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Video of the Day:
Stroszek: The Death of the American Dream

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Ty E of Soiled Sinema [1] joined Fróði Midjord on Guide to Kulchur [2] to discuss Werner Herzog’s Stroszek (1977), about the German drunk Bruno S. who moves to America in search of happiness and wealth, but is disappointed by what he finds. The conversation meanders into a general discussion about the death of the American dream, and the downfall of the West more generally.

The episode is archived both on BitChute [3] (video) and Spreaker [4] (audio only). Guide to Kulchur livestreams on YouTube [5] and DLive [6] every Tuesday at 2 PM Eastern Time / 20:00 CET. Ty E joins the show every fortnight to discuss cinema and their next conversation will be about Drive (2011).

Previous episodes of Guide to Kulchur are archived on their BitChute channel [7]. You can also follow them on Twitter [8] and Telegram [9] for regular updates about upcoming shows and guests.

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