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Burn Down the GOP?

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The Dissident Right is no fan of the Republican Party. For years, we’ve seen the party as an obstacle rather than an asset for white identity politics. Many identitarians believe the GOP must die for white Americans to survive and the Dissident Right should focus on killing this obsolete beast.

Now another faction on the Right shares the view that the GOP must die — and it’s not because they want the GOP to fight for white interests. Several Never Trumpers now believe Republicans are beyond redemption and must follow the doomed path of the Whigs. To these jilted Republican strategists and conservative columnists, white identity politics and indecency make the GOP unworthy of survival. The only thing that can be done is to support the Democrats and hope a better party arises from the wreckage of the Grand Old Party.

“Right now, the only thing Republicans offer is a brew of meanness, propaganda, science denial, corruption, and racism,” complains [1] Washington Post “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin. “Republicans, from my perspective, should be disqualified from holding office until there is a new generation of Republicans untainted by support for Trump and willing to repudiate Trumpism.”

Rubin suggests the GOP no longer upholds America’s core values — which are “fidelity to the rule of law; devotion to separation of powers; recognition that the United States is defined not by race, gender or religion, but by our creed that ‘all men are created equal.’” This disqualifies all Republicans from holding office and a new alternative to progressivism must arise. “Whatever you call it — conservatism 2.0, moderation, pragmatism, ‘small-l’ liberalism — it must defend democratic institutions, address yawning gaps in wealth and opportunity, integrate into a global economy, tackle systemic problems such as climate change and racism, root out corruption and cronyism, and exercise leadership in a world in which illiberal regimes are increasingly aggressive and confident,” Rubin writes.

Rubin’s opinion is shared by prominent conservative columnist George Will [2], the Never Trump outlet [3] The Bulwark [4], and the well-funded Lincoln Project [5]. You’ve probably seen the Lincoln Project’s ads if you’ve spent any time on the internet. The group is run by prominent Republican strategists with the intended purpose of destroying the GOP. It has raised nearly $20 million [6] for this purpose.

Not all Never Trumpers are thrilled with this idea. David French and others insist principled conservatives [7] must continue supporting the good Republicans and a wrecked GOP would be terrible for their cause. That opinion seems the minority position at the moment.

This debate is worth keeping in mind for the Dissident Right. Those who always yearn for the death of the GOP believe that whatever comes out of it will be in our favor. The media-savvy Never Trump grifters should instill caution among us — the post-GOP landscape could be much worse than before.

The Dissident Right is poorly funded, deplatformed, and could soon face state persecution in America. Never Trumpers are extremely well-funded, promoted by every media outlet, and will never face state persecution. They are connected to the halls of power and know how to get their message to the public. Even though their agenda isn’t a hit with middle America, they still have the influence and money to set the discourse. Who are defeated Republican politicians more likely to listen to: a few BitChute commentators or respected campaign consultants?

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Never Trumpers are building institutions to influence a new GOP. Lincoln Project has demonstrated it can raise tons of money, create viral ads, and provide support for candidates who uphold his agenda. The only issue is that it’s a not-so-subtle Democratic outfit; the Project is even supporting Democrats [9] against moderate Republicans. This may limit its ability to influence future conservatives, but the Project is having a bigger impact on the election than any Dissident Right institution. A severely defeated Republican Party may overlook the group’s past sins if the party tries to atone for Trumpism.

One of the points that Never Trumpers are effectively putting in the media is that Trump and the GOP will lose the election because they embraced racism. White identity politics will be blamed for the loss, and Republicans will be urged to accept multiculti America. In order to survive in this new America, Republicans must follow the agenda laid out by Jennifer Rubin and other Never Trumpers. GOP leaders scoff at this idea now, but it will gain credibility if the party suffers a crippling defeat in November. The white voters Trump is performing poorly with are white suburbanites [10], many of whom share the same stupid concerns as Never Trumpers. They think Trump is a racist and hate his populist rhetoric. This is hardly the constituency begging for white nationalism. If this constituency proves the nail in Trump’s coffin, it will reaffirm the narrative that white identity politics is a political loser.

Only Tucker Carlson is conveying the message that Trump will lose because he failed to live up to his nationalist promises — and Tucker does not want the GOP destroyed [11]. The Fox News host realizes that in the event of a landslide defeat, ordinary Trump supporters will be punished and Democrats will enact radical change that ensures a one-party state in America. There will be no based successor to the GOP when all illegals and convicts can vote; the new GOP will resemble the fantasy of the Lincoln Project.

Some on our side may cheer on this development. “Good! Now white people will realize both parties are anti-white and will rise up!” That. . . is a very optimistic view. The more likely scenario is that good Americans continue to vote for the totally cucked GOP because they have no other option. At least this party might protect their gun rights and lower their taxes — maybe. It’s not like our side is offering these folks a serious political alternative.

The fact is that the GOP will continue to survive in America. There are plenty of red areas that will vote for them and the amount of money, talent, and resources it takes to create a new party is beyond the Dissident Right’s capabilities. The Reform Party, the last semi-successful third party in American politics, was created and funded by a popular billionaire and it couldn’t even survive into the millennium.

It’s reasonable to be disgusted with Republican cowardice and want the whole party burned down. But its destruction doesn’t guarantee a better future for us. There are many institutions and powers blocking our civilization’s path to renewal; the GOP is not the worst of them. It’s a bumbling institution that rarely gets things done and often does more harm than good. But it’s one of the only institutions receptive to nationalism in America — and it’s unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

The better strategy is to pressure the GOP to move in our direction than for it to die. The ballot box is obviously not the only solution and we need to build our own institutions. But it’s naive to think that things will be easier for our cause without the Republican Party.

If the most cucked conservatives desire the same thing, it’s time to wonder whether it’s such a good thing after all.

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