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The Counter-Currents Newsletter, July 2020
What Are Trump’s Chances?

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Dear Friends of Counter-Currents,

People keep asking me for my predictions for the 2020 US Presidential elections. It is really impossible to say.

As the incumbent, Donald Trump, would normally enjoy the advantage, but incumbency has been nullified by two serious disadvantages:

  • Trump’s margin of victory was narrow, and demographics is destiny. Thus there may simply not be enough sensible white people left to re-elect Trump.
  • Trump ran as a populist but governed as a Republican. For the most part, he failed to keep his promises to the people who elected him. Instead of securing the votes of the white working class, he wasted the last four years on sickening displays of pandering to Jews, blacks, mestizos — really, anyone but whites.

Beyond that, in 2020, Trump has been beset by a convergence of catastrophes:

  • The second deadliest pandemic in US history
  • A devastating recession
  • Widespread anti-white pogroms led by blacks and communists
  • His own moral collapse, as well as the moral collapse of the Republican Party, in the face of this insurrection.

This election is the Democrats’ to lose. I have been saying that for years.

But they may just be stupid enough to lose it by running a ticket of the creepy, senile Joe Biden and any of the shortlist of crazed black women he is considering for VP.

In short, given the instability of America today, anything can happen in the next three months. The election could even be postponed or called off entirely. So I simply have no idea who will be the next President of the United States.

But I can say one thing with 100% certainty: no matter who is elected, the other half of the country will regard the results as illegitimate:

  • Democrats, because they are spoiled, entitled, sore losers
  • Republicans for very good reasons, namely a history of massive Democratic voter fraud, censorship (election meddling) by tech monopolies, and the Democrats’ open strategy of creating a one-party state by promoting race-replacement immigration. Non-white immigration is simply election tampering.

It is becoming increasingly clear that:

  • The United States is a failed nation: too diverse to be governable.
  • The United States is a failed state: its laws are openly defied on its own territory.
  • The US is governed by a failed President, who has allowed lawlessness to run rampant for more than two months. The first BLM riot was the rioters’ fault. Every subsequent riot is Trump’s fault.

White Nationalists have been warning America about these problems for years. It all could have been avoided. Thus it gives me no pleasure to be so damned right, given the suffering ahead.

The good news, though, is that more of our people than ever before are now receptive to our message, and we need to increase both our activity and also our commitment and moral intensity if we are to reach them and change their minds. Thus it is important for you to support Counter-Currents, now more than ever, not just in spite of the hard times, but because of them.

1. Our Webzine and Traffic

July was a very strong month in terms of traffic, with more than 300,000 unique visitors. This is good news. In early May, I noticed that Google was manipulating its search engine algorithms to bury our results. However, when the riots began in the US, our traffic began to rise again. When people have questions that we can answer, eventually they find their way to us.

This latest tech malarkey comes on the heels of Counter-Currents being de-platformed yet again from a payment processor back in March. We remain without an easy way of taking credit card donations. This is a serious economic blow. There is information on how you can help below.

In July, we added 90 pieces to our webzine, including four podcasts. Our Top 20 articles and full stats are below.

2. Top 20 Pieces (with Number of Reads): 

  1. Spencer Quinn, “Welcome to Year One of the After Floyd Era,” 21,412
  2. Darwin’s Prophet, “The Brief Life and Spectacular Death of Propertarianism, 20,323
  3. Spencer Quinn, “We Need a White Underground Railroad,” 17,752
  4. Travis LeBlanc, “The Making of an American Trav,” 17,653
  5. Greg Johnson, “It’s Okay to Be White,” 17,324
  6. Nicholas Jeelvy, “Self-Deception,” 16,781
  7. Travis LeBlanc, “Life at the End of History: Against Nineties Nostalgia,” 16,612
  8. Quintilian, “Say His Name,” 15,417
  9. John Wilkinson, “A Long Time Coming,” 15,348
  10. Brad Easton, “The Truth About Systemic Racism in America,” 15,257
  11. Scott Weisswald, “Pop Music is a Satanic Mind Virus, Part 1,” 15,156
  12. Robert Hampton, “Are We Really Heading to a Civil War?15,101
  13. Richard Houck, “The War Against Whites in Advertising,” 14,872
  14. Giles Corey, “Awakening the Saxon,” 14,865
  15. Greg Johnson, “Notes on Schmitt’s Crisis and Ours,” 14,412
  16. Beau Albrecht, “Rhodesia Fights Back!14,065
  17. Greg Johnson, “My Conversation with Andrew Anglin,” 13,716
  18. Spencer Quinn, “Wallet Lives Matter,” 13,425
  19. Alex Graham, “Is Xenophilia a Mental Illness?13,140
  20. Robert Hampton, “Everyone Hates Woodrow Wilson,” 12,901

