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Toward a New Nationalism

[1]Greg Johnson
Toward a New Nationalism
San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2019
238 pages

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About Toward a New Nationalism

Greg Johnson’s Toward a New Nationalism is a companion volume to his The White Nationalist ManifestoToward a New Nationalism collects 35 essays, speeches, reviews, and opinion pieces on a wide range of topics, including race realism, white identity, the problems with conservatism and libertarianism, White Nationalism, technological utopianism, freedom of speech, metapolitics, the Jewish question, the deep state, the rise and fall of the Alt Right, and the ethos of idealism, duty, and self-sacrifice that white advocates need to cultivate if they are to change the world.


Preface — iii

White Nationalism
1. Why Race is Not a Social Construct — 1
2. Who Are We? Nordics, Aryans, & Whites — 11
3. Why Conservatives Conserve Nothing — 17
4. The Refutation of Libertarianism — 23
5. Why “White” Nationalism? — 27
6. The Specter of White Nationalism — 31
7. Is White Nationalism Un-American? — 35
8. What is American Nationalism? — 40
9. Is White Nationalism Hateful? — 45
10. Why Boomers Need Not Fear White Nationalism — 49
11. Technological Utopianism & Ethnic Nationalism — 52
12. Freedom of Speech — 61
13. The European Fighting Spirit — 68
14. In Praise of Extremists — 73

The Jewish Question
15. Reframing the Jewish Question — 76
16. Why the Holocaust Happened & Why it Won’t Happen Again — 79

The Deep State
17. Superheroes, Sovereignty, & the Deep State — 83
18. Operation Nemesis — 93
19. Nothing is Beyond Our Grasp — 98

The Alt Right
20. What is the Alternative Right? — 101
21. Against Right-Wing Sectarianism — 129
22. Redefining the Mainstream — 135
23. Punching Right 2 — 143
24. God Emperor No More — 148
25. The Altamont of the Alt Right — 155
26. Unite the Right Did Nothing Wrong — 160
27. Interview on Unite the Right 1 & 2 — 165
28. Unite the Right 2 Couldn’t Have Been Better — 170
29. In Bed with the Press — 174
30. Beyond the Alt Right: Toward a New Nationalism — 178

How to Fight Evil & Save the World
31. A Reply to Jack Donovan — 190
32. Why I Support Mike Enoch — 196
33. Under Cover with the Alt Right — 201
34. Dov Bechhofer Did Nothing Wrong — 206
35. Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down — 216

Index — 223

About the Author — 232

Praise for Toward a New Nationalism

Please read John Jackson’s review at American Renaissance [6].

“In this new essay collection, Greg Johnson touches upon many aspects of the new white identity politics and illuminates them all. He is perhaps at his best distinguishing our long-term struggle from the rise and fall of its recent incarnation, the ‘Alt Right.’”

—F. Roger Devlin, Ph.D., author of Sexual Utopia in Power

“Greg Johnson is quite simply my favorite thinker and writer. He has a gift for making profound thoughts easy to grasp. Toward a New Nationalism collects some of his best recent work. He brings fresh new insights to endlessly discussed questions like the reality of race, the uselessness of conservatism, and the value of free speech. He makes surprising juxtapositions, like linking ethnic nationalism and technological utopianism, or using superheroes to throw light on the idea of the deep state. The book concludes with wise and humane advice on how white advocates can deal with doxing and trolling so they can fight evil and save the world. Greg Johnson shows us how to move mountains by first moving minds.”

—Tom Goodrich, author of Summer, 1945: Germany, Japan & the Harvest of Hate

“As one would expect from Dr. Greg Johnson, the essays in Toward a New Nationalism are full of insights and perspectives on the vexing matters of our day that are as new and fresh as they are thought-provoking and illuminating. The range of his purview includes subjects both topical and historical, timely (the fallout from Unite the Right) and timeless (the nature of race), all discussed in lucid prose. Those who enjoy seeing the Western intellect countering unreason with reason, subjectivity with objectivity, should find this collection most satisfying.”

—Richard McCulloch, www.theracialcompact.com

About the Author

Greg Johnson, Ph.D., is the author of eight other books, including Confessions of a Reluctant Hater (2016); New Right vs. Old Right (2013); Truth, Justice, & a Nice White Country (2015); In Defense of Prejudice (2017); and The White Nationalist Manifesto (2018). He is editor of many books, including North American New Right, vol. 2 (2017) and Dark Right: Batman Viewed from the Right (with Gregory Hood, 2018).