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When You’re Black, They Let You Name ‘Em

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Rapper Nick Cannon is the most unlikely person to be embroiled in an “anti-Semitism” controversy. Cannon gained popularity as a clean, family-friendly rapper. No one has ever mistaken him for hardcore or gangsta — he’s the nice rapper white families can listen to on their drive to church. His inoffensiveness and bourgeois image explain why TV networks rely on him as a variety show host.

But on a recent podcast, Cannon sounded far more like a Nation of Islam preacher [1] than a primetime entertainer. He was joined on his podcast by Richard “Professor Griff” Griffin of Public Enemy fame. Griff famously got in hot water in the late 80s for attacking Jews and was forced out of Public Enemy. The two had a wild discussion about whites and Jews.

Cannon called whites “savages” and “animals,” and said we are so barbaric because we lack melanin.

When they were sent to the mountains of Caucasus . . . The sun then started to deteriorate them so then, they’re acting out of fear, they’re acting out of low self-esteem, they’re acting out of a deficiency.

So, therefore, the only way that they can act is evil. They have to rob, steal, rape, kill in order to survive. So then, these people that didn’t have what we have — and when I say we, I speak of the melanated people — they had to be savages . . . They’re acting as animals so they’re the ones that are actually closer to animals. They’re the ones that are actually the true savages.

He also said that Blacks are the “True Hebrews” and can’t be anti-Semitic: “You can’t be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people. When we are the same people they want to be. That’s our birthright.” Cannon agreed with Griff that the Jews control the media and the banks and praised Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Unsurprisingly, the comments caused controversy and resulted in one of Cannon’s employers, ViacomCBS, firing him. However, Fox stood by him after he apologized [4] for his comments and said rabbis helped him stop being anti-Semitic. There was no apology given for his anti-white comments, and only a handful of conservatives complained about those comments. It’s okay to demonize whites, that’s just the way of the world. . .

While it’s not surprising Cannon had to apologize, it is noteworthy he was able to keep his job hosting Fox’s The Masked Singer. A white entertainer who was accused of “anti-Semitism” would lose all of his work and be permanently banished from showbiz. Cannon lost only one job, kept his main gig, and received support from several black celebrities.

The Nick Cannon controversy demonstrates that blacks are given greater leeway to say whatever they want, even about Jews. Blacks stand the highest in the racial hierarchy and they must be treated with greater tolerance. Liberal Jews can’t guilt-trip them like they can with whites.

This probably explains why prominent blacks rushed to support Cannon.

Former NBA star Dwayne Wade tweeted that he stood with Cannon [5] and told him to “keep leading.” Wade later backtracked and said he didn’t mean to endorse Cannon’s comments.

Popular black radio host Charlamagne Tha God was far stronger in his Cannon support [6]. He agreed with the rapper’s attacks on whites, saying whites are guilty of “mass racial violence in this country.” He wasn’t as forthright in defending Cannon’s Jewish comments. Instead, Charlamagne essentially said it was bad optics to attack Jews because they “have the power.”

That’s what you can do when you have the power. . . . Listen, Nick is my guy. I hate it had to be him, but that’s what you can do when you have the power. And if there’s one thing Jewish people have showed us, it’s they have the power.”

He also hilariously claimed: “I can’t wait until the day black people are able to fire people for saying things about us that we deem racist. We can barely get cops fired for actually killing us!”

Charlamagne must have not heard about the dozens of ordinary Americans who lost their jobs for criticizing Black Lives Matter.

Cannon isn’t alone among black entertainers in courting “anti-Semitic” controversy. Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson shared fake Adolf Hitler quotes on Instagram that claimed blacks were the real Jews and that the fake Jews extort America. He also shared Louis Farrakhan speeches. He apologized for the remarks [7] and agreed to visit Auschwitz to educate himself. He suffered no rebuke or punishment from his team or the NFL. That contrasts with white athletes who get mired in controversies. For instance, NHL player Brendan Leipsic’s contract with the Washington Capitals was terminated over “sexist” text messages [8] in May.