There were two new authors in this month’s Top 20: Darwin’s Prophet at #2 and Brad Easton at #10. Congratulations, and thanks! The rest are established writers. Spencer Quinn and Greg Johnson each had three articles. Travis LeBlanc and Robert Hampton each had two. Nicholas Jeelvy, Quintilian, John Wilkinson, Scott Weisswald, Richard Houck, Giles Corey, Beau Albrecht, and Alex Graham each had one.

3. Our Top 20 Countries

Here are the top 20 countries from which we received visits:

  1. United States
  2. Great Britain
  3. Germany
  4. Canada
  5. Australia
  6. Hungary
  7. Sweden
  8. Netherlands
  9. Ukraine
  10. Russian Federation
  11. Norway
  12. France
  13. Poland
  14. Romania
  15. Spain
  16. Ireland
  17. Czech Republic
  18. Italy
  19. Denmark
  20. New Zealand

4. Our Readership and Web Traffic

Month Unique Visitors Number of Visits Pages Viewed “Hits” Bandwidth
July 2020 303,133 742,676 3,460,870 3,778,925 no data
June 2020 283,035 694,623 3,238,250 3,562,076 no data
May 2020 240,847 630,090 2,395,549 3,057,915 no data
April 2020 312,946 817,481 3,145,460 3,864,825 no data
March 2020 336,062 850,160 3,545,171 4,463,345 no data
February 2020 154,910 369,961 1,546,198 1,943,994 41.20 GB
January 2020 165,079 406,132 1,535,057 1,882,644 44.07 GB
December 2019 195,449 436,664 1,584,032 1,964,350 45.35 GB
November 2019 240,512 475,338 1,944,000 2,628,669 56.51 GB
October 2019 183,783 390,594 1,733,638 2,431,193 50.97 GB
September 2019 234,278 439,839 1,667,120 2,371,312 50.37 GB
August 2019 186,296 381,383 1,529,633 2,579,106 47.23 GB
July 2019 165,768 359,816 1,615,100 2,587,657 50.62 GB
June 2019 136,186 295,792 1,463,565 1,771,348 43.07 GB
May 2019 120,632 278,801 1,396,970 1,543,953 45.42 GB
April 2019 125,695 288,101 1,423,928 1,557,779 44.59 GB
March 2019 131,856 299,343 1,678,351 1,837,439 47.87 GB
February 2019 120,920 267,964 1,492,016 1,637,121 45.99 GB
January 2019 124,678 291,537 1,573,037 1,714,955 44.91 GB
December 2018 142,828 296,136 1,647,162 1,804,673 46.74 GB
November 2018 139,255 289,998 1,568,158 1,708,499 44.97 GB
October 2018 142,051 302,916 1,683,473 1,828,443 48.32 GB
September 2018 149,035 298,321 1,541,361 1,692,787 44.29 GB
August 2018 156,580 318,127 1,605,425 1,760,728 49.59 GB
July 2018 151,710 287,323 1,495,087 1,541,056 43.60 GB
June 2018 150,307 280,625 1,420,234 1,371,897 38.62 GB
May 2018 151,739 287,032 3,990,878 4,140,772 38.36 GB
April 2018 150,833 286,365 1,535,115 1,676,785 37.94 GB
March 2018 169,686 327,589 2,589,786 2,733,787 54.08 GB
February 2018 145,761 268,300 1,370,626 1,511,087 32.71 GB
January 2018 150,378 297,511 1,575,368 1,715,849 37.82 GB
December 2017 152,616 279,822 1,611,341 1,721,470 36.28  GB
November 2017 206,887 369,476 1,447,593 1,558,599 34.12 GB
October 2017 185,568 357,742 1,305,421 2,674,026 84.44 GB
September 2017 167,887 316,974 1,174,706 5,018,519 59.75 GB
