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My Case for Trump

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As we approach the 2020 elections, it seems that Dissident Right attitudes regarding President Trump range from tepid tolerance to jaded discontent. Disappointment and frustration dominate our Trump discussions, and many of us, while still technically supporting the man, plan to hold our noses quite firmly while plopping for the GOP this November. Of course, this isn’t a terribly difficult choice, as stinky as it is. Trump is by far the lesser of two evils. In the months since the George Floyd riots, the Democrats have proven to be in thrall of the Far Left. Joe Biden has been growing increasingly senile by the day. Kamala Harris is a repugnant character and blatant liar whom even the Democrats don’t like. So offended was the Left by four years of a Trump presidency that when back in the White House, they will do whatever it takes to prevent anyone on the Right from ever occupying positions of real power again. This, of course, includes packing the Supreme Court, opening our borders even more, and granting immediate citizenship to illegal aliens. If you don’t like it, Black Lives Matter and Antifa will be glad to meet you at your doorstep. And if you choose to resist, George Soros-backed district attorneys will then see to it that you rot in prison.

This would be the death knell of not just legacy white America but the United States as a relevant first-world nation.

So, in order to prevent or at least forestall such an apocalyptic scenario, most on the Dissident Right will vote Trump. But this is a commonsense, no-brainer of a vote. Unlike 2016, we will be voting against the Democrat rather than for the Republican. Yes, a vote’s a vote. I also wonder how many dissidents will be sitting 2020 out in order to punish Trump because their disappointment with him is so strong.

While I can appreciate this perspective, I don’t share it. I appreciate it because somebody has to toe the hard line when it comes to white advocacy. As I read or listen to dissidents lambast Trump, I have the mixed reaction of being glad they’re doing it while wishing wouldn’t be so harsh. Harsh treatment makes me want to defend Trump not only because I have common sense and perceive the danger coming from the Left, but also because I positively like the man. My vote for him in 2020 will be as enthusiastic as it was in 2016. Crucial to my perspective is the understanding that Donald Trump was never /our guy/ to begin with. He never campaigned as a White Nationalist and never claimed to be president of White America. Therefore, I do not hold him to such high standards. When pressed, I would expect him to disavow “white supremacy” and the like. Trump is a normie at heart and he is the president of the normie United States. I imagine that in Trump’s mind, this United States resembles how it was in 1970 but with memories of 9/11 thrown in. Trump stands for that America, and he does a pretty good job, especially when compared to all the Republicans he shared a debate stage with back in 2015. So, with Trump, we’ll be grading on a curve.

Leaving aside accomplishments that benefit all Americans such as low pre-COVID unemployment, high GDP, a record-high stock market, cleaning house at the VA [1], and cracking down on human trafficking [2], how has Trump benefitted white Americans in particular?

1. He’s made progress on the wall. 341 miles of progress with 516 to go [3]. Yeah, I know that less than 10 of these miles are actually new walls that weren’t there before. Not great, but enough to prove that he wasn’t just blowing hot air back in 2016. Perhaps the Russia probe and impeachment tied his hands for most of his first term. Perhaps not. No word on whether Mexico is still going to foot the bill.

2. He has restricted immigration. Edwin Rubinstein [4] has been on this for a while over at VDARE. Again, not great, but better than nothing. American worker displacement and immigrant roles in the workforce have gone down since Obama thanks to Trump. He’s placed limits on H-1B visas [5] and intensified the bureaucracy involved in acquiring them. He’s also beefed up border security [6], and instituted various so-called travel bans.

3. He pushes back against Left-wing encroachment. Two recent accomplishments include ending Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing [7] rule and banning critical race theory [8]. His court appointees have been, on the net, solid. In the past, he’s also wrangled with sanctuary cities [9] and at one point least tried to end DACA [10]. I don’t think any other prominent Republican other than Trump would have had the guts to do any of this. He also released the FBI’s secret files on Martin Luther King [11]. I have a soft spot in my heart for this one.

4. He talks a good game. Don’t underestimate the power of Trump’s rhetoric. No one bolsters enthusiasm or morale on the Right better than Trump on the stump. From threatening to put Hillary Clinton in jail to telling Ilhan Omar that she can’t go back to Somalia fast enough [12] to mocking the idea of replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day [13], Trump has enthralled the Right to a pitch I have never seen before. It doesn’t really matter if Trump the president can’t cash the checks that Trump the speaker writes. What matters is that it feels good. What matters is that the spark of legacy white America still flickers inside of Trump whenever he holds one of his massive rallies. Because of Trump, I now have hope that a critical mass of whites will turn hard and violent against the Left once it overreaches — as it is bound to do. In such struggles, ethnostates are born. Under the leadership of any other prominent Republican, such a hope would have been unthinkable.

5. He trashes the Left-wing media. Don’t need to provide many examples here. Trump’s trolling of the media is legendary, and even his harshest critics on the Right would have to give him some props for this. At the very least, it’s entertaining. But there’s more. By labeling the mainstream media as the enemy, he has encouraged ordinary people to distrust them and to bypass them. And, unlike other Republicans, he doesn’t hold back. Recently, he called a journalist a criminal [14] for not reporting on the ongoing Hunter Biden scandal. This is great. Every time he challenges the Left’s moral authority he forces them to sputter playing defense. In the optics war with the Left, Trump is coming out ahead.

