “Russian collusion.” After years of investigations, hearings, and lurid exposes, that narrative completely collapsed, with nary a peep of apology or retraction from the media. These are the same people insisting that there is not even a whiff of corruption or irregularity about the 2020 election, despite us seeing it unfold before our eyes. The people who spent years attempting to brainwash and gaslight a nation into believing Trump destroyed the integrity of the election process are now gaslighting us by claiming, contrary to what we have all recently seen, that any talk about potential fraud happening in 2020 is a wild conspiracy theory and baseless accusation.

An obvious question arises. If we are to believe the media’s 2016 Russian hacking narrative, then why was Russia not able to hack the 2020 election for Trump once again?

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was giving a press conference on November 9th when Fox News host Neil Cavuto abruptly cut her off the air [17] for making claims of fraud, stating: “Unless she has more details to back that up, I can’t in good conscience continue showing you this.” Being cut off, of course, prevented McEnany from offering said details to the audience. Cavuto was simply deputizing his own conscience as the arbiter of what Americans should be allowed to see.

McEnany was making some points that should be indisputable; notably, that Democrats effectively welcome illegal voting in their total opposition to voter ID laws and other verification measures. Further, McEnany had proof of serious instances of fraud in this election: videos we have all seen, such as poll workers tearing up mail-in ballots that were for Trump, along with the very suspicious way in which states swung to Biden after a bizarre halt.

The mainstream media has moved from spending tens of thousands of hours pushing a Russian election-stealing narrative with no hard evidence to now cutting off public officials mid-sentence for describing things we have all seen with our own eyes.

There were oddities in down-ballot voting as well. We are to believe there was a trend of Biden receiving votes with no down-ballot Democrats being voted for, while conversely, straight Republican tickets held no votes for Trump.

There were events and pieces of data wrong with this election, with still more to come. I don’t think any will ever sit right with me.

I voted for Trump for three main reasons. First, many very nice people I know wanted him to win — people with good instincts who want the right things for our people and nation. They had more faith in Trump than I did, but my vote was something of an act of solidarity with them. Second, Trump did repeal the Obama-era Affirmatively Further Fair Housing rule (AFFH), which sought to fill neighborhoods with more black and brown people. This move shows that Trump does at least have some good instincts, especially compared to Biden and Harris. My third reason was that I saw people I dislike on an extreme and fundamental level desperately want Biden and Harris to win. I saw a high correlation between people moving into my town from out of state and from the city who were putting up Biden-Harris signs alongside their Black Lives Matter and “Hate has no home here” signs. Wanting to defeat the projects and dreams of these despicable people was a kind of flip side to wanting to support those of the fine white people I know who favored Trump.

Even if you don’t care for Trump, his family, or how his presidency declined from his 2016 candidacy, what happened in November of 2020 offends traditional notions of justice, order, and fair play. Trump aside, it is simply watching the continued favela-fication of the United States.

I’ve been of the view (and on record) for a while now that my life will likely not change much under either Trump or Biden as president, and we must plan to save ourselves. It’s watching these freaks get away with such clear lies and corruption that is most offensive to me. I stayed up and watched this unfold, and am now being told to not believe what I saw with my own eyes. Absurd.

A major contributor to the public outcry over this election is surely the knowledge that those conspiring against the will of 72 million Americans are displaying a tremendously brazen power and arrogance with no consequences. Trump is and always has been a mere proxy for heritage white Americans. That was also a lot of his appeal to people like us, and much of the reason he was hated so virulently.

Like Trump or not, if they will treat him this way with impunity, they will do anything they want to the rest of us.

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