August 2017 197,961 402,333 1,571,545 5,147,275 72.50 GB
July 2017 143,298 291,003 962,966 4,321,260 54.73 GB
June 2017 146,466 314,232 991,487 4,496,358 56.48 GB
May 2017 144,005 316,576 975,281 4,304,712 56.36 GB
April 2017 146,149 314,996 1,141,489 4,307,589 63.78 GB
March 2017 187,296 372,483 1,247,545 4,226,147 67.70 GB
February 2017 176,470 349,663 1,203,798 4,112,379 63.50 GB
January 2017 168,633 354,483 1,274,174 4,538,574 70.39 GB
December 2016 166,356 343,155 1,237,884 4,459,628 70.60 GB
November 2016 149,973 327,184 1,211,464 4,578,555 54.19 GB
October 2016 143,274 334,172 1,384,218 4,686,132 49.46 GB
September 2016 135,699 329,894 1,523,606 4,773,361 60.16 GB
August 2016 140,362 316,443 1,505,438 4,334,119 71.48 GB
July 2016 122,622 343,826 1,756,815 4,071,905 58.92 GB
June 2016 123,901 351,467 1,664,032 4,237,552 57.88 GB
May 2016 134,345 360,069 1,663,686 4,578,071 59.79 GB
April 2016 121,779 327,150 1,514,605 4,525,313 59.50 GB
March 2016 119,288 343,090 1,586,158 4,385,429 55.58 GB
February 2016 121,361 342,891 1,269,478 3,865,233 52.09 GB
January 2016 112,680 312,399 1,279,265 3,808,315 56.32 GB
December 2015 118,438 327,974 1,270,504 3,756,303 59.09 GB
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July 2015 103,188 281,469 1,263,504 3,307,479 55.38 GB
June 2015 119,264 288,620 1,289,808 3,439,675 57.42 GB
May 2015  no data  no data  no data  no data  no data
April 2015 79,251 144,783 666,989 1,576,493 14.12 GB
March 2015 86,251 173,236 749,068 1,545,146 14.21 GB
February 2015 76,322 148,894 526,666 1,208,728 10.92 GB
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June 2014 58,147 116,084 327,309 366,568 7.16 GB
May 2014 59,321 116,293 321,397 363,432 7.08 GB
April 2014 56,511 110,621 318,831 367,018 6.91 GB
March 2014 65,619 117,881 335,592 380,785 7.89 GB
February 2014 55,805 100,271 300,207 346,026 6.18 GB
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April 2013 81,328 192,910 1,528,169 1,634,540 91.16 GB
March 2013 83,303 189,545 1,477,001 1,778,006 94.98 GB
February 2013 81,999 185,688 1,396,374 1,498,502 75.33 GB
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  1. Peter Quint
    Posted August 3, 2020 at 6:55 am | Permalink

    Trump has a chance if blacks will become even more militant!

  2. John Wilkinson
    Posted August 3, 2020 at 7:51 am | Permalink

    This election is a toss up, with imo turn-out being the key. There is a certain percentage of core or base voters that will vote party line no matter what. For both parties, the question is enthusiasm among the more moderate of these two core groups. Has Trump’s support really waned? I know it has on the internet, but what about the “silent minority” of normie conservatives who don’t pay attention to Twitter? Has his governance as a standard Republican actually endeared him to more of the moderates on the right?

