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White Nationalism:
What Was the Question Again?

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Hello, all ye white people of Counter-Currents. It is my sincerest wish that you are having a day that is so unapologetically white, it renders everyone in your immediate vicinity permanently snow-blind.

Although I occasionally drift into writing about other subject matters because I’m not a monomaniac, the record will show that I’ve been a persistent vocal opponent of anti-whiteness since 1991, ever since I referred to myself as “white trash with brains” in the opening editorial to the first issue of my short-lived magazine ANSWER Me!

It was shortly before then [2] that I realized we were trapped in a society that encouraged nonwhite identity while demonizing white identity, and I haven’t shut up about this catastrophic double standard for a moment over those three decades.

Ever since the mid-90s, and due to the fact that I’ve never hidden my identity or my true feelings, I’ve taken a series of very public lumps at the hands of an odd collusion of rape-hysterical feminists and a tight-assed Mormon DA [3] who wanted to send newsstand owners to prison for selling my magazine. . . I’ve been blamed for some Hispanic Satanist head case who shot at the White House [4] and quoted my writing in the process. . . I’ve been fingered for the suicides of three young British Goth-Nazis [5]. . . I’ve gone to prison for hitting back some violent lunatic woman [6] who had the entire legal system behind her merely by dint of having a vagina, even though we allegedly live in a patriarchy. . . and I’ve been repeatedly attacked in the streets of Portland by anti-racist skinheads [7] who had carte blanche from City Hall to beat up anyone they tagged as a “Nazi.”

When the half-dozen or so of those proto-Antifatards grilled me about why I was wearing an iron cross necklace, I said, “It’s a white thing — why don’t you punch me?” And one of them did. And even though I was on parole, I beat his ass in front of his homeboys — in defense of being white. And I wrote about it under my own name, offering to fight any one of them.

I doubt that one in a hundred of you has that level of guts. But holy fuck, are you “brave” online, especially when no one knows your name.

Ever since I entered the Counter-Currents stable a week or so ago with an audible splash, commenters have started carping about how I’ve allegedly said “white nationalism is wrong” or that it “doesn’t work” or that I’ve somehow taken pains to morally distance myself from any of you.

Nope. It’s simple social distancing. The fact that you’re a white person doesn’t immunize you from the fact that you’re a person.

The misunderstanding — and that’s exactly what it is, and it’s solely on your part — stems from the fact that when I’m asked point-blank if I’m a “white nationalist,” I say that I’m not. And when asked to explain why, I say very clearly that I was born without a group instinct.

Never once have I said “white nationalism is wrong.”

If you’d been paying attention instead of desperately trying to flex your ideological purity for all the world to see, you’d realize that never once do I make any moral judgment about anything. All I ever focus on is true and false, not right or wrong. You can comb every word I’ve ever written or spoken, and the only things I find to be objectionable are lies and inaccuracies. That’s it. I’m that cold and clinical about it all.

So is it my lack of womanly romanticism and a need to huddle within a crowd’s warmth that offends you?

I get absolutely no joy being around people or feeling like I’m part of a social movement. That is an utterly sincere statement. I’ve been that way my entire life, I will always be that way, and your attempts to shame me out of being that way will backfire every time.

All I’ve ever made clear — sorry, it’s clear to me, but apparently it needs to be explained very carefully hundreds of times to many of you — is that my neurological wiring is that of either an introvert or an Aspie or a sociopath. Take your pick; it doesn’t really matter to me. I trust neurology over ideology, and one day I believe brain scans will be able to distinguish a party animal from a wallflower. On that day we will have scientific proof that I haven’t been lying about not being a “group guy.”

I doubt there’s anyone reading this who’s tried explaining their real feelings about race to an anti-racist without having the listener gaslight you by saying something along the lines of, “Well, sure, that’s what you say, but what you REALLY THINK is this. . .”

Guess what? You guys do that, too, and it’s equally as annoying — perhaps even more so because you’re blind to how divisive it is.

Take, for example, a review of my book The New Church Ladies on this site by a certain “Jef Costello [8],” which I’ve been informed to my amusement is a pseudonym. Yes, brave e-warrior “Jef” pretends he knows what I really mean — search for the word “translation” throughout that review. He also accuses me of posing and doing “shtick,” which is an egregious act of bad faith on his part.

He even commits the unpardonable sin of accusing me of seeking social approval, or at least of seeking to avoid social disapproval.

In what universe does that even make sense? Everyone who isn’t a white nationalist thinks I’m a Nazi regardless of what I say, whereas the dyed-in-the-wool “movement guys” accuse me of being an insincere poseur. I wind up getting shit from all sides, so how does social approval even factor into this?