6. He labeled Antifa a terrorist group. Nice. If he says the same about Black Lives Matter, then I might get excited.

7. He’s started no new wars. A bit like buying your kid a new bike because he got a C on a test instead of an F. But there it is.

8. He is historically significant. One meta benefit of Trump is that he has forced the Left to overplay its hand and act rashly. The way the far-Left has commandeered the Democratic Party and destroyed many of our cities through constant rioting, the point of no return for them has already been reached. True voices of moderation will forever be shut down on the Left. Since the George Floyd riots, they have been preparing for war. Big mistake. The smartest thing the Left could have done in the face of Trump would have been nothing. It’s only a matter of time before non-whites outnumber whites in America. At that point, another Trump in the White House would be unimaginable and the best the GOP would have to offer would be stinker tickets like Nikki Haley-Tim Scott in 2028. Talk about total Left-wing dominance. But instead, Trump’s constant trolling has in effect bumped up the timeline and increased the possibility of a Great Historical Act ending the legacy United States. Whether it’s secession, fracture, or outright civil war, something may happen relatively soon — and the sooner the better, given the way demographics are trending. Yes, I know this could backfire, but dreams of an ethnostate can be realized no other way. In any event, I’d rather go out with a bang than with a whimper.

You can buy Spencer Quinn’s novel White Like You here [15].

So, what are the knocks on Trump? Leaving aside issues that can plague any president (expanding the deficit, increasing the debt, breaking campaign promises, etc.) and his manifest personal foibles, we’ll start with the worst ones first.

1. He refused to stop the anti-Right deplatforming and censorship from the tech giants. Yep. This is a bad one. No way to sugar coat it. Amazon, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, and others are still denying service to dissidents or anyone who smells like a dissident. Trump has been a complete squish in this regard.

2. Trump signed a merit-based immigration program which included DACA. I can’t even [16]. . .

3. Prison reform/platinum plan. Somehow I get the feeling that blacks like Trump because he doesn’t pander to them. After all, does the alpha male really care when his bitches whine?

4. Trump is a shill for the Zionists. Yeah, and who isn’t? I know how we would all prefer David Duke in the White House, but when working with what we got, we have to realize the Trump was the best of all the realistic choices. He had the opportunity to follow the adventuresome lead of the neocons in the Middle East and pretty much didn’t. Yes, one can complain about his bombing of Syria in 2017 [17] or the Soleimani assassination [18] (I had mixed emotions [19] on the latter), but he never did put American boots on the ground. On the other hand, Trump has not exactly been consistent [20] on shrinking US military commitments overseas, despite promising to do so. So, I can understand if someone wants to ding him for this.

5. Not cracking down on the George Floyd riots. I’m familiar with the argument that quelling the Minneapolis riots with overwhelming force would have prevented all the other disturbances which lit up the summer of 2020. And maybe it’s correct. On the other hand, we did apply overwhelming force in many instances during the race riots of the 1960s, and that didn’t exactly stop them. Yes, those riots weren’t as bad or as widespread as the ones in 2020. But they also didn’t have the institutionalized support from local governments the way the current riots did. In other words, it’s very possible that overwhelming force from Trump on day two wouldn’t have curtailed the riots much at all. Another thing to consider is how good the Left is at propaganda, especially when playing the victim. All we would need is one or two law enforcement officials going overboard beating or killing an unarmed black for Joe Biden and the entire Democratic Party to smear Trump as the next Bull Connor. The media would air that footage 24/7 before the election. It’s good that Trump didn’t fall into that trap, isn’t it? On the other hand, was it worth the dozens of lives lost and billions in property damage? Hard to say. I guess like everything else, it depends on who wins on November 3rd.

Forgive me if I missed anything, but for me, this is a net positive. I must consider one thing, however, which may taint my rosy picture of Trump. As an anonymous writer, I have a normie hat. And this normie hat provides me a little more protection than what public figures on the Dissident Right get under Trump. You see, they don’t have a normie hat. They have no protection. When we see liberals screeching [21] about Trump and his “white supremacy” or whatever, it certainly does seem like mindless caterwauling. But there is a rhyme and reason to it. Trump does stand for white America, but it’s an implicit white America. You can couch it in terms such as patriotism or Western chauvinism, but everyone knows that this stands for white people and the civilization they have created. Trump defends this often and with considerable spirit.

But what Trump dare not defend is explicit white America. He won’t go after such people himself, but he also won’t lift a finger to help them when the tech oligarchs or anti-white prosecutors or the Antifa-BLM rage mobs come a-knocking. So if you’re caught in this slender little door jamb, it’s gonna hurt. This must be addressed in any honest assessment of Trump.

That being said, however, conservative and right-wing whites in America are in a better place mentally and financially thanks in large part to Trump. He’s not perfect, he makes mistakes, and he has on occasion betrayed us. But I promise you, with all the demographic changes happening across the West, we’re going to miss him when he’s gone.

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