    Biden suffers from a lack of enthusiasm with Democrats too. But has the “threat of racism” galvanized enough of the base to rally the troops so to speak? Or, conversely, are there enough sensible democrats among the more moderates who are scared of this extreme language of the far left, that even Biden seems to be engaging in? Will that extreme language push more of the white Union/working class coalition in the rust belt who might usually vote democrat to vote for Trump again and in bigger numbers? Trump did do some economic good in that area. At least prior to COVID.

    Are there a growing number of whites who are a little freaked out by blacks in military style clothing marching in their cities? Are there enough rational people with normative sensibilities about politics (in cities and states that aren’t irredeemable leftists havens like Seattle or Portland) who are scared of images of college aged kids and POC burning down their cities? Obviously Trump hasn’t done much about it. So that’s one aspect. But at least he isn’t openly praising it. And along those lines, how many people are convinced that this wouldn’t be happening if not for Trump, and that anyone BUT Trump would be better at calming it all down and returning things back to normal.

    I think that last question is the most important. Among whites, how many people are there who want to see things come to a head and see a strong push back against all of this craziness versus how many people think it wouldn’t be happening if not for Trump, and think getting him out of office will bring about peace? Imho, unfortunately, I think the fatigue and fear will push most of these voters to think “anybody but Trump”, because they don’t want the apple cart to be perpetually upset.

    If I were a betting man, and all of my money was riding on a prediction, I would, unfortunately, feel compelled to bet against Trump. Because I think there simply aren’t enough people who understand the direness of our situation.

    One ray of hope: I hope that the uptick in traffic to Counter-Currents is an indication of things. I hope it isn’t just an artifact of other right-wing content producers being deplatformed and their audience looking elsewhere. I hope it isn’t just an artifact of social media banning our people and pushing them into other avenues for getting their information.

  3. Nova Rhodesia
    Posted August 3, 2020 at 11:28 am | Permalink

    If Biden wasn’t almost in a coma, Trump would lose. Even if Biden is in a coma, Trump might still lose. There are only so many white people, and lots of them are leftists.

  4. LineInTheSand
    Posted August 3, 2020 at 2:31 pm | Permalink

    Greg, your otherwise careful analysis overlooks Trump’s ace-in-the-hole: record black employment!

    My normie con friends gratuitously brought up this point many times last year.

    I ask: “How’s the weather?”
    Answer: “Not as good as the black employment rate!”

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted August 3, 2020 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

      good one

    • Bruno Bucciaratti
      Posted August 3, 2020 at 4:42 pm | Permalink

      Jared’s woke s**t is the key to the election, isn’t it?

  5. Nick A.
    Posted August 3, 2020 at 3:37 pm | Permalink

    Greg’s comment is brilliantly simple in expression, but deep and broad in meaning and implications (as usual):

    “Trump ran as a populist but governed as a Republican.”

    But friends, we MUST do all we can to help Trump win (Plan A). Remember that the perfect is the enemy of the good.

    Biden in the WH (Plan B) waiting for one of the “crazed black women” to take over a few months later after he dies or is institutionalized is a nightmare beyond measure. That is just the way it is. We could lose all the consciousness raised in the last 3 years as our people curl up into the fetal position.

    On the other hand, Biden in the WH (Plan B) could be so catastrophic to Whites that it might finally trigger a splitting off of an ethnocentric homeland or at least a second civil war. I would rather try the gradual steps of Plan A. Just saying.

    • Robert Clingan
      Posted August 3, 2020 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

      If we have a shot at getting president Stacey Abrams, I have to take it. She’s the perfect living caricature and would delegitimize the federal government in ways that Trump’s inactivity never could (unelected nincompoops make everybody angry). I’ll write an article at-length on the prospect if/when Biden picks her or a similarly cartoonish VP candidate.

      • John Wilkinson
        Posted August 3, 2020 at 4:50 pm | Permalink

        I disagree

        The system will do EVERYTHING IN ITS POWER to legitimate Abrams. She’ll have all the best PR people working with her on everything. She’ll be the most scripted president ever, and as long as she smiles and plays the part, she’ll pull the wool over far too many people’s eyes. Just like Obama did.

