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Cannon Hinnant & State-Sanctioned Violence Against Whites 

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On Sunday, August 9, 2020, five-year-old Cannon Hinnant, a white child set to start kindergarten later this month, was shot in the head outside his home in Wilson, North Carolina, while riding his bicycle in front of his sisters. Cannon was shot at close range by his black neighbor of several years, Darius N. Sessoms.

Sessoms was friendly with the Hinnant family. He had been to their home for dinner the night before the killing. Sessoms has been arrested, details are still coming out, and rumors are circulating as to the nature of the relationship between Sessoms and Cannon’s mother and father.

Many have taken to social media to express their outrage at the fact that while a black drug addict, George Floyd, received non-stop mainstream press coverage, global idolatry, and a funeral fit for a seventeenth-century monarch, there was virtually no national coverage of Cannon’s murder.

This outcry was met with extreme derision, even among so-called conservatives. The mainstream responses varied from predictable, to anti-white, to Talmudic. Many replied that there was no international outrage because the killer was not a cop. Others argued that it was merely a “random” or “individual crime,” thereby not warranting further examination because there was no larger significance. [1] [1] Others noted that the killer was caught and jailed, thereby indicating that “justice will be served.”


I do not believe any of these replies accurately respond to the legitimate concerns of the white community.

Some might be tempted to argue that the death of George Floyd is worse than the death of Cannon Hinnant because Floyd died at the hands of a policeman, thus his death was somehow “state-sanctioned” and somehow indicts the entire system, whereas Cannon’s death is just a random individual crime.

This argument ignores the fact that the murder of Cannon was a predictable and inevitable result of laws forcing whites to live with violent non-whites. Picking your neighbors is a right we once had that was taken from us. Justice will not be served even if Cannon’s killer is quickly executed, for the reason that a systemic injustice cannot be corrected by responding only to individual incidents while leaving the larger framework intact.

Each year, over one-million white people are violently attacked by blacks and Hispanics per the latest FBI data on crime. Blacks and Hispanics disproportionately target whites, meaning as the number of non-whites in an area increases, so too does the chance that a white person becomes the victim of violent crime. Although whites also commit crimes against whites, we have a much lower chance of being the victim of violent crime in an all-white society, than we do in a society that forces us to mingle with blacks and Hispanics. Other races pose a threat, too, but of a different variety. If you increase the number of Jews in a society, the odds that whites will be victims of a media apparatus that demonizes them also increases.

The homicide rate among whites has averaged about 4.5 per 100,000 people over the past 30 years; the rate for blacks is about 34 per 100,000, a difference of more than seven times. [2] [2] Imagine two cities, one 100% white, one 100% black. The murder rate in the white city is very low, while the murder rate in the black city is very high. If we were to take 50% of the population of each city and swap them, the victimization rate of whites would skyrocket, and the rate of victimization among blacks would drop. This is the crux of the issue we face. When whites are forced to live around blacks, the chance of being killed, attacked, or having your property stolen or damaged increases significantly.

So why don’t white people just avoid living around blacks? We try. We pay huge amounts of money to live in white neighborhoods. We commute our lives away to live far from urban diversity. But not every white can do this. Cannon Hinnant’s family is poor. Poor whites have no choice. It is illegal to exclude non-whites from your neighborhood due to the Fair Housing Act, and if you do happen to live in a white area, HUD programs seek to increase the number of non-whites. Even if you move to an area that is as white as you can find or afford, the U.S. government has seen to it that you cannot escape diversity. We are forced by black letter law to live around people who attack us and steal from us at incredible rates. This is a legitimate example of legalized, institutional anti-white racism.

If the murder of Cannon Hinnant is random, individual, and inexplicable, or better yet, “just about evil and not race,” then there’s no need to look for deeper causes. This is why such memes are injected into the public mind: to distract us from the underlying policies that make all whites into targets.

But Cannon Hinnant was not simply killed by Darius Sessoms. Cannon was killed by the people who fought to end racially restrictive housing covenants, by the people who wrote and introduced the Fair Housing Act, by the people who voted for racial integration of housing. Cannon was killed by a legal regime that ensures white families are not able to live only with whites, even those who make the deliberate effort to try.

Beyond that, Cannon Hinnant was killed by academics, who have constructed false concepts like white privilege and institutional anti-black racism, as well as the mainstream media, whose skewed reporting leads to the widespread impression that blacks are disproportionately victimized by whites, especially by cops. In truth, blacks are far more dangerous to whites than the reverse. Blacks are far more dangerous to cops than the reverse. Cops are also far more dangerous to whites than to blacks.

This false narrative of white evil and black victimhood has led to nearly three months of rioting, including dozens of deaths. It has contributed to a poisonous atmosphere of anti-white hatred that can only lead to more violence and suffering. It may well have led to Cannon Hinnant’s death. We’ll know when Sessoms goes on trial. But there is no question that it has already led to hateful gloating about Cannon’s murder by blacks on social media.


The establishment’s shills want you to think that Cannon Hinnant’s death is just a tragic accident, with no larger significance, because they want to hide their own complicity in his murder. Black riots don’t threaten them. White riots do.

Always remember: If white people had a country of our own, this would not be happening. We don’t have to live this way.

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