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Green Nazis in Space!


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James J. OMeara
Green Nazis in Space! New Essays on Literature, Art, & Culture
Edited by Greg Johnson
San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2015
252 pages

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About Green Nazis in Space!

World War II has been over for decades, but Nazis are everywhere! From girls boarding schools in Scotland to fashion shows in Peking, from utopian desert islands to New York nightclubs, from intellectually fashionable Paris cafés to campy flats in Chelsea Square. They’re even in the War Room, and—my God!—they’re already in outer space!

James J. O’Meara, the New Right’s most provocative writer, uses his “paranoiac-critical” lens to reveal the method of Judaic culture-distortion—such as the youthful “girl-craziness” that conservatives think of as the “good old days” but was manufactured by Hollywood to undermine traditional forms of male friendship and social organizations (and start World War II)—while demonstrating that it just can’t prevent the eternal return of the “Fascist Other” throughout our popular culture.

The essays collected here, discussing pop culture icons from Kafka and Burroughs to Houllebecq, Halston and even the Green Lantern Corps, show that the defeat of the European Revolution of 1933 did not mean the end of White culture and Aryan tradition, which continue to gleam darkly beneath the glossy politically correct surface.

Wherever you’re coming from, you’ll find ideas here that will challenge, delight, or infuriate—usually at the same time. If you’re any kind of White Nationalist, you’ll be heartened by the endurance of White cultural memes. And you’ll probably want to get another copy to send to your favorite cuckservative or Social Justice Warrior.



1. Green Nazis in Space!
2. Welcome to the Club: The Rise & Fall of the Männerbund in Pre-War American Pop Culture
3. The Leaven of the Pharisees: The Judeo as Cuckoo
4. Kafka: Our Folk Comrade
5. Michel Houellebecq’s Sexual Anti-Utopia
6. The Fraud of Miss Jean Brodie
7. To Cut Up a Mockingbird: Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman
8. Sour Cream: Michael Nelson’s A Room in Chelsea Square
9. “The Wild Boys Smile”: Reflections on Olaf Stapledon’s Odd John
10. From Odd John to Strange Love
11. From Ultrasuede to Limelight: Halston & Gatien, Aryan Entrepreneurs in the Dark Age
12. Reflections on Sartorial Fascism


Praise for Green Nazis in Space!

“With Green Nazis in Space! James J. O’Meara reminds me once again why he is my favorite literary and cultural critic. His genius is discovering surprising connections between the most widely separated realms of culture, as well as correspondences between sublime Traditionalist wisdom and sometimes ridiculous pop cultural artifacts. My favorite essays here are ‘Welcome to the Club’ and ‘Reflections on Sartorial Fascism,’ which are his most compelling statements yet of his views about the conflict between the Aryan Männerbund and Jewish cultural subversion. Audacious, insightful, and witty, Green Nazis in Space! is a terrific book.”

— Greg Johnson, author of Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country

Green Nazis in Space! has the delightful immediacy and variety of the best critical journalism—I think of collections of Mary McCarthy, Gore Vidal, George Orwell. Like those three, O’Meara shakes out the truth by standing conventional interpretations on their heads. Thus, the supposed ‘fascism’ of Muriel Spark’s Jean Brodie was in reality the murderous Totalitarian Humanism of the social justice warrior (‘The Fraud of Miss Jean Brodie’). Franz Kafka was no doomed, obsessed prophet of the Holocaust, but rather a millionaire slacker whose ‘horror’ stories were written as absurdist satires (‘Kafka: Our Folk Comrade’). And like Orwell, O’Meara particularly shines when he takes on pop culture and its social effects, such as the weird permutations that adolescent social roles underwent in postwar America (‘Welcome to the Club’). Green Nazis in Space! is Mr. O’Meara’s most enjoyable collection so far.”

— Margot Metroland

“Hang on to your action figures: it’s time for another collection of James O’Meara’s blunt, wry attacks on practically everyone. Despite his often-exhausting fascination with Jewish neuroses, I can’t think of a writer with a more fantastic capability for wringing insight porn from the lowest of pop culture. More entertaining than the movies he picks apart and more erudite than most academics, O’Meara’s M.O. is to spy upon cultural artifacts whose creators never expected them to stand the test of time as he traces the pulse of American mores, from the late 1900s to the present moment. You’ll never look at superheroes, Nazis, or horny teenage boys the same way again.”

— Ann Sterzinger, author of NVSQVAM (nowhere)

“If we lived in a Traditional society there would be no need for James O’Meara’s writings. There would be no confusion about culture, no cynicism surrounding religion and no hysteria about sexuality. But we don’t live in such a society so O’Meara’s words are invaluable to those who seek to understand how and why our world can disgust and fascinate us, often at the same time. In Green Nazis in Space! he continues to tease out the hidden connections between the detritus of popular culture and the heights of Traditionalist spirituality, leaving neither unscathed in the process.”

— Christopher Pankhurst

About the Author

James J. O’Meara was born in Detroit, educated in Canada, and now lives in an abandoned glove factory in America’s Rust Belt. He is the author of The Homo & the Negro: Masculinist Meditations on Politics & Popular Culture, ed. Greg Johnson (San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2012); A Review of James Neill’s “The Origins and Role of Same-Sex Relations in Human Societies” (Amazon.com: Kindle Editions, 2013); The Eldritch Evola . . . & Others: Traditionalist Meditations on Literature, Art, & Culture, ed. Greg Johnson (San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2014); and End of an Era: Mad Men & the Ordeal of Civility (San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2015). His articles and reviews have also been published by Counter-Currents/North American New Right, The Occidental Observer, Alexandria, FringeWare Review, Aristokratia, and Judaic Book News.