        • John Wilkinson
          Posted August 3, 2020 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

          Dang. *legitimize

        • Lord Shang
          Posted August 3, 2020 at 7:43 pm | Permalink

          Obama’s intellect was vastly overrated. But I think he is much smarter than Abrams. Both are disgusting, of course.

          Imagine if Biden picked …. Michelle Obama?? All “boxes” checked. She is far more presentable than Abrams. I don’t think she would do it (they’re hauling in too much money). But if that were the ticket, they would win in a landslide (as everyone would understand that it’s really Obama’s Third Term, return to “liberal stability”, etc). Incredible the power of black America: 14% of the population (a much smaller percentage of taxes paid) which many now think is entitled to own the Presidency (or at least VP).

    • Midwestern Guy
      Posted August 3, 2020 at 10:09 pm | Permalink

      “The enemy of good”? Really? He didn’t do a single thing on (1) immigration, (2) deportations, (3) Wall, three new miles built thus far, (4) sanctuary cities, (5) birthright citizenship.

      Forget the insurrection for a moment. Those 5 issues are what I care about. What exactly is the “good” you refer to in his record? Tax cuts? Military pork, endless fealty to Israel.

      I’m done with electoral politics. Trump wouldn’t ever hang out with me and his party surely wouldn’t either. They don’t like me and as such I owe them nothing.

      • Nick A.
        Posted August 5, 2020 at 3:03 am | Permalink

        Dear Midwestern Guy,

        Trump’s massive positive achievement is one of long term / strategic effect, rather than the tactical (though worthwhile) measures on which you indicate he has failed. That strategic achievement has been, undeniably, the mere halting (or even slowing) of the nation’s slide toward the Marxist deconstructionist ideals of the Frankfurt School that began in the 1930’s (almost a century of massive influence of the FS on Hollywood and US academia).

        Think about how important it is to even discuss a Wall and build X miles of it. An unthinkable event since about 1967. A strong white male in the WH; unthinkable since Hollywood told us strong white males were ridiculous in All in the Family. Slowing of Wild West globalization of trade and destruction of the middle class. When I arrived in university in 1970’s, everyone of my professors was a Marxist. No exceptions.

        So Trump has changed, massively, and perhaps permanently, the national narrative that has prevailed over most of my life (born in 1950’s). So we do owe Trump a lot. It takes time to turn around an aircraft carrier. Electing Trump, and a successor, will buy us a LOT more time than Plan B featuring Stacey Abrams.

  6. Lord Shang
    Posted August 3, 2020 at 4:24 pm | Permalink

    Dr. Johnson’s unwillingness to venture a prediction on the election is the mature position. No one really has any idea. My gut tells me Trump will lose, but then I thought he would lose in 2016, too. I have thought for years, at least since he failed to secure funding for the Wall, that Trump would lose – that his win was really just a fluke, an instance of the hegemonic Left being overconfident. They would not let themselves be caught off guard like that again.

    In the immediate aftermath of the Floyd fiasco, however, and for about a week thereafter, I had decided that the election was in fact Trump’s to lose. Urban insurrections by savages are a gift to the Right, if only the Right would use it. I figured that these brazen displays of anti-American hatred would surely awaken a number of wavering moderate morons, who, added to the Trump base, would be en0ugh (along with the threats to middle class livelihoods posed by the $94TRILLION Green New Deal, and the proposed destruction of fracking and domestic energy production; plus the aggressive “transgender” weirdness, the raft of proposed new taxes, more socialist healthcare crap, this to include illegal aliens, etc) to propel Trump to a small margin of victory.

    For this to have happened, however, would have required Trump to – finally! – man up, and follow through on his decent if not exactly heroic or Far Right rhetoric. If when the looting started, Trump really had invoked the Insurrection Act and started the shooting, if he had shown himself to be a decisive law and order leader, I think he would have won, esp against such a demented ass as Biden, now thoroughly in the pocket of white-America-hating Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez.

