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I Want You to Hurt Like I Do

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With all the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 election, I’m reminded of the Randy Newman song “I Want You to Hurt Like I Do.” It’s a slow, depressing waltz about a self-centered person who’s cruel to others for no reason. And when asked why, he repeats the song title for an explanation. Towards the end, he laments how

Things don’t always, things don’t always go the way we planned
There’s one thing, one thing we all have in common
Someday everyone can understand
All over the world, sing along

I just want you to hurt like I do
I just want you to hurt like I do
I just want you to hurt like I do

Honest I do
Honest I do
Honest I do

That anger, that anxiety, that disgust we’re all feeling now that the far Left is attempting to hijack the 2020 election the way it hijacked the Democratic Party — is exactly what most liberals and Leftists were feeling in 2016 when Trump overcame the odds to win the presidency. They want us to hurt like they do, you see.

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It’s funny, actually.

They who refused to concede 2016 now condemn Trump for (so far) not conceding in 2020. They who spent three fruitless years trying to prove that Trump cheated in 2016 now scoff at Trump for claiming the same thing about the Democrats. The fact that Trump indeed has the votes to win a second term and that his evidence for Democrat cheating is very real doesn’t matter to the Left. What matters is how they all feel. They were miserable for four years under the Trump presidency, and now relish the opportunity to pass that misery back to the Right.

The level of petty here is off the charts.

The trouble however is that their misery is largely imagined, whereas ours won’t be. If their suffering were real, then they would have to explain things like historic low unemployment and the booming stock market under Trump. They would have to explain how Trump kept us out of foreign wars relative to Barack Obama, whom the Left always supported. They would have to explain how every single non-white demographic showed increases in support for Donald Trump in 2020. They would have to explain the general good times America enjoyed prior to COVID, prior to George Floyd, prior to the Leftist-instigated Summer of Hate.

They won’t because they can’t. The misery of the Left is counter-factual. It’s essentially a paranoid, Bolshevik reaction to enthusiastic white populism. Trump, for all his faults, campaigned his ass off in 2020 and should be commended for that. And the hundreds of thousands of his mostly white supporters who showed up at his rallies terrify the Left. They see it as a return to Nazi Germany, the last time large numbers of whites enthusiastically supported a leader who acted in their racial interests.

Of course, this Leftist hysteria is about perception and not reality. Since both Hitler and Trump enjoyed vaguely similar kinds of support from their bases, Leftists believe that the two must share an agenda. The fact that Donald Trump has never shown admiration for Hitler in his long public career means nothing. The fact that Donald Trump is a philo-Semitic Zionist with Jewish family members means nothing. The fact that after four years of a Trump presidency there was no fascism, there was no totalitarianism, and no racist crackdowns of the Left or of non-whites also means nothing. If Trump were the fascist they claim him to be, then why would he bother to run for re-election?

(I have to kick myself every time I raise logical objections to Leftist rhetoric — logic just doesn’t matter with these people.)

What does matter is that Leftists suffer emotionally under Trump. And now they are planning to make the Right suffer under a Biden-Harris presidency. Only, the suffering they plan for the Right will be very real. Real, as in having to deal with a government that supports communism, open borders, defunded police, and anti-white terrorist groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. If the Left gets its way, they will intimidate white conservatives into compliance, and use sites such as this one to track down any whites who still possess backbones in order to smear them, de-platform them, ruin them financially, and, if necessary, imprison them. This was the Leftist playbook after the October Revolution in 1917 and given the obvious admiration that Antifa and Black Lives Matter have for Marxism and Soviet Communism, there’s no reason to believe that that playbook has changed at all in a century.

The crux of the matter is that the Left is in thrall of an egalitarian ideology that does not jibe with reality. And since most Leftists tend to be dogmatic in their thinking, they would rather attempt to change reality to suit their dogma than the other way around. This takes much effort and invariably drives them into rivers of grief since, to make a Christian analogy here, Reality is formed by God and ideology by man. And the Former is much greater than the latter. When Man pretends to be God, his arrogance gets him punished. And that punishment is often exquisitely cruel.

In the mind of the Left, Donald Trump represents a reassertion of Reality over ideology, of Truth over dogma. And to some extent, this is correct. Trump remembered 9/11 and noticed how Muslims are terrorizing white Europeans and called for a reasonable ban on Muslim immigration. Trump noticed how large proportions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and South America are criminals and reasonably called for a wall to keep such people out of the United States. Trump noticed how many protestors at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville were not Nazis and quite reasonably praised those who were there only to preserve Southern heritage. Most recently, he noticed that COVID-19 was originating in China and quite reasonably called for a travel ban on China.

Leftists were insulted by all of this not because it didn’t make sense but because it repudiated their precious egalitarian ideology. And they reacted by labeling Trump an Islamophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobe. These are the kinds of smears one reserves for heretics, not criminals. Trump was only acting in response to facts on the ground, but because he did not bow to Anti-Fact, as most Leftists do, he must be destroyed and his supporters must suffer as a result.