Here’s the money quote from “Jef’s” review:

One also senses that Goad’s “I hate everyone, so I don’t belong anywhere” pose is a way to forever avoid any real commitment to a cause. Such commitment would, of course, require that Goad drop the adolescent rebellion bit, grow up, and form real alliances with others who are trying to do some good by combating the evil that Goad often brilliantly savages. But everyone keeps telling me that he doesn’t play well with others. Too bad, because if Goad actually took stock of where he falls on almost every position he takes, he would be a real asset to the struggling, divided movement that is trying to save his people and his culture.

He “senses” it? Guess what, “Jef”? You have shitty senses. Time to send back that slightly scuffed crystal ball you purchased on eBay.

Mind you, I’ve bitten my lip for three years about that review until now. From my perspective, I’m not the one who’s turning away potential allies — it’s the purity-spiralers such as the pseudonymous “Jef” who haven’t taken nearly as many punches in battling anti-whiteness as I have, yet are the mirror image of fanatical woketards who can’t wait to cancel anyone who is only 99% as “woke” as they are.

If you’d been paying attention, “Jef” and every one of your ilk who hide behind wacky pseudonyms such as “XYYMan” but who shit their pants at the thought of being doxed, it wasn’t until this moment that I’ve criticized any of you for being weak-minded herd animals whose brains have never shat out an original idea in your lives. Nope, the insults have only flown in one direction — toward me.

Ultimately, though, when you try explaining individualism to a Herd Brain, it’s like trying to explain lesbianism to a house cat; they just stare at you and then start licking themselves again.

I’m starting to suspect that people who are socially wired are neurologically incapable of conceiving that anyone is sincerely different than them in that regard, so if they claim to be different, it somehow is a lie told in the service of seeking social approval. They truly seem to be THAT clueless.

They don’t see how pathetically hilarious it is to hide anonymously in a crowd and accuse someone who’s never hidden of cowardice.

From their words and actions, I suspect that most people filter reality through moralistic and social lenses.

From my observation, though, the cosmos is sadistically amoral and stubbornly antisocial.

And yet it’s the highly sociable and passionately moralistic ones who seem to think I’m the one with a cognitive problem here.

And you’d have a much better chance convincing me otherwise if you didn’t storm out of the gate hurling insults, especially such misguided ones.

If you’ve read this far, I’ll assume that you’re white. And whether it’s a white/Jewish Antifa mob in the streets or a group of BLM coon-dogs who are head-hunting whites in the streets, when they encounter us, all they will see is a white person.

They won’t give a fuck if you’re a traditionalist or a futurist or a pagan or whether you think we should work within the system or if you believe there is no political solution — how would they know any of that?

All they care about is your skin color, because they’re gullible and religious-minded enough to have been brainwashed into thinking that your skin color denotes evil and that you should be killed for it.

It’s a good bet that not one of those anti-white headhunters is remotely aware of all the purity-spiraling, nitpicking, and status-jockeying that goes on in these “dissident” circles.

Unfortunately, I’m intimately aware of it. I’ve been accused by white nationalists, nearly all of whom cower in anonymity, of being “not one of us” with such bile so many times, it kills any desire I may have ever had to be one of you, not that I would have ever had such a desire. But it’s a definite turnoff.

Are you so naïve about human psychology that you think you can scold people into taking your side? No, that’s how you make enemies, at least if the person you’re scolding has a spine.

It’s as dumb as the anti-racist skinheads who thought they could punch me into toeing their party line. You’re not going to win converts by being prissy, bitchy little pricks.

Regarding white nationalism, my main question is this: How exactly do you plan to pull that off, especially within a two-party system? Can we at least agree that there seems to be a huge mass of obstacles in the way before that’s achievable?

For all the years I’ve spent getting my ankles wet wading in these backwater swamps, I can’t remember spending five minutes reading anyone’s concrete plans for exactly how they plan to build this ethnostate.

If living in an all-white country means I’ll be living in a place where the population hasn’t been brainwashed since birth into thinking I deserve to be killed merely for having European DNA [9], that sounds nice.

If it means having to constantly rub elbows with a bunch of tiresomely petty sniping backstabbing corny-ass fanatics who are constantly scrambling to out-white one another, that sounds like a screaming bore.

Groucho Marx, one of the funniest Jews who ever lived, famously said he’d never want to join a club that would have him as a member.

Likewise, if heaven is filled with Christians, I’ll gladly take hell.

And if the ethnostate is going to be packed to the rafters with humorless medieval LARPers who mistakenly think they’re able to read my mind, fuck, I’d rather live in Harlem.

All I’ve ever said is that I don’t approach these matters from the same angle as many of you do. But until today, I’ve never felt the need to personally attack any of you based on our differences.

But am I the only one who realizes how trivial our differences are?

Contrary to what so many of you seem to think, we don’t need to like one another or agree on everything.

All we need to agree on is the fact that war has unequivocally been declared on us. And it’s a war based in biology, not ideology. And due to biology, we’re all in this war together. We don’t have a choice.

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