    But Trump failed to seize the initiative. Indeed, he completely discredited the Right along with himself. He looked and was small and weak in the face of leftist + minority racist aggression of the most blatant, deliberately in-your-face kind. There are dozens of measures a real man would have taken: from the Insurrection Act, to Federalizing and then deploying under his command National Guard units; to sending in military troops to occupy leftist cities and, we hope, battle leftist insurgents; to threatening to deputize tens of millions of armed patriots (THAT would have scared the Left, whatever their antifa +BLM terrorist bravado to the contrary); to using a declaration if martial law to sweep up illegal aliens; to using national security state resources to doxx antifa scum; to granting full and immediate presidential pardons to the handful (that I’ve heard of) of armed citizens who have justifiably shot looters and/or terrorists and who themselves are facing criminal (??!!) prosecution in leftist cities; to appearing on TV every damned night denouncing “marxist terrorism” and “BLM thuggery”, explaining the evil of BLM and antifa, and explaining to dumbshithead Americans why he stands up for law, order, property and Western civilization, while Democrats are on the side of the enemies of America.


    But Trump did none of this. I think this is because he is both weak and unimaginative. Trump has never struck me as intelligent, and certainly not as cunning. He is a simple patriot; indeed, he may be nothing more than a “1970s {white} man” who can’t understand what the hell happened to his country, and who wants it back!!

    Trump may well surprise us and squeeze out a narrow win, but he won’t have earned it. It will be because enough people (perhaps of all races …) are scared of what the Democrats are threatening to do, as well as what will happen to our country if that agenda gets legislated. Regardless, two things are clear. First, this is the beginning of the end of America’s existence as a unitary nation-state (a process of fissiparation which may, however, take as long as a half-century; I suspect the dissolving of the Union will occur well before 2070, however). Second, awakened whites must get on with two forms of action (in addition to ceaseless white separatist and nationalist education; ongoing metapolitical theory building and culture creating; and political activism where feasible on issues of especial concern to the white community, like law and order, gun rights, speech rights, and immigration enforcement and reduction).

    The first is that we must start the years-to-decades long process of prowhite territorial ingathering. Those whites who care passionately about our race, nation and civilization must geographically relocate so as to become local ideo-racial majorities – at the neighborhood, city and finally state levels. It will be painful for many – though far less so than voyages to the “New World” were for our (literal, or at least racio-cultural) pioneer ancestors centuries ago. Moving to Maine or Montana in the 2020s is hardly equivalent to setting out for Massachusetts Bay in the 1700s!

    The second task is that whites MUST start organizing, both politically and civil-militarily. NOTHING will ever happen if prowhites can’t network offline. We have to start creating dues-paying organizational infrastructure to facilitate this. Does this have to be called “Identity Europa”? OK, for some that’s great. But for many whites – the ones stuck between conservatism and white nationalism (the ones we must get on our side) – that’s still a bridge too far. We need something(s) intermediate, and not just the NRA/GOA – good groups, but too narrowly focused. We need the America First Coalition, the Law & Order Society, the Honor Our Past monuments preservation group, the Middle American Justice Institute, etc. We need groups that attract whites and that are implicitly but absolutely not explicitly prowhite. Such groups can grow. Once they have reached a certain size, they can start moving to the racial right. But we need to acquire that critical mass of activists first, and that can only happen via gradual membership radicalization. Start with something patriotic; eventually, as conditions worsen, patriotism will be associated with whiteness; and some time beyond that, whiteness will become people’s patriotic focus. Then, if enough prowhites have ingathered into a handful of states, we can start a realistic push for ethnostatist secession.

  7. Nemesis
    Posted August 3, 2020 at 6:14 pm | Permalink

    I already commented (or perhaps it was I Prof. Duchesne’s site) that Trump will not only win, but will win by a landslide. The most accurate prediction model (not poll) from prof. Norpoth, the Primary Model, gives him a 91% chance of winning.
    When he wins, California will vote to secede. They are already planning this. See here: .
    So basically, the left will do the dirty work of filing fir divorce for us

    • Lord Shang
      Posted August 3, 2020 at 7:45 pm | Permalink

      It’s a swell dream, I’ll give you that. “Optimism is cowardice.” Spengler

      • Nemesis
        Posted August 5, 2020 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

        we’ll see in November (it sounds like Spengler suffered from depression.)