I understand that it’s not as bad as all the Right now. The GOP kept the Senate and gained seats in the House. White populism is as strong as ever. Trump once again showed how the mainstream media lies at every turn. He forced the tech oligarchs to force their hands through blatant censorship. He also forced the Left to do the very thing the Left has constantly accused him of doing — cheating in an election. If Joe Biden manages to wrest control of the White House and install radical Leftists in high positions of power, the amount of faith the mainstream Right has for the American system will plummet to dissident levels. And this will be a good thing, since this attitude shift will be the first step towards a solution to the internecine and increasingly violent Left-Right divide which is plaguing this country: secession, partition, or, God help us, civil war. And the sooner the better.

Win or lose, if Donald Trump has done anything, he has demonstrated how counter-factual dogma has caused the Left to want to make the Right hurt like they do.

Honest they do.

Honest they do.

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  1. Dr.C. Fhandrich
    Posted November 11, 2020 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

    Of course it matters how the left “FEELS”. Forgive me but it is our feelings, our emotions that motivate us and the deeper they hurt the more powerful they are, as you indeed point out. Perhaps conservatives need to get more in touch with the “true feelings” rather than constantly rationalizing them away, as I have noticed they do. Just watch and see how fast conservative voters come to terms, in their own minds, with the criminality of the political left. I’d wager they move on from President Trump and the promise of his “movement”, inside of a year. And that’s a conservative estimate.

    • Dan
      Posted November 12, 2020 at 6:08 am | Permalink

      I believe you’re right about conservatives, especially the sort who follow Fox News, and even fans of Tucker Carlson, who, I’d guess, is allowed to remain on Fox because he preaches “democracy” as the only solution rather than the chief problem, rigged as it obviously is and has been for a century.

      Already Fox News’ jackass talking heads like Brett Baier and Neil Cavuto and their cucked legal experts are demanding a standard of proof for election fraud that effectively amounts to absolute certainty, throwing out a thousand years advance in arguing from less than certain evidence to valid conclusion in legal matters based either on a preponderance of the evidence or proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

      But it’s worse than that since these backstabbing whores on Fox are insisting that circumstantial evidence provided by Republicans, which is often all there will ever be in the absence of confessions by the Democrats, is presumptively dishonest while, on the other hand, the elaborate and wildly blatant efforts at concealing the counting process by the Democrats does not provide evidence of anything.

      According to Sydney Powell, in what must be civil suits, only a preponderance of belief needs to be established and yet, from what I understand, a supposed lawyer like Laura Ingraham shut Mrs Powell down as if she were making outlandish claims. This is the same Laura Ingraham who gushes with enthusiasm when Alan Dershowitz comes on her show to explain the Epstein scandal.

      The thing is, for Fox’ jackass talking heads to deny even the obvious is in itself adequate evidence of an elaborate effort at concealment providing ample proof of their complicity and guilt. For many of us, Fox’ showing its true colors is the vindication of years documenting Fox News chief function of encapsulating the Israeli-first meme within jingoism, flag-waving shtick, and Country Western hokum coming straight from Times Square. This, incidentally, is the same family values network whose children’s programming has been judged the most sexually explicit and immoral of all children’s TV shows–but, no problem for NFL-style conservatives who also see nothing wrong spending three hours watching a game preceded by spitting in the fans’ faces by overpaid negroes running around in Spandex, and where during that entire 3-hour telecast there aren’t 12 minutes of live action from snap to whistle (according to the WSJ).

      But, suppose efforts to correct the fraud fail and the Democrats and deep state prevail. What I find missing is any substantial plan of action by conservatives if that happens. How are we to organize given a blackout by the media? Should demonstrations start with armed citizens if there’s a likelihood Antifa and BLM thugs will be there? Will metropolitan police forces side with Antifa and BLM as they effectively do now, allowing themselves to be doused with shit and piss water balloons, hit with bricks, and so on? Will the Pentagon (not rank and file) as the mother of all deep state bureaucracies side with Antifa and BLM in the streets as it apparently does already? My take has been that a primary goal of the military’s recruiting socially disaffected people like those black female West Point grads giving the black power salute on graduation day is that such saboteurs in the ranks will as readily fire on white Americans as on Afghans or Iraqis. On the other hand, giving everyone in the military the “opportunity” to cross the barricades and side with the rioters would take care of a lot of them without their having a clue about the real purpose. Lastly, I’m wondering what others here think about the nascent efforts to organize a truckers’ boycott or blockade of the communist-held cities like NY, Philly, Portland, etc?

      • Dr.Charles Fhandrich
        Posted November 12, 2020 at 11:54 pm | Permalink

        Congratulations! Your post is the extension of what I was too lazy to say. It is DEAD ON ACCURATE, in my opinion, not only with regard to Fox News but its phony commentators. If there was any doubt about Fox News’s dishonesty on and supporting conservative viewpoints, they have been wiped out as have so many FAKE ideas and FAKE people by Donald Trumps term as President of the U.S. As I told my conservative friends many times, Fox News, is nothing but controlled opposition to make it seem as if there is actually a conservative media in the U.S., looking out for conservative Americans. Again, I salute you for elaborating on the illegitimacy of Fox News pretending to be a conservative source of information and the phonies who work for it. At least a few Americans seem to have woken up on who they are, all thanks to a billionaire businessman who decided to enter the territory of the D.C. swamp and play around in it for a while.

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