Jackson, like Cannon, received support from prominent blacks. Former NBA player and Black Lives Matter activist Stephen Jackson (no relation) said the Eagles player spoke the truth [9]. Fellow Eagle Malik Jackson (also no relation) defended his teammate [10] and the “honorable Louis Farrakhan” for speaking the truth. New Orleans Saints player Malcolm Jenkins dismissed [11] the outrage against Jackson. “We can honor the Jewish heritage and trauma while staying focused on what matters,” Jenkins said in a social media post. The implication is that black concerns matter more than Jewish ones.

Rapper Ice Cube also incurred the wrath of the media [12] last month for sharing anti-Jewish memes and praising Farrakhan. Unlike the other celebrities, he didn’t apologize and he attacked his critics for being racist sellouts. He hasn’t lost any opportunities due to his tweeting. Ice Cube, like Cannon, has in recent years become an inoffensive black entertainer and starred in several kitschy family comedies. That image contrasts with his gangsta rap and past affiliation with the Nation of Islam. He drew accusations of anti-Semitism in the early 90s for criticizing Jews in his lyrics. His anti-white lyrics and praise of the 1992 LA riots drew significantly less outrage.

Rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs (formerly known as Puff Daddy and P. Diddy) promoted Farrakhan on his Twitter account [13] in early July. He hasn’t apologized for the association, nor have any of his businesses suffered for his broach of political correctness.

These controversies reflect the broader Black Lives Matter movement [14] and the black community as a whole. Many BLM leaders are fervently anti-Zionist and are fond of Farrakhan. That has greatly upset the Jewish community, who demand BLM disavow anti-Zionism. No BLM leaders have done so, and the movement continues to be endorsed by every corporation, celebrity, and Democrat. BLM doesn’t seem to mind the anti-Semitic accusations. Recent attacks on Jews [15] in America have been overwhelmingly committed by blacks. Blacks who live near Jewish communities despise their neighbors and want them gone.

There is a bevy of articles criticizing blacks for indulging in anti-Semitism and how it betrays the cause of racial justice. “It’s so disheartening to see people from groups that have been violently marginalized do the same thing to others without realizing that perpetuating this kind of bad logic is what perpetuates racism,” basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote this week [16]. “Like anti-Black racism, anti-Jewish racism cannot have a place in any legitimate anti-racist liberation movement,” declared Daily Beast writer Cassie Da Costa [17]. “The unfortunate truth is that some Black Americans have shown a certain cultural blindspot about Jews. Stereotypical and hurtful tropes about Jews are widely accepted in the African American community,” bemoaned sports writer Jemele Hill [18]. She added: “The thirst for liberation and equality can never come at the expense of dehumanizing other marginalized groups — especially at a time when hate crimes against Jews have increased significantly.”

It’s unlikely that the media finger-wagging will end black animosity toward Jews. Blacks are now at the center of the American experience and stand atop the victim pyramid. Their lives matter more than yours, and so do their opinions. Jews demand blacks see them as fellow subalterns when blacks see Jews as wealthy whites who prey on their neighborhoods. BLM’s solidarity with the oppressed makes the movement anti-Israel. They see Palestinians as non-whites oppressed by a white supremacist state — no amount of propaganda can change that. Blacks will not be persuaded about Holocaust stories to care about the Jewish plight. The American education system tells them that their slavery is the greatest evil known to mankind and their suffering is the worst of any group in history. You will likely see a famous black figure say slavery was worse than the Holocaust and many blacks will defend that statement.

Black athletes and entertainers are being encouraged to engage in politics and share whatever they find. The people encouraging them shouldn’t be shocked when blacks begin sharing Farrakhan videos and claiming they’re the true Jews. Black Twitter loves this stuff and many other fringe ideas [19], like the world being flat and that black crime is actually committed by whites in black silicone masks. Blacks don’t have to worry about suffering real consequences or inspiring thousands of articles about their dangerous embrace of misinformation because they are America’s gods [20]. Liberals must tiptoe around them and never offend the divine among us.

The light treatment of Nick Cannon, DeSean Jackson, and Ice Cube sends the message that blacks, unlike whites, can get away with anti-Semitism. This is the world wrought by the George Floyd Revolution.

Jews are just going to have to deal with it.

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