  8. Posted August 4, 2020 at 2:37 am | Permalink

    Best analysis , I have read on upcoming election….

  9. inq
    Posted August 4, 2020 at 3:23 am | Permalink

    The only sensible prognosis.
    Black Jeopardy

  10. Archer
    Posted August 4, 2020 at 4:50 am | Permalink

    My theory is that if a president does the bidding of the zionists, he is rewarded with a second term. Carter vexed the zionists, so he met with a primary challenge and a strong celebrity challenger from Reagan. Reagan did good in Lebanon so he got a second term. H Bush challenged the settlers on the West Bank, so he met with a third contender in Perot and got defeated. Clinton did their bidding on Iraq and got a second term. W Bush served them in ways blind and unprecedented so he got a second term. Obama was hostile to the zionists, but he did off ghadafi so he is the one discordant thing. Trump has been grovelingly subservient, so I believe he will get a second term. Lacking any other way to judge in this storm of nonsense, I will grab hold of this floating log to predict it will be trump, if I have to put my money somewhere.

    • Archer
      Posted August 4, 2020 at 10:44 am | Permalink

      This theory didn’t come out of my own head, actually, it’s something Steve sailer has outlined in so many words. I just supplied some missing nouns.

  11. Peter Quint
    Posted August 4, 2020 at 6:51 am | Permalink

    After Trump there is no one–think on that!

    • Heretic
      Posted August 5, 2020 at 12:02 am | Permalink

      I believe we are heading for serious financial trouble both before and after the election. Equity indices are at highs but only because the Fed is printing money like crazy, inflating a stock market bubble. If the Fed were to stop printing money the stock market would crash. It may anyway before the election given how high it is. The stock market was one of Trump’s major “successes” too, such as it is.

      The canary in the coal mine is the price of gold, about $2,020 USD per Troy ounce as of Aug. 4th. This is better financial performance this year than any other category in finance including tech stocks. Gold going up so much, so fast is a sign of confidence ebbing away in the U.S., and rightly so. Trump has shown himself to be incompetent and untrustworthy. His re-election campaign directed against Sleepy Joe seems to be: “The other guy is worse!” which is true but it’s always true and may not be enough to win this election.

      Sleepy Joe is obviously suffering from dementia and is neither physically nor mentally capable of either campaigning for office or carrying out the duties of President were we to suffer the misfortune of his election to the Presidency. Gap-Toothed Stacey Abrams, all 400 Lbs. of her as VP would be an excellent choice. Were she to become VP she would spend her time eating and travelling, berating White people for being White. Perhaps she could make a guest appearance on “My Six Hundred Pound Life” after she gains a few more pounds.

      Gap-Toothed Stacey isn’t the danger in a Biden Presidency, it’s that monster Hillary getting appointed to an office like “National Security Advisor”. If Joe wins Hillary will be sitting behind the Resolute desk forging Executive Orders with Joe’s signature while Joe sleeps all day on the couch in the Oval Office. None of the Republicans would have the courage to challenge such arrangements, they don’t have the courage to stop immigration which is killing us even when the Republicans hold the White House, Senate and House of Representatives.

      This is why confidence is going down and therefore, gold is going up, all outcomes from the election are bad. This is really a nascent solvency crisis for the U.S. which all other countries with enormous debts are also going to endure. When the money goes bad the legitimacy of the government issuing the money is drastically impaired. The lack of real money and loss of legitimacy will lead to government failure of its Negro feeding programs like EBT, WIC, ADC etc. resulting in much worse rioting. This will also terrify the “Karen” crowd who march in solidarity with their pets from BLM. Their pets will eventually bite them hard, maybe then they will learn.

      Out of this chaos perhaps a decent government can be formed and the country run properly but not before the current order is swept away. Good riddance to bad trash.

      • Nick A.
        Posted August 6, 2020 at 4:01 am | Permalink

        Fully agree with Heretic’s point that Stacey is not the sole danger with Plan B (Biden in WH); I meant to include, in that scenario, Monster Hillary’s string-pulling, possibly Obama’s string pulling, Antifa/BLM’s destructive antics, Newsom’s weird limousine socialism, Beto’s gun madness, and the whole rotten cohort of now furious Swamp Creatures.

        Also fully agree with Heretic’s excellent point that without Trump on the scene, the gutless Republican “establishment” will not effectively stand up to the above gallery of villains. Hence my recommendation that we very much try to go with Plan A (Trump in WH) and try to do the best we can from that flawed platform. We can probably concentrate on pressuring Trump more than was done in the first term, in which he had to worry about reelection.

        Also, I ask: when do we begin seriously grooming a much more proactive successor?

  12. Vehmgericht
    Posted August 4, 2020 at 9:28 am | Permalink

    Just as a point of interest for European readers, may I please ask: when is Mr Biden obliged to disclose his (or his handlers’) choice of vice-presidential running mate?

    Is it possible this decision has been deferred because of the divisiveness of both the process and the likely outcome?

  13. Afterthought
    Posted August 4, 2020 at 10:48 am | Permalink

    After we split up America, Greg’s Slow Cleanse becomes useful.

    Also buffer states for non-crazed blacks, Hispanics, etc who do not want to be under the government of the Enemy, but cannot live with us. Can trade, travel with us, but no independent foreign policy.

    Bring on Nov 4th!

  14. Amwolf
    Posted August 4, 2020 at 11:28 am | Permalink

    Meanwhile, I’ve been rattled by numerous cars blasting rap “music” with loud, obnoxious bass while driving down my street in an entirely White neighborhood. It’s becoming difficult to focus on my work due to the frequency of these noisome high school-aged kids who think that it’s cool to immerse themselves in Black culture.

    This got me thinking the other night about just how bad societal decay is in the United States, but also got me to reflect on my high school years and how many of the so-called cool kids all emulated hip hop culture and exposed an interest in basketball, rap music, loud car stereo systems that often involved excessive sub woofers, fornication, and even dress such as wearing baseball caps sideways or backwards in addition to basketball jerseys as a staple of their daily wardrobe.

    And this was in a middle class school district where there were less than a handful of minorities out of several hundred in my graduating class. The United States has been circling the drain for a long time, but I feel that it’s accelerated under Trump — something that he promised to reverse.

  15. Peter Quint
    Posted August 5, 2020 at 6:41 am | Permalink

    On this day 08/05/20 I predict that Trump will win reelection. Why, because he has given the (((Power Elite))) everything they requested: recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel; the donation of 39 billion on top of their usual 5 billion per annum in 2019; the recognition of the Gaza Strip as Israeli territory in 2019. Trump has certainly crossed his T’s and dotted his I’s in planning for his reelection.

    • Nick. A.
      Posted August 6, 2020 at 8:07 am | Permalink

      Peter Quint, I agree. But I do want to say that I don’t care much anymore if the US helps keep Israel alive with dollars and military equipment. (But no more boys from Idaho bleeding and dying to save their asses.)

      It makes one hold one’s nose, but keeping Israel alive keeps those (6.5 million) bastards from coming to the US en masse, as they certainly would if Israel collapsed. (If they came here, that would be a more than 50% population increase, since we already have 12.0 million of them.) It also keeps their power elite and their massive media megaphone from going 100% all out against Trump, which buys us time.

      As far as the Palestinians go, they are simply screwed by history for being weak, generally lazy, and disorganized (as was the Red Man in the Western Hemisphere). The big difference between them and their cousins who run Israel now is that the cousins spent 500 years in Europe and learned habits like focus, follow up, execution, white man’s gumption etc. So the Palestinians will therefore be overwhelmed (in a somewhat Darwinian manner) out of existence by “settlements” and therefore sacrificed to keep the Israelis in Israel and not on the East Coast of North America. SOME balance in the Universe?

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